Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wolf Weekly Wrap Up

47 dead wolves -- 45 shot, 2 trapped. That's the body count so far in Idaho's grisly wolf-hunting season. Already at least 10 wolf families have been shattered.

And the anti-wolf zealots are howling with glee. On Facebook groups like "Fired Up!" they've been sharing photos of the bloody carcasses of their victims -- calling wolves "ecoterrorists" and egging each other on to "fuel the helicopter and get rid of the vermin pests." With an estimated 786 wolves left in the entire state, Idaho wolves are in danger of being wiped out by killers whose mantra is "shoot, shovel and shut up."

The Center for Biological Diversity is in a running fight to end these killings. With your donation to the Predator Defense Fund, we'll do everything possible to save Idaho's wolves.

Just recently we ended a disgusting predator-killing contest on federal land in Idaho and forced its wolf-hating governor, Butch Otter, to call off a state-sanctioned bounty hunter out to kill wolf families in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. Now we're suing to stop the government's rogue animal-killing program, Wildlife Services, from gunning down and poisoning dozens more Idaho wolves.

These anti-wolf zealots also want to spread Idaho's sick wolf-hunting regime across the country. The Center is now fighting a slew of sneaky congressional "riders" that would end federal protection of wolves in states like Minnesota and Wyoming. If we don't stop them, wolf families from the Great Lakes to the Pacific will be hunted down and wiped out for the second time in a century. Wolf-haters don't want a single wolf family left in the wild, and their partners in Congress have their backs.

But together we can fight and win for wolves. With your support the Center will keep working hard for these animals, from the courthouse to the statehouse to the halls of Congress. Give to the Predator Defense Fund and we'll commit your gift to saving wolves in the wild.

We mourn the 47 wolves needlessly killed this season in Idaho. With you beside us we'll work without cease to shut down brutal attacks on wolves everywhere.
Wolves are in crisis, and they need your help.
The anti-wolf people are the minority, but they're a powerful group. Driven by old fears and hatred, they never rest in their pursuit to eliminate wolves from the U.S. Donate now to fight back against anti-wolf forces.
There's a war raging against wolves in our country and, too often, wolves are losing.
  • Earlier this year, the state of New Mexico blocked the planned release of captive-bred Mexican gray wolves into the wild. These wolves were ready to help rewrite the story of their species – and now they may never be free to run in the wild;
  • In September, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans that would effectively abandon their obligation to protect and recover red wolves in the wild;
  • And Alaska is considering a lawsuit to overturn a new federal rule that prohibits the state from applying its extreme predator control program on national wildlife refuge lands – a program that includes practices like aerial gunning, killing mother wolves and their young in their dens, using bait to attract bears and using traps and snares.
We must not falter in the face of these threats. We've come too far.
Your donation today will make a difference for wolves. With you by our side, I promise we won't stop until critically endangered wolves are finally on the road to full recovery.