Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Accidental Dictator, Comey is fired, Morning Joe on SNL, Nicole Wallace New Show, Brown M&M's...

"You know the old joke Alan?" "Man shows up at the Pearly Gates". "See's this guy in a pin striped suit, a briefcase, a cigar prancing around", "He says to Saint Peter, who is that guy?" Saint Peter says ahhhh, it is just god, He thinks he is Denny Crane"...

It is Sunday today and I just was able to end a relationship for the first time via a text message. I never ended a relationship with a text message. I got into an argument one time via a text message after one of the Phish Phestivals. I never did that again. 

Of the three women that have been in life lately, I have ended it with two of them. One to go. I wonder if that can be done via text now too. I am such a wimp and low and behold the third women never even texted me back this week. I guess that is done now too. 

So yeah. Saturday Night Live opened up last night's show with a skit using the Morning Joe set. Mika and Joe looked great. They went way overboard with the kissy kissy thing because the show is not like that at all. I told you last week that I heard that rumor that Mika and Joe are an item, but I had nothing to substantiate it. I also hope they were NOT an item. It freaks me out for some reason.

I wonder how they will take to the skit. I wonder if they will mention it which they almost have to because it was so in your face. It was the opening bit. Between that and Donny Deutsch of course blowing it up on Friday with his gift to her, they have to address that so called 'elephant in the room.'

The characters playing (Mike) Barnicle (they did not do the legandary chant when he was introduced), Willie Geist and Mark Halpern looked nothing like any of them.

I wonder if SNL has ever done a Morning Joe skit before last night.

As for the SNL show, weekend update was pretty good but I must say there was so much singing. I get that Chris Pine has singing chops but did every skit have to incorporate singing in it? I do happen to like Chris Pratt...I mean Chris Evans...I mean Chris Pine a lot.

OK. I have Sunday Breakfast with my dad soon. I am going to get some work done because I am determined to be 100% caught back up by tomorrow. That buying a car thing took like 5 hours out of my life and I am not even counting how I spent the day being zonked after it was done.

Oh shit. The woman I spoke about above wrote back already. It is 642AM on Sunday. I totally thought I had a few more hours to not think about it but honestly, do I have to write back? You know how part of the message shows up when it comes in? I saw that she said congrats about the car so it is not a scathing reply about us ending. Maybe she even ignored the other part and is trying or wanting to just be friends too. That would be great because honestly, I am not in the mood to open the message yet. I need to get more work done first. And like I just said, I thought I had bought a few hours to spare. I cannot even complain. Ending anything via text is so not normal and such a cop out. I literally feel weird about it. I wonder if people get used to acting these ways with text messages. Has anyone asked someone to marry them via a text? I bet there have been many proposals by now done via texts. It is so odd even though I bought into it. This is why I do not date. I was just on my longest streak without connecting with a woman. I had to break it. It is a lot of work though. Took me out of my game work wise.

Speaking of it, I must get back to work....

In Netflix news, I just found out that a new season of House of Cards starts this month on May 30th and Master of None Season 2 starts up on May 15. We know that Orange is the New Black is starting up on June something even though someone leaked the first 10 or so episodes. 

Which BTW, for a company like Netflix, that should be a blessing in disguise because it is not like all the episodes for the new season has been leaked. And so if anyone watched the first ten episodes, they will be left hanging even more anticipating the final few episodes. Besides, how is it even available anyway? Bit Torrent sites? Not too many people use Bit Torrents and the people that do use them do not pay for music or movies anyway.
orange is the new black season 5
The show (Morning Joe) started up without a mention of SNL and that skit that they did about them and the panelists. Mark Halpern made a joke saying he was on SNL and asked if they saw it to which they denied or they changed the subject acting like they never saw the bit. Finally, Joe refers to Mika as Mikaboo. The cat is out of the bag (even though I still have no clue if they are really together or not). 

