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4 Stray Dogs Help Save 7-Day-Old Infant Who Was Abandoned in Bushes. There is no denying it: dogs are awesome. Dogs make us laugh, comfort us when we cry and bring us joy, they also have the incredible ability to show compassion and unconditional love. These animals aim to please and their desire to nurture and comfort extends to all people – even the smallest newborn baby. Countless dog lovers can attest to how caring their four-legged BFFs are towards their small children. This touching story further proves the lengths that dogs will go to to protect little ones – even if the child is not part of their adopted family.
A seven-day-old baby was recently abandoned in Purulia, India but got rescued thanks to the action of four stray dogs. According to a report in the Times of India, the child was left in a cluster of bushes and the dogs had stepped in to protect the little one by chasing crows away and standing watch over her. While it is unknown how long the dogs were watching the infant, they stayed by her side up until she was discovered by a local school teacher, Ulhas Chowdhury.

Chowdhury heard the baby’s cry as he was walking to work and began looking in the bushes when he saw the four dogs lovingly guarding the baby girl. When the dogs saw him approach the baby, they started barking and then came to sit by the child with their tails wagging. Once he saw it was indeed a child, Chowdhury called upon his neighbors who contacted the local authorities. Chowdhury’s neighbor, Parveen Sen quickly gave the baby some milk, not knowing how long she had been left outside. While they were waiting for the authorities to arrive, the baby was taken to Chowdhury’s residence and the Times of India reports that the dogs followed them all the way there.

The police have since taken custody of the baby and she has been admitted to the newborn special care unit. Doctors have confirmed that she is seven to ten days old and weighs about 6.17 pounds. She has signs of jaundice but Dr Shibshankar Mahato said that is nothing to fear. Chowdhury named the baby Sania because she was rescued on a Saturday and once she is released from the hospital, Sania will be taken to a state-run adoption center.

If it weren’t for those four stray dogs who refused to leave Sania’s side, she likely would not have made it. We certainly hope locals are showering these loyal pups with lots of love and treats for their job well done! Image Source: Times of India

San Francisco 49ers Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted With Adorable Fundraising Calendar. We love when celebrities use their voice to speak up for those who can’t! And the San Francisco 49ers are doing just that. These football players have teamed up with two local San Francisco shelters – the Humane Society of the Silicon Valley (HSSV) and Silicon Valley Animal Care and Control (SVACA) – for a “K-9ers” (how cute is that name?!) calendar that features dogs in need of homes.

“The 49ers are huge animal lovers and many of the players have dogs at their homes,” Rachel Gerston, the development manager, at the HSSV, tells This Dog’s Life, “The calendar features the players’ dogs as well as dogs from HSSV and SVACA.”

49ers including Dontae Johnson, Garrett Celek, and alumni Parys Haralson volunteered their time for the calendar.
The players loved spending time with the pups but they also got the chance to give back to their community. Win/win!
“You bring a dog, a cat, or any type of animal home, it’s just another member,” Johnson, shares. “You grow to love them and cherish them and happy they’re with you. It’s just an amazing feeling. ”
None of the football players took any of the dogs home from the shoot, but we’re happy to report that all of the pups have since been adopted. Sadly, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every day due to shelter overcrowding and limited funds. If you find this figure shocking, consider the positive fact that by adopting a dog you not only save a life but gain a loyal best friend. Whether you’d prefer a mixed breed or purebred, a young pup or an elder dog, a shelter near you probably has the companion you’re looking for.

We love that the San Francisco 49ers decided to do some good to help shelter dogs in need. The proceeds of the calendar will go to help both organizations save and care for the animals in their care. If you’re interested in purchasing a calendar of your own for $10, click here. And please, always adopt and never buy! Lead image Source: Bruce Ellington

Abandoned dog gets nervous when the police shows up at the scene.
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Howl of a Dog Starving & Chained to Abandoned Home Rescued by Detroit Pit Crew: EP 13 Rescuing Rogue.
This Howl of a Dog rescue is part of the Rescuing Rogue series - Episode # 13 with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue featuring Terri Sumpter and Produced by WA2S Films:

The management company responsible for evicting the people who lived in this Detroit house - signed over this young dog to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue after it was discovered the evicted tenants just abandoned the dog and chained it to their empty house!

Do you know of dogs abandoned in your neighborhood?

