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Rescued Elephant Who Spent 46 Years in Captivity Has a Blast in Sanctuary Home. If you have seen an elephant in the wild, you already know how majestic they are. They move their massive body weight like a dancer. A really large, gray dancer. And yet, despite their beauty, despite their clearly demonstrated intelligence (they speak to each other in a low, rumbling dialect and receive the messages via the vibrations they pick up with their toes!), elephants remain on the endangered species list and the ivory trade is still thriving. It is estimated that there are around 35,000 Indian elephants left in the wild today. However, there are thousands of Indian elephants that have been bred in captivity or kidnapped and subjected to an incredibly inhumane and painful training process before they are forced into a life of servitude.

Elephants in captivity are worked to death. They are pushed until, slowly, their body gives out and they are discarded as useless and unprofitable. Don’t get too depressed, organizations like Wildlife SOS, an animals rights and rescue group based out of India,  are working tirelessly to put an end to these cruel practices and save as many elephants as they can. Recently they rescued Asha and here is her story.

Meet Asha, she is 46 years old. Her entire life up to this point was spent in captivity.
Asha the Elephant is Rescued After 46 Years in Captivity
She began giving rides up and down steep hills to tourists in Jaipur. The strenuous labor and poor treatment resulted in several serious injuries. Since she was  no longer fit for the work, she was sold and became a begging elephant.
Asha the Elephant is Rescued After 46 Years in Captivity
When Wildlife SOS got to her, she was in bad shape. “She has painful abscesses on both the hips which are caused by lying on hard surfaces continuously. On examination of ears, piercing holes were noticed on the ear folds, also below the temporal lobe, indicating the cruel and painful methods of training and handling.” 
Asha the Elephant is Rescued After 46 Years in Captivity
Asha the Elephant is Rescued After 46 Years in Captivity
Asha the Elephant is Rescued After 46 Years in Captivity
After a lot of hard work from the doctors at the Elephant Care Center Mathura, and a lot of generous donations, Asha boarded a truck and headed to her new home.Asha the Elephant is Rescued After 46 Years in Captivity

And now she is very happy in her new home!

Though Asha would be much happier running free in the wild, because she has spent so many years in captivity and needs special treatment, she will live out her days in the comfort of her fellow rescued elephants and lovely caretakers. While her tale is heartwarming, Asha is the exception to the rule. Elephant abuse is still very prevalent all around the world. So let’s get involved! If you would like to support elephants like Asha, visit Wildlife SOS and donate to help them save more abused pachyderms. All image source: Wildlife SOS 

Fiery Fox fights for freedom

Injured horse reunited with her herd

Buddy, a five-year-old olive baboon, is the newest addition to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary's "adoption" program!

Buddy was rescued in 2013, right before he was about to be sold as a "pet." He was living in a cage in a barn, awaiting sale in the pet trade, when we were eagerly asked for help—and we gladly said "yes!"
Adopt Buddy!
He has only been at the sanctuary for three-and-a-half years, but his active, playful energy quickly endeared this young male baboon to the sanctuary caretakers. His best friend is a young olive baboon named Elvis, and the two are inseparable! Buddy and Elvis live in a large, natural enclosure with a troop of baboons, mostly composed of the "Lucky Nine": a group of female baboons retired from research. Check out this video of Buddy in action!

If you're considering adopting a primate ($5 per month), Buddy could be your guy! The beginning of Buddy's life was lonely, scary, and uncertain. If he had been sold and kept as a pet, he could be in a terrible state today.

We're fortunate to have the chance to change the course of his life, but we need you. Please help Buddy (and all of the primates at our sanctuary) continue to thrive by adopting him today—either for yourself or as a gift for someone special!

From now until December 13, all primate adoptions include a free plush chimpanzee: a perfect gift for the animal lover on your holiday list. Adopters also receive a certificate of adoption, the monkey's story, the natural history of the species, and a framed photo of the adopted individual.