On a serious note, we have Steve Rattner which means we have charts. He has the breakdowns about how people will be affected by the new version of the AHCA.

If this House Bill or the AHCA gets through the senate and then in turned signed by the POTUS, it will take away healthcare from millions of people. 

Let's break it down easier.

24 Million people would lose their insurance. We do not know the new CBO score which I hope comes out today, however, Rattner says it won't change much. Of the 24 million people insured, 14 million of them are on Medicaid. You would lose 3 million more people that get their insurance via the Exchange. And, we would now lose 7 million more people that get their insurance through their employer. In the new bill, it is not required any more even though I think that threshold  for a small business to cover their staffers was at like 51 or 50 people anyway. The percentage of people without insurance would be at 19% which is equal to numbers from the 70's. It would be the highest percentage ever. And, it would be coming off having the lowest percentage without insurance. There was a significant drop of course but then again, it was mandated for people to get to insurance plans. That is a misleading stat.

Oh and cool. Sally Gates has her hearing today in front of congress. That is long over due and such an awful miscalculation for the House people to blow that off after that weird week with Nunez going hey wire. Like that was not gonna come full circle eventually? All the did was prolong the time it happened. I cannot wait for this start today even though I have to do errands around town and I am meeting someone for lunch today too. I am also heading into Philly at some time today.

BTW, I think last week's Billions should have been the finale. I think this one from last night that I am watching now while I work, should have been the initial episode in the next season. I guess there is a bunch of resolve to help anticipate for next season. I attribute me having that feeling because of the final scene while that Homecoming song is being played. I maintain having Paul Giamatti's character go from crying to laughing to crying happily should have been the last scene. 

That was brilliant stuff.

I have Yoga today at 1030AM and then I am doing stomachs and cardio only. I am at my goal weight so now I need to get below it to fluctuate between whatever and this amount at 160. 

I am in good shape day to day task wise and work wise because ever since revamping the overall promotion, marketing, licensing, press and media effort was implemented last month. It is ridiculous how much time I wasted every day carrying out that old system.

Now, I must figure out some monumental issues with regard to the music division. Go figure. The most annoying industry to ever work in is by far the Music Industry.

As for the Sally Yates and James Clapper hearing, the only real great part that I considered to be blockbuster was Sally Yates shutting down that smug asshole Ted Cruz after his questioning. He thought he had her nailed and she shoved it so far up his ass. That part was great. Ted Cruz should have known Yates knew her shit. They were trying to frame her to be making decisions based on politics and she took it further baffling the likes of Cruz. He tries to be the smartest person in the room and he is too basic. It backfires more times than not.

The issue still stands about why Mike Flynn's tenure lasted even longer than it should have which was only like 26 days of him being at his post. My feeling is that General Flynn acted in shady ways. Trump knows it. Trump knew it. That is the link and I will say it again that I believe that Trump was in no way proactive. I can safely say that because I bet that whomever approached Trump about the Russian help or potential for it, and he was just like yeah, yeah, whatever you want to do is great if it helps me win. I bet he said to do whatever they need to suppress votes and to gain them. That is how I take what went down. He also did not think he would win at that time and therefore prolly felt it did not even matter if there was even the slightest of links between them.

So I am on the elliptical rocking to some Phish show when I see the headline on the TV above us saying that the FBI Directory Comey was fired. I almost fell off the machine. The admin for the POTUS is so blatantly and arrogantly corrupt. Have you ever seen anything like this happening before? No, because it only happened any other time in American history (which was when Clinton fired the head of the FBI for actual scandals). Let alone how it went down (I think we found out before Comey did).

The FBI was about to issue subpoenas. The entire investigation has evidently ratcheted up with its findings over the last week or so. And, so Trump stopped that investigation in its tracks.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on Morning Joe today and I know that I am going to want to throw something at the TV so please bear with me while I listen to this asshole speak. Let's see if the panel deals. She has her weak talking points. She will stick to that and revert anything to them.