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Incredible Rescue Team Helps Over 1,000 Animals Injured in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew. In early October, Hurricane Mathew hit Haiti, leaving the country and its inhabitants in a state of despair. Often in times of natural disaster, people get the bulk of our attention and sympathy while animals get forgotten. One organization, however, shows us that animals and people are not disconnected when it comes to tragedies like this. In fact, if you want to help the people, you’ve got to help the animals too.

Just as it did with the 2010 earthquake, Humane Society International (HSI) sprang into action and sent in a team of animal rescuers and veterinarians to help treat animals in Haiti. After treating 282 animals on their first visit, they sent in a second team last week to help set up an emergency vet clinic to help treat and feed more animals in need.

Providing Emergency Veterinary Care to Animals in Haiti
In the aftermath of a hurricane, the animals who do survive are left to live in flooded or unsanitary places where they often end up injured, infected, and malnourished. To help them overcome this situation, HSI set up an emergency vet clinic on their second visit, from which they just returned, to enable them to be strong and healthy. Working alongside local groups 4 Patté, World Horse Welfare Association, and Haiti’s Ministry of Agriculture, HSI set up emergency vet clinics in Haiti’s hardest hit areas and began de-worming, vaccinating, and providing vitamins for animals.

Most of the animals treated were donkeys, horses, goats, pigs, and cows, but there were cats and dogs in need of help as well. And many of the animals who wound up in an emergency clinic were often severely injured, requiring urgent care and attention. In under a week, the vets helped more than 1,200 animals in four different communities.

Language Barriers and Other Challenges

Language, according to Dr. Claudia Edwards, campaign director for Humane Society International/Mexico, was one of the greatest challenges when helping animals in Haiti.

‘’People in Haiti speak Creole and it was important to explain not only what we were doing but how to continue treatment, how to prevent other diseases or injuries and how to handle the animals properly without mistreating them,’’ says Edwards. “Fortunately 4 Patté staff spoke Spanish, English, French and Creole fluently.’’

Another challenge was seeing animals with newly healed wounds forced to return to carrying loads to the market which is typically a four-hour trip. Especially when animals should have at least 10 days off to heal before carrying loads.

‘’We try to raise awareness about the importance of letting them rest and explain how to place the weight to be less damaging,’’ says Edwards. ‘’We plan to make a video for 4 Patté so that they can teach people to make efficient packsaddles, from recycled materials, to prevent chafing and injuries.’’

Yet another challenge is getting the drugs and vaccines to treat animals in Haiti. HSI plans to work with Haitian officials to work longer term in Haiti and consequently, help more animals.

Why Helping Animals in Haiti Helps the People Too
Haiti is chaotic right now. Countless people have lost everything because of the floods and many animals have died as a result of this catastrophe. Some people may say that we need to focus on helping our own species instead of others. The truth is, if we want to help our own species through this disaster, we need to help the animals too. Why? Because Haitians depend on their animals to survive. Animals help them get water, carry supplies, and go to the market. They are also a mode of transportation. In other words, if their animals are sick, the people will suffer too.

Despite all they’ve endured, HSI says they’ve never met such happy and resilient people.

“Most of the people living outside Port au Prince do not have electricity or potable water, most of them do not have a job and have to live with the little crops they managed to harvest, or sell at the local market,’’ says Edwards. “But despite the disaster, you go to any place and the people will always receive you with a big smile, they are so grateful for the help, they are happy and ready to overcome this catastrophe.”

How Can You Help?
If you want to help the animals and people suffering in Haiti, donate to HSI today. They need as much funding as possible in order to buy vaccines for anthrax, rabies, and tetanus and to get more drugs and de-wormers to Haiti. Your donation can help save lives. Image source: Humane Society International

Awesome Sanctuary Gives Rescued Expecting Mama Pig a Fabulous Maternity Shoot. Animal abandonment is one of those things that really gets to us. We cannot imagine, under any circumstance, why somebody would take on the responsibility of being the guardian to an animal only to abandon them when it is no longer convenient. It is a terrible thing to think about, but it is all too common. Because cats and dogs are our most beloved companions in the United States, they are typically the ones who suffer from pet homelessness and abandonment — would you believe that there are an estimated 70 million strays fending for themselves out there?

