Monday, July 24, 2017

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I am so very psyched to write today. Thanks for reading. 

The ride to Western Pennsylvania (OhioPyle, Hopwood) was so easy. Though the GPS did take me through Maryland and then out to PA. I am in the Southern and Western parts of Pennsylvania. I was nervous about traffic going that way which there was none.

It turns out that a long time friend that I have done 100's of shows with decided to fly in for Nutter and for Pitt. We coordinated the entire thing using text messaging. I thought about it because I really would not have to alter. I must leave earlier on Tuesday which I am fine with and by the time we finished making plans, I had less than hour to get go until I got here. It was beautiful. It was easy.

I went right to Laurel Caverns. I traversed or repelled I should say down 47 feet into the cavern. I actually did it two times. I was NOT allowed to have the GoPro on my head or attached to my chest (let alone in my hand). I did get footage of other people in my group and of the cavern I took the liberty of checking out. Though, it turned out the guides took us through a bunch of small caverns to head out. The weird thing is that it is not only lit up, they use colored lights and lights synchronized to sound. They are also building a waterfall. Every aspect of what they do is man made. I noticed the gimmickry right away because of the colored lights. There should natural light if any light at all. I guess we need to be able to see. 

The traversing down into it was totally cool and honestly, though it was a fixed piece drilled into the ground or whatever it's called at the top of caverns, I was very much fine knowing that the ropes were not going anywhere if you get my drift. That made me feel very comfy and the key thing is based on physics. It is not really that normal leaning back off a ground and into a canyon. The instruction was great because all you need to do is lean back and pick up your left leg. You somehow spin around and from that point on, it's easy. You then need to get control of the ropes because you are the ones allowing yourself down the cavern wall. Evidently, a 96 year old woman did what I did today. Plus, I befriended two cool kids and this couple that were just friends and they did it with me too. The girl had grafting done that week. She still could barely talk even though she did have the ability to sing to us. She has a decent voc too. It sounded good in the cavern and it also kept the colored lights lit up while we walked up the trail. It was tight in a bunch of places.

After getting a tour of the house in Hopwood, I wanted to get to the park so I could have a few hours before sun down. It was only 430PM by the time I got to the house. Ironically, the owner had texted me saying the place was ready. I did not get the message until after I was checked in. I told her that I was coming down from the Laurel Caverns area which was not even that far for all intent and purpose from here. Once, down from that mountain, it was only about 1.4 miles up another hill on a windy road. I love driving on winding roads. I love it so much.

The next door neighbor and host told me that they were doing a bar b q but I did not want to overstep my bounds by intruding on their dinner. My eating is not normal and I am here in the Western parts of Pennsylvania. She also said that they would be playing darts and drinking micro brews later with other neighbors. I said that I would join them for that later on and so off I went to the park. I stopped in the main area just get the hell out of the car to get some more fresh air:
It is pretty sweet around here. To me, this area could be the best of a lot of worlds. I love having the river. I love being in a mountain range. I like it better than the beach but you still need to be worth the same types of money to be able to deal in areas like this. For someone like me, it would have be a secondary house. Then, you would need to be able to relax because as it stands today, I would have to be able to travel back n forth but man would it great. If you had real money, you could feasibly use a small plane and fly from Philly to OhioPyle area in a couple hours tops. I don't mind the 5 hour drive but you need to be able to go a lot. 5 hours is a long drive unless you have some days to play with. 

Otherwise, the Poconos and North Jersey near the water Gap area are close to me or within 2 to 3 hours. Same goes with the Windham and Hunter areas in New York. I wonder how those areas are for summertime recreation. I doubt there are rock climbing spots or instruction or any scaling of mountain walls in those areas.

The Stone House Tavern and Restaurant was weird. I stood out like a sore thumb. My hair was way up in the air because of the wind and me having my windows and sunroof down. I was GoPro'ing my drive using the selfie stick to hold it above the car through the sun roof. 

Image result for szechuan button
Even though I vowed against it, I ended up talking to a few people. They were bikers. One of the women gave us what is called a "szechuan button" to accompany our drinks which was a floral tasting herb that reminded me of pop rocks. It was bright tasting and it does something to your endorphins almost like when you drink a Bloody in the early AM after partying all night. 

