Monday, March 6, 2017

Top of the iTunes® Charts & Many Placements this week!

Visionary Sessions by Weed (Sunset Recordings)  has entered the iTunes® Charts: Top Albums Easy Listening on position 29 in Belgium!
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Vicki Kiely is the Artist of the Month for March 2017!

"Mr. Player" by Vicki Kiely will be played on the March 13th episode of PodCast Of 1000s!
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Mista Latex is now in rotation on the WTF Show at The show starts at 8pm est and will be available on demand on the next day.
What the Fuego? The Hottest Indie Radio Show in Washington D.C.
Fuego Beats Radio | Online Indie Radio - Broadcasting The Hottest Indie Artist!
Blazing Flame Radio will be spinning Mista Latex song in their new music segment which airs everyday except thursdays at 2pm and 12am eastern time
Blazing Flame Radio

Mista Latex will be added to the Smooth Jams RnB Hits Radio Channel!
House On The Hill (HOTH) in heavy rotation at WWMC Radio!
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Charts and Numbers from the placements on the Matt Rixx Compilation CDs: 

Most streamed songs for 2017

This is only for AppleDeezerGoogle Play and Spotify plays.

Updated every Sunday. 
TITLESong Title/ArtistStreams
1We In This Lil TaRus featuring Mya Tanee'10830
2DTown Area Code 972 AC Da' Perfecto8363 
3My Eyes Cabarnes3784 
4Moscow Drive Taliia3662 
5Discretion Alonzo3657 
6Superfly Kevon Tyrre3263 
7Out There Bob Jeter3262 
8Saved by My Radio Jeter N The Jets3231 
9Been On The Grind OfficialVybe3144 
10Innocent Children Court of Lore3103 
11Outsider P.H.I.R.E. JONES3096 
12I'm Into You Miranda Williams2724 
13Bad Girl Amber Hobbs2514 
14Frat House The Factory2371 
15Don't Give A Shit Goatsy2249 
16Flashback Night Raptor2208 
17Roll It Up Supathowd1998 
18We The People Jansport Jack1899 
19Missed Calls Dre Loco1872 
20Keep Moving mellowtone1647 
21Money Monster Goatsy1617 
22True Story D.A. Baby1610 
23Worldwide Death N.W.771600 
24Half Past Nine Among Legends1520 
25Flatliner Among Legends1520 
26Money Monster Goatsy1363 
27Southern Lives Wes Romaniuk1342 
28Worldwide 5 - Intro Matthew Rix1307 
29American Trew OG Yungn1305 
30The Perfect One Death by Platypi1280 
31Quick Paper Florida Boy1256 
32Came From Florida Boy1238 
33Shining on U Franso Mafio1237 
34Miss Me Long Wes Romaniuk1187 
35Cloud 9 P.H.I.R.E. JONES1172 
36Mystique Alonzo1134 
37Thief In The Night French Sinatra featuring DeejayDaMacc1119 
38Volume 1 - Intro Matthew Rix1110 
39Goin Off Franso Mafio1091 
40Shining on U Franso Mafio1068 
41Steven at the Beer Store Jef Leeson1047 
42What You Gon Say Crazy X1023 
43Eternity And Beyond LOE featuring G Suave985 
44Greatest Fan Amber Hobbs952 
45Fluent B.Miles931 
46Nightswim Goatsy919 
47What Is The Mattrix Mixtape Matthew Ri863 
48Survival Wiz Jay863 
49In Ya Face Amber Hobbs855 
50Real Life Marvellous835 
51Where is Love Robert W. J. Taylor816 
52Everything Florida Boy800 
53Look Steezy Baby featuring Pluto767 
54Theme Song Hot-Rod763 
55Chillin On Da Top LIL C763 
56City Lights D. Xplodé752 
57Fiesta Taliia747 
58Come Follow Me Dirty T743 
59My Titanic Richard Conrad Morgan739 
60Life Ain't No Game Jayy Queezy734 
61PaperChase Dre Loco721 
62Today I Cried Akiba716 
63Believe In Yourself Randy Taylor708 
64Sativa Caseeno Van Go704 
65Doe Rae Mi Kapital A697 
66From The Bottom To The Top Dre Loco688 
67Galactic Love New Nobility684 
68Lawzzz AC Da' Perfecto672 
69Creepy Pasta T'Neal663 
70Mood Donyai661 
71Sacrifice Florida Boy657 
72Fo Real Freestyle Capo 300654 
73Make Music Death by Platypi653 
74Frat House The Factory645 
75Wavez/Priceless AvantGardeLomo644 
76Mutual Love Chris. featuring Will B633 
77Deu Onda DJ VN632 
78Blame Nikey631 
79Southern Lives Wes Romaniuk625 
80Altered Lives Explode Spiralized620 
81Crosswords Francesco Zane617 
82Stay High Sedona616 
83Used 2 Be Goatsy featuring The Realish615 
84Keep Dancin Carl Thornton613 
85Stole My HeartS tillInIt607 
86Cool Kevon Tyrre603 
87Going Home Cuz Jones featuring Bino603 
88Selfish Pride Derrick T. Lewis599 
89Why We Gotta Die C-Rollin598 
90Best Thing Spencer and Sequoia588 
91Cloud 9 P.H.I.R.E. JONES587 
92Summertime Los Marijuanos584 
93Vanilla Ice Cream Amber Hobbs581 
94Paradise New Nobility578 
95Ready For This Peggy575 
96Off Dem Drugs Chief Rocka569 
97Drivin' on Dead Dinosaurs Andrew Fisher567 
98Favorite Song Tra Cee564 
9910 AC Da' Perfecto554 
100Interlude 2 jmfisz553 