While cats and dogs are the most popular pets, other animals who have human guardians are not excluded from this problem. Take Sophie, the pig in the photos below, for example. Sophie the pig, along with two of her friends, once had a home, but were abandoned when their former caretaker moved away. Luckily, they were found by the Humane Society of Elkhart County in Indiana, who suspected that Sophie was pregnant and sent her to her new home at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ohio.
This Mama Pig Was Abandoned ... But Now, She's Got a Sanctuary Home and a Maternity Shoot! (PHOTOS)
Who could have possibly looked at this pig and said, “see ya later”? Thank goodness this expecting mama is safe now.
This Mama Pig Was Abandoned ... But Now, She's Got a Sanctuary Home and a Maternity Shoot! (PHOTOS)
Unfortunately, Sophie’s partner did not survive, but wherever he is, we hope he can rest easy knowing that his babies will grow up safe and sound.This Mama Pig Was Abandoned ... But Now,

The sanctuary really knows how to make a mama pig feel appreciated — but they probably should have given her more than one cupcake. After all, she’s eating for two (or more)!
This Mama Pig Was Abandoned ... But Now, She's Got a Sanctuary Home and a Maternity Shoot! (PHOTOS)
Knowing that this expecting mama has survived trauma in her life, we’re so glad that she’ll get to have a safe delivery and even more excited that her babies will never have to know the pain their mother went through. We cannot wait for Sophie’s babies to arrive — and we hope the sanctuary posts plenty of photos on their Facebook page when the time comes. We’ll be waiting. Until then, you can check out Sophie’s baby registry on Amazon.

To learn more about Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, visit their official website. Lead image source: Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Blind Wild Stallions Get a New Sanctuary Home. Animal sanctuaries do everything they can to accommodate as many creatures as possible. If a nearby factory farm is looking to get rid of an unwanted animal, they are quick to scoop them up. Sometimes they welcome in animals before they even have housing for them. And if another sanctuary needs help housing animals because they have too many to handle, they are usually more than willing to lend a hand. Just recently, a sanctuary in South Dakota needed help taking care of seven blind wild stallions and two mares in their possession. They wanted to help these beautiful creatures but were simply too overcrowded to do so. Thankfully, This Old Horse, a nonprofit horse sanctuary in Dakota County, offered to take the nine horses in. The fact that the seven blind mustangs had bloodlines that stretch back to horses brought to the Americas by 15th-century Spanish explorers only made the case even more unique and important. These horses had a rich history and This Old Horse wanted to make sure they had a bright future, as well!

The horses were moved to the Wishbone Ranch, one of the nonprofit’s sanctuary locations, where there are already two blind horses in residence.
Blind Horse Sanctuary 1
According to an interview in the Star Tribune with This Old Horse’s Program Director, Pete Swentik, “the ranch is equipped with special plastic pipe fencing that won’t injury the animals if they bump into it.”
Blind Horse Sanctuary 2
In addition to caring for the horses and making sure they have everything they need, the non-profit hopes that their partnerships with the University of Minnesota Extension Horse program, will prove fruitful for the animals.
Blind Horse Sanctuary 5
Considering these horses have an interesting history and an undiagnosed problem, Swentik believes that the University may show some interest in studying them.
Blind Horse Sanctuary 3
That is all up in the air, though. For now, the main priority is making sure these horses get situated and feel comfortable in their new home.
Blind Horse Sanctuary 4
This Old Horse currently cares for 40 other retired, rescued, and recovering horses. The nonprofit relies on a core group of 100 volunteers who feed and care for the horses twice daily.
Blind Horse Sanctuary 6
From the looks of it, the horses seem to be adjusting pretty well.
Blind Horse Sanctuary 7
Wild horses nowadays have a pretty tough time. Despite the fact that America’s mustangs and burros are protected by an act of Congress that recognizes them as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West” that “enrich the lives of the American people,” these animals are being systematically eliminated by the Bureau of Land Management, many times for livestock interests.

If organizations like This Old Horse didn’t exist, wild horses would be in an even more dire state. We applaud this organization for all of the amazing work that they do. To learn more about This Old Horse, visit their official website. All image source: T. Thomas Photography/Facebook

Awesome Firefighters Help Save Baby Bat Abandoned in Freezing Cold Tree Top. If you live in an area native to bats, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a good deal of your life avoiding these nocturnal creatures. That is, if you believe the stereotypes about bats. Despite the fact that these creatures are actually quite adorable when you look past your own fear, most people consider these winged creatures unofficial mascots for all things creepy, scary, and dangerous.Thanks to Halloween, where bats are used interchangeably with other emblems of fear like ghosts and vampires, this misconception only grows.

