Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up

Stop Alaska's bid to shoot wolves from the air

Help us defend these imperiled predators. Your urgent donation will help us fight Alaska’s despicable plan.

Your generous donation will help save wolves.
The state of Alaska refuses to give up on its relentless quest to kill wolves, bears and other wildlife by baiting, snaring and shooting mother bears with cubs and wolves with pups.
We’re pulling out all the stops to defend these animals and end the madness.
You might recall that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service passed regulations last year specifically outlawing Alaska’s excessive and extreme attacks on predators on national wildlife refuges and preserves. But Alaska is fighting back. They recently filed a lawsuit in federal court to overturn these regulations. And now the Alaska delegation has introduced legislation in Congress to accomplish the same goal.
If Alaska wins, their plan will include:
  • Killing wolves and pups during the spring and summer "denning" season;
  • Gunning down mother bears and their cubs;
  • Baiting and snaring bears and their cubs; and
  • Using airplanes to scout and shoot bears.
We’re fighting a war on two fronts. Thanks to you, Defenders’ is going to court TODAY and filing a motion to intervene to try to stop this deadly lawsuit. And on Capitol Hill, we’re gathering opposition to this crude effort to replace science with politics – but we need you!

Your urgent donation today will make a difference.

Wolves could once be found roaming the forests and grasslands across the United States -- but today, it’s estimated there are less than 2O,OOO left.[1]

In 2O11, the government began stripping away protections for wolves under the Endangered Species Act. And since the repeal of their protections, over 4,2OO wolves have be slaughtered in just six states.[2]

Now the population of wolves is on the brink of extinction, and they’re are risk of losing even more protections nationwide! To continue protecting wolves -- and to make sure they survive and thrive -- we need to act NOW.

Save wolves!
For centuries, wolves have been depicted as predatory and dangerous. In fact, during the 196O’s, the U.S. government called for the extermination of all wolves, causing the population to plummet to a mere 3OO.[3]

The U.S. government took action to protect wolves then. But as their population grew, the government began to strip protections for certain wolf species in parts of the country.

Now, wolves are threatened again. Red wolves, gray wolves, and Mexican gray wolves are all facing extinction.

The stakes are too high. Please take action now to help save wolves: