Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mom's Birthday, House Of Cards, Bloodline, Covfefe, Donald Trump, TAB (again), Phillies vs Giants, North Carolina and more!

It was my mom's Birthday yesterday. Here is us at breakfast:
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I am pretty sure we have gone two full days without any real Trump news. He did Tweet a bunch about the recent Jared Kushner back channel issue but that has been it. Even those tweets I think were proofed by someone else. I forget the exact things he said but I remember commenting on how they made grammatical sense. 

I just saw that there are new Bloodline's. I used to hang with Kyle Chandler back in the early 90s. He worked at Gorky's but his friends lived two houses down from me. We hung out a lot. He was in something called Homecoming then but then had a hit with Friday Night Lights. He was in some major motion pictures too but never as a lead actor and Bloodline is him at his quintessential best. I love the Bloodlines. I am psyched to binge watch season 4 starting now. Especially, since nothing is on today. I mean nothing unless you want to watch the entire Band of Brothers which I have already seen 11 times in their entirety anyway. They (HBO) should show all of the Generation Kill's but they won't or never do on Memorial Day. For some reason, World War II gets glorified the most on Memorial Day's.

Tomorrow House Of Cards also starts which BTW, I bet it takes it hit because of Trump's antics. Anything done on House of Cards or that they could do on that show is in a sense on the level of it now happening in real life with this administration. 

Orange is the New Black also starts soon. 

Netflix is on fire which we all know that but I am saying it again.

Morning Joe is doing a great thing on Zbig (Zbigniew Brzezinski) which I am psyched about seeing because I could not articulate why I liked that guy so much and they reminded me why. First, second and third for me is the fact that he was a Carter guy when I first caught wind of him as a kid or as a young adult. I knew him really from reading and not in real time but then my vague memory of him knew that he also worked with (George) Bush Sr. and then when I first saw him in the modern years, he pushed for Obama. That is what i liked about him. I felt he was not only real for the times, he also adapted his stances considering the times and considering the landscape of what was going on in the world. He gave anything he said viability because everyone knew that he was so real. Willie said it great too because he is correct in something so minimal but it is true, you would never hear the guy utter the slur 'umm' or some other half word we normal people tend to fall back on while we gather our thoughts before making a point in a sentence.

But now that that his death has sunk in, and now that Trump's trip has sunk in, both issues sucked. Trump had a horrible impact with our European allies but yet he did well in Saudi Arabia. He did well optics wise in Israel too. Although what he wrote at the wailing wall was that of a 5th grader but setting that aside (I maintain that his administration is that bad at their jobs that he probably had no clue that he was doing that till the last minute). His trip through Vatican was like 3 hours long and again, the Europe stint was awful. For (Angola) Merkel to say that no one can really depend on America any more is astounding. The frosty interactions with the head of France was telling. We are looking very stupid to people in intellectual democratic society's.

I watched Veep which was uneventful and almost annoying because Hugh Laurie's character annoys the shit outta me. I am not even sure why he freaks me out in Veep but I lost track of any jokes made in this episode. My attention span is nowhere until I nail down this deal that is monumental for my music division, but anyway, Silicon Valley was good. It was a textbook Sillicon Valley episode where the roller coaster ride continued down and up and I am sure we will hit another low before getting a boost. That seems to be the trend with story lines in Silicon Valley so you have to wait out out the bad for the good if you like success stories but then again, the seasons tend to end in disaster just after a positive hit the gang. I happen to want to want to see Pied Piper if that is still what it is called, be a success. I want to see T.J. Miller's character to do well even though he is a bumbling fool. His snagging of the Haley Joel Osment character's account was big for the likes of him. Even though at a quick glance because he was only on for two scenes is that Haley Joel Osment's character picks up right where his character from Entourage left off.

