Sunday, July 16, 2017

Leah Q (Pronounced Lee), Stephanie Ruhle, Phish, Russian Probe, Kelly Ann Conway, OhioPyle, Laurel Caverns...

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What is wrong with Joe (Scarbourgh) today? He is talking smack about Michael Schmidt's tie. 

This week is weird. I assume because I am leaving for vacation this weekend.

On Tuesday, I felt like it was the longest week ever and it must have been in the air because on Thursday this week which I will get to in one second mind you, one of my Yoga teachers named Leah (Pronounced Lee), said something about it being Tuesday but it was Thursday. Because for me, from Tuesday to Thursday it seemed like the week whizzed by after it seemed like the longest week ever. My point is that I got what she meant and I must say about Leah Q, pronounced Lee, that Thursday nights yoga class was the hardest class that I ever did in my entire life. It was unreal. I have to conquer it. It was called Guided Flow I think or maybe it was just Flow. It was hardcore and it was non stop. I was three steps behind the entire class for the entire hour. It sucked but not the class sucking, I sucked. The class was greatly challenging if I can emphasize it by saying those words that way in a sentence. It was amazing but hard. I know what to expect now in those types of classes. The only issue over the next few weeks is that we have shows though for the next 4 Wednesday nights. I hope I have the energy to deal on the next few Thursday nights. I also hope I can keep up with yoga over the next month. I wont be doing it at all for like 4 or 5 days this week unless I deal alone which I doubt I will. That's gonna suck now that I think about it.

I just noticed that Stephanie Ruhle has a nice rack but man did she blow this interview with this White House surrogate guy. She also let these two other people speak over each other and she should have intervened with some facts. I forget the nuances of it but it sure as hell turned my head. She just stood up to show her chest. I figure to give her a mention. Oh and BTW, she is usually awesome at her job asking that extra question, and getting up the right people's asses, but she got made mince of today. I was very surprised.

Now do not get me wrong, her job is hard. I can't think on the spot if my life depended on it and I second guess everything I say after every conversation I have. I guess it was wishful thinking that I wanted that guy shut down. That did not happen and conversely, he talked over her. He acted rude. He lied and she let him lie quite frankly. As a matter of fact, what she is saying now on Belshea and her other show is what she should have said at that guy but then again or again, I would second guess myself a million times and then I do the same thing, I make it up later so I get it.

Overall about the Russian thing, we know whats up. We know what went down. I maintain they did not think that they would win and that this would never rise to the surface. But because they won, it has risen to the tippy top of the surface. We can connect the dots and there is alot of proof that could have been shoved up that one guy I mentioned above's ass. I am so glad I do not know his name but I do wish he would go on Lawrence's show or Chris Hayes show or even Hardball but he wont do that in 18 million years. Nor would he do Joy Ann Reid's show over the weekend. They would all crush him with actual facts and they all know how to shut someone down by talking over whomever that could be or has tried talking over them.

This has been another long and hard week for the POTUS and his administration. The damaging release of the Donald Trump Jr. emails which of course had to be spun by the administration, is just bad for them. It not only shuts down an entire talking point for them, they also got caught lying again. And, now, they somehow tried to twist it as him (Donald Jr.) being transparent which we all know that these emails were about to be released by the New York Times. This was their lying way to try to get ahead of it.

However, that so called transparency was blown out of the water after we all found out there were more people in that meeting. Including some Russian ex military operative that evidently was an ex spy having ties to the Kremlin.

Then, the White House went in spin mode the rest of the week. The POTUS went to France and we would never know about it if it were not for that insane and long hand shake that combined all of his odd handshakes into one. Regardless, the admin and its' people started to call this part of the investigation a total 'nothing burger' for a few days until news outlets started showing how the GOP must have gotten that talking point since everyone used that idiotic term for every interview. I hate the term 'nothing burger'. I hate it. It makes no sense to me. It is not funny. It is stupid. I am not even sure what it means in the English language and as far as cliches go. It is very annoying to hear grown men use that odd term. Let alone we know it was in today's AM memo to the GOP saying for everyone to use it. Which they did all day.

