Friday, April 28, 2017

This Week at Rescue TV

ASPCA Contest Announcing the Winners of our Rescue Story Contest

In March, we asked animal-lovers from all across the country to share their rescue stories with the ASPCA. The response we received was overwhelming—nearly 2,200 of you submitted tales—and after careful consideration, we are thrilled to share the three winning stories. 
Starving Bear and Lion Finally Rescued From Defunct Mosul Zoo. We have some hopeful news to share with you. As you may remember, one lion and one bear were surviving on their own for months at the Mosul Zoo, in war-torn Iraq. The Mosul Zoo was turned into a staging ground for ISIS and as a result, all but the one lion and bear had been killed, starved to death or escaped or even sold.

Thankfully, many have intervened to help the abandoned animals. The Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights group, for example, stepped in, passing through five security checkpoints in order to bring the starving animals food and water. Residents have also banded together to feed the animals, offering what little they can.

And now we have more hopeful news to share: the Four Paws International rapid response team has been working diligently to rescue the starving bear and lion, named Lula and Simba respectively. And it looks like their determination has paid off, Lula and Simba have finally be saved! The two are waiting to be allowed to cross into Kurdish territory and fly out of the country and then into safety.

While the two animals wait at the checkpoint, they are being looked after by a veterinary team. Sadly, both are unwell. Lula has pneumonia and Simba has joint conditions.
As of right now, Four Paws and the two animals are still at the checkpoint but rescuers are hopeful they will be able to leave soon.

 Four Paws staff are currently watching Lula and Simba around the clock, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible. What heroes!
We are truly in awe of the Four Paws rapid response team for going above and beyond for these two animals. We are thrilled to know Lula and Simba are at least getting a second chance at life and are on their way to freedom.

If you would like to donate to help cover the costs of the rescue, you can do so here. Every little bit helps! Image Source: Four Paws/Facebook

Watch Jay's wonderful recovery and please donate to help save India's injured street animals:
Rescue of a shy & wounded street dog. We got a call on our helpline to rescue a street dog who was badly injured. When our rescue team arrived he was very shy and wouldn't let us touch him. He was hungry so he stayed near enough to eat the biscuits we offered him, but we soon realised we wouldn't be able to catch him by hand.
Rescue Story Of The Day!

Rescue Story Of The Day!
An injured Pit Bull gets scared of rescuers, but cheeseburger changed his mind.

Rescue Story Of The Day!
One Puppy's Harrowing Rescue

It was a hot day in June when we first met Baxter. The tiny pup's soulful eyes looked grateful when we rescued him, along with nearly 300 other animals, from a neglectful shelter in Moulton, Alabama. It was immediately apparent that the three-month-old puppy had already experienced more suffering than most dogs will ever know.

Baxter's owner had left him starving. Without food or water, he was so weak and sick that he could barely stand. The young dog's life was just beginning, but he was already fighting for every breath.

We rushed Baxter to our on-site emergency unit, where he was diagnosed with a very serious, very dangerous viral disease called distemper. He was in critical condition, but we were determined to do everything we could to save him.
Three-Month-Old Puppy Could Barely Breathe

It is unthinkable that anyone could hurt a defenseless animal like Baxter. The support of people like you enabled our team to be there for him during his urgent time of need, but sadly, there are still innocent animals like Baxter being harmed right now. Their only chance is you.

When you make a donation to the ASPCA today, you will help us reach more animals like Baxter in the nick of time. Will you let them know they're not alone?

Stay tuned for the second installment of Baxter's story.

10 amazing days in Vietnam - two bears rescued, 68 moved and now space for 40 more.

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