Wednesday, April 19, 2017

'Moon Sabeled Nights' by Joe Atman feat. Riohc Choir is the Sunset Music Video of the Week!

All Video Footage for all Sunset Music videos was done using the GoPro Hero!

Thanks especially to choir and crowd and thanks to any participants who please, if you want to be credited in any way, contact us now at We will do it that minute.

I did one video for a charity one day using the GoPro footage and I am NOT sure what happened because I went off doing at least one for all of our Sunset music artists. I had so much fun doing it. I never made a video before these ever in my life. Thanks again because it was fun to break away from my real work to do this creative work!

Thanks again!

Also, please visit this artists web site at and visit Sunset Recordings at anytime at

Overall, thanks for the great support because we had almost 15K views in less than a month before the YouTube officials flagged it, deleted it, and started it over here for some reason that had something to do with us changing distributors. But whatever, and again, thanks for the support building these plays, etc. (again)...and most of all, we hope you enjoy the music and this music video!