Monday, July 3, 2017

Week of Change, Four (4) names to make up one, Dead & Co., 76'er's, John Mayer, Southern Charm New Orleans, Mia Mastroianni, John Miller, Big Brother 19

It has been a week of change. I changed Host Companies finally, I changed gyms finally, I changed digital distro companies finally and I forget what else. I changed Yoga teachers and I start up Strike! Kickboxing on Wednesday after the 4th. I think next weekend I'll do some kayaking locally even though there will be no real heavy stream. It will get those muscles flowing for when I do the Ohiopyle and Laurel Highlands area in two weeks from tomorrow. I'll be leaving for a week two weeks from today.

How do people have four names within in one name nowadays? I have seen two different people on the same post my mom did on Facebook and they literally have four different names. I mean last names too and not middle names and I am not talking about something like Thurston Howell, III. These two people responding to one of my mom's posts have four names that make up their entire name. I am not putting any one's real names but I'll get close to get you to better understand what I am talking about. I have never seen the use of four names that make up one name before now. They have their first name. They then use their maiden name maybe or some last name. They use their married name I suppose which begs me to ask and truly wonder how do we get to four names as one name? I want to ask my mom's friends but I have no clue whom they are and again, I do not want to use either of their names but here is a sample using other names in those places. Julie Costanza Walker Johnson. Four names within one name with three of them seeming to be all last names. I wonder if people keep their divorced name now. It is very self something or grandiose sounding because who cares what your names are? Use one and call it a day for god's sakes. I do need to get an explanation though. I hope my mom reads this but her and dad are away down in Margate

I am getting ready for breakfast with my dad and then I am doing the gym hardcore today. I have the Dead & Co. tonight in Camden. The weather looks sweet so far. I would like to hang outside this afternoon. I am not that into hanging out in a parking lot even though the setting is nice at that Amphitheatre.

The show was fun. I just cannot believe how they butcher 'The Wheel' with that word chant or word jazz or whatever the hell it is after the versus are sorta done.

I really like what John Mayer has going for the band. He has progressed so much even since October but then again, these guys have been on the road for like a year and half constantly. They end the tour in Chicago at Wrigley Field this week. 

I also got to check out the Philadelphia 76'ers main offices. Here are pictures of that cool place which has the old Spectrum floor as the conference room floor. Its cool. I took pictures of it and then below the pictures is the set list from tonight's show in Camden, NJ:
Dead & Company at BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ, USA 
  1. Set 1:
  2. (Grateful Dead cover)
    Play Video
  3. (Grateful Dead cover)
    Play Video
  4. (Grateful Dead cover)
    Play Video
  5. (Jerry Garcia cover) (>)
    Play Video
  6. (Willie Dixon cover) (>)
    Play Video
  7. (Jimmy Reed cover) (>)
    Play Video
  8. (Grateful Dead cover)
    Play Video
  9. (Grateful Dead cover)
    Play Video
  10. Set 2:
  11. (The Dixie Cups cover)
    Play Video
  12. (Jerry Garcia cover)
    Play Video
  13. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
    Play Video
  14. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
    Play Video
  15. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
    Play Video
  16. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
    Play Video
  17. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
    Play Video
  18. (Jerry Garcia cover)
    Play Video
  19. (Grateful Dead cover) (>)
    Play Video
  20. (Grateful Dead cover)
    Play Video
  21. Encore:
  22. (Grateful Dead cover)
I am watching Southern Charm. Kathryn Dennis is cool. I am sorry but she is. Cameron looks great in that sweater when she's talking to her mom and her hair is all straight. I like it that way a lot. And okay we'll see if Craig and Naomi can make it through this bad time of theirs. I am totally rooting for them. I hope they do well.

And oh my God there is going to be a Southern Charm New Orleans airing in 2018. When is 2018? What year are we in right now? 2017. There's going to be a New Orleans Southern Charm starting up next year.

And so how does it work if Kathryn for instance is over at Thomas' house in the kids are in the next room? I think there is some type of a court order that gets mentioned every once in awhile, but she (Kathryn) is also fighting through it. I wonder if Thomas allows it, would she be allowed to see the kids or she just not allowed to see the kids by law and/or court order? The crazy thing about Kathryn Dennis is that so far in the season which I think is ending soon since the reunion was being taped last week. She the only adult in the room during this season. I can't even say it enough times. I get it because drugs turn you into another person. I get that fact big time. And, for someone like me that dealt with those issues back leading up to 2001, it is like another world. I block that out for the most part too.I do not want to be reminded of it. I wrote about it in my books or in at least one book. And, that is it. I will beat myself over it but I won't beat myself about it if I can help it. Hence me just blocking that out which I learned how to do greatly in the modern years. 

