Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Animal Testing Weekly!

Dogs Are Being Bred With Muscular Dystrophy as Part of Cruel Experiment – Sign Petition to Stop This! We all love our dogs, probably more deeply than almost anything. Our dogs are not only our trusted companions, but they’re also members of our families. We would never do anything to harm our four-legged friends and the sight of any story mentioning animal abuse makes us cringe. This is the standard for most dog lovers – but what if we told you some of the products you use every single day could be harming dogs?
We commonly think of rabbits and mice when it comes to the animals used in laboratories for experimentation and research, but – to the surprise of many – our beloved dogs also fall into this category. And we need your help to stop these cruel tests.

According to a  petition on Care2 by PETA, experimenters led by Joe Kornegay at the Texas A&M University breed golden retrievers to develop different types of muscular dystrophy (MD), including Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), which is particularly severe. These diseases cause progressive muscle wasting and weakness. Not surprisingly, studies with these dogs haven’t led to a cure or even a treatment to reverse disease symptoms. Testing on animals makes no sense!

PETA states,  “Video footage shows that Kornegay’s appallingly thin dogs were caged, sometimes alone, in barren metal cells and struggled to swallow thin gruel—the only food that they could eat, given how easily they could choke. Long ropes of saliva hung from the mouths of dogs whose jaw muscles had weakened. Even balancing was difficult. Dogs with this condition are also at great risk for pneumonia because they can easily inhale liquid into their lungs.”

Kornegay has been conducting these cruel tests on defenseless animals for more than 30 years. Puppies in his laboratory who are born with DMD are so weak at birth that they require extra nutrition. By six weeks of age, their hind limbs have shifted forward, making walking difficult, and some are unable to open their mouths or jaws. There is absolutely no reason this testing needs to continue.

Join us in putting an end to these barbaric experiments. Ask the U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to STOP funding these cruel experiments on dogs!

Another huge step you can take to help end animal testing is to purchase only cruelty-free products that are clearly marked. You can also donate to groups like the American Anti-Vivisection Society or Beagle Freedom Project to support their efforts to end cruel lab testing. And be sure to send this post to everyone you know and urge them to sign the petition as well! Click to sign!
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