Southern Charm Charleston was fine. I still like Kathryn the best so far even though she wore fur in this week's episode. Speaking of wearing fur, that train wreck known as Southern Charm: Savannah has kicked into gear. The problem is that literally every character except for Hannah in my eyes, are tools. I like Hannah's boyfriend for the most part but he loses points because of the strip golf which I am sorry is weird in itself, however if you have a girlfriend, unless she is there, you don't play strip anything. She is cute as shit though. She reminds me of a New Yorker. Maybe even a Long Islander but I like her the best by leaps and bounds and I cannot stand anyone else. Even Daniel is a total passive aggressive dick. I want to like him but he is a dick when all is said and done. He liked someone's fur too which says it all about how he really is in life. He wants to be the open minded guy but he does not execute it. As for Kathryn potentially cheating on that guy, well who wouldn't? That guy is a total dick with his snide half ass'ed smile that gets shown in the edit when he does not believe some one. Which is every minute. The gay guy that does not admit to being gay is hilarious. What did he do BTW? He said that he was a congressman? I wonder what that was all about. Maybe he was drunk which he should get a pass even though it is not an excuse. I assume he wants to be a politician. But saying it and doing it are different beasts.  

As for Bloodline so far, is every scene in the dark this season? The first episode was too much freaking out just to get back to where it began in the first place. It was almost as bad as when someone is dead and they rationalize them being alive somehow later on. I am onto Episode 4. It seemed like the entire first episode was all about them separately running from everyone including the law (although in reality they were running from nothing) and then at the drop of a dime they were back to normal controlling the issue. The dude that killed the cop and his sister's ex hubby was all jovial and happy go lucky in a great mood while he changes smelly baby diapers. Ten minutes ago he was huddled in the woods near an alligator that someone else ran over with his vehicle and while freaking out on his brothers answering machine while being a sweaty dirty mess. I am a bit confused but then again, I absolutely forgot what the hell happened at the end of Season Three or the last season I should say.

Speaking of dead people coming back to life per se, Danny won't be coming back even though they found the way to write him in all throughout Season two. Danny's ghost I should say won't be back back because he made it into the most recent Star Wars as the main villain and next in line to Darth Vader. Although he could have died for all I know in that latest Star War's. Did he die? I totally forget. I cannot remember what happened in any of the Star Wars since they blew up the Death Star. Now, we are somehow before that even happened time wise.

Danny came back for a few episodes BTW. They had a young character of him which I think was played by him too. It was good I suppose. They have good characters but man are they running out of storylines. They cannot throw the main characters in jail but they borderline have to have them nabbed. They are literally getting away with murder after murder. It's quite maddening because you want to like everyone but they are total corrupt assholes when all is said and done. Oh and WTF is with that sister? All of a sudden she is in LA? And, all of a sudden John Rayburn shows up at her front door when for however many years they did not leave that Key/Island? All of a sudden she lives in LA?  I know that girl went to NYC for a few scenes but was she was then back in the Keys after a week. Their drives to and from MIA do not count. That to me was there big entry to the big city life. I do not where LA came from and I have no clue where that lifestyle she is living in LA came from. The interaction between them at that party was a bit weird too.

Regardless of it all though this season, if Phish plays New Year's down in Miami, I would stay on the keys this year/next year. I hope they play L.A. and at the Forum notably. I have no basis to stand on here but my vibe is that its a GoldenVoice and AEG venue. They have a huge set of lots to contain everyone. They have not done and I assume (unless they do some fall run of shows but I sorta heard what is announced to date, is it for the year) are not doing any West Coast shows in all of 2017. I may have had other reasons which I am forgetting but yeah, if they do LA, I can see a Ram game at the Coliseum. My two friends are seeing the Eagles / Ram game on December 11th which I am entertaining doing with them, but I want to see what the band announces for New Year's this year. Also, it is implied that since they are doing the Baker's Dozen run at the Madison Square Garden in July and August, I cannot imagine them being booked there again in half year (though I guess they did new years there being booked a half year later to do 13 shows so who knows but for me, I will be ready to not see shows at the Garden any time soon after this run is done) but who the hell knows. I am kinda getting sick of cold weather I decided lately.