Forget me. How did that happen but Kathryn is literally giving what's her face advice on relationships and honestly the advice was good. Even Thomas says that he see's a totally different Kathryn these days. There is that worry that she could blow at anytime but the fact is that when you bring certain substances to alter your personality is when things usually come to a head. If she stays off the blow and pills, she should be fine.

I'm not sure what I feel about Kathryn and Thomas potentially getting back together because evidently they kissed, but at the same time, he acted like he has not done anything since when him and Landen were on Andy Cohen's show. I also get where Thomas is at in life because I am just below his age and single. And, I am not in LA or in NYC anymore, it is weird dating. It is honestly not even weird. It is non existent but then again, I am not dating for the sake of dating.

Regardless of me again, in one respect I totally want to see Kathryn happy but in another respect something weirds me out about Thomas. Probably the same thing that weirds people out about me. The getting old thing.

Landon is in leather again or not leather, what am I saying? She's in fur again.

I am heading to the gym and to the pool. I'll be back in a few hours to finish this up today. I may get some beers if my friend meets me at the pool this afternoon. I am gonna get in a quick Yoga class too which starts in 45. Be back. See ya.

What in God's name is going on with this Below Deck Mediterranean. Okay. It looks like Malia and Adam knew each other before the show started up a few weeks before which I'm not sure what the big deal behind that is except for the fact that they kept from everyone. And, that they planned as the Chef said, for it to be their show of romance. What a bust. No wonder the entire thing was creepy. It was not even real. It also seems like they only knew each other for 3 weeks but anyway Hannah in her v cut dress is looking hot as ever which I told you that her chest will get a mention once a week but anyway, I love Lauren. She's so funny and Bobby of course is great. 

Wes's girlfriend came on the boat and she is a babe. She has a great personality and those two guys are totally made for each other which Hannah said right away. This Malia and Chef Adam thing freaks me out and I knew something was really weird. I need to also say that the Captain is very thoughtful. It first took a little getting used to but the fact is I think she's real. As for The Melia triangle. Wes needs to give it up and man oh man does it look like Hannah and that model guy or the most eligible guy in Dallas are hooking up? Oh my God within! Hannah is texting this guy. Holy shit that is annoying. He waiting to get a glimpse of them walking on that dock is even more annoying. 

On a total other note, is Mia Mastroianni the hottest girl ever or what? (Sorry. A Bar Rescue reunion is on the TV while I proof this weekly update). Bar Science. LOL....That's great stuff. Bar Science. In reality, that statement sorta drew me into that show. It showed me some credibility if you will. 
Image result for Mia Mastroianni
Back to the Below Deck Mediterranean. Did Bugs find a computer with that thread of conversation between Hannah and that most eligible guy in Dallas? Holy mother fucking shit. Holy shit Batman. This is a deadly finding because Hannah's phone is connected to the computer because it was used by the guest when he went into the hot tub with the phone in his pocket (something I did at the Watkins Glen Gorge in upstate New York last year). If it were not for the producers acting the way they did confronting Chef Adam about knowing Milia before the show started filming, I would have thought they made sure that convo stayed alive so people could see it.

This is just not going to be good for Hannah. First, second and third, she is hypocritically doing what she condemned so many people for attempting to do. I get that she was horny but shit man, wait until after the voyage. 

Oh my God they're still reading it. All day they have been reading the texts between Hannah and the most eligible guy in Dallas. The problem is because Hannah is acting all shady. She is just really coming off so weak.

I really like Wes's girlfriend a lot. She seems real cool. Especially about her mentioning the invasion of privacy thing and that's why I was wondering if this is this a universal iPad where the entire crew uses it or if it there for the guests to use. Either way, you read it and close it down before approaching Hannah about it. This entire situation is not good.

They're going to move rooms. 

Listen please. Hannah has no business hooking up with the guy while she is working. That is stupid. At the very most, she should have quietly gotten his contact information and dealt with it way after the season was done. Conversely, these other guys (Bugs, Bobby, Wes, etc.) were totally wrong for reading the entire thing all day. Glancing at it is fine. But then you have got to turn it right off before showing it to Hannah. Bugs spent all day reading the messages and then she started to tell other people about the issue. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed with Bugs and Bobby for taking all day to deal. 

I don't really think Chef Adam is that great looking but everybody says that he is so I am missing something here. 

I'm curious about that show with Miley Cyrus's sisters that are interior designers and they do pitches to the client that eventually picks which one they want to use. Speaking of Miley Cyrus, did you hear that she peed in her pants at a Starbucks in New York during the Gay Pride Parade?

