Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Elephant In The Room

Oregon Zoo Murders Packy The Elephant
In Defense of Animals
Despite protests from scientists, the public and his own keepers, Packy the elephant was murdered by the Oregon Zoo on February 9 - a date that is now being recognized as World Zoothanasia Day. At 54, Packy was the oldest known Asian male elephant in North America. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2013, yet he showed no signs of distress or discomfort due to his condition. TAKE ACTION

Don't Bring Back Animal Acts to the Melha Shrine Circus!
Trained with bullhooks and electric prods. Crammed into tiny enclosures without enough room for proper exercise. Forced to perform tricks for jeering crowds. This is the sad life of a circus elephant.
The Melha Shrine Circus did a wonderful thing last year — they stopped using animal acts in their show. Unfortunately, they have decided that a show without animals isn't profitable enough. This year they are once again forcing elephants and tigers to perform in their circus.
When Sheryl found out about this shocking reversal, she was so upset that she created a Care2 petition demanding that the Melha Shrine Circus go animal-free once again. Will you sign her petition?
For years, animal lovers like you have been calling on circuses to stop using animals in their shows. There is no disputing that the training techniques are barbaric. But even if there were a way to train elephants to balance on a stool without hurting them, they would still be in a circus.
The elephants and tigers in the Melha Shrine Circus belong in the wild, or at the very least in a certified sanctuary where they have space to roam in a natural setting. No circus will ever be able to meet the needs of wild animals, no matter how humane they claim to be.
If the Melha Shrine Circus lost business last year because they didn't include animals in their show, then they should find better acts featuring humans. The Los Angeles and Dallas Shrine Circuses stopped using animals years ago, and have managed to make money.
Wildlife traffickers find safe harbor in Taiwan's legalized ivory markets. Send the message: it's time to shut down the trade.
United States of America: Banned Ivory Trade
France: Banned Ivory Trade
Kenya: Banned Ivory Trade
Taiwan: No Ivory Ban. Tell Taiwan to take action against the ivory trade.
More than 100 governments have stated their clear opposition to the ivory trade. But Taiwan has yet to join this worldwide movement to protect elephants. Tell the Taiwanese government it's time to stop the slaughter of elephants by enacting a total ban on its ivory trade.
Wildlife traffickers are using Taiwan's legal ivory trade and their ports as a hub for transporting other wildlife contraband – putting even more species at risk! Add your name to our petition now!