Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Did you know that there is a pill (Movantik) to help stop constipation because of whomever taking other pills (Opioids‎ evidently get you constipated (I do not think that I ever took an opioid although I am not really sure of pill names and what they do to people; I never really take pills)). 

There are pills out there that are to help people get through taking other pills. 


That commercial ad is on so much these days. It is almost as annoying as those catheter ones that they used to air. I would turn the channel when they would come on and I even wrote to the brass at MSNBC begging them to stop it. I literally said that in no way, shape or form could they be that hard up for money to cater to that mili-percent that has to buy catheters for them to use at home for goddamn sakes. They finally stopped airing it although I saw one over the weekend. I hate talking about it now and so I am stopping it...Phuck....Why did I just do this to us and most of all, to myself? I am holding my crotch BTW in case you were wondering.

Jesus Christ listening to Donald J. Trump speak in Warsaw is like watching paint dry. I am trying to work and my brain hurts from listening to him. I put on on old James Bond (Live And Let Die) film since they are playing the hell out of every Bond film they have the rights to replay at Starz.

Big Brother has been excellent so far this season. These Temptation Twists have upped the anty's a bit because I was wondering last year if that show had run its course. This season has been great. Them shoving that nomination so far back up that Cody's asshole and I mean it is because he's such an asshole personality wise, was just priceless. Of course we knew it was coming. But it was great seeing Cody's reaction and that face during it.

I thought for 8 seconds that the girl he is showmancing was not that hot but then in the next confessional I was like come on, to myself. She is beyond hot and she is almost the entire package. If she were not with this guy, she would be pretty much what you would want in a woman even though she reminds me of a dark haired Hispanic or ethnic version of Kristin Cavallari. The way that she (I cannot remember the girl's name) said something in the first episode was so Kristen like and then it happened again tonight. The girl's mouth or something about the way her face moves and the way she talks sometimes reminds me of Kristen (BTW, remember when I wanted to know what the Hills people were doing now? I got some feed the day after my post about it saying that Kristen has a jewelry line which I was saving for the last weekly review, but I lost the email when I changed host companies the week prior to last weekend). 

The thing is that girl is astute at times (remember, we have editing to deal with because I do NOT watch any of the other feeds). Setting aside how it came off as a jealous act, she was almost right about Pau Pau or Panda but then again, as she confronted Cody about it, she was straddling his waist in bed. Which is not exactly getting into a serious debate about the issue. 

The bottom line is that Cody guy is a total dick. He acts like a dick to people. He is not nice. He eats and stays motion less without replying when people ask him direct questions. He is so rude in that regard. Most of all, he is gonna be tossed out the very next time that he can voted out. He is so gone now and it is because he acted like such a douche day one. He better be gone this week or at least on the block. That way he needs to get the POV

Did you notice how no one in his alliance besides that girl he is with even voted for Xmas? Which BTW, if i did not say this last week, I like her the best. She is so pretty. The only real issue that I have with her physically is that her belly is more stacked than mine. Which if she were just a tad softer if you will, she would be a ten to me. And, I hate to say it, but she also has this Natalie Cressman thing going for her. Between, Natalie, Kathryn Dennis and this girl, there seems to be a trend here. I do wish she would stop bronco busting with that rodeo clown. If I were to date her on that show, I would not say the words directly but I would have to get them to stop doing that prancing around the yard routine. Then, she would be perfect to me. 

Wait a sec. I could be feasibly be listening to old Howard's today. The news is so boring this week. 

I was listening to an old Stern show last week or within the last few weeks, and they had this Dr. woman on the show that sounded amazing. I can't remember this fucking girl's name and I thought it was gonna be easy. I was in the car listening though and honestly, I need to find this Dr. woman that was on years ago. I need to see what she looks like. I really need to figure out what year that show was from and then see what she looks like today. I thought her name was Dr. Sandy but I cannot for the life of me find her when relating it to Howard's show in or on a search. I was then reminded of Dr. Ronnie after doing that search querie. That literally cracked me up for some reason. I forgot about her too. 

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be Dr. Sandy which means that I am lost on what her name is but man did she sound perfect. She was totally single then and she even dated Howard fans after the first time she was on the show. She does not care about money. Like I alluded to many times, she is a Doctor. I also wonder if she is still single today. That's the the other thing, I have no clue when that aired. She was doing something with maybe Jeff The drunk or maybe it was Eric The Actor. Regardless, hot chicks are just not single though. I mean quality ones that are smart. If they are smart, and hot, they deal early because smart ones are smart enough to find someone that will stand the test of time. Plus, they get the pick of the litter so to speak. The only thing is that many perfect ones with serious career's, do not want to settle now until their mid 30's which I find to be even smarter. But it is few and in between.