Well, believe it or not, there are people out there who actually care a great deal about bats. They observe their patterns, spring into action if one is hurt, and carefully observe baby bats if they believe something is awry. Just recently, Fly By Night Bat Clinic, caught wind of abandoned baby bat, or “flying fox pup” as they affectionally refer to them. The little fella, now named McHenry, was seen amongst the tree tops on a cold and rainy day. After the organization observed the baby for 24 hours and saw that no mother appeared to be coming back for him, they decided to call the fire department to retrieve the little guy.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade quickly made their way over to the site and started setting up for the rescue.
Bat Fire 1
The mission required a very tall ladder and a brave soul – both of which the department had.
Bat Fire 2
According to Fly By Night Bat Clinic’s Facebook post, this wasn’t the first time firefighters have come to the rescue for one of their beloved bats. What a helpful crew!
Bat Fire 3
After a careful ascent and descent, the baby bat was brought down safely and quickly wrapped to protect him from the cold and comfort him from the fear he surely felt.
Bat Fire 4
McHenry is now in the care of Fly By Night where he will be fed and loved until he is big enough to return to his colony.
Bat Fire 5
We’re so glad that McHenry is alright! Who knows how long this fragile baby would have survived up there with no mother or protection from the whipping winds and cold air. As bad as a rep as bats have, it’s important for us to remember that bats actually do a great deal of good for society. Most notably, they help manage pests like mosquitoes and aid in the pollination process. Pretty helpful in our opinion! Share this article to help people drop their preconceived notions about this adorable and valuable creature! All image source: Fly By Night Bat Clinic/Facebook

Street dog too sick to cry for help saved.
When we found Millie she was unable to stand, lying collapsed in the rain by the side of the road. She was too sick to get out of the rain and find shelter. We found that she was suffering from an advanced case of pyometra (infection in her uterus) and needed urgent surgery or else she would not survive. Watch her beautiful recovery! Please donate to save injured and ill street animals in India :

First Help Security Guards Save Tiny Kittens: Ep 1 Operation Punta Cana.

Kelle Davis, Founder of Houston's Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward was in the resort town - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with WA2S Films volunteering with a mega spay and neuter event.

Our first afternoon together in Punta Cana has us getting to know our community prior to the massive event with 400+ street dogs.

Although we came across dozens and dozens of puppies and dogs, it was tiny days old kittens and a couple of security guards that required Kelle's assistance first.

WA2S Films Presents: Operation Punta Cana - a 12 part short film series about street dogs and a mega spay and neuter clinic managed by volunteers in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 

Soundtrack for the entire series inspired by Dr. Arturo!

This is a compelling series about what its like being a street dog in the poorest part of a high class resort community visited by hundreds of thousands of wealthy citizens from around the world yearly.

Operation Punta Cana! 4 Days = 400 Dogs / Cats Spayed and Neutered! For all the volunteers involved: We salute you!

To the hosts Rescatame: we salute you! 

To Caribbean Spay Neuter: who sponsored the medications and medical supplies and who put together this wonderful group of Vets, Vet Techs and Volunteers, we salute you. 

To the warm and lovely people of the airport district of Punta Cana, we love you too! And we'll be back to see you soon.

This mass S/N event featured 2 dozen volunteers from the America's representing a host of different disciplines.

Look for Operation Punta Cana on the official WA2S Films YouTube Channel:


We spent all our time chasing after images - enraptured by the passion we saw unfolding before our eyes, instead of slowing down to get details, we planned on using social media to connect all the informational dots later, prior to releasing videos.

So, we ask that everyone participate enthusiastically = tagging and commenting on every one of these videos, so we can have a more fully defined knowledge base of all the players. Please, forgive us for any oversight, its something we can adjust with everyone's help as we prepare to release videos. We'd love to give shout outs too, to all the organizations the volunteers are affiliated with back home. With each persons name, we would like to know where from, and who they work / volunteer / spend time with most doing animal welfare related work.

Btw, we truly enjoyed our time observing everyone working so hard, seeing the community come together, meeting and hanging out with the kids. This was such an inspirational and important event for WA2S Films to be part of on so many levels! Thank you for granting us amazing access to this incredible moment in time. Cheers! Deanna & Tom

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Comfort To You

comfort to you
comfort to you

ain't got nothing to do
with where you are
or where you've been
or where you're going

comfort to you
comfort to you

has got something to do
with who you are
and how you've loved
and how you've pained
and how you've sorrowed

until you know
that all you know
aint too far from true

so walk on down that avenue
to desolate and dangerous truth
where comfort cries in captured calm
past beyond its fear or qualm

holding on and holding on
a revolution of mind has come

comfort to you
comfort to you

makes no difference
with or with out it
you know
you're gunna be
you're gunna be fine either way

comfort to you
comfort to you

goes right through you
and travels away why wont it stay
it travels away
from your love to your pain
where it remains

until you know
that all you know
aint too far from the truth
Injured Mangy Puppies & Dogs Were Everywhere! Ep 2 Operation Punta Cana
Sweet Kangaroo Who Was Rescued as an Orphan Thanks Her Caretakers for Saving Her Every Day!

