Monday, March 6, 2017

Elephant In The Room

Distressed and Lame Elephants Traveling With Jordan World Circus

UniverSoul Inspection by Fulton County Animal Services, Observer 1

UniverSoul Inspection by Fulton County Animal Services, Observer 2
Stop Abusing Elephants for Entertainment
Target: Obie Webster, Executive Director of Entertainment and Sports Venues

Goal: Cancel plans with Garden Bros. Circus due to its cruel animal acts.

Garden Bros. Circus is currently on tour with Carson & Barnes Circus’ elephants and plans on visiting the McKenzie Arena. Both circuses have allegedly abused and neglected their animals and it is time to stop supporting this cruel form of entertainment.

Garden Bros. Circus’ manager, Zachary Garden, allegedly beats his animals, withholds food, and denies them veterinary care when they need it most. An informer claimed that Mr. Garden once hit a zebra so hard he fell to his knees and then to his side. In addition, the head trainer for Carson & Barnes Circus was caught on tape beating and shocking his elephants. The elephants can be heard screaming in pain.

Sign this petition and demand the McKenzie Arena cancel its plans with Garden Bros. Circus.