Badass Rescuers Save Feral Cat Colony From Cruel Building Super. We would never dream of pitting cats and dogs against each other in a metaphorical battle over which one really is the favorite pet, but according to the 2015-2016 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey, there are 85.8 million pet cats versus 77.8 million pet dogs living in the U.S. The real answer is, both animals make fantastic companions, each with their own unique personalities and attributes that make them great pets for different people. Unfortunately, as much as America loves cats, it seems that we just can’t get it right when it comes to the treatment of feral cats.

Feral cats are free-roaming, outdoor cats that are made up of a mix of kitties who have been lost or abandoned and ones who have lived their entire lives outdoors. As animal lovers, it’s tough to see these cats, who aren’t so different from our housecats, take shelter from the rain and snow, drink from puddles instead of fresh water, and sometimes, get into conflicts with other feral cats in the area. What’s even tougher is when you learn that people in the neighborhood don’t find these wild and free cats quite as endearing as you do.

But, when one feral cat colony on Coram, Long Island was set to be destroyed by a building superintendent with malicious intentions, Guardians of Rescue stepped up to the plate to give the cats a better life. The risk for the feral cats living around the area of an apartment complex was very real. Their shelters and feeding stations had been destroyed, forcing the cats to take shelter from the cold anywhere they could. Car engines and wheel wells are just two places outdoor and feral cats like to hide when it starts to get chilly. So, Guardians of Rescue sent two men — retired NYPD officer Billy Hale and Guardians of Rescue President and investigator Robert Misseri, to save the feral cats that the landlord and tenants of an apartment building wanted to get rid of.

Former NYPD officer Billy Hale lead negotiations with the superintendent of the apartment complex. Along with Misseri, the duo trapped a total of 11 feral cats.
The Lives of These Feral Cats Were At Risk Until A Retired Cop and a Rescuer Stepped In (PHOTOS)
They then transported all of the cats to a place where they would be safe: Happy Cat Sanctuary, a safe haven for cats from all walks of life. 
The Lives of These Feral Cats Were At Risk Until A Retired Cop and a Rescuer Stepped In (PHOTOS)
These burly men sure don’t fit the stereotype of what most of us would imagine a “cat lover” looks like, but it’s because of them that these cats are safe. 
The Lives of These Feral Cats Were At Risk Until A Retired Cop and a Rescuer Stepped In (PHOTOS)
It took a lot of time and patience to ensure a future for the feral cats, who didn’t understand that Hale and Messini were on their side.
The Lives of These Feral Cats Were At Risk Until A Retired Cop and a Rescuer Stepped In (PHOTOS)
And, more good news — according to Guardians of Rescue, the superintendent who threatened the cats with harm has been removed from their position!
The Lives of These Feral Cats Were At Risk Until A Retired Cop and a Rescuer Stepped In (PHOTOS)
Some might see the presence of feral cats as a nuisance, but like us, these animals are just doing their very best to survive. We’re so glad that these cats were saved and they will be fed and cared for the rest of their lives. If you want to know more about what you can do to help feral cats in your area, check out this article.

To learn more about Guardians of Rescue, the organization that made the rescue possible, visit their official website. To donate to the cats’ new home, visit the Happy Cat Sanctuary official website. Lead image source: Guardians of Rescue/Facebook

Dog Rescue on Shagovskom pond. This dog rescue happened in the city of Kostroma Shagovskom pond. Hunting 7 November 2016 duck dog suddenly hit the ice trap. Eyewitness Report - the operator of the event in the group of the Public Committee "Shagovsky pond"
Publications about the dog after the rescue:

These Adorable Photos of Shelter Pets Meeting Their Forever Families Are Everything. For many in America, this past weekend was defined by excess – too much food, too much wine, and spending too much money. But as we come to the end of the weekend and recover from our Thanksgiving/Black Friday hangover there were a number of groups not asking us to spend money.

Hundreds of animal shelters around the United States partnered with Zappos and Best Friends Animal Society to waive all adoption fees from November 25th through the 28th. They hope to find homes for 9,000 animals by the end of Cyber Monday. The goal was to find families for 9,000 animals is not an arbitrary one – 9,000 dogs and cats are killed every day in shelters across the country. That means that around 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year.