We have the cutest story that is sure to hop all the way into your heart! This story comes from an Australian kangaroo sanctuary called Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs. The sanctuary was founded in 2006 and they are dedicated to rescuing, relocating, and rehabilitating baby kangaroos with the hopes of getting them back into the wild. When kangaroos are unable to return to the wild, they stay on the sanctuaries 188-acre property enjoying their life in peace. The sanctuary also educates the public on these beautiful creatures by offering a guided sunset tour to the general public, school groups and visitors.

Abagail is a formerly orphaned kangaroo who now lives permanently on the sanctuary’s grounds. Although she has been at the sanctuary for over a decade, she never fails to show her thanks and appreciation for being rescued – just take a look!

Rescuers say Abagail (also known as Abi) is one of those most affectionate kangaroos they have ever known. Just look how adorable Joey is giving her caretaker a warm big hug!
This kangaroo is currently ten-years-old and has been living at the sanctuary since she was just a baby. To show her appreciation, Abi loves giving her caretakers hugs and kisses!
Abi is living the dream life at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs! She loves hopping around the sanctuary to watch the winter sunrise.
Abi, Johanssen, and Naomi love to jump together … sometimes even at the same time!
As we can see from this sweet story, all animals really just want to love and be loved in return. Wildlife sanctuaries like this provide a vital safe space for animals who are threatened in their natural habitat. While kangaroos are some of Australia’s most iconic animals, they are also at risk from habitat loss due to urban expansion as well as cattle grazing. Thankfully, sanctuaries like this one exist to give these animals a second chance – something that Abigail is clearly very grateful for!

To follow along with Abigail’s journey, follow the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs on Facebook. And share this post with your friends and family to put a smile on their face! All image source: Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs/Facebook

Tamiyoi's Rescue

Injured Elephant Who Was Stuck in a River for a Month Gets Rescued With the Help of the Army! It goes without saying that life can be tough. Sometimes, it feels like all we can do is roll with the punches that life deals and do our best to keep a positive attitude. In spite of news and current events that have the power to bring us down, we can rest easy knowing that there will always be good in this world. Take the story of Sidda, the elephant in the photos below, for example. It’s times like this, when an entire community, rescuers, and even the army has rallied behind one injured elephant, that shows us that there is no shortage of good in this world.

Siddha was found by locals wading in the Arkavathy River in Magadi, Ramanagara. According to Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, “Wildlife SOS has been assisting with medical care and treatment of Sidda with the permission of the Karnataka Forest Department and Chief Wildlife Warden.” This is significant, especially considering the dwindling population of Asian elephants because traditional conservationists would typically believe that an elephant like Sidda should be left to fight his own battles. Since his rescue, Wildlife SOS, Karnataka Forest Department, and the locals have all shown Sidda their support as he receives round-the-clock veterinary care.

Sidda spent a month in the river before rescue efforts began. It’s likely that he chose this spot to take pressure off his broken leg.
Army Sends 50 Troops to Help Injured Elephant (PHOTOS)
When he was discovered, locals brought food for Sidda as they waited for rescue efforts to begin. With help from Wildlife SOS, they carried out a four-hour rescue operation to help the injured elephant.
Since his rescue, the 35-year-old elephant’s condition has sadly not improved, but locals, along with many others, are rooting for him. Sidda has seen endless support from humans who have brought him food and prayers for his recovery.
Army Sends 50 Troops to Help Injured Elephant (PHOTOS)
Due to his deteriorating condition, Sidda can no longer stand without the help of a crane. He has spent much of his time lying on his side while people see to his needs.
At the request of former Army Chief and current Ministry of External Affairs minister, General V K Singh, 50 troops were sent to build a structure to help Sidda stand. Not only will this structure alleviate the stress on his injured leg, it will also provide a barrier between him and the crowds of people coming to visit him.
Army Sends 50 Troops to Help Injured Elephant (PHOTOS)
Although we know that the people visiting Sidda are only eager to get updates on his condition, this elephant needs all the rest and relaxation he can get. According to Katrick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, “we hope and pray for his recovery. We have already invested substantial resources in providing treatment including sending a veterinarian with a portable digital x-ray machine by plane.” We wish Sidda the very best as he continues to fight like a trooper. To learn more about Wildlife SOS and the work they do, visit their official website. All image source: Wildlife SOS
BREAKING: Four bears rescued this morning from Vietnam bile farm