My dad went in and out of the hospital yesterday on the 4th and is being released tonight. He was having dizzy spells on July 4th during the morning hours and he was let out now after brain scans and an MRI amongst other tests for heart and aneurysm's, and I lost track of what else was done. Nothing showed up besides some irregularity in the initial x-ray of his head. Which was probably caused by his dizziness.

I wonder why hospitals do not work in efficient ways. Is that some way to charge off people's stays to the Insurance Companies or to the Government because I simply do not get why it takes hours to do something that you and I could do in a minute and a half and I am not exaggerating here? In one case, we got up to the floor where there was nothing going on. Three staffers were huddled in some cubicle type of thing against the wall and I of course first checked them out to see if any of them were hot but anyway, it was 620PM. That nurse was getting off her shift at 7PM. Therefore, the nurse that was coming on duty at 7PM, was to do the intake. Which took all of 2 minutes. My point is the woman leaving her thing at 7PM could have done the intake at 620PM and still have had a half an hour to fuck off and talk amongst the three of them. Then, it turned out the guy in that threesome group if that's not redundant to say, was the nurse coming on at 7PM to do the intake. Plus, it took an entire day for some reason to do an MRI. If someone came in with great trauma, it seems like there would be someone down in ER to deal with getting an MRI done that minute but whatever, I do not get why the lack of efficiency and most of all, how it is accepted is beyond me. 

It honestly reminds me of what jail is like to process one in and out. I wrote about that lack of efficiency and process in my first book, Three Weeks In June. I was in for 11 hours and I could have been whipped in and whipped out in 22 minutes. I called that chapter "you gotta get into get out" or something like that. I think I may have used the 'Carpet Crawl' by Genesis song lyric as the quote to start the chapter because now that i think about it, it was called 'Eleven Hours in County'. Remember too, that was before 'Locked Up' let alone before this '60 Days In' show which I was being asked to go onto last year. I was given a non disclosure but when I found out the production company name on that contract. I did a search of it. I found the web site and then I went into the shows they did which is when I realized by the description of it, and by my response to them initially, it was to be on that show. I pulled it up On-Demand and within 25 seconds and I am serious, I wrote back saying that was not for me. I would have taken like 50K or some great amount of money to do 60 days in a county jail system but not just to be on TV. I thought I was helping with regard to the criminal justice system which is how it was entered when they approached me about it. BTW, that show is a great way to show people what jail is really like. It is a step more hardcore than Locked Up on MSNBC. 

Besides, the point of life in this society is to not put yourself in a jail or in a prison.

This week on TV was way uneventful. I think the only new show that gets recorded at my house this week was Million Dollar Listing New York (and an old X-File). Which I guess Louis made his re appearance because he came onto the show to tell Ryan and Henrick that he wants to live in France. He is a hopeless romantic. All he has done is look for the perfect girl or not even perfect, he wants this fairy tail thing that unfortunately does not exist. I am not saying magic does not happen, but what he wanted in NYC based on his job and him being on TV was so out of the realm of reality. Plus, he acts like such a pussy. As a matter of fact, the girl he wants in his head, is/was not even real. Now, he is attempting to find that same thing but in Paris. Which again, is so typical and so story book driven. Not story book but you know what I mean. I mean in movies or in books relating romance.

Hell, I went to LA to try to in part run into Aly Sheedy back in 1985. I did not go for that exactly per se, but it was no doubt in the back of my mind that if I met her, I would somehow be able to date her. And we came close too. I met Bobby Lowe that summer. Judd nelson and I went to the after party of the premier of Pee Wee Herman's film. Everyone who was something in Hollywood was at the film and if they were not at the film premier, they were sure as hell at that after party which happened to also be MTV's 2nd Anniversary party. So I get it is my point. I wanted the hopeless romantic thing based on films like the 'Sure Thing' movie, but it is just not how it works. And, I was not even mid way through college. Louis is a grown man. Besides, I met way hotter women than Aly Sheedy was on a great day that summer in 1985. I actually wrote to Louis after he quit the show last year about him getting involved in the entertainment business end. I never heard back and I am not even sure he read it. I dealt via facebook and the last I saw in the week after I wrote it, it was never even read by anyone who handles that account.

This was another long week. July 4th being on a Tuesday was odd and then my dad doing his two day long hospital stay threw another wrench in the week. But work wise I am fully caught up or not caught up because I am in waiting mode. I am starting to see things at retail again. 

Everyone at the main label (Sunset Recordings) of mine, has their follow up albums to their debuts coming out this year. Which is a cool compliment because the last two months have been choppy at best. Transitioning from the old distro company to the new one has been awful work wise. It is the world's worst work. It is glorified data entry which I may have said many times while I was going through it over the last two months. 

