Friday, December 23, 2016

2016, What A Year!

PETA Rewind: Best of 2016

The FOUR PAWS year 2016 in review

In Defense of Animals 
In Defense of Animals
Victory! Infamous Dog Meat Market Shuts Down. In Defense of Animals welcomes the end to dog slaughter at South Korea's most infamous dog meat market. Moran Market is South Korea's biggest livestock market and sold approximately 80,000 dogs a year. In Defense of Animals has campaigned for many years to close Moran Market, citing blatant violations of animal welfare laws and brutal killings in which dogs are electrocuted or boiled alive, hanged, blowtorched, and then butchered, often next to cages packed full of live dogs. READ MORE

Conservation Wins of 2016
Permanent Protection for America's Arctic
Thanks in part to over 300,000 WWF supporters who spoke out to oppose drilling, critical parts of America's Arctic will be permanently protected from offshore oil and gas drilling. With temperatures in the Arctic warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, activists raised their concerns about the tremendous risk to indigenous communities, wildlife, and the environment.

Improved Regulations Around Captive Tigers
In April, the US government announced robust regulations around captive tigers, making it more difficult for captive-bred tigers to filter into and stimulate the illegal wildlife trade that threatens wild tigers. More than 451,000 activists stood up to protect tigers and help make this happen.

African Elephant
Victories in the Fight Against Wildlife Crime
This summer, the US finalized new regulations to help shut down commercial elephant ivory trade within its borders and stop wildlife crime overseas. This comes on the heels of an historic WWF petition signed by 1,000,000 supporters last year calling for a shift in US elephant ivory policy and stronger protection for elephants in the wild.

And this October, President Obama signed into law the first comprehensive wildlife crime legislation—the END Wildlife Trafficking Act—after it unanimously passed both houses of Congress. The legislation includes critical pieces of the Wildlife Trafficking Enforcement Act, which WWF supporters helped us advocate for in the Senate.

Sea Turtle in Belize
Belize Suspends Oil Exploration
In October, a day after the Belizean government began seismic surveying for oil exploration near the Belize Barrier Reef, officials suspended these operations after an outcry from citizens, national civil society groups, and international conservation organizations—including WWF—and their supporters. As part of a larger action, over 193,000 US WWF supporters asked Prime Minister Barrow to protect the reef—a World Heritage site—from harmful industrial activities.