Finally, they are getting into it but it took her quoting Joe in loose ways. She is spiralling now. She is also contradicting herself. And, she is contradicting what VP Pence had said and what the POTUS had said about the firing of Comey. That admin is all over the place with its messaging. If all else fails, they merely lie. 

Once she gets through her talking points which she is going back to before everyone interrupted saying to not say the same thing and she has no answer to the actual question. 

Does she watch this show? Why she felt she could handle these guys is a miscalculation.

Fundamentally, firing Comey this way is the real bad miscalculation. 

Even though the investigation is now in the hands of the Senate, it is basically starting over.

I think the admin fired him this way so they can rummage through his files to get rid of anything incriminating.

This entire thing smells so bad. This is part of a total cover up.

What the panel keep harping on hinges on the fact that Donald Trump does not lie. Because of course Trump was praising Comey last July and again on October 29th and on October 31st . It benefited him at that time. He exploited it by lying about it to gin up his base and to sway anyone on the fence that hated them both, but things like that ended up helped people hate Hillary more.

Honestly, that interview could have been worse.

The fundamental balance of power is in jeopardy here and not in jeopardy, it has been lost. They are rolling through any real constitutional laws.

That is the real issue we face today. Everyone is missing what is at stake.

He is trying to use his power to literally stop an investigation on him by firing the head of the investigation again, that is investigating him.

This is not brain surgery here. This is actually quite easy to see. Even the dumbest of people in America should finally scratch their heads knowing deep down that this guy is shady.

What this should do is give us what is an Independent Counsel to run an investigation about the Russian interference. I think by Trump firing Comey opens up that door to get some Independent Prosecutor to deal. There should be no doubt now but we will see of the GOP deals on behalf of Trump or on behalf of America.

I am not sure what to say that is not already all over the news outlets.

In Challenge finale news, my people won. CT won which was great and Ashley won but overall, I would not have minded it if Camille won. There is a Champs vs Pros which gold medalists and CM Punk are participating. I am not sure what champs and what those nuances are in that show but I will check it out next week. I saw that it is recording on my DVR.

Below Deck was fine. The Hannah and Malia dynamic was very exciting. Especially thinking about those hooking up while watching Hannah's blouse dip below her amazing chest. She was wasted though, but yeah, I like Hannah.

I'll think about the Comey firing and how Trump is systematically just dismembering our Government. That has already acted like a cold shower as I fantasize about Hannah and Malia being together on that yacht but anyway, It is Wednesday. I got so much work done yesterday. More than I thought I would and I conquered in one day something I allowed 3 days to get done.

In a nutshell, Trump fired the Attorney General's and Preet Bharara when they were investigating him and some of his affiliates in New York City for corrupt issues. Trump then fired Sally Yates for what he said was for going against the travel ban in January, but in reality it was because she also raised a stink about general Mike Flynn. Trump now fired someone that is investigating him for things that could lead to treason for god's sakes.

It is a total defiance of laws and common sense. None of what has gone on since Trump has entered this scene makes any sense.

I think a full moon is coming soon. I can feel it. People are acting weird this week.

The question for me today is whether I do Yoga at 1030AM or at 430PM. I am also doing stomachs and more cardio today. I'll do some weights too.

Alright, back to my real work and back to talking about Comey's firing. I just found out that Lindsey Graham is on the show soon today. That is the likes of who I want to see what they have to say about the firing. The silence from the GOP side and by the leaders of our branches is deafening. Senator Schumer asked all Dem's to come to their seats at the Senate building today at 930AM. I am curious to know what that is all about. Usually when they did that we are about to go to war or something on the level. But then again, everything is so unusual these days. The rules (and laws) are thrown out the window so to speak.

Hey BTW, Nicole Wallace has a new show called Headline: White House that started this week. It is on at 4PM. She brings a GOP element to MSNBC. Same goes with them hiring Greta Van Susteren for the 6 o'clock hour.

