Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week In Review, Harpua, Anthony Scrramuscci, Hope Hicks, Darkstar > Lock Her Up, New Polls, A Phish reference on Odd Mom Out, White House is a Dump, Grand Jury, and the Baker's Dozen run culminates This Weekend!

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Jul. 30th 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

The Curtain With
Runaway Jim
Waking Up Dead
Brian And Robert
Nellie Kane
Colonel Forbin's Ascent >
Fly Famous Mockingbird
David Bowie

A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
Golgi Apparatus

In The Good Old Summer Time
The Wind Cries Mary
So basically it is only Tuesday and the "Mooch" (Anthony Scrramuscci) is out as of yesterday. On General Kelly's first day, he ousted Anthony Scaramucci who fired Reince Priebus after Sean Spicer was let go over the last couple weeks. 

Obviously no work is getting done if people are being fired and hired every 10 days.

Then of course it turns out Trump himself orchestrated what his son should say in writing and in response to that meeting with the Russian people. You know the one about the Russian Baby Adoption? 

If you cannot see this writing on the wall and BTW, how about the radio silence about the bill on his desk to start sanctions against Russia? Which was passed 98-2 mind u and because of the fact that congress must now babysit for the POTUS itself, there is no chance of a filibuster or any issues with regard to the 60 vote rule, etc. The suspicions are insane. Firing Comey. Making up statements for his son. Lying about meetings. Not putting 88 or whatever Russian people on your clearance forms. The constant disparaging of the process. 

Nothing adds up as far as how they are acting. Actually, if anything, it is adding up in a way where they seem very guilty of something. Their first reaction is to lie. They pick up that piece after they get caught.

There is so much chaos in this White House and no one trusts him or it. 

And right San Stein, if this was such a benign issue during that meeting about Hillary's emails, then why bring up Russian adoption babies or whatever? If there is nothing wrong, say the words. 

Who is this Hope Hicks chick? Is she hot? She looks hot on this graphic on Morning Joe this AM.

The traffic into NYC was brutal last night. I got to the show at like 720PM. What am I saying? I got to the parking garage at 720PM and then I cabbed it up to Garden. I felt bad because the cab driver was eating his dinner or about to I should say. I was not sure where the venue was at quite frankly and it was not far at all. 

I thought the show was alright. I had a rough 1st set being near people that rock out like its Maze or Bowie or Lope during songs like Circus and Army of One and even during songs like Daniel Stone although that's Bluegrass so set that one aside, the entire first set was at an even keeled level. Believe it or not, my favorite song of the set was McGrupp. I usually do not care whether that song is played or not. The second set was great. Especially after I found my groove (aka space). But no Bob Weir which there was a rumour of him being backstage. I cannot believe that was a rumour. 

Aug. 1st 2017

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


O Canada
Crowd Control
Sugar Shack
When the Circus Comes
Daniel Saw the Stone
Army Of One
The Wedge
Guelah Papyrus >
Maple Leaf Rag >
Guelah Papyrus
McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters
Limb By Limb
Walk Away


Golden Age
Swept Away
Steep >
46 Days >


Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

I am not really sure what I am doing today. I guess I must leave earlier for tonight's show.
I will tell you that this Trump Administration is getting deeper into this Russian Investigation. The Investigation is far and wide now because he is evidently orchestrating what his son said after getting caught doing that meeting about the Hillary emails. The spin yesterday by Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was that it is exactly what every father would do for their son. I am literally laughing out loud. It is not even that spin. It is the fact that their first reaction in every situation is to lie. There is no lie big or small enough for them to exploit. 

Then, you have that incredible lawsuit that basically shows proof in writing that the Trump Administration and evidently Trump himself wanted an article about the Seth Rich death to manifest when again, it is evidently not true. It is the ultimate claim of fake news. This is what you need to watch for with Trump himself. When he preaches something or goes off on something, push comes to shove he so doing it. I have seen that hypocrisy which is another form of a lie with Trump for two years now. Everything said about Hillary is happening to him which I said it would. It did not take a brain surgery to see that Trump is very corrupt. He says something about the constitution when he blows through it with his antics and conflicts of interests. He hated vacations when Obama took them but loves them now when he takes them every 18 days. In this case and this week, it is probably best he leaves. He should do nothing for the next three weeks even though that won't happen. His numbers could feasibly go back up if he does nothing.

I still have no clue who is buying what that guy has to sell. It is really unreal. 

That is exactly what baffles me. Who is buying what he says? 34% of the people and even more in some cases because this is a low and I maintain it will get lower very soon. Especially on the next polls which have to hit the news feeds soon. 

But then again, all he does is lie saying 'fake news' or that polls mean nothing which I get, but if you cheated to circumvent those polls, how do you now gauge that one?

I will tell you though, that White House place where they up the POTUS's down there in Washington DC is a real dump. Isn't it? Although some Trump pundit said that report came after overhearing a conversation at one of his golf clubs. You would not put it by him to say that sentence and now that spin is that it was a joke. I guess 8 people heard him say it and it is now considered to be a joke if he even said it. This story will have no legs.

It has been two days since General Kelly has been at the helm of the Staff at the White House. I don't think we have heard any odd tweets. He did sign that Russian Sanction bill into law with zero fanfare. He did not hold the book up like he is the girl from Wheel of Fortune that has his signature like he did for every other thing he signed. 

What is crazier though is Rex Tillerson and his views on the Russia deal. That is startling because I thought he was the so called adult in the room. But then again, his entire career was based around the Russian country. I assume that history is why he acts that way towards Russia. Or, why is upset over implementing sanctions vs. Russia.

