Thursday, February 18, 2016

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18 February 2016
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Don Lichterman: Recipes Of The Week: 13 Incredible Gnocchi Recipes to Make Tonight!
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thumbnail donlichterman­.blogspot­.com - There may be some disagreement about how to pronounce “gnocchi” (nyok-ee, noh-kee or naw-kee) and as to whether it’s pasta or not but everyone can agree that gnocchi are delicious. Gnocchi are litt...
Don Lichterman: Progressive Breakfast: Global Recession: A Real and Present Danger?
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thumbnail donlichterman­.blogspot­.com - MORNING MESSAGE Robert Borosage: Global Recession: A Real and Present Danger? The Japanese economy is contracting and struggling with deflation ... Brazil and Russia are in recession or worse ... E...
Don Lichterman: Dolphin Outlook Today!
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thumbnail donlichterman­.blogspot­.com - 69 dead marine mammals in 24 years. And that's at SeaWorld Texas alone. ‪#‎DontGoToSeaworld‬. On February 6th, SeaWorld announced the death of Dart, a 12-year-old Pacific white-sided dolphin housed...
NBA trade rumors: Latest buzz as deadline nears
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Sports Illustrated
thumbnail www­.si­.com - The NBA trade deadline is set for Feb. 18 at 3 p.m. ET, and time is winding down for teams to make decisions. Rumors continue to swirl with the deadline just one day away.  Numerous big names could...
Rep. Clyburn to endorse Hillary Clinton
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thumbnail www­.politico­.com - The latest POLITICO scoops and coverage of the 2016 elections. Aftering announcing that he was weighing between endorsing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Rep. Jim Clyburn has made his decision....