One of the many shelters participating in the program was the no-kill shelter Paws Atlanta. They Paws Atlanta team joined other shelters around the country and pushed to find new homes for their temporary residents. Not surprisingly, their efforts rewarded with a lot of success. It’s not hard to sell something as cute a kitten or a puppy – especially when they’re giving them away. Here are a few of the recently adopted pets from Paws Atlanta with their new families.

This is Winifred Sanderson and her new mom.
Adorable Photos of From Atlanta Shelter That Waived Adoption Fees for the Weekend
Batman the pup also went home with his new family. Now he has a toddler to look after on top of the city of Gotham.
Adorable Photos of From Atlanta Shelter That Waived Adoption Fees for the Weekend
Briskit is going to be an only child, and his mom and dad are going to spoil him rotten.
Adorable Photos of From Atlanta Shelter That Waived Adoption Fees for the Weekend
Marshmellow’s new big brother tucked him into his new bed last night.
Adorable Photos of From Atlanta Shelter That Waived Adoption Fees for the Weekend
Calvin and Hobbs went home together. BFF’s 4 ever.
Adorable Photos of From Atlanta Shelter That Waived Adoption Fees for the Weekend
Demelza got a little handsy with her new dad but it’s ok – they;re family.
Adorable Photos of From Atlanta Shelter That Waived Adoption Fees for the Weekend
We love a story with a happy ending and there are so many of them as a result of this campaign, but it’s important that we keep working promote pet adoption around the country. The best way to save the lives of dogs and cats is by encouraging your friends to adopt. Many of the dogs that are sold in pet shops and online are bred in puppy mills which are incredibly cruel to the mothers and the puppies so be sure you adopt instead of buying a pet.  And when possible, adopt a senior pet – they are just as sweet, plus, they’re already housebroken. To support Paws Atlanta check out who is still looking for a home in their shelter. All image source: Paws Atlanta/Facebook

The Look on the Face of This Rescued Bat Will Make You Want to Save Them All! Some people might view bats are terrifying creatures but in reality, that’s not the case. As Green Monsters, we know that many animals are unfortunately given bad reputations because of our misconceptions about them. Most bats pose little or no threat to humans and are actually an incredibly beneficial species to humans.

Bats can eat millions of bugs in one night which means that farmers don’t have to use as much pesticide when bats are around. If that wasn’t enough, bats are also pollinators. Nectar-eating bats are crucial pollinators for over 500 plant species, many of which are ecologically significant. Most flowering plants do not have the ability to produce seeds without being pollinated. When bats drink a flower’s nectar, they subsequently pick up pollen and transfer it as they feed. Pretty cool, right?

But sadly, bat populations are in decline. Many bat species are in danger of extinction due to habitat loss, culls, and fatal white-nose syndrome. White-nose syndrome is a form of fungus that grows on bats when they are hibernating. So far, six million bats have died from this disease.

Thanks to rescues like Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue, there is hope for these amazing animals. Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Queensland dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native wildlife. And from the look on this little one’s face, they seem to be doing a great job!

This cutie is an orphaned bat who is receiving all the care and comfort he needs from Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue.
Instead of fearing bats, we should work to protect them. The first step is to raise awareness about their plight. Please share this post with your friends and family to help us dispel the myths about these wonderful creatures. For more information on

For more information on Far North Queensland Wildlife Rescue and how to make a donation to continue their life-saving missions, click here. We need bats more than they need us, so it’s time we started acting like it! Image Source: ABC Far North/Facebook

This Shelter Pup Was Too Scared to Show Her Face – But a Foster Home Changed Everything! When you’re a pet without a home, the shelter is a scary place — it’s crowded, full of other barking dogs who have no other way to communicate, and worst of all, the humans who help take care of you never stay. It’s estimated that six to eight million cats and dogs enter shelters each year, but only three to four million are adopted. Sadly, this means many pets are euthanized. Five out of ten dogs and seven out of ten cats who were abandoned by their former guardians, or never got the chance to know what it feels like to have a loving home, are put to sleep simply because the shelter system is overcrowded.

