Friday, February 24, 2017

Success Stories this week!

Defamation Suit Tossed, Landry's Fined $450,000
A Harris County judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Landry's Inc. against an animal rights organization that alleged four white tigers at the Downtown Aquarium were kept in living conditions that were inadequate. Photo: PAT SULLIVAN, STF / AP
Three days after both sides argued in court, Judge Steven Kirkland has dismissed Landry's defamation lawsuit against the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Carney Anne Nasser, and Cheryl Conley! To sanction Landry's for bringing such a frivolous lawsuit, Judge Kirkland issued a fine of $450,000 plus attorneys fees, and cleared the path for a federal lawsuit to free the tigers.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund along with Irvine & Conner PLLC is expected to file the federal case under the Endangered Species Act in the near future. In the meantime, today's victory is a win for activists everywhere, and the right for us to speak up and voice our concerns. Now more than ever, we unite to #freehoustontigers. Thank you for your support!

Praise Closure of Cruel Animal Circus
Target: Noble John B. Watkins, President of the Orillia, Ontario Shrine Club

Goal: Applaud decision to end circus which used captive animals for entertainment.

Due to increasing pressure by animal welfare activists, the Orillia Shrine Club will no longer be hosting its annual circus. The show has seen a drop in attendance over the years due to its use of animals. Instead, the Shrine Club will be focusing on a different way to raise funds for children’s hospitals, including an Oktoberfest event.

According to organizers, public pressure was a major factor in the decision. They claim that while the animals featured in the circus were treated well, the ongoing controversy surrounding captive animals used as entertainment was too great to ignore.

Animals held in captivity and forced to perform in circuses face both mental and physical anguish. Elephants, which have been used by the circus in previous years, are taken from their mothers at a young age. They are chained, starved, and beaten during the training process. These intelligent animals are often kept isolated and unable to move around for much of the time they are not performing.

This decision is on-trend with other circuses deciding to nix animal acts, most notably, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. Public opinion is increasingly against the enslavement of animals for entertainment, and this decision shows that the Shrine Club is paying attention to that. Sign the petition below to applaud this decision, which sets a shining example for others to follow. Sign the PETITION LETTER!