Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Week's Dolphin Outlook

There was one (1) bad day off Taiji Japan as on Tuesday, October 25th, a pod of Striped dolphins are slaughtered in The Cove. #DolphinProject. 30-40 Striped Dolphins were brutally slaughtered at the cove today. 16.10.26 #DolphinProject #RedCove. 

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Urgent: Dolphins face wall of death. A dolphin crosses paths with a mile-long drift gillnet meant to catch swordfish off the coast of California and becomes entangled. Struggling to break free, she only becomes more trapped by the net and drowns, unable to surface for air.

When the net is retrieved, the dolphin is still hopelessly tangled – her fins and tail are cut off so she can be removed from the net… 

This is heartbreaking – and we need your help to stop it. Oceana is running a campaign right now to get drift gillnets out of the water for good -- and preventing any more dolphins from suffering this gruesome fate. 

Your Oceana membership is a HUGE part of that work – which is why we need 1,140 more new members. Will you become an Oceana member for just $10 before our October 31 deadline?

Dolphins need you – desperately 
Become a member today!
Help us reach our $50,000 goal by October 31 to protect dolphins and the world's oceans.
Scenes like the one above happen more often than you think. Every year, on average more than 100 marine mammals face this gory, terrifying fate after being trapped in mile-long “walls of death.”

But we CAN win this. Five years ago, an estimated 500 vessels were illegally using drift gillnets in the Mediterranean, some with nets up to 12 miles long. Turkey and Morocco were the biggest offenders. Following intense campaigning by Oceana, the countries stopped their illegal use of drift gillnets in 2011.

We’re bringing that same tireless campaigning to the fight to get drift gillnets out of the water in the Pacific – but we’re going to need as many new Oceana members as possible behind us if we’re going to succeed. Dolphins are counting on you, Don. For just $10 you can help defend dolphins and the world’s oceans from threats like drift gillnets.

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