Speaking of which, I have NOT been to Jazzfest since 2001 or maybe it was 2002. I can't remember the name of the bar everyone went to get Bloody's after the late show. I do remember that one night at Jazzfest, I saw Karl Denson play at the House of Blues until 915AM one time. And, I maintain that he could have played longer. He was still rocking after playing all night which that by far was the longest or latest or earliest I should say, that I ever saw a band play live.

Remember Breakfast with the Dead from the US Festival? They started up at 8AM. Or, maybe it was noon. 

Phish did an acoustic set in Indio at noon. 

I was at '8' but I was not at either two of the 'Us Festivals'.

I definitely got buzzed last night because I woke up a bit hungover. I yapped with a few people and played darts until 1AM. I assume that is unprecedented for the area. I do not think too many things are opened up that late in this area. I drank a bunch of sake. I also had one of those coconut infused stout beers. That stuff is so good. I think everything that I have had from the Manyunk Brewing company has been Amazingly solid and then some. Their beers are excellent.

We brought up NOLA and man oh man was there a woman with that thick Creole or whatever it's called in New Orleans when they talk like they do? Wow. It's the craziest accent that I have heard since I found out that people from New England or Boston talk that way they do in real life. I remember as a kid that i thought it was so exaggerated. I never knew it was real until I was out of college. That was when I first met someone from that area that still talked that way. 

The most unique accent for me as a kid that I would hear was when my relatives from Canada would say "A" all of the time at the end of the sentences. 

I never heard a Boston accent let alone a down home NOLA accent until later on in my life.

I mean besides on TV and in movies BTW. That is what I meant because I heard those accents on SNL or on TV Shows or in films, but never in real life until way later on.

I watched the Southern Charm Reunion, Part 2 before I fell asleep last night. I just do not know what to make of all those people. You know what is weird for me? I have grown to learn to not like anyone on Southern Charm. No one appeals to me anymore. I mean even in entertaining ways. They all managed to somehow annoy me this season. I came off the season not really liking any of them. Not even Shep. 

Who has a spin off called RelationSHEP coming out soon. He gets these ultra hotties on the show (I watched the preview of it) but it seems like its a train wreck by the end of it and I would go so far to say that he gets dumped at least one time. But again, he is not that appealing any more. It sucks for me because I used to think he could get a boat load of girls but this season, I thought many times that he acted like a tool. He blows it for me.

Landon annoyed me and she still does. Kathryn does in these two reunion shows even though I liked her the best this season. Which basically says it all. Whitney was barely on it and same goes with his mom. The only real story lines behind them was when they wanted to hook up Landon and Thomas. Thomas is way annoying. How about when he stands up calling himself the whole package or something on that reunion show? He is a dork. Hie pants are up to his chest. He is so not good looking. 

But then again, no one besides Cameron and I guess that girl that is dating Austin is hot. Speaking of that girl that is dating Austin, she was a finalist on Survivor. I can't remember what one and/or her being on the show in general, but I definitely saw her play that game. When I thought about it hard, something maybe clicks but I can't put my finger on it. I have no clue what season she was on Survivor.

I am going down the Lower Youghiogheny River today. I am doing it in a kayak with a guided group of people. As a matter of fact, if you look at the pictures above, that is basically the end of the Middle Youghiogheny that is entering the Lower Youghiogheny. There is also an Upper Youghiogheny that we could get trained to go on and it sounds so appealing. I sense that it is much longer but much faster descend wise than what I am doing today.

OK. I am off to OhioPyle from the house. I can only do the Lower Youghiogheny because I did not get rolling today until 9AM. I will get on the Noon trip. Which is fine. OhioPyle the Park is maybe 20 minutes from the house, but really only like 8 or 10 miles. It's a great drive.

I made a rookie mistake (I forgot to charge up the GoPro and so I got zero footage with us going down the river). And, I have a flat tire. I came back up to the house and low and behold, the hosts and the next door neighbor have a major tire pump. We plugged it in and it worked like a charm. I reset the tire gauge inside the car and I am headed back to OhioPyle. I stopped at Cucumber Falls.
If you look at the bottom two pictures, that tributary empties out to where I went down today.

