Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up

The Center for Biological Diversity and allies just sued the Trump administration to shut down the government's wildlife killing in Idaho.

Our newest suit targets the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services program, which killed thousands of animals last year in the state -- including wolves, coyotes, bears, mountain lions and foxes.

The slaughter has to be stopped. Help us end it with a gift to our Trump Resistance Fund today. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

This is the 16th lawsuit the Center has filed against the Trump administration, which is bent on doing everything it can to wipe out wildlife, pollute our air and destroy public lands.

Wildlife Services is a rogue government program that operates out of public view. Last year it slaughtered 2.7 million animals across the country -- mostly to appease ranching and agricultural interests.

The program's plan for Idaho is as misguided as it is cruel, using aerial gunners, exploding poisons and deadly traps.

Lawsuits fighting Trump are expensive but critical to protecting wildlife. Please make a matched donation to the Center's Trump Resistance Fund.

Wildlife Services' tactics don't just threaten targeted species -- their indiscriminate cyanide landmines have killed endangered wolves and family pets. They even caused the recent hospitalization of a teenage boy, and the death of his dog, when the two stumbled on a cyanide device during a walk near their home.

This is the third suit we've filed against Trump's administration to stop Wildlife Services' brutal wildlife-killing tactics -- and we need you by our side.

Study: Trump's Border Wall Threatens 93 Endangered Species
If Trump's border wall is built, it's going to put 93 endangered species in harm's way, from jaguars to ocelots to Mexican gray wolves. That's the key finding of a new study released this week by the Center for Biological Diversity.

Our study also found that 25 of those species have protected "critical habitat" on the border, including more than 2 million acres within just 50 miles of it. Construction of the proposed 1,200-mile-long wall -- plus its infrastructure and related law enforcement -- would cut off wildlife's migration corridors; reduce their genetic diversity; destroy habitat; and add vehicles, noise and lights to vast stretches of formerly wild and beautiful borderlands.

"Trump's border wall is a disaster for people and wildlife alike," said Noah Greenwald, the Center's endangered species director. "It could drive magnificent species to extinction."

Read more and access the study in our press release.
White Lady wolf: $10,000 reward offered to find killer of rare white wolf in Yellowstone

Alpha female of Yellowstone's Canyon pack
$21,000 Reward Offered in Killing of Yellowstone Wolf
The Center is aiding the effort to catch the person who shot and killed one of Yellowstone National Park's most famous wolves.

Hikers found the wolf -- a 12-year-old alpha female, one of the park's only three known white wolves -- mortally injured from a gunshot wound on the north side of Yellowstone last month. The Center has contributed $5,000 to a reward exceeding $21,000 being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer (or killers) of this stunning animal. Two other nonprofits, as well as the National Park Service, have also contributed to the reward.

Read more in our press release.

Lawsuit Filed to Halt Feds' Wildlife Killing in Idaho
Conservation groups including the Center have filed suit in federal court to stop Wildlife Services, the USDA animal-killing program, from shooting, trapping and poisoning Idaho's wild animals.

The lawsuit asks the court to order Wildlife Services to complete an "environmental impact statement" and halt the ongoing, expanded killing of native wildlife until this analysis is done.

"Most people would be shocked to learn how many animals Wildlife Services already kills in our state," said Andrea Santarsiere, a Center senior attorney based in Idaho. "Now this reckless agency wants to slaughter even more of our black bears, mountain lions, coyotes, ravens and other wildlife using nightmarish methods like poisons and aerial gunning. It needs to stop."

Read more in our press release.