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This Amazing Woman Helped Save 30 Animals That Were Left in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew. Natural disasters are incredibly stressful events that require immediate action to survive. People often leave their belongings, their house, and sometimes even their pets behind in order to seek a safe haven. Once their guardians leave, dogs and cats have no other choice but to try to survive themselves. Sometimes that means escaping their home and trying to find help from humans elsewhere. Other times it’s staying in the house and trying to find a safe spot to wait until their family comes back. And every once in a while, they have to simply wait and hope that a kind person will come and save them.

For many of the animals that were left behind in the wake of Hurricane Matthews, this kind savior was a woman by the name of Alex Layton. Alex works for The Maggie Society, a non-profit canine rescue organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and then finds forever homes for hundreds of puppies.

Alex rescues and fosters puppies in her home on a regular basis. Unsurprisingly, she volunteered to help with rescue efforts for Hurricane Matthew, as well. 
Hurricane Matthew 1
When Hurricane Matthew struck, Alex spent the weekend traversing the dangerous flood waters on a boat, trying to rescue pets that were left behind during the hurried state evacuation.
Hurricane Matthew 2
Some of the guardians left Alex with keys to their home so that she could enter without a problem and save the animals. With other houses, she had to wade waist-deep through water to get inside. 
Hurricane Matthew 3
When she and the rescue team entered the houses, they witnessed the same sight at almost every location: dogs and cats climbing to the highest spot possible, be it kitchen cabinets, roofs, or otherwise. 
Hurricane Matthew 4
The desperation these pets had for escaping was evident. Alex described the sight as “pitiful” and heartbreaking. 
Hurricane Matthew 5
Alex shares that many of the dogs left behind were not just abandoned by their guardians. The floodwaters had risen unexpectedly high after the hurricane hit, and unfortunately, residents were only allowed to bring one pet along. 
Hurricane Matthew 7
Once the dogs were transported through water, members of the rescue team waited on land with carts to load the pups in the car. 
Hurricane Matthew 6
While some of the dogs were saved from houses, Alex shares that a majority of the dogs were actually fished out from the floodwaters. They sure seem happy to be out of the frigid water! 
Hurricane Matthew 8
Alex and the rescue team were able to save more than 30 animals. Animal lovers from the surrounding areas offered kennels, the humane society offered room and board to some of the pups, Alex is fostering several of them, and the rest have been reunited with their guardians. Talk about a successful mission!
Hurricane Matthew 3
The rescue efforts that Alex participates in on a regular basis are pretty impressive on their own, but the fact that she would volunteer to go to the heartbreaking scene of a natural disaster is truly commendable. More than 30 animals owe their lives to the kindness and bravery that she and her team displayed. The work is not completely over yet, though. As Alex shared in a Facebook post, the rescued pets need dry dog food, dog collars, money for spay and neutering procedures, and personal dog tags. If you’d like to help out, click here. All image source: Alex Layton/Facebook 
Dog after Hurricane Matthew

PETA Rushed to Save Lost, Injured, and Stray Animals in Wake of Hurricane MatthewWhen Hurricane Matthew left behind immense flooding in North Carolina, PETA's animal rescue team was ready to help animals and guardians in need. SEE THE PHOTOS 

Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Matthew Gets a Sweater Made From a Tiny Sock! While many humans were able to evacuate their homes and bring their pets to safety in preparation for Hurricane Matthew, things played out a little differently for homeless animals. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 70 million stray animals living life on the streets instead of the security of a forever home or animal shelter. Even if we divide that number by 50 states, that’s a staggering number of animals who should not be sentenced to a life of struggling to survive every day. Luckily, the tiny kitten in the photos below narrowly escaped what could have been a terrible fate. Thanks to a nameless rescuer, he was saved from the torrential downpours and powerful winds of Hurricane Matthew and was brought to Banfield Pet Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina where he could receive proper treatment. Lucky for him, he was in good health, so he joined the ranks of adoptable cats and was found particularly charming by Twitter user crysomemore, who shared the following photos.

