Sunday, August 13, 2017

The 13th Show of the Baker's Dozen, Phish Day in NYC, Monday's Tweet Storm, Sebastian Gorka, Los Angeles Rams, Big Brother, Dick Blumenthal, Fog Of War, White Nationalist Rally and of course, Donald J. Trump

It is Friday now. So much is going on this week but if you remember me saying last week about how to expect another 'Fog of War' situation since Trump's numbers are at a major low point? That is what is happening now with regard to North Korea.

We have known for 11 years that North Korea has the ability to shoot off Nuclear Bombs. Their news outlet that reported the thing about Nuclear tips has ran that same exact story two years ago and again a few years before that and even again before that. They have tried to throw that exact news story many times to see if it sticks against the wall. That same news outlet issued the same story during the Obama years and I mean verbatim, however, Obama's people took a step back saying it is one article and that they were on it. 

In this case with Donald J. Trump, he reads the story and then threatens 'fire and fury' (I was waiting waiting for him to add in Brimstone too) by way of a Nuclear attack.

Then, you have Trump saying to Mitch McConnell of all people which is the biggest mistake ever mind you, to cut his vacation short to get back to work on the Health Insurance bill while he is golfing on vacation for 18 days in New Jersey.

Trump's only main accolade that does and that he can point to was orchestrated and done 100% by Mitch McConnell. That Supreme Court pick was all McConnell. It has nothing to do with Trump. Trump should never even take credit for it. Even if he came up that pick from scratch which he did not, McConnell did 150% of that lifting. He spent a year blocking Obama's pick. Then, he used that Nuclear Option which I would bet the house Trump never even heard of before this went down. I could have gotten into that spot if Trump appointed me.

He is blasting the person that is responsible for his only positive thing that he can talk about getting accomplished legislative wise which this is not even that, it is only thing that has gone through at all (I am not counting his odd Executive Orders). Besides, it makes such stupid sense to fight this battle. Let alone over Twitter.

Maybe Trump is an Indy candidate. He did run on that but he also allowed the GOP to embrace him as a Republican. But him blaming the Dem's and the Republicans for everything could be him showing that he wants nothing to do with either party. 

I am stretching here. Trump is frustrated on every level and this is how he lashes out. 

The best part about this week is how Sebastian Gorka or whatever the hell that asshole's name is getting caught in a lie. Not only that, he was also caught on Fox News while he called it Fake News. If anyone can sanction a legal fight between myself and that guy, I welcome it and I approve it today in writing! 

More things happened this week that I cannot even barely remember. 

Oh. Trump thanked (literally said 'thank you') Vladimir Putin for expelling the US Diplomats or Ambassadors stating how it will save money when it is not like they fired these people. They are still on the Government payroll but now they have nothing to do so in essence we will continue to pay their salary and benefits while they do no work in Russia.

In 8 months now, Trump has managed to blow through literally everything from Mitch McConnell to now Paul Manafort which is another thing I forgot about that was reported this week. To North Korea. To China. To everyone in the world that has not kissed his ass except for Vladimir Putin. He praises him for deporting US Citizens. It is extraordinary to hear what this POTUS does with regard to Russia and its Kremlin. He loves them. He is so blatant about never saying one negative thing about Vladimir Putin. Even after they deport 755 US Citizens, Trump lies thanking him for saving us money. The only human Trump has not insulted in some way is Vladimir Putin.

Why do you think that is? 

What does he have hanging over Trump's head? 

Maybe how they hacked into the elections and potentially even did worse? 

Or, does he have a golden shower video with people peeing on Trump? 

Whatever it is, it is very deep and I would bet it is very damaging. I am actually surprised Putin has not yet tossed it out because let's be real, what they want us to know, they leave bread crumbs to let us know. Everything done so far and leaked so far is calculated.

The other thing that is not getting reported is how many citizens not involved in the war are getting killed with blanketed bombings. That was down a lot during the Obama years and now casualties amongst normal people not in the military or affiliated with ISIS for that matter are up a lot percentage wise. 