I have brunch today at my folks place with my brother and the kidz along with my aunt and uncle. Speaking of my brother, his ex wife was on the Today show as a guest in a game or something to date Dean Caine. I could not bring myself to watch but Dean Caine picked someone else. I assumed that he would pick that girl that he did just based on the picture but I must admit that his (my brother) ex looked pretty good. I say she was the number one or two best looking of the five women sitting on those stools in the picture I saw (like I said, I would not watch the segment). However, that entire concept is so creepy. How the hell can't Dean Caine get a date? His parents had money amd he has decent money. I mean I can't get a date but that is me and maybe his standards are worse than mine but still, he is on TV. 

I met him at the Holyfield / Bowe fight in Las Vegas (when kite man flew onto the ring) back in the mid 90's. I thought he was a damn good looking guy. I don't know what he looks like today (he was not in that Today Show picture that I saw with the girls lined up on the stools), but please, I doubt he is that bad looking. I assume he is still good looking quite frankly. Maybe he needs is a gig. He should get an acting gig or I thought he hosted some show but my parents told me that it was the dude from Saved By The Bell. I think they are correct. I mixed him up with Mario whatever his name is. Regardless, he should get a gig doing that. I bet he would be good at hosting some Entertainment Weekly type of a show. Let me look him up at IMDB.

He's not really done much and he is very much type casted as the Superman guy. He is in Super Girl although he is in a bunch of films in pre production that are hitting theatres this year. He's been in a lot of shit before Superman through.

Speaking of which, I am trying hard to watch Love Connection. I cannot stand not being able to fast forward through the commercial ads. So I have therefore watched portions of three different episodes. And, as much as I love Andy Cohen, this show is annoying. The old Love Connection was annoying. I went to a Love Connection taping. This guy that I went to the University of Maryland with was on that show. He started saying things about the girls boobs and at that time, it was a shocking episode. He told me the producers wanted him to act like that which I think came out later about many of those episodes. But he and everyone on there were aspiring actors which to me, detracts from that show. I assume it's more of the same today. People use that as part of their reel. It's  a very much a beginner's angle but when my old college mate was on the show, that was in like 1991, 1992 or 1993. Too bad that guy could not stand the test of time because without actual acting chops, a few years later the reality show production boom started and now everyone who wants a TV show can have one. And, you don't need to be talented at all. 

(Donald) Trump is overseas this week. So far, all he has done that is odd in my eyes is him saying how the CIA sucks and that the media is the enemy. Oh and also how Barack Obama is to blame for the Russian interference and for their hacking during last year's general campaign. He then also said that everyone at the G20 is talking about John Podesta's hacked emails:.
The only problem with that comment, stance and statement besides it not being true, Podesta does not work for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and nor did he then. He worked for Hillary but setting all that aside, I assume it was sent out to blur the fact that he was meeting with Putin and that other weird Russian guy an hour later. 

As for that meeting, I bet Trump does get a piece of any drilling now done in the Arctic. Because let's be real about that meeting, that is what it was about. It had nothing to do with the hacking which were statements both camps said to contradict each other. We are not getting the truth about what went down in that meeting but then again, who the hell thought we would. Especially, when he announced that meeting was with those four people along with two interpreters only.

Podesta replied BTW, with the following tweets:
Aside from those antics, the optics with him being over there were good. It made for a boring news week and weekend. 

I did forget about the riots but I don't even care about those protests. I am so over seeing the riots which BTW, why is everyone going nuts over there? What is the G20 quite frankly? I have no clue what it is. I do know it involves or coordinates the 19 richest countries in the world as some unit but then adds one for some reason making it the G20 even though again, 19 nations are involved in it.

There was also some hubbablub about Ivanka being part of some meeting but I can care less about that too. We are so fucked administratively now that it's a lost cause to me. And he oversteps his bounds so much that why would anyone think it would be different today? He just does whatever he wants and he does not care about anything else but getting his way. 

I started drinking mimosa's and then I had some Espresso drink pretty early in the evening and so I passed out at like 9PM or 10PM at the latest yesterday (Saturday night). I of course then woke up in the middle of the night. I know that I was watching Hickok which I think I was liking but I still fell asleep. I did watch Kingsman: The Secret Service again for the 33rd time but this time I watched it while drinking mimosa's at my neighbors place. I also saw The House, Spiderman and Austin Found over the weekend or over the last few days. I literally fell asleep during every movie that I saw and honestly, I have no clue what happened at the end of any of them. This week kicked my butt.

