Thursday, May 25, 2017

Animal Welfare report!

Live Octopus's Limbs Chopped Off And Served

Horse-drawn carriage accident: Spooked horse gets hit by taxi cab and collapses in NYC

TK Maxx receives FOUR PAWS UK’s ‘Blood Feather Award’ in red carpet event of the year!

Duck ramps in DC: installation of ramps assisting ducklings mocked by Rep. congressman

Bear Cub in Extreme Distress and Terror at Wildlife in Need

Bear Cub Apparently so Terrified, She Urinates on Herself

How to make sushi: Restaurant criticized for posting video of chef butchering live fish

Pigs Covered With Feces in Tiny Crates

Footage From Cruel Pig Farms Exposes the 'Initiative for Animal Welfare' as Consumer Fraud

Elephant’s revenge: Big game hunter crushed to death by dying elephant

A PETA Exposé Inside a Sham Sanctuary

This 'Sanctuary' Kept a Tiger Caged in a Basement

Inside a Michigan Pseudo-Sanctuary: A 2017 PETA Exposé

Petting zoo/slaughterhouse still in business as officials fail to shut it down
Today on May 25 Senate Vote To Override Christie Veto Of My Ban On Puppy Mills
Today, the Senate will be voting to override Governor Christie's veto of S3041 which would ban Puppy Mills from doing business in New Jersey. Every year tens of thousands of dogs and cats suffer under brutal breeding conditions and many have to be euthanized because of overbreeding by Puppy Mills. Making S3041 the law in New Jersey will set the standard for other states to follow. 
Please contact your Senator (HERE)  and ask him/her to support Senator Lesniak's motion to override Governor Christie's veto of my ban on Puppy Mills. Thank you for your consideration of this request.