After his rescue from the store, the tiny kitten received a custom-tailored sweater that was upcycled from a tiny sock. Note his minimalist sense of style. So chic.
Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Matthew Gets a Sweater Made From a Tiny Sock! (PHOTOS)
 Not long after his rescue, a family looking to adopt a cat fell in love with his fuzzy good looks and the former homeless kitten went home with them that day.
Kitten Rescued From Hurricane Matthew Gets a Sweater Made From a Tiny Sock! (PHOTOS)
We’re so glad this little kitten found a home so quickly and we wish him the best of luck with his forever family. While this cutie had a happy ending, he most likely came from a family of stray cats with a mother and a litter of siblings who were left in the storm. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but we have the power to make life better for these animals. By agreeing to never purchase a pet from a pet shop and always adopting instead, you are not only saving the life of your new best friend, but you are also opening up space in the shelter for somebody new.

When it comes to feral kitties like this little guy likely was, there are a number of ways that you can help. To learn more, read the following articles:
All image source: crysomemore/Twitter

The people and animals affected by Hurricane Matthew have been in our thoughts and prayers since the storm ripped through the Southeast last week, leaving major destruction in its wake. The misery seen in the aftermath of the disaster is truly heartbreaking.
With our colleagues from the Humane Society of the United States responding on the east coast of the U.S., HSI has sent a veterinary team to Haiti to offer emergency assistance with animal rescue and treatment there. They are bringing medicine, vaccinations, and other supplies and will reinforce the work of local animal welfare groups on the ground.
Yesterday, we reached the remote area of Robin, where hundreds of animals — just like the people there — have been through a traumatic event and are clearly stressed. We’re setting up a clinic to treat wounds, malnutrition, disease, and parasites to help heal them and prevent further suffering.
We'll continue to keep you posted about our efforts in Haiti that are only made possible by generous people like you. To help animals like those affected by Hurricane Matthew and other disasters, please donate today to our International Disaster Relief Fund.
In Defense of Animals
Caring College Student Saves Pup. Shweta Sarkar was on her way to college when she saw a little puppy by the side of the road. When she looked closer, she saw the poor dog had a big wound. Student Shweta stopped to tend the puppy, who was clearly in a lot of pain. Shweta’s father took her call for help, and soon they were headed from Bhandup to the In Defense of Animals India’s Center at Deonar, nine miles away. READ MORE

Sad, Unwanted Dog Lies In The Shelter – But 196 Days Later They Show Up. Click to watch the full story.

Dumped At A Shelter Together, These 2 Dogs Are Inseparable. Chewbacca the 10-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer/Labrador mix and CC the six-year-old Rat Terrier lived together for years with a loving family.
Chewbacca the 10-year-old German Wirehaired Pointer/Labrador mix and CC the six-year-old Rat Terrier lived together for years with a loving family.
But when the family had a kid who was allergic to dogs, the owners were forced to give them up.
But when the family had a kid who was allergic to dogs, the owners were forced to give them up.
They were taken to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa where they were seen constantly cuddling with each other. Now without their family, their inseparable bond was all they had left.
They were taken to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa where they were seen constantly cuddling with each other. Now without their family, their inseparable bond was all they had left.

Any time you see them, CC is always sitting on top of Chewy. It was apparent that they could never be separated into different homes.
Any time you see them, CC is always sitting on top of Chewy. It was apparent that they could never be separated into different homes. Pictures by and from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa

This Stray Cat Helped a Musician Battle Addiction and Turn His Life Around. You know what the bumper sticker says: “who rescued who?” It’s a phrase that has become ubiquitous with encouraging adoption over shopping for pets. It may be kind of cheesy, it stands by something that we could never discourage — and a lot of times, it’s true. Our companion animals have the amazing ability to heal us when we are at our worst with their unconditional love. If it ever seems like they seem to be in tune with our emotions when we’re down, it’s because they are — dogs are so aware of our emotions that therapy dogs are used anywhere from hospitals and assisted living facilities to stress-busting sessions for university students around exam time.

