Saturday, May 6, 2017

Raymond J. Lesniak, Donald Trump on Monday alone, Below Deck, Survivor, Total Divas, Healthcare Bill gets through the House, Honda Hybrid Accord, Bill Maher and more!

I got my absentee ballot or Mail-In Voter ballot yesterday and I already mailed it out.

Raymond J. Lesniak for Governor is at the top of Column 3.

I hope people in new Jersey vote this June 6th. It is an important election.

We are filling Chris Christie's position so again, it is very important to be aware of this one.
In real fake politics today (Monday), Veep's episode this week was classic Veep.

Veep episode is so funny Australian politician almost chokes and dies laughing

Madame Secretary was good this week too.

And, Billions was insane this week. It could have been possibly the best episode to date. The double whammy and then some that came full circle along with the production and jumping back and forth a few weeks a few times was done perfectly. And, the twist is just unreal. I went from thinking Rhodes was rat fucked to now knowing that Axe is rat fucked. And, that happened in the last 34 seconds of the episode. I will say that Axe could easily be put away in Federal Prison if this gets linked to him. Which I cannot tell with the Eric Begosian character. Did he work with Rhodes on this sting? Or, was he just a pawn? I think he could have been in on it. again though, this is now beyond any finance issue. This is a public saftey issue he messed with and from I see is that they have full blown proof of it. Let alone I think it's a crime to try to manipulate the markets.

OK. Let's get into this today. I get that Trump is fudging his way through things and I gather that he has done that his entire life. But, nothing ever ceases to amaze me with this guy. I will say it over and over that I just cannot believe there are humans with brains that buys into it. It is absolutely wild to me.

"I stand behind Nothing". The POTUS literally walked off the interview while repeating that odd sentence. "I stand behind Nothing" is what he kept saying about Obama and how he said that Obama wiretapped him. Is that a double negative or what is it? "I stand behind Nothing." Let's be literal please. What does that mean in the English language? That he stands behind everything because if he stands behind nothing, I guess he stands for everything?!?? Correct? I dunno. 

He also alludes that Obama wiretapped everyone in America. I am not even sure what he is trying to say there either but this guy gets himself so deep into crap and then he does nothing but gets himself deeper into it. I have never seen a human never apologizes like this guy and I hate apologizing but I do it when need be.

But then again, this guy is worth tens of millions of dollars and I am worth shit (setting aside that his dad gave him anywhere between 40 to 60 million dollars to get Donald J. out his casino messes and setting aside how his dad also bought him like 16 million dollars worth of gaming chips who cashed them in before he filed Chapter whatever bankruptcy...(Trump claims his dad gave him a million dollars which I assume he did too but he never mentions the bail out after bail out as part of the down payment to keep Donald busy over the years)).

I am off base. Sorry about that.

Back to the last day which again, he walked off an interview with someone at CBS. That is a first for me. I have never seen that before today. I mean never seeing a POTUS walking off an interview in a huff.

About the republican healthcare bill which may get a vote on Thursday this week, he says "I want to be good for sick people."

We should be finding preventive ways to not get sick which is a fundamental issue that gets lost because a certain element makes bank money keeping people sick.

He then for some reason brought up how he could see potentially breaking up the Wall Street banks. "I'm looking at that right now" is what he says about it.

The best though is his opinion about the Civil War. "People don't ask that question, but why was there a Civil War?." And, he also asked "Why could that not have been worked out?"

While trying to talk about the life of Andrew Jackson, he said "had Andrew Jackson been a little later you wouldn't have had the Civil War." He then said that Jackson "was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War...".

I will give him a positive pat on the back because he did use the term 'in regard to' in the correct way (singular). Most people say in regards to when it is a singular but anyway, did I mention that Andrew Jackson was dead in 1845? 

That was 16 years before that Civil War. 

Not to get bogged down with actual historic facts, but you get that yet again he makes no sense when it comes to pretty much everything. 

