Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up!

Mexican gray wolf

Help Us Fight Political Attacks On Wildlife and Wildlands
In Cleveland week ago, the Republican Party laid out its legislative agenda for the next four years, and it's full of attacks on wildlife and wildlands. The GOP has declared all-out war on endangered species and the unspoiled places they call home. These attacks in the platform are clear: it is now the position of the Republican Party to gut the Endangered Species Act, the cornerstone of legal protection for wildlife.

You can help counter this killer agenda with a donation to the Center for Biological Diversity.

The GOP would gut the Act by banning protection of any species whose population is healthy anywhere in the country -- meaning critically endangered wildlife could lose protection where they're the most vulnerable. This ugly idea goes against the best science and would spell death for many populations of endangered animals, including sage grouse, grizzlies, lynx and river otters.

These species would be boxed into tiny corners of the country, isolated in a few protected pockets and unable to expand into their historic range. For instance, highly endangered wolves in Oregon and Washington could be wiped out simply because there's a healthier population thousands of miles away in the upper Midwest.

The party is also coming after the ability of the Center to win quickly on behalf of wildlife by forcing government agencies to fight us at trial instead of settling out of court, even when they know they will lose. They want our work to protect wildlife to be tangled up in lengthy and costly court cases, no matter how clear the evidence against them. The GOP platform would also put the brakes on attempts to combat the climate change that endangers many species, from wolverines to polar bears. This platform is a wholesale disaster for wildlife.

It's not easy taking on such powerful forces. Special interest money, led by the Koch machine, pours into politicians' pockets to see just these kinds of results. We need you on our side if we're going to fight them. Please contribute to the Center's work to counter this deadly platform.

At the Center, we have more than a quarter-century of experience fighting off political attacks on wildlife. No matter who wins in November, we know these outrages won't stop – many of the ideas in the GOP platform are already being added as “riders,” poison pill amendments slipped into must-pass budget bills for 2016. With your help, our lawyers and activists will fight against every one of these attempts to sell out wildlife and wildlands to special interests.

We must stop the Republicans' reckless anti-wildlife agenda. You can help with a contribution to the Center today.

Save North America’s Most Endangered Gray Wolves

Target: Tom Udall, Senior Senator of New Mexico
Goal: Prevent the removal of federally funded programs to protect the endangered Mexican gray wolf.
The Mexican gray wolf is the most endangered subspecies of North America’s gray wolves, and was hunted nearly to extinction in the 20th century. In 1976, the Mexican gray wolf was listed as endangered, and all remaining individuals were rounded up in captive breeding programs. The first Mexican gray wolves were released in Arizona and New Mexico in 1998. Although the program experienced early successes, population growth has been slow and progress has been threatened by illegal poaching and shootings by ranchers. In 2015, there were only 97 Mexican grey wolves in the wild, not nearly enough for a healthy, sustainable population.
The Mexican gray wolf needs constant care and protection to ensure that the species isn’t driven to extinction. Since their reintroduction, nearly 100 wolves have been illegally killed by poachers and livestock owners. Despite current regulations by FWS, four wolves have been shot in the past few months alone. Without these federal protections, experts say that the Mexican gray wolves would be left without any barriers to check rampant hunting, trapping, and shooting, and would soon be driven to extinction.
An amendment to a bill that recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives will cut the funding for many federal programs that ensure protection of endangered species in the southwest. If this bill passes the Senate and is put into effect, it will undermine crucial protections for the greater sage grouse, the lesser prairie chicken, and the New Mexican meadow jumping mouse in addition to the Mexican gray wolf. The amendment was proposed and led by New Mexico Representative Steve Pearce, a long-time opponent of the Mexican gray wolf recovery program funded by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
The Mexican gray wolf needs the full support of federal programs and funding to protect its struggling population. The amendment introduced by Rep. Pearce will end federal protections and make the endangered wolf extremely vulnerable. This amendment must be removed from the bill before it passes the Senate and is made into law. SIGN THE PETITION LETTER
Let’s Unite to End the Slaughter. With a heavy dose of each, it’s easier to gaze through the crosshairs of a rifle at an unsuspecting gray wolf and pull the trigger, or drag a slumbering litter of wolf pups from their den to kill them in cold blood, or even set a baited poison that will choke the life from whatever animal eats it. 

