Friday, June 9, 2017

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I did not know Chelsea is a Jew. Her show this week is star studded with Sarah Silverman, Al Franken, Cecil Richards and a few others. Do you think this dick pic thing really happened to Chelsea Handler? Fundamentally, I want her cell number but I would never send a dick pic. I agree with Chelsea that it is a gay thing which even then, who the hell wants to see a picture of a penis? That never made any sense to me. Chelsea looks great BTW in her 'Resist' T-Shirt and shit man, Chelsea Handler is still single?

And, what? Gatsbying? I never heard of that term but then again, I don't date and these are nuevo dating terms these two people are teaching Chelsea. Negging is another one which I heard of for the first time in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service.

I never heard of Ghosting though I have done that a million times. That is how I deal with most things. I ghost them I suppose. But I am weak and I won't do that this day and age although again, I also do not date this day and age. I never heard of Zombieing and I have not done those bootie calls since college. 

Sarah is on and I know she has a new stand up show on Netflix. I will watch it soon because I love her. She is so funny. They are hilarious talking about about a 'ball'. Which is cringe worthy actually having ball in general because I happen to think that they are gross. I think all male's body parts are gross.

Damn. I wish I was going to Africa with Chelsea Handler and my other favorite entertainer, Charlize Theron. How fun would that be?!?

What does "No Nothing" mean? Does that mean something? I think this girl on Chelsea meant to say just nothing. It is not only a double negative, it is also redundant.

Man. I forgot that Al Franken is on the show. Cool. This is a packed show today. 

When do they air the new Chelsea's? I seem to watch them whenever the following week but I never remember to see it in real time. Though I don't think you can see it in real time. I saw an edit after a Sarah joke today. Franken has been on tour promoting his new book. 

Lindsey Graham is the funniest GOP'er BTW. That joke he said to Al in the bathroom was funny. Franken said "if he was a republican that he would vote for Lindsey". Lindsey replied saying "that is my problem."

And, why would the Chinese invent Climate change like Trump once said? That sentence is also in Franken's new book. That is a very good question. It is idiotic when you break it down as a literal stand alone sentence.

BTW, there are huge differences between Donald Trump and Frank Underwood. Underwood is smart with great savvy. Donald Trump is a doofus. And, Frances is totally passionate for politics. I am not sure why I related it last week to the Trump admin. They are nothing alike.

Thank god Joe (Scarborough) chimed in during that Greg Pruitt interview today. That was horrifying to watch. That guy is a class A lair. He got reamed on the show. He will not be recommending anyone to go on that show ever again. Morning Joe is way too real for the likes of Pruitt and Trump or anyone in that tight knit part of the admin. I have never seen anyone refuse to answer a question like this before. This was wild. Three different people asked the same question and he started his filibuster of talking points that make zero to sense to people with brains.

Someone being interviewed today at the 2PM hour on Katy Tur's show just threw out the 'you've got to run like an antelope, out of control' blurb when describing something. I'll get his name. He is on now with Katy and Michael Isikoff. I have seen the guy many times before. I just forget his name. I had no clue he was into Phish and it is Jake Sherman. He's a Times writer I think. I know Robert Costa goes to shows on a regular basis. And speaking of which, what is up with his new talk show? Is that on yet? He is constantly on panels which leads me to believe his show has not started up. And, is it on CNN? I do not think it is on MSNBC.

Below Deck was hilarious last night. Not only do I love Bobby and Hannah, I now love Laura, Bugs and the guy that I said was unassuming last week. He was totally shot out of a cannon this week. He was hilarious when to paraphrase, he said that Milia's face was a crime scene. Bobby had me laughing but I wish he would not put women on the spot. And, what the hell is wrong with that chef guy? They said no onions. Stop putting onions in shit you asshole. What if they have​ an allergy to onions? How dare you tempt that because you feel it would taste better. That is asinine. He should not be a chef. I hope he gets kicked off next week. I know Captain Sandy weighs that but they left it as a cliffhanger. I assume he will get another chance but it would be best if they booted that guy, and brought Ben in again to save the day. Ben has done before I seem to remember. That would be a decent story line. Plus him and Laura's relationship is intriguing. 

EOverall about below deck's people this season, I think this chef is gross. And, I do not know what the hell is wrong with that Malia chick to have this desire to kiss two guys within an hour from each other. That is just odd. I like Wes BTW too but I think I said that I liked him last week.