And, in other riveting news which I think is huge is that the FBI raided Paul Manafort's house. Evidently someone let them into the house through the front doors and so they converged all over the house knocking on his bedroom door to wake him up. It reminded me of a scene right out The Sopranos minus the fact that they were ready for it. Or, who knows. I have to think Manafort was ready for whatever by now. Trump is not only distancing himself from Manafort saying that he hardly was a part of the campaign (even as his campaign manager) and how it was short lived, he also planted this article in his buddy's Enquirer Magazine today about some sex scandal Manafort was involved in.

Regardless of it all today, I cannot wait for YOGA class. I get to leave work for a few hours in the middle of the day which I love about Fridays and I generally only work till like 6 on Fridays anyway. I have dinner with my folks tonight.

I also love my Ocelot. My cat that is. He shattered a three to four foot tall ceramic piece this week after my cleaning people put the inflatable donut I got from the shows on top of it. He went to grab it because he loves that inflatable donut for some reason. But by grabbing it, he knocked over this thing that made the loudest noise ever. I was nervous about walking out to my living room. But whaddyagonnado? I did notice it there and I left it.

Tomorrow I am going to some place called MilkBoy in Philly to see Yellowman. I then have to go to my cousins house on Sunday because his wife's mom died the other day. She went for knee surgery and died of heart issues. I noticed on mother's Day that she could not even really walk up a flight of steps. I did not think it would prove to be fatal though. I love my cousins wife so I feel bad for them and their kidz.

Hey. BTW. Our POTUS just tweeted again about the North Korea issue saying how we are 'locked and loaded.' LOL. What is he talking about although there I go again?!? I am taking him literally when again, he's acting this way because his poll numbers are so low and there is also signs of his base starting to bail. Which is the first sign of that happening. I maintain that is a product of him just acting like a fool that knows nothing about so many things. Plus, everything he said he was gonna do is not happening and therefore people are starting to realize that he is that type of a carnival barker at best. If you can think for real, you should be able to see through what he is trying to sell. I mean nothing he says and nothing he does is real. Everything he does and says is calculated. It is not real. It is never real. His entire life is a lie. Nothing he does is real. Therefore, I will say it yet again, why listen to him? Why listen to any of his people? What they say means nothing. 

Let's try to go back now to rehash the week starting with Sunday, Phish's final show at that Baker's Dozen run of shows at the Garden. They were given a day in NYC: 

Thank you @nycmayorsoffice for declaring today Phish Day in NYC.
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TONIGHT'S FLAVOR is GLAZED (pink glaze with rainbow sprinkles). We’re giving out donuts made by Federal Donuts at each show of The Baker’s Dozen. First come, first served when doors open. #phish#bakersdozen #thefinaldonut

Aug. 6th 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY


Dogs Stole Things
Ha Ha Ha
Camel Walk
Crazy Sometimes
Saw It Again
Bouncing Around The Room
Most Events Aren't Planned
I Been Around


Simple >
Rise/Come Together
You Enjoy Myself
Loving Cup


On The Road Again
Lawn Boy Reprise
Tweezer Reprise

So it is done. It seemed like it was so long ago when I was out in Western, PA. I think I pretty much had the best of every world. Aside from not being with a set of people that I hang with at shows was not at any, however, I did get to spend 4 days with them back in June. 

I did get quality time with other people.

But let us think about what has gone down since July 15th. I traversed into a Canyon out in Western PA. I kayaked 9 miles down some pretty turbulent water if turbulence can be scientifically tied to water. I got a  flat tire. I got to see one of my oldest friends while meeting an artist and his family for the first time ever. I got to hang with a phriend from Carolina that I happened to have also just seen in July, but still, it was cool hanging with him at shows and it  was very cool bridging that gap between old friends and newish friends. 

Then, we had the garden run which I had the equal amount of floor tickets in the GA that I had in Sections 117 and then I had that one seat in section 107 the other night. I went to Central Park and really hung out there for the first time in my life with another new Phriend whom I will see over Labor Day weekend out in CO. I saw some dude that I had not seen since 1987. I saw some guy that I spent my lost weekend that lasted over a year up in the Santa Cruz mountains way back in 95, and that was even decent. 

