Thursday, April 13, 2017

Animal welfare and Animal crime & Cruelty to report this week!

Trump Signs Bill to Bait, Trap, Kill Alaska Wolves, Bears
President Trump's sick war on wildlife is taking off. Late Monday he quietly signed a bill that allows wolves and their pups to be killed in their dens and bears to be gunned down in bait stations in Alaska's national wildlife refuges. 

These refuges were designed to be a haven for animals, but they clearly won't play that role under Trump. The bill also allows aerial gunning and the use of steel-jawed leghold traps to hold the animals in place until they can be shot. 

Thanks to the 33,000 of you who took action urging Trump to veto this disgusting bill. The fight is not over. The Center for Biological Diversity has sued the Trump administration three times in the past week, and the resistance movement is growing stronger by the day. 

Read more in our press release and consider giving to our Trump Resistance Fund.
In Defense of Animals
Trump Signs Into Law a Tragedy for Alaskan Wildlife. House Joint Resolution 69 has been signed into law by President Trump earlier this week. Bears, wolves, and coyotes in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges will now lose the few meaningful protections they currently have. The bill overturns a previous rule issued by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) banning any “non-subsistence” hunting of predators within National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. Not only will House Joint Resolution 69 allow predators to be hunted in the refuges, but it will allow horrific types of slaughter, including shooting bears from helicopters or aircraft, killing bears who are with cubs, killing hibernating bears, killing wolves and coyotes during their denning seasons, and using leg-hold traps and snares. READ MORE

It’s no secret that we love Ricky Gervais. The comic, producer, and animal advocate is not shy about speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves and with over four million Facebook fans and 12 million Twitter followers, Gervais never stops using his social media power for good. He’s known for posting poignant messages on Facebook about trophy hunting, the atrocities of the fur industry, and the absurdity of keeping animals in captivity. In January of 2017 we were left in awe once again when Gervais had a segment scheduled on Good Morning America to promote his new movie, David Brent: Life on the Road, but instead, he decided used his time on the show to try to find a home for Bear, a rescued Lab. Bear had a forever home in no time, all thanks to Ricky’s compassion.

So when we heard the news that Gervais received the prestigious Lord Houghton Award for Service to Animal Welfare from Animal Defenders International (ADI), a leading non-profit animal welfare organization with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Bogota, we couldn’t help but cheer him on.

The comic genius was presented with a crystal trophy by ADI President Jan Creamer at a special ADI ceremony where he said, “The suffering of animals absolutely sickens me and I will continue to speak out and support the sterling work of organizations like Animal Defenders International.”
The Lord Houghton Award is presented annually by a group of animal welfare organizations including, ADI, OneKind, Cruelty Free International, and League Against Cruel Sports, with each organization taking a turn to nominate a recipient. The award was initiated in 1980 to recognize the work of Labour cabinet minister Lord Houghton’s longstanding contributions to animal welfare, even into his nineties. In 2012, ADI presented the prestigious award to legendary animal advocate Bob Barker.

Even though Gervais is currently on tour with his “Humanity” stand-up comic show, he proudly took time out of his schedule to accept the award and he also tweeted his thanks to ADI, saying the award has already been placed on a shelf.

Gervais has been a supporter of ADI for years and was one of the first to supports of their “Stop Circus Suffering” campaigns. ADI President Jan Creamer said, “Ricky Gervais is an outstanding and outspoken campaigner for animals who has raised animal protection issues with new and growing audiences. This award is in recognition of the longstanding and passionate role Ricky plays in giving animals a loud and powerful voice.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Ricky Gervais, for being a constant voice for animals. Even if you don’t have 12 million Twitter followers, don’t let that deter you from helping animals! Anyone can be a hero to animals in need. Saving one animal might not change the world, but for that one animal, their entire world is changed. Image source: Animal Defenders International 