I cannot wait to get out of town next weekend. I go to Yough (Youghiogheny River) to do some kayaking and then I am going to get some rock climbing in. I am really preparing for my trip out to the Rocky Mountain State Park in September. I will do these now and then I will do some local South New Jersey excursions on a kayak in August just to get the arms perfect. The problem with dealing in New Jersey is that there is no current. Which is good as far as the arms go. It is all about the arms without currents. Going down rapids and whatnot is easy for me. I don't think I have ever been in danger of dying on any rivers or oceans that I have done. There was one time when I toppled over and I had nothing on me as I was brought down the river. I lost my paddle and my boat. That only happened to me one time and I think that was a big as it gets as far as ex[pert levels. I can't even remember if that went down in Western PA or out in Utah or Colorado or in WV which is where I have kayaked in my life.

I forced myself to NOT do the gym yesterday because I have been dealing hardcore for weeks. I am back down to my kid weight at 155 pound wise which is where I want to be. But I ate so much shit last night. I had a cannoli after I ate Pasta with Fra DiAvlo sauce. I think I had an Onion Ring too. 

I therefore hope the kidz want to do the club with me today after we do our brunch. 

My new Gym is honestly the best ever. I know I am in my honeymoon phase but I never felt this way about a gym (even though I have only ever belonged to three (two others before Lifetime Fitness) now). It is by far the best outlet in my life and so far no one seems to care how weird I am yet. From what I see so far after being there a week (and going every day this month except for yesterday), it is the best happy medium for the likes of me. Virtua was filled with too many old people as clients and not only that, they were tools. Most have done nothing in life, and yet they were overly opinionated to the point of it being so fucking annoying and such dicks. It became hard to work out at Virtua. The people that work at the Fitness Center at Virtua are total idiots. 

Then, you had Echelon Fitness which I was there for like a half year. That place is totally cheap but you also totally get what you pay for in life. The clientele and staff are not exactly world leaders let's just say and to be nice and speaking of being nice, no one in that building except for one staff person was nice to me on a regular basis. It was wild what assholes people are at Echelon and not that condone being an arrogant dick weed, but that definition itself says it all because arrogant assholes do not have a reason to be a dick. I finally left even though I wanted to bolt for a long time. I was too complacent because it was close to my house. 

Come to think of it, there are two nice people at Echelon. 

Lifetime's facilities are sick. I feel like I joined my first country club. I should have done this right away after Virtua but then again, I would not have been able to gauge like I could now.

The chix at Lifetime are off the charts. There are some NYC and LA 8 to 10's at Lifetime. I saw one ten. She was insanely hot. 

As a matter of fact, here some pictures of the pool and of the place. Check it out and honestly, my best friends out Cali belong to a club that I feel reminds me of this one and is also in part why I wanted to join:
Go to Pool Hours
Go to Facility Outdoor Pool
Go to Facility Indoor Pool
Go to Kids
Go to Facility Indoor Pool
Go to Facility Outdoor Pool
They have these gyms coupled with outdoor facilities with a sick pool area while having extensive and amazing things to do with kids. It is a great concept. 

I not only do Yoga 5 days a week now and/or again (I would do 7 days a week if I did not start doing kickboxing this week), I started to do Kickboxing this week. I suck right now but I need something to do that is more mobile than Yoga. Speaking of my Yoga classes at Lifetime, the room is the best room I have ever been into practice. Even sweeter than Maha Yoga which was tops in my eyes. This room at Lifetime is the best. By far too.

And, the other best thing ever happened to me yesterday was this teacher totally leaned all over my back rubbing her chest up and down while getting me to lower myself and to breathe better. That scenario going in the movie because it totally turned me the fuck on. I felt so ridic but it did. And, as it was happening. I had to think of my dead grandma for a few seconds and I am not joking. In the movie of course the person playing the me part will have huge erection pitching a huge tent but I swear to everyone's god within that I was not that at that point. I was just aroused and I am sorry to say this out loud, but it is true. I liked feeling that way for some reason. When I told my neighbor about it, she said that was not allowed ih yoga classes which I replied saying that I was fine with it. She did then say that if a male did that to a chick in any class, he would catch shit for it.

I explained that it is kind of like the teacher that sleeps with the kid. And, how I would have been fine with that as a kid in high school or at college, but I get that it's probably not right (I hope we all know that it was supposed to be sexual unless I am missing something). BTW, have you seen the teachers that get in trouble these days for having sex with their kids? They are all way hot. I never had teachers like that when I was kid. Not even close. I mean none for me. I get news feeds about that happening every week or every few weeks now.

Anyway, I must motivate this week to tie up all loose ends, to get ready for me leaving town for a week and to make sure everything is rolling again like a machine on all four cylinders.

Have Phun and stay in touch. Thanks for everything quite frankly.