The only real negative was short lived when I had a weird 4 to 6 minute span of time I think the day after Jam Night. 

What else? Oh I got to see Cousin Joe from Alaska. That was the best. 

And, as far as the shows, I think my let downs were that last night and the show on Jerry's Birthday. I also felt every night had elements of greatness of being over the top. I just felt that the shows that were sick from beginning to end was on 'Jam Night' and then I have to listen to that Wednesday show. My one friend that flew in for it swears by it but I have NOT listened to it again. I keep listening to Jam night and I still loved Nutter and Pitt quite frankly. I joked calling it rehearsals and someone at one of the shows said the shows were warm ups but I disagree in the sense that those shows cranked from beginning to end. 

Last night though, Simple and that Paige song were sick. Ironically, it was the show that ended the earliest at 11:15PM. Every other night hovered right at 11:29PM and I mean to the minute.

Where do you go after not playing any song more than one time during any of these 13 shows on this Baker's Dozen run? That is another thing we went through over the last few weeks. No repeats. The band did not repeat one song. I heard that it was pretty structured in the sense that they had lists and revisions to those lists. However, there were times, that they begun to play songs off those lists. In the case with Buried Alive, evidently, they could not remember 150% if they played it or and what I should say is that they had to verify it to make sure that they did not play it. I heard other cool tidbits about the process but I forget what they said at this momement. 

And, then of course Mayor DiBlasio proclaimed yesterday being Phish Day in NYC and the Garden elevated a banner commemorating the run of shows and maybe even the fact that they have now played at the venue 52 times.

In real life and after a rather tame week as far as the Trump administration goes, Trump himself is sending out a Tweet storm. He is lashing out against every viable media outlet while making claims to things in very loose ways. 

He tweeted something along the lines of his base growing when it lost 4% points in the last month. And, his poll numbers are at an all time low at 33% (Quinnipiac), 35% (Gallup) and at 39% (Rasmussan).

Which again, I am feeding into it being all literal when we know he is doing that because he knows his polls numbers are awful. Especially, him seeing that Rassmussan poll he touts all of the time. That is the telling one.

Robert Costa said that Trump and his people care more about state wide polls. However, those are not that great for the POTUS today. The president tweeted that his base is 'far bigger & stronger than ever before' despite new polling showing him slipping in some states with likely Republican voters.
He has had no legislative victories and his one appointment to the Supreme Court Justice was all Mitch McConnell. 

He said something about the Military and maybe something about the border but none of that is really in place legislative wise. And, there has been exodus with regard to Mexican people coming here for jobs. There are more jobs available for those same people in Mexico than there are in the U.S. However, that trend has been happening since the Obama and Bush Jr. years. 

He can take credit for scaring the shit out of every Mexican and every foreigner with his strong armed words, but that is really about it.

I am watching Big Brother or I should say that I just watched Sunday's episode. That Josh guy is nuts. What is wrong with him? His ego will be his demise and again, it is just because he wants to be seen. Jessica calls it the Josh Show which I agree. He seems to stop on a dime Bi Polar style to change how he feels about someone in the house. He has done that so much. And, when he does it, it makes no sense. He will also blast them putting whomever down while saying how much he likes them in the same breathe. He has done a few times too. He is dork and like I said before in my reviews, he is an idiot. He s beyond annoying. He could be one of the most annoying people that I have seen on Reality TV. The prize ain't his goal. He wants to be on TV.

I really hope I have an easy week. The full moon is done as of today. Last week was ridiculous as far as freaks coming out of nowhere to get up my butt. Something that was deemed as a 'legitimate mistake' which if you consider how certain things are tracked in certain industries, I get it. But there are flaws that are very basic. And, unfortunately because of ways things get done, many people act first and ask to hear both sides of the issue later. Luckily, it only got as deep as three partners because I had stop it in its tracks once I realized it was not a one off mistake. I was pissed though. At the same time, we are so much better because of it today. I redid an entire web site in like 3 hours (setting aside links to retail which I did over a few day span of time last week) which was not the point. The point is the way it was done was very reckless. 

