Saturday, November 19, 2016

This Week's Gun safety Updates

Last week’s election was a gut punch. No doubt about it. Since that night, there’s been a lot of talk about how much America has changed as President-elect Trump prepares to take office. But I think it’s important to share with you a short list of things that haven’t changed:
  1. Every year in the United States, more than 30,000 people are killed with a gun, and an untold number of guns in this country are sold without a background check.
  2. There are fewer intimate partners murders, suicides, and on-duty police killed by guns in states that require background checks for all handgun sales.
  3. Over 90 percent of Americans – including a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and gun owners – support closing loopholes in our gun laws.
And here’s one more thing that hasn’t changed with last week’s election: Gabby and I are as committed as we’ve ever been to the campaign to make our communities safer from gun violence. But we cannot do it alone.

I know that you are probably still feeling down about the election, but I also cannot stress how important our victory over New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte was. We went all in. We ran high-profile ads that moved the needle. We raised money for Senator-elect Hassan and Gabby and I visited the state several times.

We won that race, and every senator in the chamber is going to have to think long and hard about that victory as we continue our fight for Congress to act on gun violence.

State troopers shoots unarmed man
Airport shooting: Suspect found dead after gunning down Southwest employee in Oklahoma

Concealed carry shooting: Pizza customer shoots and kills armed robber in Pennsylvania

Our gift to the NRA, A Message from Shannon Watts: Today is the NRA's birthday -- and we want to celebrate it by making sure we're as strong as possible when we face off against them come January.

The NRA spent over $30 million supporting Donald Trump's campaign, and they'll expect to get what they paid for.

Over the past week, we've seen an outpouring of support from people like you who are concerned that the NRA's extremist "guns everywhere" agenda will become law of the land when Trump becomes president.

But, we haven't received your donation yet. Will you give $25 or more today to make sure we have the resources we need to take on the extremist Trump-NRA agenda? 

What better way to celebrate the NRA's big day than recommitting our efforts to defeat their dangerous agenda?
Celebrate the NRA's birthday with us
The NRA spent more money electing Donald Trump than any other outside group. Now that a gun extremist has been sent to the White House, they're feeling even more emboldened to push their dangerous "guns everywhere" agenda.

In fact, NRA executive Wayne LaPierre already released a video calling for dangerous policies like ending gun-free zones and making it legal for dangerous people to carry hidden, loaded guns in public everywhere across the country.

This is dangerous stuff. People like you and me are the only thing standing in between the NRA's "gun everywhere" agenda and our public safety laws.

Celebrate the NRA's birthday by helping us be as strong and as tough as we've ever been.

Thank you for fighting with us. Keep going.

Shannon Watts
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

The NRA is ATTACKING elephants. Tragically, the ivory trade has a long and bloody history. That’s why we are doing everything we can to BAN the illegal ivory trade!

But the NRA is threatening to end our progress in its tracks.

They’re lobbying hard to DEFEAT laws that would save countless elephants and rhinos from the vicious hands of greedy poachers.

If they succeed, elephants will be closer to extinction than ever. We have to fight back!
Sign your name to STOP the NRA's attacks on the ivory ban
When the Obama Administration announced proposed rules to revise the Endangered Species Act to ban nearly all imports and sales of elephant ivory, the NRA immediately began lobbying Congress to stop the rule from going forward.[1]

If we don’t show that we won’t stand for the NRA’s stealth lobbying campaign, we could lose animals we love and cherish forever.

Will you join us and tell the NRA to stop attacking the ivory ban?

Lives like my mom's by Erica Lafferty: Like many of you, I wept on election night. But the next day, I dried my tears and stood up, ready to fight for two reasons: Because there is too much at stake for us to give into despair. And because I owe it to my mom.

My mom was shot and killed along with 25 other first-graders and teachers at Sandy Hook School four years ago. Now, Donald Trump has vowed to force guns into K-12 schools on his first day in office. He wants teachers like my mom to stand up to armed gunmen -- because he can't stand up to the NRA.

The NRA gave more money to Trump's campaign than any other outside group -- and they expect to get what they paid for. Just yesterday, NRA executive Wayne La Pierre released a video vowing to end "gun-free zones"-- which is their way to try to put a gun in every classroom and on every college campus in America.

Make an urgent donation of $25 or more to make sure we have the resources to hold the line against the NRA's dangerous guns-everywhere agenda.
Fight the NRA and Trump agenda
Our movement has suffered setbacks before, and each time, we've come back even stronger. I'll be fighting my heart out the next four years to prevent the NRA's guns-everywhere agenda from becoming the law of the land.

I will never forget the day the NRA's cronies in Congress voted down common-sense background check legislation after my mother was shot at Sandy Hook. That was a dark day. But we picked back up and took our fight right to the American people. And this election, thanks to our movement, voters in New Hampshire kicked out NRA-backed Senator Kelly Ayotte, who blocked background checks time and time again.

We can't give up now. Lives like my mom's are at stake.
Here's what we're up against: Trump has vowed to reverse President Obama's executive actions cracking down on gun trafficking on Day One of his presidency. The NRA will try to make it legal for dangerous people to carry concealed weapons everywhere in the country. And they'll be trying to force guns into schools and college campuses.

Stand with me in this fight. Make an urgent donation of $25 or more to make sure we have the resources to keep the NRA's extremist guns-everywhere agenda from becoming reality.

Thank you. Keep going.

Erica Lafferty
Daughter of Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, shot and killed December 14, 2012
Everytown Survivor Network

P.S. -- Are you a teacher or educator? Let us know and we'll bring you into the fight to prevent the NRA's guns-in-schools agenda in your community.