That new poll did come out today. He is at 33% BTW according to the latest and newest Quinnmipiac poll just released like 45 minutes ago. That's the lowest I have seen him at and Gallop has him at 36%. Even Rasmussen, a total right wing rag has him below 40% which is unprecedented. Rasmussen is actually Trump's go to pollster organization. 

Remember, he was at 34% the days before he bombed the ground in Syria.

There is Phish reference on this week's Odd Mom Out. The friends husband went to Red Rock evidently to see them on that last three day run there.

I must admit that I had a great time at last night's show. The theme was donut holes. The two kidz in my row got donut holes I guess when they came in. We had a great bunch of people in my section and to my left was the plexiglass that surrounds where the tunnel is below. I literally had one of the best seats in the entire building. I had no one to the left side of me and everyone around me was great. The people below me were way cool. To me it was a great night although for some reason the ride home felt like it took so long. Granted, I had to get gas and I stopped for a sandwich but I did not get home until after 130 this AM. Two nights ago I was home by like 1:06AM. Same goes with Sunday when I did the commute. Driving is so much better than doing the train. The train sucks. We went over that issue last week.

Aug. 2nd 2017

Madison Square GardenNew York, NY


Way Down in the Hole
Buried Alive
Kill Devil Falls
I Didn't Know
Ginseng Sullivan
Waiting All Night
Heavy Things
Run Like An Antelope


Mike's Song >
O Holy Night >
Sneakin' Sally Thru The Alley >
Weekapaug Groove


A Day in the Life

It looks like that the special Counsel and Robert Mueller are impaneling a Grand Jury because of the Russia probe.

And, as for the last three shows of this Baker's Dozen thing at the Garden, I cannot even begin to know what they still can play. It has to be limited. I would love to find a list of un played songs. Last night they crossed a bunch off that last list that I had seen before Tuesdays show.
There was indeed a Grateful Dead reference on Morning Joe today. Even Eugene Robinson of all people made a clever and funny joke saying they were doing 'Darkstar into Lock Her Up. I had no clue Eugene knew any nuances of the Grateful Dead scene because knowing a song goe into another song is pretty much as deep as it gets. Not too people get what that means or that its done in the Jam Band scene (that was all started by the Grateful Dead). Regardless, they are talking about last night's Trump rally in West Virginia. West Virginia is the state he won by the most versus the other three candidates last year. 

He needs a feel good situation and this was it. My point is that he then railed through his Greatest Hits of rally cries to that raucous crowd. The crowd was literally yelling 'Lock Her Up' as Robert Mueller's investigation grows way wider than where it was at yesterday. I am pretty sure he mentioned the wall and what is horrible is hearing that voice lie about the 'fake news' and how he discredits the probe into him and his people with regard to Russia. He also brought up Hilary's 33,000 missing emails. 

Which I get is a ploy but it is so reckless. He is blatantly lying through his teeth and not only that, he also has nothing to claim success wise. He cannot even tell that crowd that he did anything to help with infrastructure. He has not been able to do anything with regard to getting rid of and replacing Obamacare. Forget tax reform even though that will be the next failure since that won't work either. Same goes with immigration. He has nothing to talk about and what I was alluding to above by saying that he needs a feel good situation, is that his approvals are at 33%. That is 4% points from where Richard Nixon was at the day he left the White House. He left with a 29% approval rating and he resigned before being impeached. 

We are getting low. 

Which is when it gets scary because remember he bombed the asphalt to show some muscle when he was at 34%. He could do that Fog Of War thing since everything he does is text book or the playbook right out of the 80's.


DJ Q just played Throwing Stones at the 812AM outtro. I am not sure why I am laughing but remember when that was considered to be a risque political song back in '88 or '89? 

So anyway, I am assuming when you cannot defend something or when you are lying or when you try to cover something up, you lash out against that very thing. I think that is another tactic out of the 80's. That is very frustrating and people that carry that out are just crumby. Because usually the damage is done no matter the outcome. And, that sucks.

I also did not understand what he meant by saying there are no Russians in West Virginia. What does that have to do with the endless amounts of meetings his people and he had with Russian representatives that are also tied to the Kremlin? Let alone who rents office space in Trump Tower? Let alone whom he sold buildings for over valued amounts of money that potential could be part of some money laundering system. 

Again, this me feeding into what he says as being true when I just explained the ploy, the manipulation and how reckless it is lie that way. 

There is a show tonight. These are the last three of the tour that started in mid July. I am not sure what the themes are yet but I have to assume that last show on Sunday is going to be a throw down. Though they do have to stay within the confines of not repeating any songs. I can think of a few songs off the top of my head that they have not played yet. Some of them I would not even consider to be in constant rotation. It is going to be hard but when I felt it out last week, I saw that it is totally doable. They did many of the songs on that last list of unplayed songs that I saw about a week ago, but there is no way they are repeating now. It is too far gone.

Aug. 4th 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Punch You in the Eye
Party Time
Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars
Dinner and a Movie
Poor Heart
Bold As Love
First Tube

Dem Bones
No Men In No Man's Land
Everything In Its Right Place
What's The Use? >
Scents And Subtle Sounds >
Prince Caspian


Aug. 5th 2017

Madison Square GardenNew York, NY


Soul Shakedown Party
Uncle Pen
The Sloth
Gotta Jibboo
Fuck Your Face
Sunshine Of Your Feeling
Scent Of A Mule


The Lizards
The Horse
Silent In The Morning
Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)
Rocky Top