Friday, November 25, 2016

Animal Crimes & Animal Cruelty to Report This Week!

Caged Most of His Life—Louie the Chimpanzee Needs Your Help. Award-winning actor Andy Serkis speaks for Louie—the frustrated chimpanzee languishing as an exhibit in a Michigan roadside zoo.
PETA's mission statement is that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way:

Help us save the Ukraine war dogs.
They must be moved before winter.
They must be moved before winter. They've been shot at ... had bombs raining down around them ... and a large section of their shelter in Gorlovka burned to the ground.

Dogs have died and suffered terrible injuries, and they live in constant fear.

Enough is enough!

We urgently need your help to move these 300 desperate dogs from their shelter on the front lines of Ukraine's war and into a safer area.

But we must hurry - the war is still raging and the harsh Ukraine winter is about to set in.

With your gift, we'll be able to buy the transport crates they need, provide them with all the veterinary care they need, and move the dogs and the shelter's supplies and equipment. Your gift will be used immediately to help save them and animal lives everywhere we work. Click here to help!

Landry's Sues ALDF for Defamation #StandWithALDF
BREAKING: The owner of the Downtown Aquarium, Landry's, has filed a lawsuit against the Animal Legal Defense Fund alleging defamation.

After more than 100,000 signatures on this petition, four protests, dozens of news articles, and legal threats from ALDF, instead of making the responsible choice to move the tigers to a sanctuary, Landry's is attempting to silence their critics. ALDF is currently reviewing the lawsuit.

Please show your support for the Animal Legal Defense Fund by using the hashtags #StandWithALDF and #BoycottLandrys, and if you're able, donate to ALDF here:
Thank you for standing with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, for supporting our work, and helping us expand our efforts to protect and defend more animals in the coming year.
Every animal's life is important and deserves the best legal protection available. Thanks to your generous support the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been able to continue to fight for countless animals in courtrooms across the country.
Recent victories:
1. Puppy Killer Serving Time: The Animal Legal Defense Fund paid out a reward offer to a tipster who came forward and provided crucial information leading to the arrest and conviction of a puppy killer. Willie Bee Turner set a Chihuahua puppy, Angelstar, on fire, which led to Turner being sentenced to three years and eight months in prison. He is also prohibited from owning an animal for 10 years.
2. First Victory in an Endangered Species Act Lawsuit: Animal Legal Defense Fund filed suit against a roadside zoo and won the first major victory in an Endangered Species Act (ESA) lawsuit brought on behalf of endangered animals in captivity. Four tigers and three lemurs at the center of the lawsuit were rehomed.
3. Holding Puppy Mills Accountable: In a landmark victory, integrity was restored to the Pennsylvania Dog Law. Mother dogs may not be kept in cages with metal wire strand flooring and dogs over 12 weeks of age must have unfettered access to an outside exercise area.
These are just a few examples of the kind of work the Animal Legal Defense Fund does everyday, protecting the lives of animals through the legal system.
The law is society’s most powerful tool for creating real change for animals on a large and small scale. Together, we will continue to fight for stronger laws and their vigorous enforcement throughout our nation’s courts and legislatures. The generosity of supporters like you has helped us continue to fight for animals in courtrooms across the country. You've truly made a difference — and we can't thank you enough.
Alicia Silverstone on the Wool Industry's Money Over Mercy
Today November 21, another tragic rhino poaching story emerges.

Thankfully, this beautiful young rhino escaped her imminent death by savage poachers, and lived. She then had been wandering around in agony for days before being found and rescued.

The rhino was rescued by the amazing guys at Hluhluwe–Imfolozi in South Africa where she is receiving critical care from the dedicated Dr. Dave Cooper.

The rhino must have made a desperate run to escape the poachers’ clutches, but her face had been so severally hacked at by the brutal attackers that even though she managed to escape with her horn intact, it had to to be removed.

The extremely disturbing blows to her face exemplifies the barbaric money fueled industry that drives poachers to continuously torture innocent and beautiful animals such as this one for their horns.

Her long and painful healing process has begun. Luckily, the bullet wound she was left with does not seem critical, and with time, care, expertise and prayers, she might just make it.

She is the second orphaned rhino to be rescued and sadly left motherless, in the latest full moon poaching slaughter. So far seven bodies have been found.
Wildlife Poacher Chase and Capture on Camera

Thank You from WWF

Your Turkey Dinner in Reverse
Turkey In Reverse

Nude PETA Activist Ruins Thanksgiving Turkey

2016 may be nearly over, but PETA still has ambitious goals that it must accomplish for animals in December, including the following:
  • Providing about 1,000 dogs and cats with life-changing spay and neuter surgeries
  • Delivering dozens of sturdy PETA doghouses to neglected "outside dogs" before the coldest months of winter
  • Distributing more than 7,100 vegan starter kits to promote cruelty-free eating this holiday season 
To help PETA meet these and other challenges during the coming weeks, a generous member has agreed to donate $10,000—but only if the organization receives 1,500 gifts from PETA donors by midnight on #GivingTuesday, November 29! 

Will you help PETA meet this #GivingTuesday challenge by donating $5 or more right now? 

With your help, PETA can meet this special challenge and make sure that it ends the year stronger than ever. Every single gift that you make—from $5 to $500—will push PETA closer to its goal of unlocking $10,000 to help make the world a kinder place for animals. 

From a miserable mother pig confined to a cramped metal crate to a lonely dog languishing in a cold backyard, your donation will strengthen PETA's vital work to help these and countless other animals escape from lives of abuse, misery, and neglect. 

Please help an animal in need—and help PETA meet this $10,000 challenge—by donating just $5 or more online right now! 

The Chinese animal circus abuse video which sparked outrage on Weibo

The bedroom of horror
Brutal tenderness
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is allowing the hunting of bobcats during the upcoming 2016-2017 hunting season… after 40 years of protection due to its once threatened status.

We can't let Illinois get away with letting hunters kill bobcats this hunting season!
Bobcats do not attack people and this solitary wildcatât's existence is vital in balancing nature. Even though hunters are worried about the deer and game birds population, most of a bobcat’s diet consists of Illinois's high population of rabbits and rodents. 

By diminishing the population of bobcats, you run the risk of a high rodent population, along with rodent-borne diseases. As an integral part of today's ecosystem, bobcats also help provide Illinois with free waste removal due to their diet including already dead animals. 

Former Democratic Governor Pat Quinn stated himself that bobcats are a “valuable part of Illinois’ ecosystem” and should be protected. Governor Bruce Rauner, a hunting man himself, approved the bill to allow the hunting of bobcats. This sounds like a huge conflict of interest on Rauner’s part. He may have passed the bill just so he can hunt bobcats himself, regardless of what is right for Illinois or bobcats.

Please sign and stop the 2016 Illinois bobcat hunt!