Did I just hear that Al Franken pulled out of doing the Bill Maher show this week? Wow. I maintain it was not racial or maybe I should say that I do not believe that he is not a racist. Even though I guess it was stereotype wise, it was a stupid joke gone way bad. But then again, it was so bad. I don't get why people even remotely use that word. Just do not use it. People get offended and for that alone anyone else should be respectful. Unless you are a racist but you know what I mean. That and Hitler are things you need to stay clear of as an entertainer (and politician).

What else happened last night? The Challenge Pros vs. Champs. I had no clue that one guy that won the challenge thing was gay. Not that I even thought about it either way but I guess it was courageous of him to come out since he was an athlete. Like I said, I don't care anyway or whatever but he needed to vent it I suppose. I think Ashley does her freak out and quitting of the show fest next week. That comes to a head with her in every challenge. She quit the last time a day before the finals which she eventually won. Lolo or whatever her name is, is a virgin at the age of 34. That's kind of cool. She must have been just so wrapped up in her hurdle running that she could push sex out of her mind. I know that she is strong and a big competitor BTW, but she started off looking like a dick. I like her though for the most part. I liked her and Wes' talk.

I still have not gotten by the second House Of Cards episode. I have to pay attention and block out like 8 hours of time. I also need to see that Dead, Long Strange Trip Documentary film. The two filmmakers were recently on Howard's wrap up show. I think they said that they did the film. I turned it on in mid wrap up show. It was the same day that Chris Robinson was on the show which ironically, we got him tickets to the first few Grateful Dead shows that he ever saw back in like 93 or 94. I initially met him at some Sushi restaurant in the valley and then my friend Michele became friends with their A&R guy (Rob Casino). What was wild was seeing Chris Robinson in Phil & Friends at the Warfield back in the early 00's.

You know what else is wild? I had thought Trump hit the lowest of low's when he did not pay the military organization's any money until he was caught not paying it, until today. He hit another serious low when it comes to relinquishing monies for charities. The Trump Organization profited for hosting a charity golf event to benefit children's cancer research. Since 2007, President Trump's son Eric Trump has held an annual charity golf event at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, N.Y., to raise money for the Eric Trump Foundation on behalf of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Forbes reported this BTW. To date, Eric Trump has raised more than $11 million — including $2.9 million last year — for the hospital's research, most of it through the golf tournaments, according to Forbes. In that report, it was looked as a cost effective venture because in the first four years, the costs for the tournaments averaged $50,000. Expenses quickly began to rise, reaching $322,000 by 2015. "In reviewing filings from the Eric Trump Foundation and other charities, it's clear that the course wasn't free — that the Trump Organization received payments for its use, part of more than $1.2 million that has no documented recipients past the Trump Organization," Forbes reported. "Golf charity experts say the listed expenses defy any reasonable cost justification for a one-day golf tournament." In addition, more than $500,000 in donations were given to other charities, "many of which were connected to Trump family members or interests, including at least four groups that subsequently paid to hold golf tournaments at Trump courses," the magazine reported.

According to Forbes, the spike in costs for the tournament started in 2011 when Donald Trump insisted the charity begin paying the Trump Organization for the events. Ian Gillule, who worked as a membership and marketing director at the Westchester course, told Forbes that Donald Trump was not happy with the expenses the charity wasn't being billed for.

"Mr. Trump had a cow," Forbes quoted Gillule as saying. "He flipped. He was like, 'We're donating all of this stuff, and there's no paper trail? No credit?' And he went nuts. He said, 'I don't care if it's my son or not — everybody gets billed.'"

The Donald J. Trump Foundation gave $100,000 to the Eric Trump Foundation to help offset the increase in costs, Gillule told Forbes. That means donors to the Donald J. Trump Foundation — the Trump family had not given money to that foundation for several years — saw $100,000 of their donations pass on as revenue to the Trump Organization by way of charges to the Eric Trump Foundation.

Eric Trump announced that he would stop fundraising in December and is now acting as co-head of the Trump Organization during his father's presidency. The Eric Trump Foundation changed its name to Curetivity and plans to continue to hold charity golf events for St. Jude, Forbes reported.