Top 100 Weekly Most streamed song from Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play & Spotify.

Updated every Sunday:
#Song Title/ArtistSTREAMS
1We In This Lil TaRus featuring Mya Tanee'3457
2DTown Area Code 972 AC Da' Perfecto3128
3Moscow Drive Taliia3072
4Discretion Alonzo3038
5Superfly Kevon Tyrre2350
6Been On The Grind OfficialVybe2206
7Flashback Night Raptor2177
8Frat House The Factory2120
9Don't Give A Shit Goatsy1936
10Saved by My Radio Jeter N The Jets1639
11Out There Bob Jeter1635
12Missed Calls Dre Loco1632
13I'm Into You Miranda Williams1517
14Mystique Alonzo1134
15Innocent Children Court of Lore1124
16Roll It Up Supathowd898
17The Perfect One Death by Platypi794
18Came From Florida Boy769
19Half Past Nine Among Legends744
20We The People Jansport Jack740
21True Story D.A. Baby691
22Worldwide Death N.W.77676
23Keep Moving mellowtone675
24Money Monster Goatsy670
25Money Monster Goatsy655
26Mood Donyai655
27My Eyes Cabarnes648
28Southern Lives Wes Romaniuk634
29What Is The Mattrix Mixtape Matthew Rix631
30Cloud 9 P.H.I.R.E. JONES626
31Goin Off Franso Mafio623
32Deu Onda DJ VN596
33Flatliner Among Legends588 
34Bad Girl Amber Hobbs583 
35Favorite Song Tra Cee557 
36Worldwide 5 - Intro Matthew Rix542 
37American Trew OG Yungn540
38Thief In The Night French Sinatra featuring DeejayDaMacc518
39Shining on U Franso Mafio500
40Everything Florida Boy499 
41Eternity And Beyond LOE featuring G Suave489 
42Shining on U Franso Mafio476
43Steven at the Beer Store Jef Leeson472 
44Miss Me Long Wes Romaniuk448 
45Frat House The Factory447
46Fo Real Freestyle Capo 300439
47Galactic Love New Nobility436
48Volume 1 - Intro Matthew Rix434
49The One Florida Boy432
50Nightswim Goatsy432
51Bad Girl Amber Hobbs426
52What You Gon Say Crazy X426 
53Fluent B.Miles416 
54Where is Love Robert W. J. Taylor415 
55Greatest Fan Amber Hobbs412 
56Stay High Sedona405 
57Look Steezy Baby featuring Pluto398 
58Cool Kevon Tyrre369 
59Sacrifice Florida Boy363 
60I'll Be There Jef Leeson353 
61Why We Gotta Die C-Rollin353 
62Expanding PGBMexico352 
63Interlude 2 jmfisz351 
64Mind Ya Business Ish Akanour349 
65Creepy Pasta T'Neal345 
66Drivin' on Dead Dinosaurs Andrew Fisher293 
67Get Money Apollo featuring Pariska$h293 
68Vanilla Ice Cream Amber Hobbs287 
69In Ya Face Amber Hobbs287 
70Make Music Death by Platypi271 
71Better Than Me Juyce247 
72Cloud 9 P.H.I.R.E. JONES239 
73Survival Wiz Jay235 
74Real Life Marvellous234 
75Give Bees a Chance Lovely Previn232 
76Loyal To The Pill DRS231 
77Missed Calls Dre Loco226 
78Life Ain't No Game Jayy Queezy222 
79TK Outter Space TK $Jugg'n217 
80Fiesta Taliia215 
81Forreal Tokes214 
82Burn Fair Haven featuring David Patton213 
8310 AC Da' Perfecto209 
84City Lights D. Xplodé208 
85Outsider P.H.I.R.E. JONES206 
86Doe Rae Mi Kapital A205 
87Today I Cried Akiba203 
88There Will Be Blood Future Shock200 
89Forreal Tokes198 
90Best Thing Spencer and Sequoia198 
91I'm Just Livin Life Jayy Queezy featuring Donny Konz198 
92Da Money Song BlackIce DaProblem196
93Drama Gullah Raw195 
94Thug Coughin LiL Harda191 
95Black Lives Matter Bam Gucci190 
96Redemption Will B. featuring Chris., Dbaby and Breana Marin189 
97My Titanic Richard Conrad Morgan188 
98Come Follow Me Dirty T188 
99My Windy City, My City So Windy Real King Shon187 
100Used 2 Be Goatsy featuring The Realish184 