In Defense of Animals
Here's How You Can Support Student Activists. Do you know any young activists who are searching for direction? If so, please encourage them to tune into our upcoming Sustainable Activism Webinar with student activist Annie Blumenfeld, to whom we awarded a $500 donation towards her nonprofit Wags 4 Hope for Activist Appreciation MonthREAD MORE
In Defense of Animals
Help Us Raise the Roof at Hope Animal Sanctuary. A lot has happened in the nearly 25 years since In Defense of Animals opened the doors of its rescue shelter in Grenada, Mississippi. Since its very first day, Hope Animal Sanctuary has been a place of healing and restoration - a place where the tired can rest, the hungry are fed, and the homeless find shelter and a chance for a new life. Hope Animal Sanctuary has been a place of tremendous sadness and profound joy, as stories of rescue and compassion play out with a frequency that is both alarming and heartwarming at the same time. HELP TODAYFirst Criminal Charge Filed Under California's Prop 2
Animal Law Update: First Criminal Charges Filed Under California's Prop 2. California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, also known as Proposition 2, came into effect in January 2015 and requires that egg-laying hens have the ability to fully spread their wings without touching another bird or the side of an enclosure. In February 2017, the first criminal charges were brought under the law. Learn more about the first use of Prop 2.
Animal Cruelty Conviction for Inhumane Treatment of Lobster
A seafood store in Sydney, Australia has been convicted of animal cruelty for violating New South Wales’ Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Store employees were caught on film butchering lobsters alive with no attempt to render the animal unconscious beforehand. It is rare for criminal cruelty charges to be brought in cases involving animals who are considered “food,” and especially rare when those animals are non-vertebrates. Read on for the details of this encouraging case.

WTF: This is Canada’s Commercial Seal Slaughter

Goats Beaten for Organic Milk

Monkey Island - sign our petition to end this cruelty

Epidemic of Psychological Distress at Spring River Park & Zoo

Bear Show

Help Bears Exploited for This Archaic Bear Show. Exhibitor Bob Steele carts around an arthritic bear named Andy, who has exhibited a labored gait and is apparently often confined to enclosures with concrete substrate and no padding, which can exacerbate his already painful condition. Tell the venues planning to host "The Great Bear Show" to cancel it. LET'S CANCEL THESE SHOWS

Shackle and Hoist Victory

Paraguay to End 'Shackle and Hoist' Kosher Slaughter—but There's More Work to Do. Israel successfully pressured Paraguay to set a deadline of the end of 2017 for eliminating this horrifically cruel slaughter method—let's keep the heat on Uruguay and Argentina to follow suit. TAKE ACTION

Dog Killed By Government Bomb

Government-Planted Bomb Kills Dog and Injures Teen. After accidentally activating a cyanide bomb placed near his Idaho home to kill coyotes, a 14-year-old boy was forced to watch his dog tragically die—see what you can do to stop these cruel practices against wildlife. ACT NOW FOR WILDLIFE

Cuddles the Elephant

Australia's Last African Elephant Has Died After Almost 40 Lonely Years in Captivity. Elephants are highly social animals who form strong, lasting bonds with their families. They shouldn't be forced to live isolated and alone in captivity. Read Cuddles' story, then take action for some of the loneliest elephants in the U.S. R.I.P. CUDDLES 

In Defense of Animals
Marin County Overturns Ban on Commercial Slaughter. A huge thank you to all who came out and spoke at hearings, wrote emails, letters, and made calls to keep Marin County’s 14-year ban on commercial animal slaughter. Numerous citizens who shared our concerns about animal rights, the environment and property values pled with supervisors to keep the prohibition on commercial slaughter, which has been in place since 2003. READ MORE
In Defense of Animals
The Moth Story Hour Promotes Animal Torture & Speciesism. The Moth Story Hour is a nationally syndicated radio show featuring tales by professional storytellers and amateurs who want to share their stories, which are often inspiring and transformative. Recently, The Moth aired a tragic tale of a rattlesnake who was skinned alive by the storyteller, who glorified this helpless creature's death by holding her still beating heart in his hand to proclaim he found "life." Unfortunately, the storyteller's discovery of life cost this rattlesnake her own. We can't allow this smug "self exploration" which involves the annihilation of someone else to masquerade as enlightenment. TAKE ACTION
In Defense of Animals
Free Elephants Vaigai and Mari from the Dysfunctional & Disaccredited Honolulu Zoo`. Hawaii is no paradise for Vaigai and Mari, two female Indian elephants who have for decades been victimized by the Honolulu Zoo. The Zoo has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to provide Vaigai and Mari with appropriate care, and has failed to live up to even the low bar of captive facility standards adhered to by most zoos. Vaigai and Mari need your help! TAKE ACTION
In Defense of Animals
Helpless Dog Hung to Death for Kicks by Youths in West Virginia. The West Virginia State Police served a juvenile petition on two Alum Creek teens for the hanging of a dog. On Monday, March 27, 2017, photos of a dog hung from a tree with a smiling youth standing in the foreground began to circulate on social media. The caption inserted in the photo read, "Hanging with my dawg." Friends of the youths inadvertently aided in exposing their crime by posting just how entertaining it was to them. We can't let sickening and depraved behavior toward animals happen unchallenged! TAKE ACTION
In Defense of Animals
Safeguard American Dogs and Cats From Human Consumption. The dog and cat meat trade are not as exclusive to Asian countries as one may think. Dog and cat meat consumption have been reported in Switzerland, Nigeria, Jamaica, India, and surprisingly within the US, to name just a few. While some states like California and New York and a handful of others prohibit the slaughter or consumption of dog and cat meat, the other 44 states do not. While we, as an animal protection organization, do fight the dog and cat meat trade internationally, it is important to make sure we clean our own house. It is vital that we pass legislation to protect American cats and dogs from becoming meat for human consumption. TAKE ACTION