I have had yet another Morning Joe personal moment because Peter Alexander just played this ad that Trump's super pac or some pro Trump organization put out to attack former FBI head James Comey. I was literally shaking my head in disbelief that they are going after him let alone in that way because he is appearing at that hearing tomorrow. And, Willie (Geist) says as they hone back to the set how many political people are just shaking their heads. That would have been me too if I were a guest on that show. I would be shaking my head speechless because how calculated is Trump? This is playbook 'combat what people say about you 101'. You defame the person. Then, you move to the next phases of trying to delegitimize and now remember just a few days ago he (Trump) stated how he wanted Comey to speak at these hearings. Then, in more calculated moves, Trump has Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton over to the White House last night for a dinner meeting. Of course, they are the two wild cards as to whether they will lob softballs or whether they go after the actual truth in Comey's hearing tomorrow. 

Trump tweets his pick to lead the FBI as a way I assume to try to deflect attention and press from the Comey hearings. There are other hearings today I think too. Regardless, the former DOJ guy named Christopher Wray is evidently going to be named the head of the FBI.

The other thing is that everyone misses the fact that what we are going through with regard to the Russian probe today, is just tell us if there was an attempt at obstruction. That would then lead us to ask why would Trump try to stop the investigation? Then, they have to figure out who and what they are hiding. Or, what are they trying to stop the investigators from finding? If there were any collusion would be the next phase. That women that got arrested for leaking that one document stating there is evidence that the Russian hackers tried to break through to the voting machines. That is actually my nightmare scenario. I mean that anyone can potentially alter results by screwing with the voting machines.

I remember the first year Diabold put their machines out there and I think notably in Georgia there were reports of irregularities. I also heard the same thing happened in PA somewhere. The far right tried to say that there were votes going only Hillary's way no matter how anyone voted except for the fact they won everywhere in PA but the major cities like Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philly. I would say that if anyone cheated that way or in any way, it was absolutely the republicans. They will do anything to win elections.

I feel there is such a fine line Edward Snowdin style because I get that you cannot be leaking security information, however, how do we find out about things that are so corrupt and illegal if it were not for leaks? It is not like the people acting corrupt or illegal will one day just decide to tell everyone about it. It takes someone finding out about it which in many cases, can be shielded with ease to hide from the general public.

Today is the day former FBI head James Comey testifies in a hearing with the Senate. LOL. It has been quite a spectacle for gods sakes. Comey already let out his initial thing which I find reads like a book. At one point he describes the grandfather clock or door by it which is a bit overkill, but anyway, I have now seen Halle Jackson do a mini tour of the hearing room this AM. I hope it is not anti climatic. It seems like the Republicans are going to be rebutting and there are already those very weird advertisements almost reconfirming Comey's good work. My point is that ad makes no sense. Although with a divided country, half the people will believe Comey and 38% of the people will believe Trump. It is a total he said, he said but what is even more hilarious is how this feels like a World Cup Futbol match. Bar's are opening up way early this AM because I think Comey is set to testify at or starting at 10AM. We definitely got a jump on what he has to say and I have heard that there will be a few things he has not mentioned in those releases or statements I should say.

I should say 34% as of today.

Trump's poll numbers are all so far under water. I think he is back in the mid 30% range (down from 41% the week after his trip abroad). Yeah, the new Quinnipiac University poll finds Trump has a job approval rating of 34 percent, compared to 57 percent who disapprove of the way the president is handling his job. The new poll also finds 31 percent of voters think Trump did something illegal regarding his relationship with Russia. Another 29 percent of respondents think the president did something unethical, but not illegal, regarding his relationship with Russia. Thirty-two percent think the president did nothing wrong. Forty percent of voters think Trump's campaign advisers did something illegal in their relationships with Russia, while another 25 percent think they did something unethical, but not illegal. A majority of voters, 54 percent, think Trump is too friendly with Russia, compared to 38 percent who think he has the right attitude toward Russia. Nearly 70 percent of voters are "very concerned" or "somewhat concerned" about the president's relationship with Russia. The poll was conducted from May 31 to June 6 among 1,361 voters. The margin of error is 3.2 percent. According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Trump has a job approval rating of 39.4 percent, while 55 percent disapprove of the job the president is doing.

Oh cool. This cute girl is on Morning Joe again. She took a break because she was a bit beat up last week. Not beat up per se, but I think very worn out. What is her name again? Julie Ioffe I think. She is actually quite great but again, I think because she was on every show and then some last week, she came up short on this show. She not only could not really answer some question last week, she also basically recycled the same things she said all week. I felt badly for her although like I said, I find her to be so attractive so it does not even mattere if she petered out. I forgot about her and I forgot to give her a 'Hey Now' last week. She is an expert on Russia BTW. The first time I heard her speak on TV, I thought she was great. Then, I think that made her hotter of course but again, I am glad she is back on again this week.