You know what I really want to address? The fact is that Donald Trump has literally bullied his way into the situation today. He has acted that way so much that even last year during the Russian probe, people like Former FBI Head James Comey and what is worse is how people like the old POTUS, Barack Obama, was even affected by it. Think about it, even the President of the United States of America the time would not even speak out against certain things because he or they did not want to rock that Trump boat so to speak. That's a product of him being a bully because people were scared of him.

I'm at the dentist right now and I'm watching The View on their TV monitor which I really have never seen before or I've only seen excerpts I should say, on the old Talk Soup show or something.

Them talking about the fact that Trump put up fake Time Magazine covers of him displayed in various offices and in various golf courses. Time Magazine is making him take it down although The View made up other fake magazines with Trump on the cover. They made fake ones with him holding a ton of gold medals on a fake Sports Illustrated cover. It was pretty funny but Joy Behar actually got the fake publicisist name wrong. It was John Miller that Trump used as his fake publicity person even though it was himself

John Miller BTW, Trump's fake publicity person must have gotten Trump placed on this Time Magazine cover years ago:
Image result for fake time magazine cover trump
The only issue of course is that Time Magazine cover is fake.

Then of course he shredded into Mika and Joe because they were making fun of the fake cover. He made false claims about them via Twitter and also, isn't getting hair plugs a form of plastic surgery? And, has he not looked at his wife's fake
tits and chiseled face? I am sure he looked at his daughters fake tits and her chiseled face.

Besides, I can safely say Mika was not clamoring to be out in public the days after any so called plastic surgery. Which she announced herself as it was happening so that was no big uncovering of anything. The rest of what Trump said were adolescent name calling and total hypocrisy. Moreover, Morning Joe's show ratings are through the roof.

Trump is a liar and he is a total bully which is working for him. And again, I am writing this blurb about how effective his bullying is because think about it, he not only bullied his way into making the former FBI head announce and alter how he deals with investigations, Trump also forced the hand of the old POTUS so he would not deal say a word about it.

As President Donald Trump announced this week that the Environmental Protection Agency will roll back an Obama policy that environmentalists say safeguards drinking water for one in three Americans, The Intercept reports that the person Trump has tapped to be the EPA’s water safety official is a former lobbyist with deep ties to a fossil fuel advocacy group that promotes the Dakota Access pipeline and offshore drilling. We speak with Lee Fang, investigative journalist at The Intercept covering the intersection of money and politics.

I actually got my wisdom tooth pulled today. That was not that much fun but I got some paperwork done which was so long overdue. The novocaine is finally wearing off. They put so much novocaine in. It was unbelievable how much but I guess better numb than in pain.

Big Brother 19 started up this week. It started much earlier than in past years. This one Cuban guy is one of the dumbest idiots on the planet and yet he is talking about how smart he is which is always telling of someone has to explain their amounts of intellect. I don't even understand what in God's name he's doing here but he is looking very odd. 

I think my favorite girl so far is Christmas. She's not only hot, she seems pretty cool. She's athletic which I like. There's a muscle head that actually a dislocated his finger in the first challenge and then there's some guy who's like a farmer salesman. I don't really understand what he does and then some guy that's 33 years old but has really gray hair. All the girls seem to like him and then Paulie's back from last year. Nicole is also hosting this challenge right now she's the champion from last season. Paul he came in second.

Cody won the first HOH and that's the farm guy salesman. He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder so I'm not sure what he's going to do. I don't think he really gives a fuck about anyone and I did forget to mention the mafioso guy from Boston? He sticks out like a sore thumb. I don't think that he has ever even seen the show but yeah, that will make for some good TV. So far, the way he is acting is a little awkward but mostly because he knows nothing about the show. He's dependent right now and I hope he does not go overboard by fake punching and trying to make jokes as his way to fit in with a younger crowd. 

As far as the Cuban guy who's really not that smart, he's carrying out these tactics that come way later in the season.

The one thing I'm seeing already which I get there are a lot of insecurities deal with, people are already starting alliances day one. As far as alliances go and especially in Big Brother and on shows like Survivor, they need to keep it in twos. Everyone must always take a chip off Boogie and Dr. Will's page because they were the wizards at carrying out a perfect alliance. It is always best to have just two people in a given alliance. People now pick up like 4 and 5 people right away which is too much. In this case with the start of BB19, it looks like they're doing a three person alliance but then the Farmer salesman is now scouting  to recruit a secondary group of people to align with himself.

As for the chicks on Big Brother 19, there is one especially hot one but there are three sets of gigantor boobs. And then like I mention above here, we have Christmas.

I'm about to watch Million Dollar Listing New York and I am pretty sure I'm just working all day tomorrow. Not sure what I am doing all weekend besides work and the gym. 

Talk to ya. Stay in touch.