My cleaning people come today. I have to run some errands because I am NOT doing the gym till later on today. I have a phoner at 11AM and then I am waiting on one company to deal so I can get on with the rest of my life. Waiting on them is like pulling teeth. Dealing with them is like pulling teeth.I cannot figure out what is wrong with them or him. For a company that does what they do to not have excellent customer service in 2017, is weak. For a web site to not work perfectly in 2017 is also weak. The problem is they are cheap and they do as much if not more than some companies that cost a lot more. The problem is that it is holding me back in every regard. I cannot do anything until this gets done. I had another issue with another company that does this same work. They tried to manipulate the fact that they charge more than double and even triple the fee than every other company, into getting me to believe that they charge much less than their competition. It was like dealing with Nigel from Spinal Tap. They literally would lay down all these formula's which is a red flag in itself because just figure out a flat fee for god's sakes or use one percentage and multiply accordingly by the rates accordingly. That just screams that you have to something to hide but what cost about 15 or 30 bucks tops at every company on the planet, cost almost $100 for the same exact product. I wonder how many people they scammed into paying that amount of money or fee. But I am down to two companies basically. I can't use a % based situation because we make too much money. It is not cost effective. So it comes down to what company has the best added value for us. Let alone the biggest reach of retailers for the lowest possible price. One company (the one I am waiting on) is almost too good to be true. I want to see it in action. And, then this one company wants to do a meeting which I can teach him how it works but at the same time, I need to be mellow about it. People like doing meetings and I forget that sometimes. I guess it is fun to talk about that industry even though people in the music industry today, are dumb asses.

Did you notice the 'Covfefe' tweet? He (Trump) obviously nodded off for 6 hours after tweeting it as he passed out (I picture him slobbering as he falls forward onto the couch). The tweet was up for six hours before they took it down. I think he was saying something about fake news and I also think I heard today that they are setting up a committee to block or monitor his tweets. I have to honestly tune out the all Trump news sometimes. Especially knowing if you leave the house for a few hours, that something monumental will happen by the time you get back home.

Below Deck was pretty uneventful. Although that Malia girl made out with two guys which BTW, do you think that chef guy is remotely good looking? I do not find him to be attractive at all. I don't get that one. I guess Wes is decent looking. The other guy is OK I suppose too but he has a girlfriend. He is unassuming for the most part. Booby is a real good looking dude with a stacked body but he is a dork. So he blows it every time though I do maintain that there will be a girl out there for him. He won't be hard to please. We spoke about the fact that all he wants is a girlfriend. He will settle or not settle because I am sure whomever that likes him in the end, will be quality. Bobby for the most part is great. However and again, he is a total dork. But I like the guy. I am rooting for him.

Trump BTW, must make some major decisions this week. The G7 which I am hearing we are pulling out of it and so with Russia out and us out, I guess that makes it the G6 now. Then, he has to name an FBI head. I hear he is down to two people. 

I listened to the Trey (Trey Anastasio Band (TAB)) show from Philly today at the gym and I must admit that it was quite great. His songs are excellent. I just forget or like I said last week, it all runs together. Regardless, I was totally wrong about Natalie singing her own song. I am not sure what I was thinking but I see they are all written by Trey. And, the song I really liked is 'Clint Eastwood'. I have heard that song 88 thousand times but I just figured out the name that goes with the song. The  songs on my phone (which is how I listen at the gym), is in in some weird order. It must alphabetic or no it is not. The order it is in must be listed with the Live Downloads song file name. I think it lists the first song from the first set and then I think the first song from the second set is listed next and so on. I cannot figure it out and I know hardly any names of Trey songs or I heard the names but I am not that able to put the song with the name or vise versa. I also like 'Sometime After Sunset'. I especially like this arrangement compared to the one or ones I heard Phish play live. This version is like a totally different song. I did not even know it was that song until I heard the chorus just now. Then, I forget what else. I love that Delta Lady (or Delta Woman as someone on stage said) song. I am glad I went last week but I wrote things on the fly without knowing or realizing about some of the songs played. I see Trey like two times a year but I am not sure why I can't put the songs with the names or whatever. They are all great songs,. Some are better than Phish songs and if you like that NOLA sound, they are like the best one of them out there with that horn section. When they wail together which is hard considering the types of instruments everyone plays, coupled with Trey's guitar style is not easy. But when it works, the sound is perfect in that NOLA style regard.