A new start for 3 former caged bears
After 10 years in a bile farm cage - Dau Phu steps out
Senior sisters have fostered more than 1000 dogs and cats in the last 15 years.
I am more than proud to present to you our oldest, most experienced and most dedicated volunteers! Katie and Mariana have been fostering since 2002, and more than 1000 dogs and 500 cats have lived in their homes, until they left for their forever homes. They started fostering dogs, and mainly puppies, and in 2009 they started taking on cats. Today they have 2 foster dogs and 26 foster cats. The scars volunteers - including myself - help them clean and care for the cats, but basically they do all the work. After making this video, I keep thinking how did I not think of it before. They are amazing, very dedicated and I wish that they can keep on doing what they are doing for many years to come. If you wish to help them, you can donate to scars (PayPal:

SCARS Website:
SCARS: Facebook page:

Video: Valia Orfanidou
The Orphan Pet Blog:
Facebook Page:
Facebook profile:

Music: Darling ranch by Jingle Punks

In May 2004, authorities in the country of Angola confiscated two-year-old Massamba from a poacher, and then employees of the United Nations assisted in his transport to In Defense of Animals – Africa’s sanctuary, Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue, in Cameroon.
In Defense of Animals
Today, at Sanaga-Yong, Massamba is a beautiful young adult who lives within a social group of six chimpanzees in an enclosure complex that includes 3.5 acres of lush forest. His rival for dominance in the group has been Rob, who recently has won out with more support from the other chimpanzees, at least for now. But Massamba still has quiet and quick rendezvous with his favorite female, Ava, who is clearly attracted to him. Massamba’s closest ally is Kiki, and tomatoes are his favorite food.

By rescuing and providing permanent sanctuary for confiscated orphans whose mothers have been killed by poachers, and by providing information and necessary technical assistance to authorities, IDA-Africa and Sanaga-Yong provide essential components for law enforcement. Without a sanctuary for confiscated orphans, there can be no arrests, prosecutions, or convictions of illegal traffickers.

Your support helps provide a second chance for orphans like Massamba and at the same time supports wildlife law enforcement. Photo courtesy of Director Sheri Speede

Cute Puppy Ariel's Story of Courage

After Thousands Spoke Out, Lily the Bear Has Been Rescued

Houdini starling saved from a rooftop

Rescuers have stray dog right where they want him, but then the police shows up

Meatloaf would do anything for the love of a puppy
Meatloaf and his crew are on tour, and in between rocking out, they were able to save this adorable puppy. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) has the story.

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Rudy - Beaten and abused dog saved from death needs your help!

Rudy was saved from death two days before Christmas. He was neglected, beaten, sick and terrified. Watch how far he has come. His past abuse destroyed his hip and if he is ever going to have a normal life he needs a total hip replacement. Please watch his video and if you can help please donate to Rudy's youcaring fund here: . All donations are tax deducatible. Houston Street Dogs is a 501c3 Non Profit Org. Rudy lives with Pumpkin who became well known on youtube. Check out her video here and you'll see these people are legit.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared Rudy's story and donated so that Rudy could have his surgery and total hip replacement. I'm happy to report he had a total hip replacement in early December and while it was a complicated surgery, everything went well (updates have been posted on the youcaring link above). It is supposed to be a 3 month recovery but during Rudy's follow up last week with his surgeon he has been given the all clear to start slowly mixing with this pack and can begin to play and move freely. So stay tuned everyone... in about two weeks we should have a new video with Rudy running freely, chasing squirrels and living the life he deserves! We have decided to adopt Rudy and will no longer be just his medical foster parents. He has been with us for a year as we nursed him back from near death and through all of his ailments. We love him and he is part of our family. He has 6 other dogs to play with and a mama that works from home so he's doing well these days!