Kelly Ann Conway is gross. And, she is so weird with those cards about collusion equalling delusion or something and I know hypocrisy is not even an issue considering Trump's antics, but remember when the Benghazi thing was going on? They provided nothing in 2 or 4 years and today, they are calling for insta proof of this collusion with Russia in less than 6 months. That is the other talking point. The GOP die hard Trump people are literally saying how it has been so much time taken on this investigation and they are now asking for actual proof. Besides it being in emails in black and white as far as proof goes, that latest email release shows actual collusion.

Now of course the so called goal posts that are being moved as Kelly Ann Douche Bag lies about since she and that administration are the ones moving therm. The new line drawn is not that they colluded with the Russians to try to alter our last election was not an illegal act which I agree with too. The new talking point is that it was not illegal. Which I knew that minute and I even said that to some random dude at the gym. I explained that as of now, there has never been a case like this on the books. Let alone one setting any precedent which is how law works.

That brings me to the next issue because the other talking point now is them saying that everyone would have done it and almost inferring how it has has happened so many times in the past. That of course is or are bold faced lies. The last time anything close to this happened as far as we know I should preface this statement, is when Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan turned over something to the FBI that day it was presented to them.

I also want to know anyone that has used foreign countries and their people to help alter the election here in the USA.

Basically now we can recruit people from Iran or from anywhere to try to hack in and alter our elections. Our elections could now be a global event.

The one thing that baffles me is how if any other humans on this planet or if people in this U.S. would act the way the Trump people do, we would be indicted by now. These people in Trump's admin are so shady. On a good day, they are shady people.

This is setting aside the initial spin about the meeting being for Russian baby adoptions or something like that. Remember, that was the initial response about what the meeting was about. 

The one thing the media people needs to say when they lie is to call them out on it. They need t6o ask why would we believe you since you never tell the truth about anything. I would love to see the reaction because they let that go in every press conference.

We not only need a ballzy candidate to thwart every word the Trump administration says in real time and in that moment, we also need media people to stand up to them. They do not. Which goes back to my theory set forth last week or whenever I wrote saying how trump's bullying tactics do work. They work. They do work. They work so well that the head of the FBI and the last POTUS literally held back or changed the way they did things because they were scared of Trump. They were scared about what he was going to say about them and/or how he was going to act towards them. Think about that now. This hardcore way Trump has dealt and continues to deal with other people is working like a charm. So much that affected our POTUS and head of the FBI. If they get duped by it, of course it is going to trickle down easier when it comes to bullying women for instance, that are in the media. Men are just as bad too. The men in the media are pussies.

Not the people on Morning Joe and not Joe himself, but everyone else is a pussy when it comes to how they deal with Trump and his administration. Then again, the Dem's are pussies. Look at them running around now like chickens without heads. They are not doing shit during this god awful time which actually, maybe they are geniuses because why do anything now that I think about it. All you need to do is nothing. You can just let Trump and his bumbling fools around him act like they are the 'keystone cops' which is what they do during every crises management situation.

You know what Trump is also doing so well which is another form of lying? He takes every controversy aimed at him, and says to his 34% to 41% base that he is the victim in so many words. He blames the media. He blames the CIA and the FBI. And, it is wild how these people buy into what he has to say. They also believe it based on no science or without any shred of proof I should say behind it. There is also never any basis to what he has to say. Many times it makes no sense from a being real POV and yet these people do not flinch. He just lies like no other person I have ever seen and why would he stop? He does it because people believe him. And, no one calls him out on it and I mean in real time and face to face.

I am done with all the articles because like I alluded to above here, they are easy prey because Trump himself recklessly calls the media the enemy.

That is the other thing no one is calling him out on since what he says is so reckless. His lies are very reckless. Look at the campaign. He said things like that he would pay people's legal fees if they punched someone and low and behold, that week some dude cold cocked some black guy walking up steps in an arena. Trump is also recklessly drawing this us vs them line when being POTUS should be about all the people.

It should not just be about his 34% base.

Think about it. 