This (Trump) administration is so weird (back to talking about Trump. That took 8 minutes). They will not even admit that covfefe was a typo. That odd Sean Spicer guy has to hear how he sounds because it is odd. I need to look up a thesaurus for more words that mean the same thing as odd (maybe like weird or I dunno). This administration and the people in it are just so odd. It is NOT just Spicer but he is up there though. He is so weird. There ya go. He said a select few people knew what covfefe meant which the rest of the world assumes it was gonna be coverage but he hit the wrong keys. Right? I assume he wanted to spell the word coverage but yet he is trying to say that its an acronym or some code. He will not even admit to this mistake. It is like dealing with a kid. He is acting like a total covfefe. 

Joe Scarborough just said it all about it. He just said it is like taking a poop in your pants and then calling it modern art. That is exactly what Sean Spicer just did with covfefe.

There was some other odd report let out saying that current FBI head Robert Mueller approved that former FBI head James Comey could testify to the congress as soon as early next week. My point is that he should not need his approval and it's the Congress / House or Senate that makes that ultimate decision. I thought that is how it worked at least. Whatever. Who cares.

I doubt we will get that much out of those hearings next week. We could feasibly get any inkling of whether any obstruction by the White House was attempted but I doubt we will get much more out of it.

The problem is that it goes back to what I had said weeks ago and honestly, it has gotten worse because if this administration is not guilty of something, they sure as hell are acting like it. Trump is about to give back those two diplomatic houses that Obama rightfully took away in December because of the meddling and hacking by the Russians and especially into our elections last year. It seems like Putin has something on Trump too. Trump gets on everyone's asses but autocrats from Saudi Arabia and throughout the middle east. And, he not only does not say one word about the Russians in any way, he is also acting in ways where it seems that the Russians have something hanging over Trump's head. And, considering how it is getting done, they are being so arrogant about it. They have no care about optics and how 65% of America thinks about it.

That brings me to this thing about Trump. His approvals bumped up to 41% last week/this week. I assume it is because he was gone and I guess he may have looked Presidential or something to that 45% (or that 41% I should say). I say that because you could not get much worse of a foreign trip than what Trump had over the last week or so. It was like a bumbling fool somehow winging it and he looks so odd if you pay attention. His approval numbers so far since January 19th have been as low as 35% and as high as 45%. The good average is at about low 40's.

Check this next stat out. If you look at those numbers and compare them to his numbers throughout the campaign with Hillary, they are the same averaging exactly 41.3% approvals for him in that span of time. That base has not moved in two years. 

Remember that Richard Nixon had a 29% approval rating on the day he left the White House.

I have said it many times that until Trump's numbers gets down to the 30% range, he is fine. Besides, so far, I do NOT see any hard evidence of any wrong doing. I see a lot of shadiness. I do NOT trust what went down at all, but I want to then say that he is bordering very lightly on their being something because again, he is surely acting guilty of something. Or, he is guilty of not disclosing what Russia has hanging over his head. And, it is a vicious cycle since he will not release his tax returns. Which we now can figure is calculated to the point that it would come into play with regard to this investigation. It would show some type of involvement with Russians. Let's be real about it. Only a certain element that has viewed them have the actual proof, but it sure looks shady. Then you take into account the amounts of meetings between Trump's people and the Russian diplomats and with the brass at the Kremlin. Don't forget about the things not being talked about like that fertilizer guy that was on Trump tour last summer parking his plane next to Trump's plane in many airports. Also, don't forget the amounts of lie's by Trump and his people when it comes to their relations of certain people from Russia. Then, do not forget the meetings they forgot about and how they wanted back channeled communications set up between them and the Russians. 

The other thing is that no one in the Trump admin has had meetings with people from France or Germany or anywhere else than with Russians. Don't forget how Trump will not say one bad word about Russia even though it's been proven from a science POV that they tried to interfere with our elections. As a matter of fact, Trump had them in the White House for meetings and for jovial Photo Ops (which mind you that the US press was NOT allowed in those meetings; those pictures had since been leaked from the Russian press).

From my seat, it looks like Putin and Russian are pulling some serious strings because the United States is totally turned upside down right now. And, like I said above here, 41% of the U.S. has no clue what is going on. I must assume that if he does not create jobs in certain areas and if they continue to widdle away at healthcare's positives if you will, that is when the base would start jump ship. The GOP'ers are certainly still NOT jumping ship. They are just trying to get their own agendas through while they can. Which I get but it does suck that most do not think in terms of the long run. This is just a sinking ship. Nothing is even remotely working. He can't even hire people to do certain jobs because who the hell would work for that guy? It is a crap shoot how he will act towards you.

