Monday, December 19, 2016

The Last Elephant In The Room this year!

CNN: “We are failing the elephants

Before European colonization, scientists believe that Africa may have held as many as 2O million elephants. By 1979 only 1.3 million remained. Today there are just around 35O,OOO left. Click to Help!

Attack leaves baby elephant struggling to survive
Kakaro Survived, and now he needs your help to recover. Building a Better World for Animals and People - Visit

Kakaro spent 5 days in intensive care with severe digestive problems and an IV bag delivering vital fluids. Thankfully, he made it through those first few difficult days but he was not yet safe.

The veterinarian had to perform two emergency surgeries on his severely infected tail stump to keep the infection from reaching his spinal cord. You can see part of the procedure in this video.

Kakaro pulled through, but now he needs ongoing care, bandages and medicine, formula, and the guardianship of the devoted Elephant Keepers.

Luggard's Rescue...still in the company of his herd, but it was evident then that his leg was more than likely broken, and that his injury was a week or two old judging by the swelling and infection.  He was in an extremely inaccessible area and struggling to keep up with his herd, and without intervention he would surely die...

First sighted by one of our Aerial Pilots on 31st March 2016, this little orphaned elephant was treated for two bullet wounds before being rescued by the DSWT and brought to our Nairobi Nursery. Read his full story at
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Los Angeles Zoo: Release Billy to Sanctuary!
The Los Angeles Zoo confines three Asian elephants in a very small exhibit and operate an invasive captive breeding program. The two females, Tina and Jewel, who are in their fifties and on loan from the San Diego Zoo, live in one portion of the enclosure. On the other side of the exhibit is the lone male elephant, Billy, abducted from his mother and family in Malaysia as an infant, and acquired by the Los Angeles Zoo in 1989. Billy is kept separate from the two females and lives in chronic isolation. Billy deserves a better life, and he needs our help. TAKE ACTION

Compassion 4 Animals

Fisherman rescues baby elephant…