Often times, a cat or dog might not seem friendly, affectionate, and sociable, all traits that are appealing to potential forever families, but only because they have never been given the chance to thrive in a home environment. While we can’t adopt every shelter pet who tugs at our heartstrings (ie, all of them), we can foster. Fostering a cat or dog from your local shelter is one of the best ways we can save lives –because we’re giving an animal who’s down on their luck a life-saving opportunity. Fostering also helps to combat overcrowding in shelters. Recently, S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast posted about Carla, the dog in the photos below. We don’t know her full story, but judging by how sad and frightened this pup was by her shelter experience, it’s likely that she was surrendered.

When Carla arrived at the shelter, she hid in the corner of her kennel, too frightened of her surroundings to face anyone. 
Happy Face on This Shelter Pup Shows What a Difference Fostering Can Make (PHOTOS)
This sweet girl was so afraid that S.N.A.R.R. couldn’t even do a temperament test. Carla’s only hope would be to find a foster willing to give her a chance of becoming a wonderful, well-adjusted, and adoptable dog.
Happy Face on This Shelter Pup Shows What a Difference Fostering Can Make (PHOTOS)
Well, Carla’s dream came true! Just one day after S.N.A.R.R. posted about her on their Facebook page, a few fosters reached out and she was able to go home with one of them. You can tell by this happy girl’s face that living in a home with a human who loves her means the world to her. 
Happy Face on This Shelter Pup Shows What a Difference Fostering Can Make (PHOTOS)
The difference that just one day in a foster home made for Carla shows us just how important a home environment is to homeless pets. Our time with fosters may be temporary, but it truly means the world to them — and hey, maybe your good intentions will lead to a “foster fail,” which is when you end up adopting your foster pet. To learn more about fostering, check out this article.

You can learn more about S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast by visiting their official website. All image source: S.N.A.R.R. Animal Rescue Northeast/Facebook

Kitten Who Lost Her Eyesight After Horrible Abuse Recovers – And is Adorable as Ever! If you’ve ever adopted a four-legged companion, then you already know how easy it is to love your pet like they are your very own human child. We shower them with kisses, treats, and hundreds of toys. And in return, animals provide us with unconditional love that can’t be matched. Sadly, not everyone sees animals this way.

A compassionate citizen found Ellen-Rae, a tiny kitten who was abandoned on the streets in Walton, Merseyside. The kitten was brought immediately to Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary. Ellen-Rae was mistreated so badly that she was found with no eyes and polyps in her ears that could leave her deaf, as well as various infections. Because of the infections, the vet had to glue her eyelids shut.

“At first the vets thought she may have been born with no eyes or lost them to natural causes, but over the last couple of days we’re leaning more towards the probability that she’s been abused,” said Steph Taylor of the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary who is currently taking care of Ellen-Rae.

“Despite her ordeal, she is the sweetest, most trusting little angel you could ever meet.” Steph Taylor, a Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary trustee says about Ellen-Rae
Ellen-Rae’s name is a combination of the name of the nurse called Rae who treated her and the charity that is fundraising to cover her medical bills. 
Despite being abused, Ellen-Rae is still as sweet as ever and loves playing with her rescuers. 
With the various problems to Ellen-Rae’s eyes, ears and the infections, her fate is unknown and her quality of life could potentially be poor but the veterinary staff is doing everything they can to save this adorable kitten. If we know one thing about animals, however, it’s that they are incredibly resilient in the face of adversity. We’ve seen dogs with three legs lead active lives, and blind and deaf animals overcome all odds. If we learn one thing from little Ellen-Rae, it’s that a little bit of compassion goes a long way – and we’re sure this kitty’s energetic personality and cuddles will prove to be a huge thank you for her rescuers.

