Friday, April 21, 2017

Animal Welfare Report

Shrine Circuses Work With Animal Abusers

SIGN THE PETITION: Help Queenie, stop this cruel animal circus

Taiwan becomes first Asian nation to ban human consumption of dog and cat meat

Animals Suffering at Tregembo Animal Park

London: 40 unlikely protesters stand strong against TK Maxx

Garden Bros. Circus Forces Lame and Distressed Elephants to Perform

Since 1993, IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary has come to the rescue of thousands of abused and exploited animals across America;s Deep South, providing care and kindness when others would not. But rescue work is not our only mission. Since 2004, IDA has published its annual list of "Top 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants," shining a bright light on the sad plight of captive elephants, who rely on us to be their voice.

From our sanctuaries in India and Africa to our Ditch Dog Meat campaign in South Korea, to our new Community Cats program (and so much more), so often it is our Animal Advocates who make it possible to act on a dime and safe lives.

Please, consider joining our great team of Animal Advocates. 

In Defense of Animals
Canadian Seal Slaughter Footage Is So Graphic We Had to Blur It

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