Including how Andrew Jackson felt when he was dead. 

This guy also invited that Dictator something Duterte from the Phillipines to the White House. That was the guy that slammed Obama which is my first time ever hearing about him. I also think he has massacred a lot of people and boasts about it. Yeah. He's evidently an admitted killer according to Brian Williams on the 11th hour tonight. I think Trump said that Duterte has a very high approval rating in his country. 

I know this is stupid feeding into it in another literal way, however, does he really not know how Dictators work in that regard? Being a 'Dictator 101' is having a 99.9999% approval rating in one's given country. 

Trump does love these types of people.

Glen Thrush from the NY Times asked Sean Spicer about why he likes these types of leaders. Remember when he quote Mussolini? We know his wife said he kept books about Hitler and how the Nazis grew to power (by his bed was her quote). I am not even mentioning his love for you know whom that is the head of the Russian Federation.

He also said today or yesterday that "no one is safe" when it comes to the North Korean threat. He then said he would be honored to me with Kim Jong-un whom he referred to too as a "very smart cookie" 4 hours after he released this weird ant American video of them bombing the Capital building in DC:


Did you see Mika's death stare at Joe on Tuesday morning while Joe compared his mom to what Trump said on Monday / Sunday? He was saying that his mom that has had dementia for 10 years and that she would say things like Trump had done over the last day. Joe started stumbling a bit when whomever got to him in his ear piece saying "eeek...please shift quickly'.

The White House press conference today left everyone baffled yet again because this administration never ceases to amaze me. Or, anyone for that matter because I will say something one minute or write something and then I hear that people feel the same way. I honestly feel like it is me a lot but it is not. Everyone feels it. 

Don't you think that if they would utilize their time to actually do something real rather than to come up with props and whatnot, on something that is a bold faced lie, they would do much less work? 

President Trump obviously forced Mike Mulvaney out to the press room today with pictures of a half built dilapidated fence that I think is located somewhere in New Mexico. The point of it was to lie saying the budget is somehow responsible for the building of that part of the war which is evidently "happening today." I am not sure why we needed to know that scheduling issue. Besides, the entire thing makes no sense. Then again and again, I am feeding into this in literal ways. Which is stupid. 

What is another great thing to watch was them exit the room. The reporters were expecting Sean Spicer to do his normal Q&A but he wanted no part of this lie. As this was all on Mike Mulvaney.

What is going on now is that once respected people in congress like Sean Spicer and like Mike Mulvaney are being made fools of. They are not only coming off so stupid at times while making zero sense to anyone that has a brain, they are also losing all types of credibility because no one believes them.

BTW, does anyone really care about what Hillary Clinton has to say about anything let alone about that last election that she blew? She blew it. Do we need her mea culpa's today? No matter what the nuances, the only person that could lose to Donald Trump was Hillary Clinton. It was an awful campaign. She also had many self inflicted wounds so to speak (i.e.: deplorable comment, her never being able to face the email issue head on and for real, her attitude of feeling entitled, etc.).

I wish of Trump and Clinton would both shut the hell up about that last election.

On the Challenge: Invasion of the Champions tonight, I was way impressed with that dude Nelson. I mean big time. In the first days of the finals of this season, he dominated it. I would have to say that so far accumulative that he is in front and then everyone else is about even. This is the first time that I can remember ever seeing this many disqualifications which again, pretty much brings the rest of that pack together (with Nelson I bet at the front of that pack).

Watching Nicole is hard (whom I just found out is a New York City or maybe it's a New York cop? Can that be true?). That woman is an idiot. I am sorry but watching Corey and Nicole trying to figure out the answer to 27/3 is just unreal. Even the producer was like just forget it, go, go (to paraphrase). I picture her turning to the camera people and the boom operator rolling her eyes in that what the fuck way. 

I am not good at puzzles but as far as puzzles can go, the triangle one was easy. That is on every board exam dating back to high school. 

