Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Animal Testing Weekly Updates

Demand Arm & Hammer Stop Testing on Animals
Target: Matthew Farrell, CEO of Church and Dwight

Goal: Stop Arm & Hammer from testing on animals.

Arm & Hammer is a popular brand known for its household products and aesthetic products like deodorant and toothpaste. Unfortunately, the brand continues to test on animals despite knowing how cruel and unnecessary it is.

Animals used for testing face unimaginable horrors daily. They have ingredients rubbed into their skin, eyes, mouth, and even injected under their skin. They have tubes shoved down their throats and are force-fed, or are forced to inhale certain chemicals. However, the animals’ reactions to these products and ingredients often lead to inconclusive results. Humans are obviously much different in biology than common lab animals like rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs.

Sign this petition and demand Arm & Hammer stop testing its ingredients and products on animals. Many companies have already taken action against this unnecessary cruelty and it is time Arm & Hammer do the same.
Dogs in the Lab

URGENT: Dogs Need Us to Close Cruel Laboratories at Texas A&M University Now. Golden retrievers at Texas A&M University are purposely bred to develop muscular dystrophy, which ravages their bodies and can make it a struggle for them even to walk or eat. LET'S CLOSE THE LAB 

Urge Avon to Stop Paying for Cruel Tests on Animals in China.
monkeys rabbit used for testing
Avon used to be a stalwart on PETA's list of companies that never test on animals. But in 2012, PETA exposed that some formerly cruelty-free cosmetics manufacturers, including Avon, had quietly changed their policies and were paying for tests on animals in order to sell their products in China.

PETA is working with scientists to end product tests on animals in China and has persuaded many companies to pull out of or refuse even to enter the Chinese market while animals are still dying. Fortunately, there are still more than 2,300 companies on our global "don't test" list whose products consumers can buy with a clear conscience.

But we need your help now! Please take a moment to let Avon know that you're disappointed in its backsliding and that you won't buy its products as long as they're tested on animals.