Thursday, March 16, 2017

Animal Crime and Animal Cruelty to report this Week!

Demand Wheeling WV Cancel the Shrine Circus for Extreme Cruelty to Animals. On March 14th, the Osiris Shrine Circus is coming to Wheeling, WV. They promise animal acts that include elephants and tigers, as well as opportunities for children to ride and pet different animals. Click to help out!
In Defense of Animals
Deplorable Plea Bargain Given to Man Guilty of Poisoning Animals. In April of 2016, John Colter Pyron of Hazelhurst, Mississippi was arrested by the Flowood Police Department for animal cruelty, possession of schedule III controlled substance, and suspicion of poisoning animals following an investigation of complaints from residents of an apartment complex who discovered dead animals near the residency. His punishment was a joke, and we can't remain silent about it! TAKE ACTION
In Defense of Animals
Horses Suffer Horrific Highway Crash on Way to Kill Barn. On March 1, 2017, a truck packed with 36 horses and a donkey ran off the road on Highway 82, near Greenville, Mississippi. Eleven horses were killed and seven were shot as a result of their horrific injuries. Fourteen horses and the donkey were rounded up and contained and three others who found freedom and were frolicking in a field were later captured to be transported to the Bastrop "kill barn," a term used for sell barns primarily dealing in horses for slaughter. The driver reported he was in route to the Bastrop, Louisiana from Murray, Kentucky. The horses were bound for the Bastrop sell barn. READ MORE
In Defense of Animals
Local Activists Protest Against Dog Meat at Gyeongdong MarketThe heart of any movement or campaign is the compassionate nature of individuals who create awareness and advocate for change whether it is done individually or via groups and organizations. Not well known to people outside of Korea, there are numerous small activist groups comprised of these such individuals. One of them is Dasom. READ MORE

486 animals have died here. Save more animals from death at this zoo in Cumbria.
486 animals have died at South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria in just four years. Two snow leopards were found partially eaten by members of their own species. A kangaroo was described by inspectors as "incredibly emaciated and unwell". Staff killed seven healthy lion cubs and five young baboons because there wasn't enough space for them within the confines of this zoo. These are just some examples of the horrific cruelty and neglect inflicted on wild animals at South Lakes Safari Zoo.

The zoo is owned and run by a man named David Gill, who is determined to keep this zoo operational despite so much obvious abuse. Because of the horrifying treatment of his animals, councillors rejected his application to renew his licence to run the zoo, and then also rejected his application for a brand new licence. However, the animals aren't safe from his clutches yet. He has 28 days to appeal the decision, and during that time, the animals remain at the zoo.

We have to make sure that if David Gill appeals the council's decision, the councillors stick by their word and still refuse to grant him a licence. We also have to make sure they protect the animals that are suffering right now. These animals need to be taken to a reputable wildlife sanctuary that can properly provide for their needs, stop them from eating one another, and ensure that their breeding is controlled. 

Inspectors to the zoo have said, "The lack of senior supervision and management is evident throughout the zoo, including the failures of the local veterinary service, leading to deplorable standards, compromised welfare and deaths."

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