Then of course Corey with Kamila in the second phase put the blocks on the wrong pole. So that was a mute issue. I assume Corey's mind just races because not being able to slow down to merely read or divide something by 3 is not exactly that hard. But it is not like in either case with him and his two partners (Nicole and Camilla) did they help out because they both were there dealing too.

And, one more thing. Does CT have a wife? I just heard him say something about his family. He usually just says he wants to win because of his kid. He never mentions the wife. If he has a wife. Does he have a wife?

I also left my ATM card in the machine last night. I was trying to deposit a check and it came up as $1.50 and not $150. I did not have a pen in my car (now I have many in the car's console). I left and forgot to pull my card. Total idiotic move. I never did that before I don't think. I therefore actually had to go into the bank today to get it. I was then cornered by them because they want me to finance the expansion in my music division through them. It was fine but I was not prepared for it. I have now allowed two companies into my life in that regard and all I want to do is to figure out the best scenario (i.e.: bank, finance company, V.C.'s, angel investor, etc.). These people are meeting happy, phone call happy and form happy. All I want to do is see what is out there and they are ready to issue me money by noon. 

Below Deck: Mediterranean (off the coast in Croatia) is surreal without Captain Lee and without Ben the chef. But, we have Hannah the chief Steward back in action. She has a rockin' body and a sweet voice or accent I should say. Bobby is back and so far he has not annoyed me and conversely, I am glad he is in this season so far. That is it as far as veterans if you will. 

And, there is indeed a female captain that seems pretty cool but she does mention how people are taken back because she is a female captain of boats or yachts. The chef thought the Captain was the chief steward. Awkward. 

Then, we have a bunch of new faces which are all pretty faces. Guys too. Everyone is better looking than the next person. I pretty much like any of the women on board. 

The Captain seems hell bent on people getting sleep. I am not sure what that is all about unless she just read Arrianna Huffington's latest book about getting 7 hours sleep every day.

She is very much hands on which would annoy me and I know it will annoy everyone on that yacht. I wonder if these large yachts are hard to drive. I would never want to drive a large sized boat. I have driven boats but only small motor boats. The give in general on the waters are too much for me. If you screw up by waiting too long even by seconds, you are screwed big time. I love being on large boats though.

I forgot to mention the yacht itself although it took a while to get an actual tour of the rooms and what was on each deck. The Sirocco as it's named has an actual gym on one of the levels. The room lay outs are rather nice. Bathrooms are sick. The yacht is totally sweet.

The guests this week refer to themselves as 'The Tribe'. The one woman owns a fitness clothing line.

The chef uses post it notes to mark the dishes. I never saw that before now. That would annoy me too. And, it is a waste of paper.

Speaking of the chef, he just told a story about how Eddie Vedder's wife took a live Octopus and tossed it at this chef guy. Evidently, it suctioned onto his skin or body. Vedder's wife then supposedly said to him to "cook it." If that is a true story, Eddie Vedder's wife is a dick. Which makes Eddie Vedder a dick. Which I am fine knowing he is a dick because his music is OK at best. And, he always seemed 'affected' with himself.

Captain Sandy's voice reminds me of someone and OH shit, I totally forgot about my coffee.

Damn. I missed recording Hannah and Bobby on 'Watch What Happens Live' with Andy Cohen (I am watching this Below Deck the following AM from the DVR).

There is already some conflict on the Sirocco. Hannah is upset because the Captain is giving docking lessons with one of the new girls. And, from what I see on the previews this season, Hannah and the Captain could have issues.

Actually, it looks like all mayhem occurs 15 times over on this yacht. Stay tuned I suppose and BTW, there is a Southern Charm: Savannah starting up on Monday next week. I have always wanted to spend some time in Savannah.

Did we talk about the Southern Charm from Charleston this week? I don't think so. 

Landon went to see Phish last year at the Coliseum with her sister. Thomas (Ravenal) was familiar with the band when Landon described Phish as "a concert."