Baby Cows Saved From a Pharmaceutical Lab Are Learning to Love. In today’s society, babies, at least human ones, are given utmost priority. Mothers are given maternity leave so that babies can start their lives with as much attention and care as possible. Babies are raised and heralded as “the future,” part of a group who will hopefully be wiser, kinder, and better for the world than the generation before them. And of course, they are given all of the care they need to grow up strong and healthy. Sadly, the reality for babies born into the world of animal agriculture is much, much different. Take calves for example. In the dairy industry, these animals are ripped away from their mothers soon after birth so that they do not consume any of their mother’s precious milk (that’s for humans, after all). From here, if the calf is a female, she is moved and set up to follow the footsteps of her mother and become a dairy cow. If the calf is a male, he is transported to the meat industry where he will either be sold as veal or raised for a few more weeks and killed for beef.

Not every single calf lives out one of these two scenarios, though. Two three-day-old calves who were recently rescued by New Life Animal Sanctuary, for example, were actually transferred to pharmaceutical laboratories shortly after birth. They were going to be used for their blood and then discarded promptly after. Thankfully, these calves were rescued and taken to New Life Animal Sanctuary through the “Life After Labs” program.

When the two calves, now named Zeus and Hayden, arrived at the sanctuary, they were in major need of medical attention. Zeus arrived very weak with diarrhea and was having difficulty breathing.

Calves Welcome 5
Hayden was in better shape but still needed to be monitored closely. After all, these babies were just days old, Hayden’s umbilical cord was still attached!
Calves Welcome 8
Sanctuary staffers and the emergency vet who was called in did everything to make sure these calves felt as comfortable as possible.
Calves Welcome 4
In addition to medicine, this meant plenty of cuddles and kisses!
Calves Welcome 2
Considering how traumatic life has already been for these calves, they need as much emotional support as possible.
Calves Welcome 6 
As rough as the next weeks may be, goodness knows these calves are in a much better place and in much kinder hands.
Calves Welcome 3
Cows are intelligent, emotional, and affectionate creatures that are a lot like the beloved dogs of our society. They might not be as tiny as pups and they might not be able to sit on your lap, but they deserve just as much respect as our domesticated pets. Thanks to this kind sanctuary and the Life After Labs program, these two calves will have a chance that many cows are not granted: to live in a haven where they will be able to flourish and reveal the beautiful personalities they surely have. We wish these two the best. All image source: New Life Animal Sanctuary/Facebook

Simon saves stranded swan
Shelter dog hugs her puppy friend—and it ends up saving their lives. Two shelter dogs were scheduled to be put down when a heartbreaking photo was posted to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue’s Facebook page along with an even more heartbreaking caption:

“If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me.”
"If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me."
Within two hours, the heart-wrenching photo worked its magic. A local Atlanta man arrived at the shelter and rescued both dogs!
Amazing what a hug can accomplish.

Man rescues his dog from building fire.
A story I shot and edited years ago. A huge apartment fire, the building was collapsing, the fire department was short of water, and a man climbs into the building to rescue his dog. This was an Emmy nominee.
Abandoned dog gets nervous when the police shows up at the scene.

Ashland girl saves dog from Korean meat trade.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee. There is no doubt that Negra is a special chimpanzee. Spending just a few minutes in her presence lets you in on why her caregivers refer to her as the Queen of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

As the eldest of her group of fellow rescuees (the sanctuary will be celebrating her 41st birthday on June 13th), and as a chimpanzee who clearly knows what she wants and when she wants it, she commands respect.

Sadly, it took over 30 years and a lifetime of heartache before she was given the chance to have the admiration and deference she so deserves.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee 
Captured in Africa
Like many chimpanzees her age who now live in captivity, Negra’s life began in the forests of Africa. She could have grown up in a large family group, caring for her young and teaching them how to use tools, forage for food, and make nests.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee  
Instead, in 1973, when Negra was just an infant, she was stolen from her home. Her mother was probably killed and sold for meat, or just left in the forest to rot, while Negra was shipped across the world to the United States to be used in biomedical testing.

Decades in Biomedical Research
Negra spent the next 35 years being used as a tool by the biomedical testing industry.  She was largely unknown during those years. Though given the name Negra by her captors, she was probably more commonly known by the number tattooed on her chest: CA0041.

She was used as a breeder – producing more chimpanzee test subjects for the laboratory. Two of her three babies were taken from her immediately after they left her womb, and a third she spent just five days with before she too was removed to be raised in the laboratory nursery.

Negra was also used in hepatitis vaccine research. This testing required her to be knocked down repeatedly for blood draws and surgical liver biopsies.

On March 31, 1986, the lab techs reported that Negra had a suspected infectious disease, and a veterinarian ordered her to be put into isolation. While Negra never lived in a large group during her years in biomedical research, she was housed near other chimpanzees and sometimes in a cage with a companion. But from the spring of 1986 to early 1988, Negra was in complete isolation. Test results concluded that she never had an infectious disease.

Though the first 35 years of her life were spent in boredom and fear, Negra is putting that past behind her. On June 13, 2008, she, along with six other chimpanzees – Annie, Burrito, Foxie, Jamie, Jody, and Missy – arrived at a place like no other she had seen before. This new place was safe. It was filled with the things she loved. It was the first real home she had experienced since being ripped from her African homeland.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee
The staff, volunteers, and supporters at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, as well as her chimpanzee family, now properly honor her as the Queen.

Negra is given as many blankets as she wants to make huge, comfy nests and to wear draped over her head and shoulders. She is given her favorite food – peanuts – both first thing in the morning and as part of “night-bags” at the end of the day. All of the chimpanzees at the sanctuary have grown to love night-bags, which also include seeds, dried fruit, and sometimes popcorn or other healthy treats. Negra knows full well that night bags come at the end of dinner and will often clap her hands together rapidly to let her caregivers know she would like speedier service to get to her favorite part of the meal. Her caregivers, of course, quickly oblige.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee  
There is no doubt that Negra is a special chimpanzee. And so are all chimpanzees.

In some ways, Negra represents an era that has thankfully passed. It wasn’t long after her kidnapping that it became illegal to capture chimpanzees from the wild. This international ruling is not upheld as vigorously as it should be, and chimpanzees in the wild face extinction due to habitat destruction and illegal poaching, but at least the United States has put an end to their importation of chimpanzees from their natural habitat.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee  
The use of chimpanzees in biomedical testing is also coming to an end, though, for many of us, it’s demise is frustratingly slow. There are still an estimated 900 plus chimpanzees in the United States that are being held for research. The National Institutes of Health, a branch of the federal government of the United States, is working to retire all but 50 of the chimpanzees that are owned or supported with taxpayer dollars.

Private laboratories, universities, and corporations own nearly half of the remaining chimpanzees in this country being held for biomedical testing. They are in a bit of a state of limbo right now, though a ruling expected to be made official very soon by the Fish and Wildlife Service will properly classify all chimpanzees as endangered (not just those in the wild), could impact whether it is even considered legal to use chimpanzees for invasive research in the U.S.
From Unknown to Queen – the Journey of a Special Chimpanzee  
There are more Negras out there waiting for the sanctuary they so deserve.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest would like to provide a home for more chimpanzees in need. You can help us reach that goal by making a donation, following our blog, and sharing our Facebook page.

Learn more about the Queen and her following here! Image sources: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Dog with muzzle taped shut saved by good samaritan.

Carl Allen said the 8-month-old German Shepherd was so scared when he and a friend found it on the side of the road, it tried to get away even though its legs were also taped together.
We Can Save Wild Horses and Burros!
In Defense of Animals
Introduced in 2015 as H.R. 1942, the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2015, otherwise known as the SAFE Act, would prohibit the sale or transport of horses or other equines for the purposes of consumption. This bill, while co-sponsored by nearly 200 other lawmakers, is being blocked from a fair vote 18 months after it was introduced by a small subcommittee of just 11 legislators with close ties to the cattle industry.
These pro-cattle lawmakers know that once America’s wild horses and burros are gone, cattle ranchers will be able to continue to indiscriminately graze cows with no competition from wildlife at little to no cost on public lands they once had to share with the same wild horses and burros they have now sent to slaughter. These cattle ranchers are concerned only with increasing their profits while taking advantage of a political loophole which allows them to continue to betray an American symbol of freedom. Without intervention, horses and burros are shipped by the thousands every year across US borders into Canada and Mexico for brutal slaughter.
Working against pro-cattle lobbyists and standing up for our American democracy and values will require everything we’ve got. Please join with In Defense of Animals today in support of our efforts to keep our nations wild horses and burros free and out of foreign slaughterhouses.
Wild horses are in mortal danger on the very lands they were guaranteed a place on half a century ago! If you have not already done so, please join the fight for our nation’s horses and burros with a generous contribution to IDA’s Wild Horse Campaign now.

Locked up and tested their entire lives, these Beagles had never seen the light of day—until now

Dog was abandoned after going blind, but here she meets someone who would never give up on her

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