Man. When you listen to Lindsey Graham, everything sounds so easy. He is such a calming force if that is not antonym or contradicting to say in a sentence. He also makes a great point that if they would have canned him after Senator Schumer called for his resignation, I bet it would not be an issue today. Let alone right after the election. I mean if you take the administration for their word in that letter to Comey (that the reason they are firing him is because of the mishaps with regard to the Hillary emails).

I am as confused as Joe is after that interview. I thought he would take more of a stance against how Trump acted. I guess many people are getting in line behind him.

We shall wait until after the 930AM hour to see what the Dem's have up their sleeves. Which is probably nothing. 

LOL. There is a new commercial ad on MSNBC with Chris Hayes narrating something in front of the Watergate building. I am literally laughing out loud. Left Wingers and Right Wingers are so much alike. Which is I guess in a sense what we are trying to portray at SAN ( Every issue but certain gun safety laws that I want enacted, and of course for animal welfare, we do not differ from one another. Oh and maybe climate issues but that seems to be a bit bi-partisan these days even though President Trump is blowing through that with his Executive Orders that allow coal people to pollute the rivers and he opened up the idea to frack in National Parks.

That Russian dude (Sergey Lavrov) meeting with Trump at the White House is scary. Or, funny. I cannot tell yet.

I guess it is funny because the person (Andrea Mitchell) I thought he was lashing out at is laughing at it saying he has a sense of humor.

This Presidency is a mess. Donny Deutsch referred to Trump as the "Accidental Dictator" at the end of this week and you know something? He is right. Think about it.

Trump never in a million years thought he would be in office. That is why he resorted to cheating, needing the Russians help and suppressing votes in a few key states. He has been in his own world as a businessman that did whatever he wanted while rolling through  / over people throughout decades after being handed tens of millions of dollars by his dad. Now he is office and he has no clue how to act any different than how he acted his entire life.

He has stated over and over how bad the press is making it his so called enemy of the State. He has called to dismantle the 9th Circuit District Court system. He was against the House one week but then loved them last week but he thinks that the government as it is does not work. He spews out what are 'alternative facts' many times a day and honestly, none of his people are ever on the same page with each other. Let alone with him. 

I think it was Thursday this week when different things were being stated about the Comey firing by him in particular, by the Veep and by two of his press people. It is a hot mess. No one believes a word any of them say.

And, Morning Joe banned yet another few people from the show thank god because of them constantly lying. If you noticed that Kelly Ann Conway was nowhere for well over 6 weeks leading up to this week or until she saw the SNL skit, "where in the hell is Kelly Ann Conway". She was on CNN yesterday which Mika is correct. No other media outlets call them out on those lies.

Speaking of the almost 5 lies averaged a day now by Trump, did you see these latest Quinnipiac Polls? Holy cow. Trump is gonna need to find something to bomb to get them back up again. Actually, he goes away to Saudi Arabia, Israel and somewhere else next week Maybe he will have to stay silent for a week or 5 days or however long he is on that trip. His numbers tend to rise when he is silent. It is also an embarrassment that he is representing the USA as its' leader. This is not even remotely close to Reagan. Reagan could pull his shit off. Trump cannot. He lies and then fumbles his ways deeper and deeper by lying more. Reagan did not get caught that way.