Eighteen (18) Songs, including the #1 and #2 Overall Song at Homegrown Hits!
The #1 Country Song at Homegrown Hits!
The #3, #4 and #6 Dance / Club Song at Homegrown Hits!
The #1 Latin Song at Homegrown Hits!
Sunset Artists are the #1, #2, #3 and #4 top pop song at Homegrown Hits!

Vicki Kiely has the #1 and #2 Pop Song and more Sunset artists are #3 and #4 in Pop at Homegrown Hits! 
Seven (7) top R&B/HipHop Songs in the Top 10, including having the #1 and #2 R&B/HipHop song at Homegrown Hits!
Four Rock Song are in the top 10 at Homegrown Hits!

'Anthem For Animals' by Gaia's Eye ft. Azucena Azul from the Songs For Freedom CD was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is Currently 23rd in R&B at Our Stage

'Cervantes' by Dreamdoktor was in the Top 40 in February 2017 in Music Videos at Our Stage

'Bring My Baby Back' by Han Drabur was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is Currently 32nd in EDM at Our Stage

'Nod Ya Head' by Kapital A was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is currently 20th in HipHop & Rap at Our Stage

'Warreeyaz' by Kapital A was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is Currently 25th in World Music at Our Stage

'Charlie Brown' by Vicki Kiely was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is currently at #12 in Music Videos at Our Stage

'Oh, The Payday! (Midnight)' by Mister Sir was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is currently 31st in Music Videos at Our Stage

'Truth Love Spirit' by Weed was in the Top 40 in February 2017 in Instrumental at Our Stage

'Babe Damsel' by 60 Wrap$$ was in the Top 14 in February 2017 and is Currently 24h in Videos at Our Stage

'Vrelo' by Woodcock Group was in the Top 40 in February 2017 and is Currently 19h in Videos at Our Stage