I would have had some sick footage. I almost tipped over a few times but really only only one time I thought I was gone. We get taught how to deal and if you go with it, you can get through the waves. We all went over or through some major stuff. However, some people bit it and fell out. The rain made the river much higher. The guides were gasping about it many times today. They pointed that out so many times along with how certain rocks would be seen normally, but are underwater today. Honestly, it was not until I saw the piles of paddles did it sink in that I would not to deal. And, that this was NOT gonna be some float down a river. It was way worse than I thought it would be. And, think of the higher Youghiogheny which I want to do but I would prepare better. The Upper Youghiogheny River sounds like it is constant. Like 2 miles long without stopping but the trip ironically is way longer miles wise but way shorter time wise. What I did today was the perfect blend of rapids and being able to float effortlessly.

I am pissed about the GoPro not being charged and actually, its not even charging up. It is dead. That sucks. Everything I had done leading up to this all gone. Thank god I got my niece and nephew their footage.

Maybe the battery is dead but it is doing nothing.

Regardless, I also checked out what are the Natural Rock Slides in the Meadow Run area.
You could not slide down the natural Slides any times after last Thursday and Friday. The rain was too much and I agree. The water rushing down here is nuts. You could never slide down this without getting messed up. I wish I could have done it though. 

I walked around town thinking that I would find a place called the Falls Inn to get some beers and some food.
Image result for ohiopyle cafe kale sandwich
I found this place called the OhioPyle Cafe. They had some cool beers and what looks like some decent food though the Fried Green Tomatoes I got to eat, was the most fried food I have ever seen in person. I had to peal it off to taste the tomato, however the kale something or other sandwich was friggan excellent tasting. The beers that I had were all from the Western PA area but I forget each of their names.

Image result for ohiopyle cafe kale sandwich
Image result for ohiopyle cafe kale sandwich
I saw one of my guides from the water and from today set at the bar. He eventually started to ride a tricycle around the place. What was cool though is that all of a sudden 'Fire On The Mountain' came on the loudspeaker and even though it was the studio version, it was great to hear. He was the one that put it on too. His name is CJ. I thank him for his part in making my day cool. I tried to buy him a drink but he said that he was not drinking since he drank too many Gin and Tonic's last night. Now that I think about it, if he was that spent then at dinner hour, how was he when he took us down the river this afternoon? It's fine. I am just making fun of the situation using comic relief.

I do take for granted that this is their lifestyle during the summer. I went to overnight camp. Well not at that age now that I think about it. I went to Grateful Dead shows during my summers from college on basically and then same goes with Phish summer tours which came later on in life.

Regardless, it was 821PM when I walked into the house tonight. I have been watching TV but then I passed out until 130AM. I checked the tire and then I woke up again at 530AM to check the tire before I got up for real at like 9AM. I have to get Cohen from the Columbus Airport at 1155AM and the tire looks good so far. The first part of that drive was hellish. Only in the sense that I was stressing about the tire. I also have not seen anything humanity wise let alone any store or gas station opened in the last hour but again. There is nothing around here for this entire hour drive down this mountain range. When I stopped at a Pilot Truck Stop, I checked the tire. It was down again. I put air in it and then I stopped at the Honda Dealership near Columbus but they said it would take a couple hours to check it. I was like come on now. A couple of hours to plug the tire? Fuck this shit. I just spent 29K getting a new from Honda car in May/April this year after turning in my last car to them spending whatever I did over the last few years. And, I have a tire that has already fucked up in less than two months of having the vehicle. I also bought into this tire plan which  have no clue what it does and how it works. I'll cross that bridge next week when I get back to Jersey. I then went to Pep boys. The fuck wad said they were booked all day again, they could not squeeze in a plug job. In NJ, they would do it with opened arms and as a matter of fact, I went to the Pep Boys in Berlin, NJ after I had a flat at the end of the Winter Games (Special Olympics), he did not even charge me. I gave the dude ten bux anyway. I then asked the guy at Pep Boys if he could tell me where an authentic service station would be in the area or where a tiny tire place is located. I found one within 2 miles from the Pep Boys and they took care of me for $10 and in 14 minutes tops. I was so thankful. 

