Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Whale Of A Week: Morgan, Captain Pete Bethune, More Commercial Whaling in Japan, Earthrace Conservation, Whale Pins for you!

Free Morgan, the "Suicidal" Killer Whale! Famous captive killer whale Morgan recently made worldwide headlines by beaching herself on a concrete slab in a possible suicide attempt. Just weeks prior to this incident, video showed Morgan thrashing in frustration and banging her head repeatedly against the metal gate of her tank. Morgan desperately needs voices from around the world to stand up for her and demand her freedom immediately.

Since Morgan was captured from the wild in 2010, every moment she has lived seems like a nightmare. For 18 months, Morgan was confined to a tank in a Dutch theme park so small she could not even exhibit normal body posture. She was then moved to another entertainment venue, Loro Parque, where she currently resides in the Canary Islands.

Since her arrival at Loro Parque, her life has become astonishingly even more miserable. Her body is covered in hundreds of puncture and bite wounds from other orcas who continually harass and attack her. The other orcas at Loro Parque were all born in captivity and do not view Morgan as part of their family. She is often locked in a tank with an adult male who sexually coerces her even though she is too young for breeding. Visitors have reported that trainers ignore Morgan’s cries for attention and help, even when she is being viciously attacked.

Given the horrific level of abuse she has had to endure, it is perhaps not surprising that Morgan has self-inflicted wounds and has worn her teeth down by chewing on concrete, placing her at high risk of a potentially deadly infection. If Morgan were in nature, she would cover thousands of miles of ocean with her family. Instead, she now floats lethargically in what has been referred to as her “concrete coffin,” and performs demeaning circus acts for food. Click here to help out!

Surfer knocked by a 15-meter southern whale

Humpbacks Feeding - Great South Channel, Gulf of Maine
Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Captain Pete Bethune 

Pete's talents have been sought after with environmental missions, speaking engagements, Earthrace-2 development meetings and training of Governmental agencies & NGOs.
He has also been working with Navy Special Operations, busting pirate fishing vessels, planning the next conservation campaigns and is currently in exciting talks about television work.
Pete's a multi faceted man on a mission to save our planet. 

We are extremely proud of him and present a demo of his work.

Japan Pushes for Commercial Whaling

In another sign of Japan’s intention to expand their whaling program, their Parliament today passed a bill which enshrines national funding for the heavily subsidized industry into the future.

A spokesman claimed “This bill lays down the necessary matters to carry out scientific research whaling in a stable and continuous way,

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