For Doudou, a bear named by PETA Asia's investigator, "training" meant being yanked by her neck and forced to walk on parallel bars, sometimes on just her front paws. If she stopped or made even the smallest mistake, she was repeatedly beaten with a stick. When she wasn't being made to perform, she could often be found pawing and biting at the bars of the cramped, barren cage she was confined to, crying out desperately for help.
Her cries – like those of the many bears, tigers, monkeys, and other animals PETA Asia's eyewitness found in 10 different circuses and animal-training facilities across China – were ignored by trainers, who saw Doudou and other animals like her as nothing more than another circus attraction to be forced into performing often painful tricks through fear, intimidation, and violence.

The abuse PETA Asia has exposed at Chinese circus-training facilities is heartbreaking, and it wasn't only Doudou who suffered so appallingly. The eyewitness documented that bear cubs were tightly strung up by their necks in order to force them to stand on their hind legs – sometimes for hours on end – or risk choking or hanging themselves. Young lion cubs were found quivering in fear, and tigers were seen being violently whipped and beaten with heavy metal poles to make them jump through hoops and balance on balls. Terrified monkeys grimaced, struggled against neck chains, defecated in fear, and attempted to escape from their handlers. In every circus inspected by PETA Asia, animals were denied adequate food, drinking water, housing, and even the most vital veterinary care.

Such extreme cruelty doesn't occur only in China, where animal-protection laws don't exist. In circuses worldwide, animals are routinely kept in chains and confined to cramped cages because their owners think of them as nothing more than annoying "things" that need to be beaten into obedience. The use of fear and punishment to force animals to perform – as documented by PETA Asia in China – is common practice among circuses that exploit animals around the globe.

Bear Cubs Choked, Dragged, Caged

PETA Asia's investigation has opened the eyes of millions of people, particularly young people, to the suffering of bears, tigers, and other animals in circuses. It has also inspired people to pledge never, ever to buy tickets to exhibits that abuse and exploit animals, while calls for these businesses to be shut down are growing louder. Governments in France, the UK, and elsewhere are under increasing pressure to follow the lead of Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, and other countries by banning wild-animal acts.

Your help will immediately strengthen PETA's vital work for all animals, including those who are being abused for human entertainment right now.

Thank you so much for your support and for all you do for animals.

Jane's Pet Resort. Fullerton Cove NSW Australia. FINED over Kennel Death! Only $2500... 

POOR OUTCOME today when the Kennel Owners fronted Court. 

Stephen and Jane Williams of Jane's Pet Resort fined over animal cruelty and failure to provide vet treatment! 


The FINES imposed for the BEAGLES death and the injury to the other dog whilst at the Kennel are not good enough! 

Sadly BARON the Greyhound's death will never be heard in Court .. 



Ostriches used for leather

Be a Part of Our Next Victory—Take Action Today. High-end fashion labels have ditched animal skins, thanks to the action of PETA supporters, but we still need to persuade Hermès and Prada to stop selling the skins of ostriches. Take action on this and over 100 other important alerts on PETA's iPhone appDOWNLOAD AND ACT TODAY 


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