Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summerfest, Jeff Sessions, Frontier Airlines, Steve Scalise, Donald Trump, Robert Mueller...

I am coming off a weekend in North Carolina. I checked out some cool places before the Summerfest started on the Saturday. It was a great event. I tried some tasty beers over the weekend.
Then on Monday, it took me 7 hours basically to get me from North Carolina to Philly/New Jersey which generally takes an hour and five minutes total. The plane had a malfunction piece that kept it from circulating any water. The four scenarios the pilot laid down were worse than each other. There were no good choices when I heard they bought the part from American Airlines. However, I am not sure if that was true because we ended up flying without any water circulation. Which is how I wanted to deal initially but there were no bathrooms or running water. The FAA finally approved the flight after 4 or 5 hours and then we finally took off getting me home after dinner time. I was supposed to be home at 12:37PM. Needless to say I was frazzled all day and then I lost a work day on Monday. 

I have to say that even though all of that went down in Charlotte and notably with the Frontier Airlines plane, their staff and that pilot were as great as it could get considering that situation. They seemed to be totally honest which is most of the battle in these situations. I felt badly for them. And, they were all cool so I have no real complaints about that situation. Sh%t happens as they say!

I am definitely caught up but I have no clue what is going on in the world. I have barely turned on the news over the last few days. I know that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be doing his hearings today about Russian probe and then I assume they will touch into the role that he played in the firing of James Comey. But, let's be real about it, we will get nothing incrimination wise even though he must watch what he says in these hearings. 

The most startling thing to come out of these hearings today with the AG Jeff Sessions was him saying that he did not look into the Russian issue at all since he was at this post. No one in that administration seems to care about the fact that Russian people with potential ties to the Russian government hacked into the major political parties computer systems. 

Some idiot shot up a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia and evidently, Steve Scalise was shot. That is hairy. Actually, yeah, this is indeed true. Click here to hear Rand Paul describe the scene. There is a shooting going on as we speak. 
It is or was being aimed at some of the people on the GOP team which happened to be holding practice for their game this week vs. the Democratic team. That just absolutely sucks. OH, BTW, Rand Paul was at the baseball practice in the batting cage while Steve Scalise was getting shot. Rand just called into Morning Joe to discuss what is going down. 

It turns out this shooter idiot worked for the Bernie Sanders volunteer team. That sets liberals and Dem's back 88,000 steps.  What is wrong with this guy? We (liberals) are not violent people. I get the far right conservative groups of people are not violent. It is always that one asshole that makes both extreme groups look stupid. Doing things like this is also so counter productive. To randomly shoot up areas filled with people is such a weak act. Why would anyone feel a sense of power when doing that is just beyond me. That makes zero sense to want to randomly kill or hurt people. I do not get it. I do not get any rationale. I cannot even figure out the mind set that thinks you have some weird sense of power shooting people from afar. Let alone at people (animals and wildlife too BTW) that are defenseless. 

It also turns out that Donald Trump himself is being investigated for potential obstruction of justice. You think? Robert Mueller is interviewing intel officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice. Then like I said many times, including last week is that what are they trying to obstruct?

It is the end of the week. It was a pretty uneventful week for me. Plus, I do not feel like writing and I really was not into doing much writing wise this week.

I watched Bill Maher last night but I forget what went down. I do remember liking that Alex or something Marlowe guy. He is the head or one of the Executives at Breitbart News. I watched Chelsea last week down in NC. That was the episode of her in London. As I alluded to after that dining room episode, is that I like the regular episodes but anyway, I did watch every Hills episode from Season 3 on this week (I am in the middle of season 6 when they confront Kristin about her doing crack or drugs). I started to watch The Ranch so I need to do that after I am done with the Hills. Below deck was boring this week. I cannot stand that chef guy. Southern Charm was good I think. Shep and Austin get into it but I forget where they left off.

I am sorry. I am so self consumed this week. I am in the middle of the end of this transition that is not only monopolizing my entire life, it is also the most boring work ever. You don't even know. The only saving grace is that when done with a particular section let's say, it does make us more valuable than we were before it. I do feel like I am building a house made of a deck of cards. And, soon, when done the grunt work, I will walk backwards from it very slowly. Because a gust of wind could swoop in to knock it down at any given time.

Tomorrow is Father's Day! I cannot wait to hang with everyone at dinner!

Anyway, back to work. Have Phun. Stay in touch!