Sometimes, we find our life-saving animal angel in a shelter but other times, their debut into our lives is completely unplanned. The latter is exactly what happened to James Bowen in 2007.  When Bowen first found Bob the cat, he was nothing more than a stray who had been living outside of his assisted living building in London. Bowen started giving him fresh food and water and after three days, Bob was living in Bowen’s apartment. It was then that he noticed that the homeless kitty was suffering from an abscess on his leg.

Even though Bowen’s current situation was less than ideal, when he learned that Bob was injured, he brought him to the vet. They two have been inseparable ever since.
This Stray Cat Helped a Homeless Musician Turn His Life Around (PHOTOS)
Bowen credits Bob’s trust with helping him recover from addiction and helping him get his life together. In 2012, he published a book called A Streetcat Named Bob that tells their story.
This Stray Cat Helped a Homeless Musician Turn His Life Around (PHOTOS)
Not only did Bowen publish a book, a movie based on their story is set to release in 2017. Here, Bob provides much-needed morale on the stressful movie set.
This Stray Cat Helped a Homeless Musician Turn His Life Around (PHOTOS)
From drug addiction and the risk of homelessness, the story of Bowen and Bob is certainly inspiring — and the success of his book reflected that. A Streetcat Named Bob spent two years on the UK Top 10 Bestseller list and Bowen built upon its success by writing multiple spin-offs. We think that this just goes to show you how well the story of a cat who saved his humans resonated with others. It seems like these two were made to be together. All image source: Alys Tomlinson/Daily Mail UK

Baby elephant rescued after being trapped with two adult elephants for 48 hours.

This Pit Bull rescue is different than any other rescue you have seen so far! Please share.

Life-saving surgery gives badger a second chance
Found At Night, This Dog Was Tied To A Tree So He Couldn’t Follow His Owner. They found him abandoned on a mountain and tied to a tree so that he couldn’t follow his owner. From an abandoned hunting tool to a loving companion, this is the rescue and transformation of Tool.

This is Tool's story, ironically named that, and meant to serve as an awareness example of how hunters in Greece treat their loyal companions. Found abandoned on the mountain, tied to a tree, so that he could not follow his owner, Tool was rescued and adopted in no time. I have been wanting to tell his story for so long, but there was so much to tell and he was such an important dog for me, that I kept postponing it for too long. It's been almost two years since his rescue, and Tool, even already almost 11 years old, seems and feels younger than ever, thanks to his mum, Lone. I could never thank her enough for all she has done for him, and for Cosette. I know she adores him - "I love him so much it hurts", that's what she said in her last message, right when I was preparing to upload our boy's video. This was one hell of a story and one happy ending worth a few minutes of your time. Thank you for reading this.

Tool was rescued by Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union

If you are wondering about how most Greek hunters treat their dogs, here is exactly what happens:

Puppy’s Lying Lifelessly When All Of A Sudden He Lifts His Head For The Vet. When Lou came into Vet Ranch, they thought he was dead. But the puppy on death’s doorstep suddenly lifts his head for the vet in what’s the beginning of a miraculous recovery. 
These Baby Skunks Were Abandoned by Their Mom But Then a Loving Mama Dog Stepped in! 
Our baby skunks where rejected by their mother at birth. Hand rearing them from that age was not easy but our little dog Freddie wouldn't leave the skunks and has taken over as step mum. We feed them and she does the rest, cleaning and protecting!
Do You Know What to Do if You Find a Stray Dog?
Moving Photo Shows the Dedication of Two Men Who Rescued an Orangutan in Dire Straits. Palm oil is a ubiquitous product on supermarket shelves. Highly esteemed by manufacturers due to its versatility and low cost, it can be found in an estimated 50 percent of everyday consumer goods, including snack bars, cosmetics, cleaning fluids, and pet treats. It was even used in the production of toxic napalm during World War II. Nowadays, 90 percent of the world’s palm oil is produced in Indonesia and Malaysia. Its large-scale commercial production in these countries has, unfortunately, had a devastating impact on the people and animals in the areas where it is grown.