To learn more about Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, click here. And if you’d like to get involved in helping abused or abandoned animals in your area, click here. And please never shop for kittens, always adopt! All image source: Mercury

Sun bear orphans finally have the family they’ve always wanted

Orphaned elephant calf loves his new swimming pool and sandpit

We Rescued A Dog Under A Shopping Cart, But You Won't Believe How This Story Ends! A Must See! 
Please donate to help us continue saving precious lives: http://www.rescuefromthehart.orgFollow our rescue stories on Facebook:

Kali the Dog Rescued in the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake
A team from the International Fund For Animal Welfare deploys to Nepal in the wake of a devastating earthquake that struck the Asian country in April 2015. They set out to help animals in need and come across a dog named Kali with a broken leg. Building a Better World for Animals and People - Visit

Four-Year-Old Chimp Who Lived as Selfie Prop in Iraqi Zoo Gets Transferred to African Sanctuary! After more than a year of struggle, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and its legal counterpart PEGAS have made history by brokering the release of a young chimp from the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq. The chimp in question is named Manno and he is barely four years old. Manno was born in captivity in the Damascus zoo and like most captive chimps, his life was far from what he deserved. He was almost immediately ripped from his mother’s loving embrace and smuggled out of Syria and into Iraq, where he was purchased for $15,000 by a private zoo. From 2013 up to today, Manno was forced to dress up and perform for the zoo’s patrons and used as a prop for photos.

Manno’s luck changed when a Canadian, Spencer Sekyer, saw the young chimp in a cage and decided to help. He eventually got in touch with Jane Goodall who was speaking near his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. She was moved by Sekyer’s story and contacted the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and attempted to coordinate a rescue – but this was a logistic nightmare. The Islamic state occupied the territory adjacent to the one Manno was trapped in and on top of that, they had to go the Iraqi’s bureaucracy and the Kurdish Regional Government’s red tape. But, through sheer force of will, Manno was released this morning and is on his way to Kenya.

This was the cage Manno was kept in. According to Ol Pejeta, “The only time he has been allowed out of his cage is when he is dressed up in clothes and used as a photo prop for paying zoo visitors.”
The Amazing Rescue of a 4-Year Old Chimp Forced to Perform as a Prop His Whole Life
He was also forced to eat sweet and drink soda. “The alien diet gives Manno constant diarrhea, but allowing visitors to feed him is a money earner.”
The Amazing Rescue of a 4-Year Old Chimp Forced to Perform as a Prop His Whole Life
But after a long struggle, Manno is finally free.
The Amazing Rescue of a 4-Year Old Chimp Forced to Perform as a Prop His Whole Life
And Spencer came back to Iraq and was there to greet Manno when he was released.
The Amazing Rescue of a 4-Year Old Chimp Forced to Perform as a Prop His Whole Life
He is currently on his way to his new home at The Sweetwater Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Kenya.
Where he can live out his days in peace.
Manno’s story is an incredible one but there are still many more animals like him that are forced to live out their lives suffering in captivity. We can all help make a difference for captive animals by refusing to attend zoos or any other facility that profits from keeping animals in cages.

Visit the Ol Pejeta website to learn more about their mission and what you can do to help. Images sourced from: CBC News, and The Ol Pejeta Conservancy 

Two of Europe’s saddest bears rescued
No one knew for sure what had happened to Trinity or how long she’d been suffering. She was only about two years old, but her body told a sad story of long-term abuse. She had old scars and newer infected wounds on her legs and chest. The skin on her face was torn and swollen. Veterinarians who examined and treated her felt that her wounds matched those seen in the blood sport of dogfighting. Now that she's at Best Friends, let the healing begin.
Best Friends Animal Society is the only national animal welfare organization focused exclusively on ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters. A leader in the no-kill movement, Best Friends runs the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals, as well as lifesaving programs in partnership with rescue groups and shelters across the country. Since its founding in 1984, Best Friends has helped reduce the number of animals killed in American shelters from 17 million per year to about 4 million. By continuing to build effective initiatives that reduce the number of animals entering shelters and increase the number who find homes, Best Friends and its nationwide network of members and partners are working to Save Them All®.

