Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunset Music International Group's Placements and featured at Radio this week!

Listen to last week's live Interview with Vicki Kiely on The Edge On Air Radio Station and broadcast to the Illinois Media School of Communications!

'Choices' by Vicki Kiely added to the Island Beach Party Radio Show with Captain Vern, Hits Radio Today, On Country, and On Hits Now!

Vicki Kiely on the latest Podcast of 1000's Episode!
'Take Me Round' by Mista Latex added to rotation at Crescent City Radio at Loyola University in New Orleans!
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Han Drabur featured at All Natural Music!
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The following songs are in rotation with an in-store overhead music provider:

'Party King' by Richtaste
'You Can't Do It Right' by Richtaste
'Grounded Angel' by Richtaste
'One Way Street' by Richtaste
'Sometimes' by Richtaste
'Everypart' by Richtaste
'Supermen' by Richtaste
'Gasp For Breathe' by Richtaste

'Blessed (Proceed Without Caution)' by Weed

'So Hi' by Weed
'A Sigh Becomes A Thousand Trees' by Weed
'Visionary Sessions' by Weed
'Fields Of Love' by Weed
'Aloft' by Weed
'Finding My Way' by Weed
'Follow Me' by Weed
'Path Of Rose Petals' by Weed
'Truth Love Spirit' by Weed

'Hyperdiamonds' by DJ Zevzek

Our client provides in-store radio services to thousands of retail environments, such as fashion shops, gyms, spas, restaurants and other brick and mortar retailers.