I did not realize there are hearings today (Wednesday) with FBI Director Comey whom I guess is being asked questions about the Russian hacking situation. And, I hear him defending what he did with regard to the Hillary announcements last year. 

The POTUS is also meeting with the Palestinian leader today. It is his first visit to the White House. Trump is basically stating that it is up to the Palestinian government and the Israeli government to be the ones that set up a deal for peace.

I also just realized that I have NOT turned on Howard (Stern) all week. I did turn him on and he is talking about some guy that spanks women. The spanker seems to have turned himself in to the police maybe even live on Facebook.

Survivor is on tonight. So is Total Divas.

I figured out what was so boring on last week's Survivor episode. It is Sarah. When she talks, I nod off. I do not even know what she says and last week, she spoke so much. That's why the episode bored the hell outta me last week. This week was great except for the two lulls when she spoke. Again, it was like adults when they speak on Charlie Brown. That is what I hear when they show her in confessionals.

But anyway, Andrea kicked butt again. That woman not only has this Margot Robbie thing about her looks, she is also an amazing athlete. Which I said or at least alluded to last week. But, and it is a huge BUT, she needs to mellow out just a tad. By her controlling the situation after she won immunity, she put a target on her back big time just by seeming happy and confidant. It was said by the boring Sarah woman and Andrea was not even a dick or arrogant at all, that coupled with the fact that she is a challenge machine, is turning heads. She is unassuming as far as social goes. She does well in that regard. But, she needs to get some numbers and she really needs to depend on winning immunity challenges. Tai has two idols in hand and I think Troyzan may have one. I doubt there are any more more idols out there hidden. And, then if we even forgot about it, Sarah just spewed out to Cirie that she had that extra vote.

Overall, the six executed the shows latest tribal counsel victim rather perfectly. It was a flawless effort. Zeke got voted out rather handily and it was a total surprise to him. The 6 players that orchestrated it sat there stone faced during the vote count and throughout the entire tribal counsel for that matter. No one let on for a sec. The smoothness of it left really no blood on any one's hands. Nor, were there any new lines drawn in that sand so to speak.

On Total Divas this week, The Myz and Maryse went to the Bahamas with Eva Marie and her husband on their make up honeymoon(s). Divas are all so smoking hot face wise, but man do their boobs scare the fuck outta me. They just look so weird but anyway, setting that aside, I love the Myz and Maryse. They seriously love each other which is great to watch. Plus, he (The Myz) is so funny. I heard him mention The Real World for the first time in years and even back then we he first got started on the WWE, they would poke fun at him because he was on Real World. It never became a part of the story line as far as I know. Mind you that I never watch wrestling but I have watched Total Divas since day one. And, I watch Wrestlemania or if in the middle of the night they show Smackdown or the other one, I sometimes put it on. To me, there are way too many commercials. And, the matches ironically are the boring parts for me. I love the entrances and I love interviews. I love entrances the most though.

Natty though. Jeez. What was that all about and then she goes to get pissed at that announcer chick. In so many ways these WWE people are busy as hell (travelling schedule and whatnot), but in some other respects they have lots of time on their hands. I had no idea there are such things as animal agents. It makes sense. It is a great niche and with regard to that situation on this episode, there is room for all animals to get placed and all of them were perfect looking.

No one animal is better than that other and that goes for all wildlife and all animals that are pets.

Denny Crane. Denny Crane.

It is Thursday now and yes, there will be a House vote today on that healthcare bill. No one has read it but they are just being forced to get it through the House. I have heard that it will only cost another 8 Billion dollars to cover all pre existing issues but I think they mean trillions because that ain't gonna cover it. Otherwise, we would have done that already by now.
What is the GOP’s political calculation on health care? Joe Scarborough said today that "by all measures, the people who are going to be hurt the most are President Trump’s own voters."