The president is losing support among independent voters and groups which are important parts of his base. Approval ratings are:

  • Negative 29 - 63 percent among independent voters, down from a negative 38 - 56 percent April 19;
  • A split among white voters with no college degree, as 47 percent approve and 46 percent disapprove, compared to a 57 - 38 percent approval April 19;
  • White men go from a 53 - 41 percent approval April 19 to a split today with 48 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving.
American voters' opinions of several of Trump's personal qualities are down:
  • 61 - 33 percent that he is not honest, compared to 58 - 37 percent April 19;
  • 56 - 41 percent that he does not have good leadership skills, little change;
  • 59 - 38 percent that he does not care about average Americans, compared to 57 - 42 percent April 19;
  • 66 - 29 percent that he is not level-headed, compared to 63 - 33 percent last month;
  • 62 - 35 percent that he is a strong person, little change;
  • 56 - 41 percent that he is intelligent, compared to 58 - 38 percent;
  • 64 - 32 percent that he does not share their values, compared to 61 - 35 percent.
Do you think that by governing by confusion is a planned effort? That is what i cannot figure out. Are they just so unreal about things or do they just not know as they fly by the seats of their pants?

Do you ever place your coffee mug down after passing it over your keyboard? I do that all the time. You know one day some will drip over the edge onto my keyboard but man do I live on the edge.

As for the 'Accidental Dictator claim, Trump also banned the United States press core from the White House this week (while allowing the Russian press into the office for photo opp's). He also wants to allow states to deport immigrants. And, moreover, his love and knowledge for Dictators is very odd. 

He also ousted the FBI Director because he would not pledge his "loyalty" to him.

What else?

Well you know what I mean?

I forget what happened on Survivor and Total Divas ended this week. The last scene was Brie and Bryan getting pregnant. Not getting pregnant but finding out she was pregnant. And, they just had a baby girl coincidentally this week. Congrats to them. I love them. They are cool people. Nikki on the other hand, is oddly insecure about herself. Did she forget that she basically single handily elevated the Diva brand like 90 thousand times to what it is today compared to before she was one? She was a major brand before her and John Cena were even an item yet again, she forgets that we know that and hell, I don't even watch wrestling and I know that about them.

The Bella Twins are also two of the hottest people on this planet. They are totally talented. Their relationships are both ones to emulate. I wish Nikki never got fake boobs but setting that side, and Bryan and Brie especially, they seem to use their celebrity thing to do the right things in life. They are all about the climate. They kick down around their house. They are into animals. Like I said above, Brie and Bryan are the best ever. And, John (Cena) is one of the most talented people out there now. 

His role in Sisters was priceless. "Do you have any kids?" "I'm sure I do" is hilarious.

The only thing I questioned about Nikki's come back is that doing Dancing With The Stars (I have never seen an episode but from what I know about the show....although wait a second....Rick Perry was on the show)....I just talked myself out of what i was gonna say about me thinking that Nicole maybe should have done that show. Why can't she be able to do WWE and Dancing With the Stars? Again, I do not know that scheduling and I am now realizing (which they got into on an earlier episode) if they do air it live on a Monday or a Tuesday, that woold be a conflict with the WWE.

I had no clue that they videoed the show so far behind when it's aired. Summerslam just ended on the finale which was Nikki's big come back (I have sine since seen her get proposed to by John Cena at Wrestelmania last month). That Summerslam event was in August last year (or maybe July but it was last summer is my point and it is now already summertime again next month)).

I honestly cannot remember who the hell got voted off this week on Survivor and It just hit me that it was Sierra. That made sense. Sierra started playing too defensively. She could not last and she made a bad move telling Sarah about that Legacy thing she had in hand. 

And, to add insult to injury because Sarah did help vote her out this week, and could have even been that deciding vote, Sierra still "willed" Sarah the legacy advantage. That is embarrassing. That was Sierra's final nail in that coffin so to speak. Telling anyone about it was just a bad calculation. As it was happening, I was like bad move and I could not see any positive coming from it. I guess when that ex Viking QB bailed on her, she was left out hung to dry.

The key with alliances for shows like this one and on like Big Brother is to keep it to two people which what's his name (Culpepper) and Sierra did sweetly until this week. They cannot be obvious about it either. It almost has to be so on the down low that you cannot act like goombahs that are inseparable. 