What I really need is a good inventory control program. I have so much inventory considering the sales of these mini guitars. My current bookkeeping program is great in the sense that it interconnects every account including the eBay store and the Amazon Store. Its brilliant but it does not do inventory. Which are key A/R's that I can't really gauge unless I create a spreadsheet.

Oh shit. I totally forgot about listening to Howard.

I better get to work too. I have not done squat and its 10:30AM already today. I did not get up till 8:30AM though. I have Bar Rescue on TV and Howard streaming on the computer. I am turning off Bar Rescue. I cannot listen to both at the same time.

I am also having a hard time chiming into Stern at this hour. I hear Ronnie and his wife (Stephanie) are on the show. And, someone else is on the segment too. His wife sounds cool. Ronnie's lucky. Wait a sec. They are NOT married yet? I guess not. 2018. Wow. Who would have thunk?!? I think Jon Lieberman is on the segment too. He is evidently feuding with Brent. Brent is someone I am just getting to know. He seems to be up on politics which is good. I still do not really understand the bit but I like hearing from all of these guys.

Is there a Howard News department any more? 

I am now sensing it is old episode being aired. Howard is talking about hating when walking on ice.

Next, Senator Dick Blumenthal is also annoying. Mostly because of how he eluded a question about why he thinks Trump is blasting him in Tweets. Whatsherface. What the fuck is her name? Morning Joe is on commercial now but it hit me. Elyse Jordan asked him if there was some deal gone bad between Trump and himself that maybe had something to do with the Empire State Building. His reply was 'it is not about me' which means something went down. Plus, his vocal pattern is mind numbing. Holy shit. I feel like I have been hypnotized and I have no clue what he said all of this time. I think Joe (Scarborough) was lost too because it took him a few seconds to end the interview. I feel like Joe had to be tapped after hearing Blumenthal speak.

Anyway, Jessica (Big Brother 19) is out. I am now rooting for Cody who already lost the head of Household competition but regardless, next week is a double elimination which I figured was coming any week now. I thought the redemption or whatever it is called thing is done. The temptation thing. I thought Paul said that was over two weeks ago. This week is the final one. I just cannot stand how the entire house is bond together. It is weird to see 8 people in a meeting while two and now one will sit alone or walk around alone elsewhere in that house or on that set. 

Overall, I agree with Jessica, it took a huge amount of effort by EVERYONE while using every added power possible to get her out. 

It was also the final episode of Below Deck: Mediterranean and honestly, it was uneventful. I want to say it was as uneventful as this entire season even though when you think back, there was a lot that went down. I think the characters bored me which we have gone over ad nausea. The reunion will be 80 times better than the final episode of this season. Moreover, I think Hannah hurt herself this season. She stepped over the line and was hypocritical about it. Bobby did too but Bobby is Bobby. You know that he would jump at any chance to be in any relationship. Let alone one he can deem as being storybook like. And, even though he says this yachting is a career for him, it is not. It has become a career for him once the cameras started to roll. 

But, from what I saw in the highlight for next week is that the Chef Adam guy is still in love with that Malia chick. Which, get the fuck over it. I had lived with a couple women for years on end and even with abandonment issues I am sure that I have, I got over them quicker after we split up than he has not in what? 8 weeks? 10 weeks if you count that class where they met before the season started filming? 

I have been in love after days or weeks or months because of some magic maybe, but if we eventually ended which obviously we did considering i am still single today, I got over it in a timely way. I am not discounting it but there comes a time where you know it is not perfect. And, what went down with them was not even close to being perfect. Besides, it was planned. 