The anti-wolf rhetoric that’s spreading like wildfire in places like Idaho and elsewhere across the west is based in hate and it fuels the killing of these beautiful animals 

But together, we can stop it. 

By supporting WildEarth Guardians’ End the War on Wildlife campaign with a gift of $25, $50, $100, or $250 today, you provide us with the support needed to combat the flames of injustice that allow wolf killers to roam our public lands almost at will.
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gray wolf pc Ray Rafiti
Just last month, Guardians filed suit in federal court to bring an end to gray wolf killing in Idaho by challenging the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s wildlife slaughter program, Wildlife Services, which killed 72 gray wolves in Idaho last year alone. For decades, Wildlife Services has been in cahoots with ranchers and hunters, relying on archaic and false data to justify their slaughter. 

At Guardians, we are responding to hate with love and compassion to insulate wildlife from institutionalized brutality. Our plan: deploying our legal system and building a grassroots movement to incite a deep-rooted paradigm shift towards compassionate coexistence.

What the wild world gives us is far greater than what hate takes from us. That’s why I’m a Guardian—why I choose to fill my heart with love for that infinite beauty that is a part of me while staying curious and inspired by what is apart from me. And I sense that is why you’re a Guardian, too. 

Please support WildEarth Guardians today and help us create a more compassionate world. 
Help us fight for more wolves, less politics.
Did you see this? Unless we can release more Mexican gray wolves into the wild, these animals may never recover. We can’t let politics extinguish these mysterious and majestic animals forever. 

A family of wolves, a mated pair and their pups, is languishing in limbo. 

In a recent blow to Mexican gray wolf recovery, New Mexico won a court injunction blocking the release of more captive-bred wolves into the wild in that state. The release of this wolf family was planned long ago. But unless we can win in court, they will never get their chance to be wild wolves. 

Help us fight for Mexican gray wolves and other vulnerable animals with a generous donation to Defenders of Wildlife. 

Pictured above is the mother wolf, known only as F1362, a striking contrast of dark and white fur. A shy wolf, she hides when people come near her pen, a quality that would make her a great candidate for release into the wild.

F1362 and her family could thrive on the landscape in New Mexico, but instead, they wait endlessly for release. These majestic wolves should be free to run in the wild, but politics are holding them hostage.

It’s nothing less than a travesty. Mexican gray wolves, also known as lobos, are the most critically endangered gray wolves on Earth. Today, fewer than 100 roam in Arizona and New Mexico. Without the release of new wolves, they don’t stand a fighting chance. 

The wolves being held in limbo were bred specifically to help boost the fragile wild population. If only they were allowed to fulfill this destiny. 

Thanks to your generosity, Defenders’ litigation team is fighting for these desperately needed releases to move forward in New Mexico. And our field team is on the ground pressing for wider acceptance of wolves among ranchers and local landowners. But this much we know: most citizens of New Mexico and Arizona favor wolf reintroduction. 

We can’t let politics extinguish these mysterious and majestic animals forever. 

Mexican Gray Wolves Could Go Extinct

Mexican Gray Wolf

This species of gray wolf is one of the most endangered animals in the world, despite once thriving all across the Southwestern U.S. However, all is not lost just yet.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is in the midst of making decisions that will dramatically impact the future of the Mexican Gray Wolf, particularly how many captive wolves to release into the wild.

If a substantial number of these wolves were released, additional populations could start that would vastly improve the species' chances of survival in the wild. Urge the FWS to act in the best interest of these animals!

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