Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sunset Music International Group

SSM Titles and popular artists releases are:

Sunset Classics & Sunset Jazz Recordings (SC&J)

World-Renowned Music Licensing Placements and Global Distribution for Creative and Commercial Uses. Available Tracks by Award-Winning Artists, Composers, Bands, and Orchestras. High-Quality Music for Major Films, TV Shows, Commercials, and Branding -- Fun, Creative, User-Friendly.

Featured Client Videos & Recent Placements:

Songwriters & Composers Roster:
Kimberly Lott
Emeka Paschal Edeh
Arthur John
Big Jay
Denny "Live"
Deon Cole
Don Meryl
Brian Doggins
Jonathan Finley
Jason Scott
Emanoil Handrabur
Harry Dean
Jonathan Rowe
Gabriel Nadler
Gina Thompson
David Nassim
Mony Arroyo
Errol Kong
Joe Guastalli
Kris Gamble
Kevin Booth
Kevin Hart
Rafael Ochoa
Brett Bogue
Sultan Orion
Just Raw
Roz Kumari
Patricia Poetic
Mark Roma
Mark Simmons
Dexter Nelams
Anton Serov
Andrew Triphonov
Sergey Rokhmanyuk 
Neil Carr
Nick Knoc
Sunday Anthony Diayi
Daniel Monday Ntuen
Norman Welch
KeithRoy Roger Mason
Stefan Fankhauser
Ronnell Sessions
Shanel Cuthbert
Simon Dabbicco
Steve Tilelli
Stephen Muldrow
D'rell Hall
Susan Schwartz
Guy Thompson
Travis Warren
Turae Gordon
Vegan Boss
Vicki Kiely
Aleksander Cvetkovic