Friday, March 10, 2017

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After 8 years of neglect, Lola the pitbull is ready for her forever home...

Video is compiled and edited by Chris and Amanda Lewman 

After 8 years of being chained, neglected and unnoticed, Lola is rescued by AMA Animal Rescue. AMA Animal Rescue is a New York State 501(C)3, non-profit animal rescue based out of Brooklyn, NY which consists of young women who find loving, forever homes for stray and shelter animals. 

Angels for Mistreated Animals
"Creating a loving future, erasing a painful past."

Puppy Burned by Acid Has New Friends and a New Life ...
When PETA President Ingrid Newkirk arrived in Mumbai for a visit to PETA India, one of the first sights that greeted her was a terrified 4-month-old puppy who had third-degree acid burns on her back and was being attacked by other dogs.

Newkirk was able to snatch her up in her arms and rush her to PETA India's office, where a veterinarian treated her severe injuries.

Now named Hershey, the rescued pup has recovered from her burns and is living at an animal sanctuary while she waits for the perfect adoptive family. And she's made plenty of new friends, from the human caregivers she loves to shower with kisses to the canine pals she runs and wrestles with. 

Wildlife SOS Online S2 - Episode 3: The Fish Rescue!
After thirty-six years of rescuing wildlife, you would be forgiven for thinking that we have seen it all, but that is far from the truth! Many of our rescues still leave us wondering how it can be done, and some are so strange that we are going in completely blind.

In episode three of our BRAND NEW online series, Simon is called to find a badger lost in a stable, a beautiful silvery fox needs urgent eye surgery and we are called out to our strangest rescue yet - a fish!

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Everyone Thought This Great Dane Was Neglected, The Truth Will Shock You.
When Darla, a large Great Dane, came to Adoptadane Rescue Queensland, nearly her entire body was bleeding and covered in seemingly open sores. Everyone thought it was neglect, but the truth was even worse.

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Hero pit bull: dog spared for biting child during rescue attempt after mother drowns kids.
A pit bull in jeopardy of being put down for biting a drowning child while trying to save his life will be spared, after investigators deemed he was acting heroically. 

On March 2 in Australia, a mother brought her two children to the Murray River, where she first attempted to drown her 9-year-old son. The boy struggled to escape his mother’s murderous grip, but managed to break free when she was distracted by her 5-year-old son’s screams. 

From a neighboring property, a pet pit bull, Buddy, heard the children’s cries, and rushed to the elder son’s aid. Storming into the water, Buddy grabbed the boy with his jaw as he pulled him to shore. In the process, his tight grip injured the child. As this was happening, the deranged mother was drowning the younger boy, who did not survive.

Buddy also bit the mother during the incident, leading authorities to initially seize him when they arrived on scene. An online petition in defense of Buddy’s response began circulating, in hopes of sparing his life, reuniting him with his distraught owners, and recognizing his heroic efforts in rescuing the 9-year-old.

In the end, the police deemed that the dog “was responding to extreme circumstances” and “likely acted in reasonable defence of the boy.” As a result, Buddy the pit bull will not be destroyed. The surviving child remains in stable condition in the hospital, recovering from his injuries.

Adorable injured dog wags tail when he sees his rescuers

We got a call on our helpline to rescue a badly injured street dog in Udaipur, India. We were told that he had been hit by a car. He had injuries not only on his head and fore-arm, but his inner thigh had several deep lacerations that were bleeding. Just watch to see how happy he is after healing! 

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Turtle swallows coins: Surgeons find 915 coins inside endangered green sea turtle 
A team of veterinarians worked hours to remove more than 900 coins from the stomach of an endangered turtle found Monday in Sri Racha, Thailand.

According to Thai tradition, tossing coins into a turtle pond can bring long life. Whether that’s true for the humans tossing the coins depends on your religious affiliation. However, it was certainly not the case for one poor 25-year-old female green sea turtle, the Associated Press reported. 

Unable to digest the coins, the turtle was taken to Chulalongkorn University for treatment by the Thai navy. She had swallowed 11 pounds of currency, a load so heavy it cracked her ventral shell, causing a life-threatening infection.

A CT scan showed that 915 coins were lodged inside the turtle’s digestive system.

Surgeons from the school’s veterinary faculty spent over four hours removing the coins bit by bit through a 4-inch incision. The turtle — nicknamed “Om-Sim,” or “Bank” in Thai — is recovering in the university’s animal hospital. It’s currently on a liquid-only diet. 

Nantarika Chansue, one of the surgeons who operated on Om-Sim, urged Thais to please stop throwing their dang coins into turtle ponds. She also thanked the kind souls who donated $428 for the turtle’s medical bills, the Bangkok Post reported.

Moment Rescued Orangutan Climbs Back Into the Wild Will Give You All The FeelsOrangutans share 97 percent of their DNA with humans and have proven themselves to be highly intelligent and resourceful. When they are in their natural rainforest habitats, they spend virtually all of their time in the treetops, caring for their loved ones, exploring their environment, and foraging for food. Just like the rest of us, they want to live in peace and free from harm.

Unfortunately, orangutans may not be with us for much longer due to the palm oil industry’s destructive actions. Palm oil is a cheap, versatile ingredient that can be found in around 50 percent of consumer goods, meaning demand for this oil is particularly high.

Over 90 percent of the orangutan’s original habitat has been destroyed and converted to palm oil plantations, leaving these animals with nowhere to go. If orangutans wander onto a palm plantation, they can be shot on sight. Over the past two decades, 20,000 of them have met their deaths at the hands of the palm oil industry, with at least 1,000 directly killed for their presence on palm plantations each year. When parts of the rainforest are cleared, orangutans are left without food. In order to feed themselves, they have no choice but to enter nearby villages in search for food. As a result, mother orangutans are often killed by poachers, and their babies are stolen and sold to wildlife parks or kept as pets.

But thankfully, there are organizations fighting to save these amazing animals. International Animal Rescue (IAR), a worldwide animal rescue organization that is dedicated to saving and rehabilitating endangered and at-risk animals recently shared this heartwarming story.

Reva the orangutan was rescued by IAR in January. She was in critical condition, with her hands and ankles bound and her body covered in injuries. This poor girl had been shot several times with an air rifle and needed intensive treatment. But Reva is a fighter and after just six weeks’ of intensive treatment at IAR’s center, she recovered and was ready to be returned to the wild. Thanks to IAR’s dedicated team of vets, the BKSDA, the Military District Command and the local Institute of Forest Management in Ketapang, Reva was able to return to the forest.

It’s hard to look at this photo from IAR and not feel overwhelmingly inspired by the efforts of this team to help Reva.
While Reva’s story has a beautiful ending, many others do not. The good news is we can all act to save the world’s orangutans.

When you set out on your next grocery run, look for planet-friendly alternatives to palm oil and try to avoid this ingredient whenever possible. To learn more about how IAR is helping animals and how you can get involved, click here.

Image Source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook