Friday, July 28, 2017

John Stossel: Save the Rhinos!, Cecil the Lion's son Xanda Killed by a Trophy Hunter, Glue Traps, Boarding Facility Complaints & more Animal Welfare issue and Animal Cruelty to report!...

Stossel: Save the Rhinos!

Cecil the Lion's son Xanda killed by trophy hunter in Zimbabwe

Lion Who Was Killed by Hunters

Cecil's Son Killed by a Trophy Hunter—Tell UPS to Stop Shipping Hunting Trophies. UPS has banned the transport of shark fins and live animals as well as ivory. Let the company know that wild animals will continue to be slaughtered to boost hunters' egos and fulfill their perverse sense of "fun" as long as wildlife slayers with something to prove can ship heads, tails, and skins back home. TAKE ACTION TODAY 

Sheep Used for their wool

Pregnant Sheep Whipped, Cut Up for Patagonia-Approved Wool Producer. Eyewitnesses recorded heavily pregnant sheep being whipped, sent stumbling down slippery ramps, sheared so quickly that most sustained bloody wounds, and driven into the desert to give birth in freezing temperatures with virtually no coat to protect them. SPEAK UP FOR SHEEP

Horse Racing

Another Horse Dies in Dangerous Chuckwagon Racing Event. Dozens of animals have died over the years in these reckless races, in which teams of horses pull "pioneer" wagons around a track at breakneck speed. They've sustained fractured legs and broken backs and have suffered heart attacks. Speak up for horses and help ban these races at the Calgary Stampede before any others die. ACT TO HELP SAVE HORSES

Dog in Hot Car

PETA Urges Warning Messages in Map Apps and Stores After Numerous Deaths in Hot Cars. This year alone, at least 34 dogs and 23 children have died after being left inside sweltering vehicles—and it's only July. That's why PETA is urging Apple, Costco, and Google, among other companies, to do their part. GET THE LIFESAVING TIPS 

Big Cats Aren't Pets. Urge Congress to End The Private Ownership Of Dangerous Wild Cats. 

Subject: Cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1818) 

Dear Representative, 

I am writing to respectfully encourage you to cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1818) to protect both big cats and the public. 

Big cats face countless threats both in the wild and in captivity. Captive, privately-owned big cats are regularly subjected to mistreatment and miserable living conditions, while those who exploit them misrepresent these activities as "conservation." Despite these claims, roadside captive big cat displays, cub handling exhibits, and “pet” big cat breeding do nothing to benefit these animals’ wild counterparts, and could in fact do just the opposite. 

Private ownership of big cats is also a serious public safety issue. There have been hundreds of dangerous incidents involving captive big cats in the U.S., including maulings, escapes, and cases in which captive big cats have killed people. The Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1818), if enacted, will help to ensure that these tragedies do not continue. 

As a proponent of big cat protection and conservation, I urge you to support H.R. 1818 to safeguard wild animals and communities across the U.S. 

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Thank you, 

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Preventing tiger poaching by turning citizens into tiger guardians

Are You Leaving Your Dog With Abusers?

Mouse on Glue Trap

Text GLUE to 73822 to Urge Mercer County Civil Courthouse to Ditch Glue Traps. During discussions between PETA and The Home Depot regarding the company's sale of glue traps—products that cause immense suffering to small mammals and birds, who tear off parts of their faces and limbs trying to escape over hours or days—a Home Depot employee found a mouse suffering in a glue trap inside one of its own stores. After witnessing firsthand how animals suffer as they struggle in the traps' adhesive, The Home Depot decided to prohibit the use of glue traps in its more than 2,200 stores nationwide. Now, text GLUE to 73822 or take action online to urge Mercer County officials to join The Home Depot and other entities in ditching glue traps. HELP GID RID OF GLUE TRAPS 

In Defense of Animals
Missouri State Representative Brutally Kills Chicken to Somehow Protest Abortion. Missouri State Representative Mike Moon has come under fire for a video he posted to his official Facebook page in June. The video begins with Moon standing beside a chicken who is strung upside down by her feet, fully conscious. Moon then beheads her while she flaps and flails wildly. The politician then begins to wax poetic about God giving us dominion over animals, which we assume is an attempt to justify his horrific and totally unjustifiable act of cruelty. No matter where you stand on the issue of abortion, killing an animal to further a political agenda is repulsive and disrespectful of life. Call on this heartless animal abuser to resign. TAKE ACTION

WTF! Dog Meat Sold as 'Chicken' to Tourists in BaliIf you've eaten "chicken" while traveling in Indonesia and perhaps elsewhere, you may have actually eaten dog meat.

VIDEO: Penguin Kicked, Slapped by Worker at Chinese MallWhat animals go through for human entertainment is sickening.

Horses Crammed Together in Cargo Planes and Shipped From Canada to Japan for SlaughterEvery year, about 6,000 horses are stuffed into tiny wooden crates in Canada and shipped halfway around the world to Japan, only to be slaughtered. They're often deprived of food and water and packed so tightly that they're unable to stand naturally for the duration of the 16- to 18-hour flight. Numerous horses have died, and one was even discovered dead and upside down in a crate.

Every autumn, across the UK, something despicable happens during early mornings or late evenings, when it is still dark. We believe that up to 10,000 fox cubs may die every year through cub hunting.
Although we believe that cub hunting is very common, there has been only one successful prosecution, in 2012. If we want this practice to stop, we need to change that.
This video gives the key signs of what to look out for. Please share it far and wide so we can gather intelligence and stamp out cub hunting.
You've seen how cub hunting works, now help to stop it by donating to our latest appeal.

The Parliament of the Balearic Islands just passed a new Act to regulate bullfighting, banning it de facto in all the islands, including Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.
An image appeared on Vinnie Jones’ Twitter account showing what appears to be more than 100 dead foxes
Join the League and other key animal welfare organisations in London on August 12th to make a stand against cruel sports in the UK
bullet Encourage Bed Bath & Beyond to Be Down-Free
bullet This Bank Needs to Run Away From the Iditarod Death Race
bullet Ask Sponsors to Ditch Support for Cruel 'Turkey Drop'
bullet Urge the Prime Minister of Spain to End the Bloody Torture of Bulls