It is indeed a big day for politics. But it goes back to what I said above, fundamentally, they have to go from here to get to that overall issue as to whether there was collusion with that interference. If I were a POTUS, I would be pissed the hell off that some country hacked into the political parties computer systems,. I would be pissed off knowing they tried to sway an election but because he most likely knew about it, he does not even utter one word of care.

He does not care that anyone hacked into the computer systems of probably both political parties, that they potentially hacked into the poll machines while of course planting fake news which I put on people and not them, but anyway, that is telling.

Comey's hearing just ended. He said that he was fired because of his investigation into the Russian interference. He also said in so many words that he was defamed by the President and lied about and not in so many words, that is what he said. He said he (Trump) lied. He inferred to it in many ways. Her said he wrote notes because he did not believe him. He also said trump lied about the reason he was fired. The most startling thing is that Trump spoke to Comey 6 times and a few times in person and yet, he never said one word about the interference with Russia. This President of these United States got ear time with the head of the FBI and he had no concern at all about how Russia interfered with our elections and hacked into campaigns computer systems.

I will say it again if there is now a case for obstruction of justice, that is fine, however, I very much want to know why they wanted to obstruct the investigation at issue. That is the real issue. Why do they care so much about squashing this Russian investigation?

They of course won't get into this but the senate looked great today. Especially compared to the House's Committee. But you know damn well that this same strong armed tactic was used on that Nunez guy. I would go so far to say it was done the same exact way. Nunez buckled.

The only person so far fighting back or tweeting about the hearing and Comey so far is his son Don Jr. And, Phiuck yeah! Nicole Wallace officially gets the star of the friggan day and the cool person of the day for saying (to paraphrase please) that some kid that shoots baby elephants is going to try to tell a former head of an FBI how to act or something along those lines. That was the best line ever said by any human on TV. Remember, she (Nicole Wallace) is a republican that worked for (George) Bush Jr. I used to hate her which I feel so bad about. She used to piss me off so much but in reality, she was merely defending her old boss. Now that I had time to see her on The View and back here on MSNBC and now I watch her show every day quite frankly, I know she is real. She would stick up for her old boss and honestly, hell, I like George Bush Jr. now. I like him a lot. I don't think I ever said that out loud but its true. He seems totally cool. He was just a not so great of a POTUS. I also don't blame him. Which is another story that has been hashed ad nauseam.

What the hell were we talking about? Oh. that it is telling that no one but some private citizen that happens to be the son of the President to try to lash back at Comey inferring how he acted weak for not standing taller vs his dad.

Oh God. Following up the whatshername Huckabee Saunders woman's ridiculous quote saying that the POTUS does not lie (when it has been proven that at some time last month at least, he was averaging more than 4 lies a day that we can hear let alone what gets done in private), is the personal lawyer of Donald Trump. What the hell man? I cannot believe this guy is our POTUS. Now what? They will start to disparage the professional life and career of James Comey? The lawyer just released something saying that Comey's testimony 'confirmed publicly that Trump is not under investigation.

He also said that he tried to force the firing of Comey. When did Comey say that the POTUS asked him to let Flynn go? I think he was feeling pressure to stop the investigation. Can Comey even fire Flynn? I must be hearing something wrong. This makes no sense.

The lawyer to the POTUS (private lawyer, not government lawyer) also inferred in his written statement  saying that there could be an investigation in Comey for leaks. Come on now. 

The bottom line is that this POTUS asked everyone to leave the room so he could look at Comey saying to let this investigation with General Flynn go and then when Comey would not agree to it, the POTUS fired him.

Overall, like I said last week, we won't get anything new out of today but Comey finally got to speak. And, he came off to be so honest. Comey's words vs. Trump's words. Who do you believe?

Regardless of everything that has gone down this week and it has been quite a week, I am off to Carolina for the weekend. have Phun. Stay in touch!

PS: If there are typos from midway down or bad grammar, I am sorry. I ran out of time. I will try to deal with an app maybe onthe flight but I am late. Thanks for getting through it if it. If it does not make sense, I will deal with it on monday/tuesday.

This week sucked BTW....