I had a screw in the tire. Which not surprise me at all and obviously I knew it was that or a nail stuck in the tire. I was on gravel roads yesterday and the day before it. As a matter of fact, I must give props to Goodyear Tires because that tire lasted with a screw in it a very long time. And, I went down some real rural roads that were windy and downhill. I commend them for it.

Anyway, off to Hocking Hills, or to McArthur or both but I was driving to this remote house in the woods and near some huge lake. The ride was good. Aside from driving up a road and coming to a Closed Road situation, that ride was pretty easy. I got to the house without great incident setting aside the tire issue, and the closed road. We pull up and there is this cute girl walking towards my car in what I assume is on top of the unpaved driveway. I did notice the Prius in the alcove off the driveway but it turned out this woman is a pianist. So I have an in and I gave her my card. We will see if she writes. She wrote via Airbnb but about the house and that does not count anyway. She and that other woman evidently wrote reviews about me which I never had done before. I have not read them. Anyway, she is pretty and very nice. And, I assume talented because she has her stuff up at retail. I will listen when I get back to NJ next week. I hope she contacts me sooner than later and that is if she does contact me about her music. She did contact me right away via Airbnb but I think to tell me some things about the area and then I got notification that she and that other woman wrote reviews of me. I have never had a review on Airbnb of me I don't think at least and I have not seen what they wrote.I assume or hope what they was was positive. I never leave a place not perfect.

I did a small hike in the early morning BTW. I do not have the GoPro but I took shots off my camera. The problem is that I am so bad at taking pictures.
I wonder what the hell is going on in the real world?

Charlize Theron is on Howard this week. I can only listen when I am in the car which is a lot but I am not getting any shows in real time. But also, the guy that shot Osama Bin Laden is on this week. Robert O'Neil. They both seem cool. I love the way Charlize laughs. I loved it when she cracked up in 'Million Ways To Die In The West'. It came off as genuine because I remember thinking during that film that Seth McFarland legitimately did whatever to make her laugh for real. Which is testament I guess to her acting and speaking of it, I am so psyched to see that new flick she is coming out with. Atomic Blonde. That looks cool and again, she seems way cool. I told you I wanted so badly to be on that ASfrica trip with her and Chelsea. That would have been so much fun. Oh but she laughs at Howards jokes the same way so I bet that is how she laughs. Which is cool if she is real in that regard. 

Also cool as shit is that Navy Seal guy (Robert O'Neil) who shot Bin Laden. I wonder what that guy looks like physically because it seemed like he was my size or not this huge guy like you would think. He said there are those types but I guess since he is a sniper that maybe size is not a huge issue. He obviously moved sweetly since he was placed on the team that killed Bin Laden (i.e.; they had to maneuver up steps very fast and they had to move around briskly throughout and up that compound, etc.). 

Both were great interviews.

I know that from when I left home and after I came out of the wilderness, nothing went on this week. All they were talking about on the news outlets was the Healthcare bill. Which I can care less about. And, it meant nothing much went down in the last three days. I don't want to hear anything about the healthcare bill. It bores me. It also does not come into play in my life though I remember loving the days when my employer paid for it. Or, for most of it but I think I only paid like 88 bux a month for coverage when I had real jobs. I pay now like $300 a month and I never use it. I am not even sure what I get or what I can even get out of it.

Cool though. At least I feel like I have not missed anything so far this week and I am bit back in the real world from now on. I have been driving and staying in the most rural areas in America over the last few days. I was not even sure if I was in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and maybe even maryland considering where I was on the river and where the shuttles took us to and from the places we ended the water trip. I also saw some weird things on peoples properties as I was driving around:
The Nutter Show was great. I got to hang with some great people that I have not seen in years in some cases and then in some other cases I have just seen a month ago, but still, I was psyched to hang out with him for the two shows.

Peaches En Regalia
Sugar Shack
Crazy Sometimes
46 Days
Runaway Jim

Down with Disease >
Mountains In The Mist
Chalk Dust Torture

The Squirming Coil

Walk-In Music
Tony Allen – Secret Agent
Beck – Guero
The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions

Setbreak Music
Herbie Hancock – Takin’ Off

Walk-Out Song
Nico “These Days”
After this AM's hike, I rallied to head up to see my artist (Kapital A) and his wife at their house. We are having a bar-b-q. We had some amazing food and some deep conversations but I had to head back to Pittsburgh. The traffic was brutal driving into the city. We went in the dumb way from below that brought us right into the Pirates Game Night traffic. That drive sucked.
The show was great. Especially that second set!