Boogie and Will from BB were the best tandem ever in reality show history. There has been people wanting to come off like them but they do not get it. You cannot talk about it. You have to do it. You have to be one together as a unit while you not let anyone know about the alliance. Then it comes to the final vote which is fine. The best person should win anyway. If carried out perfect, that is the only thing that would be deemed as fair game left up to anyone else. People on these shows do not get it. They align themselves up now with like 5 people. Its maddening. And, controlling and bonding with a lot of people while trying to keep it under wraps is near impossible. Especially on shows like Survivor where your angst (lack of food and lack of sleep while being in humid weather will come to a head for any type of a personality (and it happens in different ways (anger, crying, sadness, etc.)) will get the best of you at some point.

This week whizzed by for me. I have dinner with my folks tonight and then I am just working all day today and all weekend I guess.

As for Trump, do you think is maybe delusional? I have said that about his staff. Even the way he tries to blame Obama who fired General Flynn mind you, for him taking money from the Russians and from Turkey or wherever he took money for whatever he did is just so weird. I wish someone in the press would put an obvious time line up showing that Flynn was fired by the Obama people. And how that was done well before Flynn took money for whatever and from wherever. 

That is just another bold faced lie said out loud by Trump.

I hate when he blames Obama for everything and no matter what. It is so weak. Besides, it tends to never make any real sense.

The bottom line is that Trump tried to strong arm Comey at some dinner. Comey denied letting it happen and Trump was pissed about it. Trump fired him for it. 

This has got to be the unravelling of Trump. Please. This nation is falling apart. it is a mess. Nothing is even remotely working. 

I think it is Groundhog Day. Or, I am having deja vu's up the butt. Mike pence is saying about Comey's firing what he said about some other firing this year. He mentions the perfect timing and I dunno, it is like a broken record. They have nothing to say so they just fall back on praising Trump about whatever in such a lame and weak way.

Not that you can believe anything that any of the Trump administration says, but taking them literal is just hard.

What I am wondering about right now is if the far right was this angered and were they pulling their hair out after Obama became POTUS? I do NOT mean the overall concept of having a black man in at the White House. 

Did Obama make huge changes right away? I know the healthcare bill took like 2 years pass. Yet people hated Obama from day one even though he did not do much in the first few months at the helm.

I relate what we face every day now to Brown M&M's and Van Halen. I assume most of you know that story but back when VH was at the top of their fame, they came off cocky. I know when I met David Lee Roth at the Pee Wee Herman film opening in 1985, he had his arms around the backs of three women. Well actually where we saw him was after that premier and at the MTV Annual Party that I remember as being the 2nd anniversary, however they now for some reason claim to have started well before 85. Regardless of how I remember it, the point is that Van Halen knew that everything on the production at every live show was getting done if they cleared out the brown M&M's in this bowl they set out before every show. I maintain that was bullshit. I maintain that when they were called out on it years after their fame wavered a bit, is when they came up with that excuse. I maintain they were total dicks in their hey day. They had some good music though back then, but they were coky mofo's that I think acted like assholes at times.

My point is that wasn't it so easy and so great with no drama Obama in the office? It was one less thing to have to worry about and wait a second, with this POTUS, there is a controversy literally every day and every week compared to none when it came to Obama. Plus, Obama's administration rolled like a machine. This admin is horrible at their jobs.

Tump just tweeted this about Comey:

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

He is absolutely nuts.

He is coming off as running scared. Does he not realize this? If he is innocent of anything, he is acting like someone that is not. He is trying to cover up something and if there is nothing to cover up if you will, he is manifesting it then.

Even with this latest tweet about Comey? Like (John) Heilman is asking right now, is there any recordings of them? I doubt there are any. They do gloss over the fundamental issue of what did Trump and Comey talk about in those conversations to warrant this reaction? 

The FBI investigation was getting too close to the admin. The admin stopped in its tracks. For the time being, they stopped it from happening sooner than later.

That fast became the story that engulfed us all this week.