He lost the popular vote by a lot of votes. Almost 3,000,000 to be loose and then if you consider that they used hackers to release plenty fake news and lies about Hillary in specific districts in WI, MN and in MI.

If you consider that he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes nationwide (which has to sting), and then he had to use foreign countries and shady tactics bordering on illegal if not illegal (because again, is it legal to get help from people in foreign countries to help alter our domestic elections?) quite frankly to help alter the election in certain districts and in certain states.

That has to suck for him knowing that is how he had to win.That has got to be hard on his head even though he does feel a sense of entitlement to anything he does in life. Regardless of that delusion, it has to be hard on his brain.

And, it is what is causing the chaos because they have to remember the lies.

Oh, the other talking point is them saying how its the media dripping out information when they totally know that it is because of them lying all of the time. They can only report was is reportable and besides, it is because of them withholding information that it is the drip, drip routine. 

That is how it always happens. Even with Clinton and his BJ. He said 'no' about not having sexual relations 118 times before he said 'ok. I did get oral sex' which is not sex of course but still, when you lie, you lie until you know you are caught. That has always been the MO with politicians when they get caught doing shit. They just lie until they get caught for real.

That is also when people get miraculously 'transparent' even though it is when they have to be. I have heard that when an FBI person asks someone a question, they already know the answer to it.

I will tell you that the Russians did hit the mother load with what they did with regard to our last election. They finally found a dupe that would act shady which is Trump and his people. It is so easy to see how they use Trump and his people although I still have no clue what the Russians want to get out of this besides that chaos I mention.

Although I maintain that it comes down to people making money as the end all be all reason.

I asked my mom and dad last night at what point would his base could or would turn on him and why would any of them turn? I have also said this many times over the last half year here on this blog that even Richard Nixon had a 29% approval rating the day he left office. I have also said that until Trump's base hits 30% or even lower, nothing matters. He will just continue to cater to that base.

Even this health care bill is now all about the conservative far right. It is Ted Cruz's bill. Trump will have issues satisfying the moderates. I am not sure how he brings that one together. 

Overall though, the Trump administration and its spokespeople are text book. When they do not agree with something, they bash it. They are now bashing that friend of Donald Trump Jr. using props like showing a picture of the guy in a Halloween costume. They are referring to him as a playboy and this one guy that was an ex FBI guy I think, was using every talking point during that interview. They are using cue cards now to get at their base. Actually, they have to use props because they cater to the dumbest idiots on the planet that again, believe them. This old FBI guy was saying that Rob Goldstone was an acquaintance to Trump Jr. while then saying he was a friend in literally the same interview and maybe even in consecutive sentences. It has to be so hard to lie but then again, most of the Trump people go on Fox News where they get lobbed soft ball questions. They try to use those same tactics at outlets that ask that extra question. When that happens, they come off looking like Nigel from Spinal Tap ("these go to 11").

Well anyway, I must cut things short today and this week. I have to help move some furniture soon into my brothers house. I woke up at like 4/430AM and decided to work so I am literally done with my to do list. Which culminates the week.

Tomorrow, I drive out to Western Pennsylvania and at 2PM, I start to incline repelling down into Laurel Caverns. Then, I hope to see a waterfall or two (Cucumber Falls, OhioPyle falls, etc.) before I head up to Baughman Rock Overlook for Sunset (no pun intended). I'll sip a little wine to be honest too at this time in the day and then in the AM, I am doing 14 miles in a kayak before doing some rock climbing on a different terrain obviously since I'll be way down the river. I want to hit up the Meadow Run Natural Water slides but I was told yesterday that because of the amounts of rain this week, the water may be too high to slide down them. I may try to wait till Tuesday to deal before I head out for the shows on Tues and Wed night. I'll be back in NJ on Thursday and then back up to NYC to start the Bakers Dozen next Friday. I should have lots to write with and I will have lots of GoPro footage to use for my video to get on the show Survivor.

Honestly, take no offense everyone, but i am so psyched to get out of town. I am so psyched to not have coverage or a phone or computers at hand for a few days. Its gonna be great. I'll still be able to talk to you normally though next week. I just have to deal before Saturdays show or on Sunday.

Later and stay in touch!