Puppy Found Abandoned in the Woods - What Happens Next Will Change Her Life Forever ZOEY is a little puppy rescued by Howl Of A Dog from a forest. She was less than 3 months old when we found her, was very lethargic and weak and her fur was all covered in fleas. Now Zoey is a happy-go-lucky little dog, with a very cheerful and joyful attitude. Being a puppy, she is, of course, full of energy, curious to explore everything around, very playful and she loves all kind of toys. She is a permanent source of positive energy for everyone. She is friendly with other dogs and also feels very comfortable around people and loves to be cuddled.
As an adult dog, we estimate that her size will be medium.
Zoey is in our care in Romania, but for anyone abroad who would like to adopt her please note that we also facilitate international adoptions ( So, if you have a place in your heart and in your home for this wonderful dog, please let us know, our email is: . Thank you!

For more updates about Zoey, please visit our Facebook page:

To support us and help more homeless dogs get rescued and find forever homes please visit:

Manatee rescued from storm drain. Here's the moment rescue crews pulled a manatee to safety after it somehow got stuck inside a storm drain in Jacksonville, Florida.
Mama Dog Eating Garbage off Street Saved by Dog Whisperer: Ep 6 Operation Punta Cana.
Melvin, a volunteer dog whisperer shares his thoughts about supporting the Veron - Punta Cana community through education and how important it is to learn about the correct way to interact with dogs, all while spending the day saving dogs off the street.

WA2S Films Presents: Operation Punta Cana - a 12 part short film series about street dogs and a mega spay and neuter clinic managed by volunteers in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 

Soundtrack for the entire series by MC Cullah inspired by Dr. Arturo!

This series is about what its like being a dog in the poorest part of a high class resort community visited by hundreds of thousands of wealthy citizens from around the world yearly.

Operation Punta Cana! 4 Days = 400 Dogs / Cats Spayed and Neutered! For all the volunteers involved: We salute you!


This mega S/N event featured 2 dozen volunteers from the America's representing a host of different disciplines.

Look for the entire Operation Punta Cana series on the official WA2S Films YouTube Channel:

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WA2S Films is:
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Filmed on 2 x Sony AX53 cameras

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Music: Song "Neurosis Of The Liver" appearing on "Cullah The Wild" by Cullah 
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Neurosis Of The Liver

everywhere i go i
stroll around and to the side
every so often i might
fall over to the left and the right
i never could hold on
no matter how hard i try
maybe next week 
maybe next month 

now i know i'm no picasso
but i feel like a blue soul
face twisted and my wrists sore
from when i fell down a stairwell
hell let's try and make a combo
face first then the legs will follow
maybe next time
after the next wine

one drink for my trouble
two drinks for my love
three drinks to blind my pain
and then another one for my wobble
now i'm wollowing and morbidly formed
i can say for sure i'm scorned
now i'm
right home to my bed
to try to dream it all away

i don't know how i can even keep it going
screaming every night into the morning
wake up early and start my groaning
my bodies freezing as it starts snowing
the midwest aint the best for a night's rest
when your falling on your face and you break your chest
trying to survive
but the winter aint mild

you might say that you're pushing yourself down
and your the only man standing in your way
then you'd prolly say your drinking till your drowned
don't you know it's your body that will pay
and i could say that your crazy and a liar too
but in the back of my mind i'd know the truth
i've had it
i'm basically an addict
pulling apart my heart
it's problematic

well i couldn't say live or die
i can only say that'll i try
well i could say life or death
but i know it'd be a wasted breath
deep in my blood
bleeding out through love
all my problems flash into a flood
one more bartender
one more please
i got a whole lot of pain to drink out of me

The life of an abandoned dog changes forever when a certain someone shows up

The Two Dogs Couldn’t Be Happier After Being Rescued From A Hot Car

Five years later, dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s house return for a heartwarming reunion

This dog was found tied to a fence and left to die in the Florida heat

A breeder posted on social media that he was throwing out a defective dog

Dog hasn’t stopped smiling since the day he got his forever home

After rescuing mom and her pups, she does something that stops them in their tracks

Dog finally finds a forever home, but her new mom knows something is wrong