Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gun Safety Weekly Update

I feel that any gun safety issues took a major hit this week after our election results. I cannot imagine there being any progress anytime soon to help with regard to the gun shootings with bullets epidemic we face in America. I would even go so far to say that any gun safety issues will get worse and that buying guns will get easier for people.

None of us are strangers to setbacks. Some we are able to overcome with a little bit of hard work and innovation, and others challenge and push us harder than anything previously imaginable.

There’s no doubt about it, losing the presidential election is a setback. Hillary Clinton was a champion for our movement. And the prospect of facing four years of Donald Trump in the White House probably feels pretty unimaginable to a lot of people.

But I have no doubt that this too, we can overcome.

Tuesday night’s election exposed some very deep divisions in our nation. But one place the American people are clearly united is in the campaign to make our communities safer from gun violence.

  • We won gun violence prevention ballot initiatives in California, Washington State, and Nevada. In Washington State, we mobilized our supporters and donated heavily to the effort. In California, the initiative was written by our 501(c)(3) arm, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. And in Nevada – where the measure received more votes than either of the presidential candidates on the ballot – I visited the state to campaign in the final days of a hard fought race.
  • Exit polling across the country demonstrated that voters continue to support stronger gun laws and reject the argument that doing more to prevent gun violence runs contrary to the Second Amendment.
  • And finally, we defeated Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire. This was a race we invested in heavily. We ran ads, our supporters contributed and volunteered, and our work more than accounted for the slim margin of victory for Governor Maggie Hassan.

I am disappointed that we lost this presidential election, but you can be sure that I will never stop fighting. And I know that if we continue to stand together, we are going to win. And that is important, because in this campaign that means saving lives.

Trump's election is a big blow to all of us who oppose the NRA's dangerous vision for America -- and I'm not going to lie to you, this will be a tough four years.

He pledged to put guns in schools on day one of his presidency. He pledged to reverse President Obama's executive actions cracking down on gun trafficking. And he promised the NRA that he'd "never let [them] down."

The NRA spent 30 million dollars to elect Donald Trump, more than any other outside group, and another 25 million to keep the Senate in Republican hands -- and they will expect to get what they paid for.

So now it's on us to hold the line. We need your help make sure we're prepared to fight back on day one of Trump's presidency, and we need your help now.

Make a donation so we have the resources to hold the line against the NRA in Washington, D.C. from Day One of the Trump Administration -- and prevent the NRA's "guns everywhere" vision for America.

The NRA achieved what they set out to do this election: keep their pawns in control of Congress and put one of their mouthpieces in the White House. They're feeling emboldened to push their dangerous agenda in Congress, and NRA executive Wayne La Pierre expects to have an open line to the White House. We don't know what they'll try to do, but we do know that we have to be prepared to fight whatever comes our way.

The fact is, the American people don't stand with the NRA's extremism. We overwhelmingly support common-sense policies like background checks for all gun sales, and we know that support for the Second Amendment goes hand in hand with keeping guns away from dangerous people. That's why it's up to us to hold the line against Trump pushing the NRA's violent extremism.

We need your support right now to make sure we can fight back against Trump and the NRA with absolutely everything we've got. Donate now.

Idiots with guns: Vet takes selfie with loaded gun; Drive by shooting prank gone wrong.
1. A Mexico City man died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while taking a selfie with a handgun.

2. Oakland police believe the genuine gunmen had been targets of a paintball prank by her father and his friends. 

3. These kids thought it’d be a good idea to test out a bulletproof vest. Guess what happened next?

4. Idiot firing celebratory AK-47 shots at wedding blows man’s head off.

5. Surveillance video shows the officer having trouble re-holstering his gun when the firearm was  discharged.
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