My Soul
Halley's Comet
Divided Sky
Prince Caspian >

Punch You in the Eye
Mr. Completely
Rise/Come Together
Axilla I
Steam >
Backwards Down the Number Line

Things People Do
Rocky Top
After the show at like 1115PM, I stated to to drive all night. I had to stop like 4 times. I slept two of those times for maybe a few minutes. I also had my first sugar free Red Bull which is the grossest tasting shit on the planet, however, that buzz or whatever it is called that keeps you up, was great. I felt totally even keeled. I was home at 430AM and up today at 930AM. I got through some emails. I got over 1,200 down to like 388 ones I need to pay attention to. I have to do train runs today and an airport run during rush hour at 5PM. I have to be there at 5PM and so going there will be a piece of cake. Getting back to Jersey was a total nightmare.

I forgot to tell you that one of the buses broke down after the Pitt show. The back panel to where that engine is located was off the bus and exposed so something went wrong with their engine. The bands used two buses from VT or from wherever else and I noticed in back of the stage area outside that there were three local bus companies. They had the website name on the buses. The one that broke down was not one of the local ones. It was one of the buses that came with them from up north. We should have stopped to help but you know how it is, it is easy this day and age to deal road issues. 

I get to pass out early today. That way I am reenergized to get the Baker's Dozen run of shows going tomorrow night. 

The show tonight at garden is the start of the Baker's Dozen run of thirteen shows at the Madison Square Garden up in NYC. I cant wait for it. I have GA's and Section 117's every night.
This is night one of the Baker's Dozen run of shows. It is Friday and I am still burnt from the week. I did get so very psyched for the show. I was watching the Nutter show which was great. I am up to date with all my live downloads. 

Of course I did not do the gym today but I will tomorrow. I am even thinking about doing the gym before heading up to the shows. Actually, I wonder if there are Lifetimes up in NYC. I did not even think about it.

I am so hungry right now. I had imitation meatloaf today along with a row of Girl Scout Cookies and a rice patty roll thingy. I had two coffees and an NO5 (or is NOS?). And, I am still beat. I guess I better shower now.

Ali Velshi is funny as shit. I am here typing and all of a sudden I hear that he is talking to some field reporter saying that she is now "on the screen with 16 other people" and I look over to see like 8 boxes of 8 different people up. That is 9 people in on this conversation. Jeez Louise.

I am leaving for the train soon. I guess I wont be home until like 230/3AM tonight. Same goes with Sunday night unless I decide to drive it. I am staying over Saturday night and Tuesday night next week. I have not gotten as far as next week though and the shows after that yet.

The show last night was fine. There were high points. I was reminded so much how much I hate people into Phish. Most Phish heads are losers but then I must admit that the good ones are the best ever. Speaking of good ones, I have a break from having to be there solo during the run, my phriend from Denver decided to come in this week for the shows. I am very psyched for that. And, I was psyched to see and get to hang with someone I met at Mardi Gras in 1987 at tonights show. Which that Mardi Gras in 1987 was a magical week in my life. He was part of it. We also not only have or had mutual phriends from the University of Maryland (one I may even be able to see next week), he also went to high-school with one of my best phriends.

Jul. 21st 2017
Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Shake Your Coconuts
Martian Monster
Halfway To The Moon
Moonage Daydream
Walls Of The Cave

Tweezer >
Seven Below
Billy Breathes
Everything's Right >
Slave To The Traffic Light
Suzy Greenberg

The Mango Song
Good Times, Bad Times

In reality, I hate most people. Not just Phish Heads. Phish Heads are just a bunch of people I can lump together because for the most part, most of them are tools. And, Phish is their fifteen minutes of fame if you will, all piled into in an accumulative way. The problem is that I was seeing shows way before most people that see shows and it is my outlet. I just have to find better ways to be left alone or to only worry about my people. Which then again makes me sound as bad as the people I am describing. One thing I am NOT doing again is taking a train. I hate the train. I realized that I absolutely hate taking the train. First, second and third is that I want control. The train did not leave until 1214AM and the show ended at like 1120PM maybe. So I had to meet more people that I was not into talking to but they were hovering near where I wanted to sit to stare at a TV screen. 

