Thursday, January 12, 2017

Animal Cruelty & Crime to Report at the beginning of this New Year!

Animals Documented Living in Filth, Neglected for CBS Show & Hollywood Movies
Sur, who staff said was used in a TV mini-series, had no bedding. This photo was captured following an overnight low temperature of 49 degrees.

PETA's latest-breaking eyewitness investigation, of Birds & Animals Unlimited (BAU)—a leading animal supplier to the film and television industries—found that animals were denied adequate veterinary care, kept in filthy conditions, and confined to depressing, barren, pound-like enclosures. 

Miss Piggy, who BAU employees claim was used as a piglet in the movie College Road Trip, was emaciated and had raw, sometimes bloody sores all over her side. The ranch manager told the eyewitness that she was suffering from melanoma, but she didn't receive any treatment for her condition.
As you can see in this eye-opening video, PETA's eyewitness documented that animal "actors" suffered from inadequate veterinary care and were denied the most basic comforts while living in barren and sometimes filthy conditions.

Together, we can help stop the use of animals in film, television, and advertising. Don't support productions that insist on using live animals, and take action today tourge CBS to stop using live animals—some of whom are from BAU—in its show Zoo. Help out and/or read more about this issue now!

Bear vs Russian truckers: bear gets run over then beaten to death with a crowbar
A graphic video shows two trucks running over a defenseless bear in Russia. As the bear suffers in the snow with injuries from the first attack, the drivers continue their assault until they kill the bear with their trucks. Demand justice for this tortured bear.

In a shocking viral video, an innocent bear in Siberia was run over and crushed to death. It made my stomach turn to hear the perpetrators yell "Squash him! Squash him!" as they repeatedly drove over the bear until it finally died.
Incidents like these are not isolated occurrences. Last year, another video showed a polar bear howling in pain at an Arctic military base after a man inserted a fire cracker into his mouth.
Some animals don't hibernate or become curious about human activity, so not uncommon for wildlife to cross paths with people who don't think twice before retaliating. That's why it's so important for law enforcement to not only investigate these acts of animal cruelty, but follow through to ensure that people know it's not OK to treat wildlife this way.
When enough of us sign the petition, it shows Russian authorities that the world is watching and we expect justice.
Infected Rabbit Used for Angora Industry

Global Retailer TJX Is Still Selling Angora and Fur in Stores Across North America. TJX knows that every three months, angora rabbits are dragged out of tiny, filthy cages and that their fur is violently torn out as they scream in pain. Yet, the company still sells angora in its stores such as T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods and even sells fur in Marshalls and its other stores in Canada. E-MAIL TJX NOW 

Andy Serkis

'Planet of the Apes' Star Shares the Heartbreaking Story of Captive Endangered Ape Louie. "He's now kept in a cage, completely isolated, unable to socialize, living a very lonely and miserable existence, and it just broke my heart." — Andy Serkis - HEAR LOUIE'S STORY

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