Trump is also being a typical GOP'er because their tactics are very linear. Things like how they touted what a great job George Bush Jr. from a homeland security right up to September 12th, 2011 and then they stop talking about it. They do that all of the time and now they are trying to divert every one's attention to being about the leaks and Obama unmasking something which is another thing, stop blaming Barack Obama for anything any more or ever again. It is making you look so stupid. There is no basis to anything Trump says about Obama. And, no one believes it. Trump exploits Obama to try to make an excuse as to why he has had the most awful start to any Presidency ever in the history of the USA. 

In reality, if things go on this way and like (Mike) Barnacle says, we will be buying solar panels in ten years that are all manufactured in China. The funny thing is that I am bit numb to the concept of leaving the G7 because I am not even sure how good of thing it is. I seem to remember it being a lot of smoke and mirrors at that time but then again, anything should be deemed positive which is how I took it and is maybe why I am numb to what is going on in America today. I mean with the climate issues. I knew it would take a hit and I knew what would happen in theory, but going through it is very hard. I also may have not wanted to believe that he was truly going to abandon the entire cash cow known to help with environment issues (ie: way more jobs are happening because of green jobs than any others in that overall energy industry).

The other thing he acts like is that we have something to negotiate when the G7 is a volunteer type of a deal. If he did not want to showboat and maybe even divert attention away from the Russian probe, a huge announcement or press conference was not needed. We just could dialed back whatever to save money or create jobs and called it a day. But noooooooo, everything has to be some photo Op spectacle with this Trump guy. I am feeding into it again because it is not real. He is calculated. That rose garden thing was so calculated. What was really odd was how people were clapping about leaving something that helps the planet and that aligns us with every country except for Syria and Nicaragua (Nicaragua thought the Paris thing (I think I have been calling it G7 when it is the Paris agreement or whatever it is called) did not go far enuff). That was telling although you know he orchestrated that applause and he maybe even mandated it.  

Does Crane, Poole and Schmidt (Boston Legal) have a receptionist? I know they do and they have used one in some scenes in some episodes, however, have you noticed that everyone just seems to find their ways into these lawyers and partners offices without being announced? Like I said, I have seen receptionists at the law firm but most of the time they do not stop anyone from entering into the offices. Including people with bombs attached to their body now that I think of it.

Speaking of Shirley Schmidt, here is note from the person that played her that came into me this week:
As a fellow wildlife lover, I know you'd stop at nothing to save Africa's majestic elephants and rhinos.

So have you ever wondered what it takes to be a wildlife hero? Because they're out there. As you read my message, people are working on the frontlines, taking real-life risks to protect endangered species.

I just took AWF's Wildlife Hero Quiz to see how my skills would fare when it comes to stopping poachers, tracking down wildlife traffickers, and putting the bad guys behind bars... where they belong.

I didn't need a quiz to tell me that I don't have the kind of commitment or courage these wildlife heroes have to protect endangered species on the ground. But, I can still help fight with my dollars. That's how I'll be contributing.

Now it's your turn to take the quiz. Find out what it takes to be a true wildlife hero – and learn how you can help protect Africa's precious species.
Candice Bergen
Thank you,
Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen
Actor and Animal Advocate 
I am not sure how much I wrote this week because I finally inked a bunch of international distribution deals early this week. I have been cranking work ever since and it has consumed me. Not only did I switch distro companies, I was so bored last week that I did a deal to distribute us into China. I am so psyched to hit that marketplace. But then the most important deal of the music divisions life came through and then some which means the glorified data entry and uploading has begun. 

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to go to a Phillies / Giants Baseball game to meet my cousins. One of the kids just graduated and I went with my folks. It was a great game and it was a great day. The Avett brothers performed after the game. They did Black Hole Sun and overall about them, they are pretty good. I enjoyed their music and the turnout for them was excellent. I was impressed.

Next week I go to North Carolina. I am not sure how the weekly wrap up will land next week. It may be a short one I put out on Thursday although if I do get stressed regarding time, I may churn one out early next week. I may wanna write about the weekend. I will be doing no work though for three/four days.

Have Phun and Stay in touch!