I am fault because I allowed the conversation but in defense of it, they asked me my favorite baseball team when I said I wanted to be in front of a TV. I stupidly talked and talked like I do. The thing with me is that anything I do or say, comes off as pretentious. So, the first impressions of me are just bad all of the time and then my looks are gross these days. I am just gross looking. I think that freaks people out even though I would never flirt or come on to people. I still just gross people out. That is one side of me. 

Then, I am too straight laced looking at times for the hippies which also freak out another type of Phish people. Like I said above, ironically I have seen 1,000 X's the shows they have done or will ever do accumulative and collective and I wont even get into my history with this band. 

Hell, I harmonized singing Happy Birthday with all of them acapella quite frankly one night in Indiana. 

It's the best irony that I am looked at that way by freaks. I mean I don't care but it still pisses me off and honestly, I wanted to get in some people's faces which I can't. They are kidz and I would make mince out of most people that see Phish. It would not be fair for me to take anyone on in any way.

Regardless, last night was phun. LOL...Tonight is show two. I am not sure what is up for today. I am getting the days all mixed up this week. I thought it was Sunday last night all night. My cleaning people asked me in the middle of the show if they could switch days. That confused me. I am not sure why it would be confusing. I literally took a selfie and look at me, I don't know what to do. I hate getting pictures taken of me.
Jul. 22nd 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Strawberry Fields Forever
Halley's Comet
The Moma Dance
Breath And Burning
Funky Bitch
The Squirming Coil

Down With Disease
Strawberry Letter 23
Birds Of A Feather
I Always Wanted It This Way
All Of These Dreams
Split Open And Melt >
Down With Disease
Shine A Light

Peaches en Regalia
My Sweet One

The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico has discovered peculiar radio signals coming from the star Ross 128 in the Virgo constellationThis could down to three things, wrote Abel Méndez, director of Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of of Puerto Rico in a blog post. The signals could originate from a solar flare, from something else passing in front of the telescope's view of Ross 128, or radio burst from a high orbit satellite. Mendez adds that they may come to a conclusion this week after further investigation and looking at data from other observatories.

The juice is out BTW. I think he is out of jail literally out in NV. He will be free in October this year. He better not ever fuck up again. You know he will. I watched a bunch of the hearing. Not watched but it was on the background. I thought it was ballzy. I had no clue paroles worked that way where they almost re litigate what went down. I thought to get parole you had to be remorseful and admit guilt or wrong doings. He was saying how he was innocent at the time, I was cringing. I was thinking he was not getting out. Then, when the first guy on that panel said what he said about him approval the parole, I was like whoa. Then everyone else followed saying the same thing. Legally speaking, it was not even an issue and I would think or it seemed like the panalists had their decisions made before the hearing. That was my vibe on it but I found it wild that they would do all that in one sitting and without deliberation or hardly any break. I guess he (OJ) has no money so that will suck. If I were in his shoes and if I had money, I would just find some place to live and I would never leave it. I was told  that he could have like 4 mill stashed somewhere and that the Goldman's can't get at.

I don't think there is any more annoying human and less self aware person than that that guy Josh on Big Brother 19. His antics made me liked Cody for about 2 and half minutes because when I was like hey, "I am going to root for this underdog now." Cody does something not so magnanimous by making a comment at Josh after he got eliminated from the challenge.

Last nights show was great. I thought it was the best start to a show so far but honestly, I hate to be this way but it petered out in the end. But I loved it. And, I can't wait for Tues. night's show!
Jul. 23rd 2017

Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Sunday Morning
Axilla I
Your Pet Cat
Back On The Train
How Many People Are You?
Theme From The Bottom
It's Ice
Wolfman's Brother
Miss You
Boogie On Reggae Woman
Wading In The Velvet Sea

Sweet Jane

Day off today before the baker's Dozen run of shows picks up tomorrow night with show #4! The theme is: