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Cruel Humans Poured Acid on This Cat’s Face — But He Hasn’t Stopped Loving People! Life is tough when you’re a homeless animal. Domestic animals like cats and dogs are not like their feral counterparts, who grow up wild, stay wild, and belong in the wild  — for many domestic animals who were abandoned by humans, survival is a struggle. Some of them may come across as a little people-shy, but we imagine that comes from an unfortunate past where they learned that not all humans can be trusted. Others may have learned somewhere down the line that they could rely on food and water from kind humans.

Most of us have probably known a stray cat who lived in our neighborhood, going from door to door asking people for scraps. That is likely the history behind Thomas, the cat in the photos below. Thomas (whose full name is Sir Thomas Trueheart) was probably doing nothing more than asking humans for food and a little love when somebody decided to pour acid on his head. When poor Thomas showed up on a woman’s porch with an eye missing and no collar around his neck, she did the compassionate thing and brought him to the vet immediately.

When Thomas’s rescuer brought him to the vet, the doctor did little more than administer antibiotics, run a few tests, and then suggest that he be euthanized. His rescuer wouldn’t let Thomas die, so she contacted Milo’s Sanctuary, a rescue and sanctuary for special needs cats.
Cruel Humans Poured Acid on This Cat's Face — But He Hasn't Stopped Loving People! (PHOTOS)
Thank goodness she did, because they patched him right up. Just after surgery, Thomas was feeling in high spirits with the help of humans and his new teddy bear.
Cruel Humans Poured Acid on This Cat's Face — But He Hasn't Stopped Loving People! (PHOTOS)
It took a month of pain medications, antibiotics, and being wrapped in bandages for Thomas to recover from his surgery. According to the sanctuary, “Through it all, Tommy was so brave and purred and kissed the people taking care of him.” Even though this poor cat went through a traumatic experience, he still loved humans.
Cruel Humans Poured Acid on This Cat's Face — But He Hasn't Stopped Loving People! (PHOTOS)
Thomas showed everyone that he’s a survivor — and life just keeps getting better for him. He has moved on to his Lifetime Care Foster home, where he gets plenty of love and attention daily.
Cruel Humans Poured Acid on This Cat's Face — But He Hasn't Stopped Loving People! (PHOTOS)
From life on the streets to a loving foster home, Thomas’s journey is proof that every animal, no matter what they’ve been through, deserves a second chance. We’re so grateful that his rescuer and Milo’s Sanctuary were there to give it to him and that he found a forever foster home that will love him for who he is. Under the Lifetime Foster Care program, Milo’s Sanctuary will be provided with all the medical care that he needs, for as long as he needs it.

Even though Thomas’s rescuer was able to take him to the vet, safely capturing an injured animal is best left to the professionals. If you ever find an injured animal, please contact your local animal rescue hotline.

To learn more about Milo’s Sanctuary, visit their official website.

Lead image source: Milo’s Sanctuary/Facebook
This dog was abandoned in a remote cemetery and guarded by angels until we got there.

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Snow Leopard Rescue Pakistan.
A snow leopard living in terrible conditions was relocated to a new preserve in Pakistan.
Stranded swan family in need of help


This Turkey’s Lovable Personality Helped Him Escape Death and Get a Loving Sanctuary Home

In Defense of Animals
Black Dog Adopted After 4 Year Wait. Thurman waited for a home for FOUR years! Poor Thurman came to our In Defense of Animals' Hope Animal Sanctuary four years ago as a little pup. His brothers and sisters came too, but sadly they had contracted the parvo virus and did not survive the deadly disease. READ MORE
This dog was abandoned in a remote cemetery and guarded by angels until we got there.

New Jersey State Trooper pulls drowning deer from swimming pool to safety
Abandoned Dog Who Waited 2,326 Days to Find a Home Finally Gets the Love She Deserves! Life for a shelter pet is tough. But, for the 70 million homeless pets living in the United States, adoption can be a literal life-saver. Unfortunately, of the six to eight million animals entering the shelter system every year, only around half find a forever home. What’s even sadder is that these are not all animals are strays picked up off the streets by animal control officers — many of them once had a home but were surrendered or just abandoned by their former guardian. We can’t imagine what it must feel like for a dog to be abandoned by their human, but what we do know is that no matter where they are, they will wait. It’s a bittersweet display of loyalty from man’s best friend that no dog should ever have to go through.

When Katy, the dog in the photo below, was abandoned outside of a vet’s office, she was lucky that she wasn’t left to fend for herself like so many dogs are. But her journey to a forever home still had its difficulties. Katy lived in a little kennel at the vet’s office for 2,326 days! She waited day after day, hoping her family would return … but they never did. Luckily, she was found by The Fuzzy Pet Foundation, who made it their mission to find the forever home that Katy truly deserved.

One year ago, The Fuzzy Pet Foundation (TFPF) launched a nationwide campaign to find Katy the dog a family using the photo on the right. When TFPT found the right match for her, they drove 2,600 miles to deliver Katy to her new forever home.
Dog Who Lived in a Kennel For Six Years Celebrates Her One-Year Adoptaversary
As you can see from the photo of a very cozy-looking dog, life is pretty good for Katy — and her new mom would do anything and everything for her. This past summer, when Katy’s vet found a mass growing in her stomach, her mom immediately rushed her to see a specialist. Thankfully, the growth was not malignant and Katy’s mom expressed her relief: “I was devastated, I felt like it was so unfair, for her to have finally gotten a home just to die a few months later. Then the vet called back and said the biopsy was negative for malignancy. So about $5,000 later, we finally had [another] happy ending.”

If you’re considering welcoming a pet into your life, always adopt and never shop and please consider adopting an older dog like Katy.

Without The Fuzzy Pet Foundation’s dedication, Katy may have still been living in a tiny kennel at the vet’s office. To learn more about the organization and the work they do, visit their official website. All image source: The Fuzzy Pet Foundation/Facebook

Rescuers are surprised when they discover lifeless-looking stray had just given birth

Woman sees a new cooler on the road and pulls over only to find something horrific. The cooler on the side of the road almost looked brand new, so she pulled over to grab it to take home. But when she opened it, she couldn’t believe what was inside…

Nine puppies were crammed inside and covered in their own feces and urine. She immediately called animal control.
Nine puppies were crammed inside and covered in their own feces and urine. She immediately called animal control.

Karri McCreary, a veterinarian at Vet Ranch, got the call. She drove to the location and picked the puppies up.
Karri McCreary, a veterinarian at Vet Ranch, got the call. She drove to the location and picked the puppies up.

The puppies had to have been found just shortly after they’d been abandoned or else they wouldn’t have made it. It was a miracle they were found when they were.
The puppies had to have been found just shortly after they'd been abandoned or else they wouldn't have made it. It was a miracle they were found when they were.

As she inspected each puppy, she noticed they were all happy and healthy.
As she inspected each puppy, she noticed they were all happy and healthy.

And incredibly adorable!
And incredibly adorable!

Don't Abandon Them Too
Liszka - caged, rescued by inspectors OTOZ Animals

As dog lovers, we are always perplexed when we hear news about people subjecting animals to horrific forms of abuse. When we look into the faces of our furry friends, we’re instantly filled with a feeling of love and of course, that overwhelming need to scratch behind their ears, smother them with kisses, and give them all the treats in the world – just for being. But some people don’t harbor such kind feelings towards dogs.

Unfortunately, Lizka the Terrier did not experience this sort of treatment from the people who were keeping her. This poor pup was forced to live in a tiny cage, deprived of water and food and when rescuers from OTOZ Animals, a Poland-based animal rescue, found Lizka she was in a horrible state. Years of life in this small cage left her with severely contracted muscles and broken spirit. Her rescuers describe her as if she was waiting to die, all alone in her filthy cage.
Thankfully, because of the incredible people at OTOZ Animals, these days soon ended for Lizka. The pup was rushed into an emergency vet clinic and given all the proper medical attention she needed to recover from the physical pain and trauma she had suffered.

After a lot of care, Lizka is doing much better! OTOZ Animals recently shared this video of her running – and looking happy as can be!

While she still has some mobility issues in her back legs, her spirit seems to be stronger than ever! The way she lovingly scoots over to greet her caretakers shows how far this resilient pup has come from the scared, abused dog in the photo above.

This incredible transformation is a testament to how far kindness and love can go when it comes to rebuilding the will to live in an animal. Lizka might have known nothing but pain, suffering, and confusion in her early life – but those days will soon be a distant memory thanks to OTOZ Animals!

To learn more about this awesome rescue organization and track Lizka’s progress, check out their Facebook page.

All image source: OTOZ Animals/Facebook

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OTOZ Animals
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Buddy's eyes were red from the savage beating he'd received as a victim of the horrific Yulin dog meat festival. His chances of survival were slim. He clung to his rescuer, as the taxi carrying them sped across the city of Nanning, China. The rescuer worried that this would be the last time Buddy would see the world. She lifted him up so he could look out the window, and in that moment, she promised him that he was going to be a California boy.
Donate now to get rescued dogs like Buddy home!