You know what else? We did not really get into the FBI Comey hearing. He seemed more amped than usual. The only real take aways were that are none. They spoke about things we already knew about. Like Huma Abedin asking Anthony Wiener to print out things that could have been or that are marked as classified. I forget what else I got out of it. I did not really listen to too much of it and I was doing my real work for the most part while it happened live.

I still have not heard an answer about why he announced over and over anything about the Hillary investigation while not saying one word about Trump being investigated. I have no clue why he would announce one and not the other or why he would just say nothing at all about both situations quite frankly.

In a way, Trump being so bombastic and so opinionated probably came into play intimidating these people into doing things they otherwise would not do. They were most likely scared to see what the backlash from Trump would be. Or, they were hating it while it was going on.

That is why Hillary did not win BTW. She never fought back vs Trump. She had no reply to his claims. You can blame it on the Comey announcements or the Russian hacking or fake news but it was nothing more or less than what I just said. She let him walk all over him. I assume it was because it was hard to defend whatever he said she did which I still do not get to this day. I will say that everything Trump said about Hillary doing, or what he does, is what is happening to him (Trump).

It looks like Susan Rice will decline the Senate request to testify in a hearing about the Russian hacking. I wonder why. That is not that great from an optic POV even though I am not sure what she can provide to the committee. I maintain that she should do it.

The Healthcare Bill passed through the House today. And, in typical Donald J. Trump fashion, he summons the entire House to do this odd photo opp as if they have some victory in hand. This would be like calling a victory after 20 minutes of play in an 80 minute game. 
Rick Tyler said this celebration is equivalent to celebrating when "recovering a fumble in football". Like I said somewhere this week, he cracks me up.

It makes no sense. This means nothing unless it gets through the Senate. This is NOT over. Usually you celebrate and take selfies of each other while patting each other back after an actual victory. I mean a real victory like when it becomes an actual law.
This is fascinating politics. Nothing makes any sense and it's all smoke and mirrors. Yet, there is obviously an element that buys into this BS.

Although Pence just stated that it is the beginning of the end of Obamacare. And, that they have taken a first step into repealing Obamacare.

Trump is actually saying that he knows it has to get through the senate and he is confidant that it will. He is also saying that premiums will go down and that deductibles will go down and we will get more coverage. Hell, if he can make that work for real, I am game.

This is still an odd photo opp and it just goes to show how much Trump needs anything to occur. He has done nothing but run around in circles providing one smoke and mirror after another one.

I also just found out that bill seeped through the House by one Vote. LOL. Come on now. There is no room for any movement and there is no way this is going to pass through the senate as is. It will have to eventually go back through to the House for another vote with changes.

Without a score or true gauge as to what this will costs, this passing through the House means nothing.

Hours after celebrating the House vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Donald Trump praised Australia’s universal health-care system as superior to America’s. ‘You have better health care than we do.’ “It’s going to be fantastic health care,” Trump said of the American Health Care Act during a press conference in New York on Thursday night with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “I shouldn’t say this to our great gentleman and my friend from Australia because you have better health care than we do.”

Australia has universal health care, where the government pays for all citizens to have access to doctors and public hospitals for free.

This week whizzed by. It is already Friday. They are rehashing what I said above about the House passing their version of the Healthcare Bill. Some new tidbits I am hearing is that White House carted out crates full of Budweiser beer for people t drink up. Which says it all because that beer is downright awful. I have NOT had a Bud probably since the 80's. I can safely say that I have not tried a Budweiser beer since then. However, they (Annhaiser Bush Co.) have bought out a lout of smaller brewing companies that make beer I have drank (ie: Goose Island, etc.).

Well, it looks like I have a new car. I upgraded from my Honda Hybrid Accord from 2014 to the 2017 model. I am actually zonked from dealing with it. I blew off the gym and doing YOGA today. If you said Monday that I would have a new car this week, I would have balked at that happening. If you would have said that when I woke up today (Friday) that I would be getting a new car, I would say that I doubt I have that time today. We saw how that ended.

