Saturday, October 15, 2016

Yummy...Hippopotamus Meat

The largest game park in South Africa is KILLING its hippos -- to distribute their meat.

Their populations are dwindling rapidly. We need to act now to save these animals!

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The thought of losing hippos forever is terribly painful. But unless we take urgent action, it will become a sad reality.

Hippos are being ceaselessly killed by poachers for their meat and ivory teeth. And in Kruger National Park, officials are slaughtering HUNDREDS hippos for their meat, under the guise that they are “protecting” the species.[1]

The reasoning is absurd -- they claim that the hippos will die soon anyways.

We need to stand up and fight for this voiceless species.
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Hippos must be protected

Of the 29 countries where common hippos are still found, populations are confirmed to be DECLINING in half of those countries.

Poachers use hippos’ teeth as a fake substitute for elephant ivory on the illegal market.

Because of their carvable canine teeth, there has been an over 53O% increase in hippo teeth export annually.

If we don’t act now, poachers will continue the slaughter of hippos -- and they’ll get closer and closer to extinction.

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