I may be a little down on the show now. It could have jumped the shark as they say. They are stretching for story lines when it should be about their jobs. Not about the controversy they can stir up. We like looking at pretty people. We hate it when they act like tools. Or, I do at least. And, this season, a corner was turned many times. It became annoying. And, what was worse is how much the season exposed people like Hannah, Bobby, Malia, Chef Adam in ways where they looked weak. Like Bobby I thought was a real man compared to me per se, but now I think he is a pussy. I used to be intimidated in a sense by Hannah because of how good she was at her gig. Slipping into the most eligible bachelor of Dallas' bedroom to blow him or bone him was weak. It could have waited till after the season. And, it is not on him although considering he is that most eligible guy in Dallas, Hannah is a bit of a step down I would think and considering the women in Texas or that live in Dallas. Everyone is hot there. Though like we have discussed many times is that Hannah's body is sick. I would not even think twice about hooking up with her. However, I am me and he is the most eligible guy in Dallas for god's sakes. He also came with girls that were way hotter than Hannah though they may have been fake in many ways. I cannot even remember them or what they looked like. I just assumed or remembered them being decent looking though.

Anyway, I love how the Rams played last night. I went to see Yellowman at Milkboy in Philly but I recorded the game. They just looked great in that systematic way. That is what I wanted to see and I what I saw exceeded my expectation.

Remember too, Sammy Watkins did not play and Jared Goff played 12 minutes tops but was effective. Todd Guerly was NOT impressive again. He is not getting to the holes. I say that because this Justin Davis guy is impressive at getting to the holes and bursting through them for some great gains last night. Another person that I felt shined was this Cooper Kupp whom I think may be set to start at one of the WR positions. 

We will have Robert Woods, Sammy Watkins, Tavon Austin and Cupp. What a difference a year will make. 

The Defense played great. They did a bit of everything and also remember that we will not have Dominique Easley at all this year. Someone will need to step up but at the same time, the D Line crew is solid. The D Backs played great too last night and in particular was LaMarcus Joyner because he had some stops before the first down line a few times. 

I was a bit disappointed with Sean Mannion. I like the guy. I think he is good. I think he is an exceptional 2nd stringer. I was not psyched about how he threw last night and we did not get to see that new QB, Dan Orlasky. I kinda sorta want to see him throw. 

What I did not love this weekend (setting aside how there were more counter protesters against the protest), is what went down in Charlottsville, Virginia. Granted, maybe a few hundred Nazi heads or white supremacists showed up and also granted that the only bloody face I saw on TV was of a Nazi guy. I was psyched about the reaction to the protest. I thought it was great because all this ralley reminded me of is 'Lock up' Episode. You know how the white supremisists, black gangs and Hispanic gangs bond together in jails and in prisons no matter what affiliation they have on the outside? They are now bonding together in real life. 

Regardless, they are idiots and man did I want a crack at that fight. Don't get me wrong, there were a few heffer red necks that I most likely could not take but most of the other people would have been easy to confront. Like I said, I am glad people fought back. 

The administration's response to it was awful. The POTUS himself was rather vague calling on all people to stop with the violence. He did not denounce Nazism, White Supremacy or the KKK and his spokesperson literally took 2 and half minutes in an interview on Jake Tapper's show who did a great job to push him on it, to finally say that they denounce these hate groups.

There is an alternative right part of the White House. 

Even David Duke said yesterday how they are carrying out Donald Trump's plan. And, Trump did not even say to stop it. He did not even say something along the lines that they are not needed to execute any plan of his.

Someone died and 19 people were injured after this guy from Ohio drove his car down the street through groups of people terrorist style.

The Alt. Right people came dressed and ready for violence with weaponry and dressed in military gear. Many of them also came from out of the state of Virginia.

Is it me, or did the 'fire and fury' comment feel like it was said like 10 weeks ago when it was like 3 or 4 days ago?

Remember everyone, The Fog Of War. This Korea thing is all smoke and mirrors. It is complete bullshit orchestrated by the POTUS. After all, he only knows this tactic as his way to boost what is now a 33% approval rating. I just loved (not really) how he uses lines right out of Harry Truman's mouth or when he said something a movie character played by Jessie The Body Ventura would say in Predator, ('we are locked and loaded') maybe. What am I saying? That ridiculous line has been used in like 58 war movies since 1980 alone. 

Locked and Loaded. 

What is wrong with this guy? 

I will say it again, who the hell is buying what this guy has to say? 

It is wild how dumb people are in America.