Regarding the bill, we need to see the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) score. I have hope that it will be out within days.

The perception now is that GOP'ers, including far, far right will be allowing the stripping of over 24 Million people's Insurance Plans. While at the same time giving the top 1% or 2% a tax break. This blue collared billionaire is doing some more flip flopping and with a CBO score announcement, that could help maybe expose it before the next phases. Then the GOP and this White House will say how wrong the CBO was with regard to the their Obamacare report. Which I have mentioned before here on this blog many times is that let's say they are off by 10 Million people. That would then allow 14 Million people to lose their plans with this new bill.

Wait a second. Is the Mika and Joe being together a real thing? Donny Duetsch made some weird jester by handing Mika a gift for getting engaged to Joe. Or, is that fondue maker for Mika's birthday? What is going on here? Are Mika and Joe really a couple? That has always been an easy rumor. Honestly, that will freak me out and take some getting used to. The point of their dynamic is...wait....why am I feeding into this? I have to find out if this was a joke. It has to be a joke.

Rick Tyler is hilarious. He congratulated Mika and Joe just now. It has to be a joke. 

Maybe Trump planted that story.

Bill Maher is on tonight and for the love of god why couldn't we elect John Kasich? I get that he is not bombastic or boisterous but he was always my main man and I am NOT even a republican. I am not a Dem either but still, this guy is so good and we blew it. We went for the bluster and not the substance, let alone his success he has had for years now in OH.

This other woman whom I think I recognize is very smart. She is amazing at articulating what she is trying to portray. I need to figure out how to follow her now.

Gabe whom is now all of a sudden or at least as far as I know, is going by Gabriel now. I am pretty sure he is someone I see on regular basis. I could have sworn went merely by Gabe but it seems like he is being called Gabriel. And, the text copy or whatever it's called says Gabriel too. 

Jimmy Kimmel and TrumpCare | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Real Time with Bill Maher

John Kasich: Redefining Republican | Real Ti...
Real Time with Bill Maher

What else? Hawaii 5-0 is on tonight. So is Vice. I forget what else. I did dinner at my folks place tonight. It was fun. Their new place is coming along sweetly. It is like a Home and gardens setting. 

I guess that's it this week. 

Below is our syndication report and BTW, I wonder if Chelsea Handler has a new show on this week? She does and it was all about Education. It was done in some weird dinner setting with other actors like that Rashid woman from The office. And, Mary McCormick that is friends with Chelsea in real life. And now that I think about it, I wonder what day of the week they post her new shows at Netflix. I will get that in order so we can discuss it in timely ways....Thanks and as they used to say on the hotline, please stay in touch....

Syndication Reports: 
Boston Legal: I am episode 19 into Season 2 of Boston Legal. I am prepared to watch all 5 seasons. Season two BTW, has 25 episodes for god's sakes. Have you ever noticed in the credits during Season 2's first phase when that one woman named Whitney on the show walks into the office? Her arms swing like a pendulum. It is really wild to see. They swing literally across her entire front of her body in perfect sequence like a pendulum on a clock while she walks down the hallway. 

Michael J. Fox comes on the show for a few episodes. His initial trial just ended and we just passed the episode where Michael McKean's character slept with his cow.

Denny Crane. Denny Crane.

Donny Crane. Donny Crane.

X-Files: I wish whatever station that airs the X-Files would do in sequential order. They jump around by showing two episodes at a time every week. Those two episodes tend to correlate even if they were not aired one after another back during when the show initially aired on Fox. The latest episode was 'Triangle' They basically go back in time to the 40's and just before the beginning of World War II. It was a great episode when it first aired but I was sort of bored with it now that i have seen it 88 times and knowing what I know now about that franchise. So much has been answered now is what I mean since these episodes that things like that do not even pale on a Sci Level. I happen to like the real life stories. I like when it is based on pure science.

Talk to ya guys....