Monday, May 8, 2017

Progressive Breakfast: How Many Will Die Each Year to Pay for Trumpcare Tax Cut for the Rich


Ten people will die every year to give a tax break to each of the 400 richest people in America under the new Republican “health” bill. All in all, hundreds of thousands could die over the next ten years to make the wealthiest among us even wealthier… Dividing that ten-year tax cut by the ten-year estimated death toll, we estimate each death provides $787,151 in tax breaks for the wealthy.

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Healthcare Fallout

Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House landscape. Politico: “More than a dozen senior Republican strategists, lawmakers, and potential candidates expressed varying degrees of concern over the political implications of the health care push… The vote, combined with President Donald Trump’s record-low poll numbers and rising public dissatisfaction with how Republicans are wielding power over the federal government, has produced a cauldron of instability for the party, which is holding onto a 24-seat edge in the House.”
Cash rolls in to progressive groups after healthcare vote. Mother Jones: “In the 24 hours since the House vote, Daily Kos, the 15-year-old Netroots stalwart… raised $800,000 from 17,200 readers. That money will be split evenly among 24 Democratic candidates. Daily Kos is specifically targeting the 24 Republican congressmen who voted for the bill but represent districts where President Donald Trump received less than 50 percent of the vote.”
7 million veterans could lose health benefits under Trumpcare. Alternet: ”Among the great many negatives in the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare, it seems that one of their hastily-added “improvements” to the bill could wind up making 7 million military veterans ineligible for health care tax credits.”
New research on why Republicans hate poor and sick people. Salon: ”Why do Republicans and conservatives have such disdain for the weak, the vulnerable and the sick? Why do they want to kill the ‘useless eaters?’ What does this tell us about how Republicans and conservatives view the world, as well as their relationships and obligations to other human beings? A new survey from the Pew Research Center offered some helpful insights on these questions.”

The Rest of the Agenda

Trump set to dump Paris climate deal. Commondreams: “The Trump administration has a meeting scheduled this Tuesday to decide whether to drop out of the Paris Agreement… Trump’s scorched-earth approach to environmental protections has shocked current and former government officials overseas who are waiting nervously to see whether the U.S. will destabilize the agreement by pulling out of the deal.”
Trump to announce slate of Federal court nominees. NYT: “President Trump is turning his attention to the more than 120 openings on the lower federal courts. On Monday, he will announce a slate of 10 nominees to those courts, a senior White House official said, the first in what could be near monthly waves of nominations.
FCC pushes ahead to roll back common-sense Internet regulations. The Nation: ”Ajit Pai, the former Verizon lawyer and current Trump-appointed FCC chairman, has ushered in a virulent strain of market libertarianism… A key part of Pai’s agenda is to hollow out net neutrality, the public-interest safeguard that prevents Internet service providers from discriminatory practices like blocking or slowing down online content or coercing fees from content providers to create pay-to-play fast lanes.”
A vote for tax cuts today is tantamount to a vote for tax hikes tomorrow. Bloomberg: ”The Trump tax plan, because it generates deficits as far as the eye can see, violates what’s known as the transversality condition, which says that debt relative to the size of the economy cannot grow to infinity; fiscal policy is sustainable over the long run only if there will be surpluses in the future to offset deficits today… ‘If you propose a big tax cut without offsetting spending cuts, then it’s essentially an incomplete proposal,’ says Eric Toder, co-director of the Tax Policy Center… ‘What you’re implicitly proposing is lower spending and higher taxes in the future.’”
Executive order on ‘religious freedom’ will flood elections with secret money. Common Cause: ”… (the) executive order is just an expansion of the disastrous Supreme Court Citizens United decision which opened the floodgates of secret money into our elections, taking the buying of influence from elected officials into the shadows and away from public view. By funneling their political spending through charities and religious groups, big money donors will also get a tax deduction, forcing other taxpayers to foot the bill for this subsidized political activity.”

More from

How Trump Could Actually Stop Offshoring. Chuck Jones: “From Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama, American presidents have directed federal contractors — as a condition of their receiving U.S. tax dollars — to change how they operate. So Trump had the power from day one to stop federal contractors from shipping U.S. jobs overseas if they wanted to keep getting our tax dollars. But he didn’t.”
How the “People’s Budget” Can Help Redress Inequality. Bob Borosage: “The Progressive Caucus frames its budget around the central challenge of our time: how to make this economy work for working people, and redress the savage inequality that is undermining our democracy. It offers a strategy to get there, and a budget framed to support that strategy.”

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