There are currently over 70 rescued dogs being cared for in a safe house in Nanning, China. Each of them has a chance of a loving home in the U.S. We desperately need your help to get them there.

Buddy clings on to life after being rescued.
The world's attention has shifted away from Yulin now, but dogs continue to be slaughtered in China 365 days of the year. This is a country with no animal protection laws and, despite all the hard work of Chinese activists, dogs continue to be in danger. Will you please help these rescued dogs by donating now to get them out?
These desperate dogs await your help.
Back in the taxi taking Buddy to a waiting vet clinic, his rescuer whispered a promise. She told him about the mountains he would climb, the beaches he would explore, and above all, the love he would know. And in the back of that taxi, something awoke in Buddy and he began to fight for his life. Against all the odds, he survived and today, he has a loving home in California.
Buddy is now safe and loved in the US.
Will you please make a promise to the dogs left behind? Will you please take action now to get them out of China, on to the safety of American soil, and into loving homes?
Help them get home.
Thanks to people like you, we will soon be able to fly the first group of rescued dogs, but we are determined to see none left behind. These dogs are counting on you. Will you please help?
Rescued bear works out how to get food from sanctuary “vending machine”

Pigeon impaled by illegal hook

Man Creates The Ultimate Playland Inside His Home For His 15 Rescues. Peter Cohen has constructed the ultimate cat playland for his 15 rescues that includes catwalks, tunnels and platforms. You have to see this to believe it.
Wanjala's Rescue

This dog did NOT want to be rescued... until we changed his mind! Please share.
Thank FEMA for Saving Dogs Stuck in Floods. 
Target: William Craig Fugate, Director of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Goal: Thank FEMA for going above and beyond to help the dogs stuck in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Click to say thank you!

He Thought His Dog Died In The Rapids—10 Days Later, She Comes Running. Kali the Golden Retriever/Collie mix survived in the forest for 10 days after being swept away by rapids in Canada. Her owner drove 20 hours straight to reunite with his dog.
Dog In Detroit Left Behind With The Trash When His Owners Moved. A dog named Boo needs a forever home ASAP. Left behind when his family moved away, the dog had nowhere to go and stayed with their trash, confused and lonely.

Boo has been picked up and placed in foster care by Mike Diesel of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue.

Posted to Facebook by Liz Marie:
This picture absolutely breaks my heart, I am literally in tears. Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely. He was rescued by Mike Diesel after a neighbor contacted him because Boo had been discarded outside for over a week. Mike spent 11 hours working to gain Boo's trust so he could rescue him. He is being cared for by Mike and the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue (which he founded). If anyone is interested in adopting him or donating to his care, contact
Or call into Groesbeck Animal Hospital at 586-463-7387 ❤️ Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue photo source: Mike Diesel and Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue.


If you’re in the area and interested in adopting the sweet dog, the information can be found in the post above. You can also contact Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue on their Facebook page.

What a heartbreaking situation. But things will be better than ever for Boo once he gets a family who will never leave him behind again.
In Defense of Animals
Seven Lives Saved, More to Go! Thanks to generous donations from In Defense of Animals supporters from across the country and around the world, seven dogs have escaped the macabre deaths that awaited them in the bloody dog meat markets of South Korea. Without your support for our intervention in collaboration with dedicated Korean activists, all seven would have been brutally killed and consumed for meat and folk-medicine 'health-tonics' consumed in misguided attempts to increase virility and cope with the summer heat. PLEASE HELP
In Defense of Animals
Caring College Student Saves Pup. Shweta Sarkar was on her way to college when she saw a little puppy by the side of the road. When she looked closer, she saw the poor dog had a big wound. Student Shweta stopped to tend the puppy, who was clearly in a lot of pain. Shweta’s father took her call for help, and soon they were headed from Bhandup to the In Defense of Animals India’s Center at Deonar, nine miles away. READ MORE

Rescuer’s Open Letter To The Woman Who Gave Up Molly The Dachshund

Yorkie Used For Breeding At A Puppy Mill Gets His First Haircut Ever

Abandoned Dog Did Not Want To Be Rescued, But Watch As They Change His Mind

An Old Dog Went Straight To A Shelter After His Owner Died. Then They Started Cutting His Hair…

Dog found with head stuck in a wrought iron fence happy to see rescuers

Dog barked until police officer followed him down the street