For example, in the Leuser Ecosystem of Sumatra, Indonesia, palm oil companies often ignite highly destructive forest fires that kill and displace countless wild animals and cause serious health problems for local communities. Sadly, an estimated 300 football fields’ worth of rainforest are destroyed every single hour in order to be replaced by palm plantations. Burning forests and peatland have been estimated to account for 97 percent of Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the country’s daily greenhouse gas emissions level has now risen above that of the U.S.

Malayan Sun bears, Sumatran tigers, Pygmy elephants, and Sumatran rhinos are all threatened with extinction by the actions of the palm oil industry. The Leuser Ecosystem’s ongoing conversion from lush rainforest into sterile palm plantations is also threatening the future of one of its most iconic indigenous species: the orangutan.

These amazing animals share 97 percent of their DNA with humans and have proven themselves to be highly intelligent and resourceful. When they are in their natural rainforest habitats, they spend virtually all of their time in the treetops, caring for their loved ones, exploring their environment, and foraging for food. According to The Orangutan Conservancy, they could be characterized as having “four hands instead of two hands and two feet.” The organization adds that this “makes them graceful and agile while climbing through the trees but it makes walking on the ground somewhat slow and awkward. That is why the orangutan is at a great disadvantage on the ground and why the orangutan rarely comes down from the treetops. Their food is there, their home is there, and they are safer there.”

Orangutans are highly adapted to their arboreal lifestyle and have demonstrated impressive problem-solving capabilities. In times of water scarcity, they will frequently chew up leaves to make a sponge that absorbs water from nearby tree cavities. They have also been observed making umbrellas for themselves out of large leaves, to shield themselves from the rain. They have also demonstrated creative ability, by making a variety of tools to assist them in their search for food.

Tragically, however, these animals may not be with us for much longer if the palm oil industry’s destructive actions are allowed to continue. Orangutans can be shot on sight if they wander onto a palm plantation. Over the past two decades, 20,000 of them have met their deaths at the hands of the palm oil industry, with at least 1,000 of them directly killed for their presence on palm plantations each year. Just 60,000 orangutans now remain in the wild, and some experts predict that they could be extinct within thirty years.

In the face of this desperate prediction, a number of dedicated wildlife rescue organizations are committed to saving orangutans and rebuilding their fractured habitat … before it’s too late. One such organization is International Animal Rescue (IAR), which is renowned for its lifesaving work with orphaned and abused wild animals.

An image they shared to their Facebook page reveals just what a difficult task their rescue team is faced with when saving a terrified orangutan.
Moving Photo Shows the Dedication of Two Men Who Rescued an Orangutan in Dire Straits
The two men in the picture – named Syifa Sidik and Argitoe Ranting – were hailed as “truly real life heroes” by the IAR team. They are at the frontline of a fight that has reached a critical point, as IAR explain on their website: “Animals are suffering and dying because of the systematic destruction of the rainforest, primarily for palm oil production, particularly in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. IAR’s team is working in West Kalimantan to rescue and care for baby orangutans that have been taken from their mothers to be illegally sold as pets and adults that have spent their entire lives in captivity, chained up or imprisoned in tiny cages. Our human-orangutan conflict (HOC) team also comes to the aid of orangutans left stranded when their forest home is destroyed and translocates these vulnerable animals to safe areas of protected forest. Any animals that can no longer survive in the wild will be given a permanent home at the centre.”

To find out more about IAR’s vital work, you can visit their website or Facebook page. A donation link is available here.

The key to ending the scourge of deforestation and protecting orangutans for good is to lower the demand for palm oil and seek out more planet-friendly alternatives. For more information on the destructive influence of the palm oil industry, and how you can make a difference, read some of the articles below.
Image Source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook

Rescued Dog Chip Runs and Jumps for Joy
This Rescued Pigeon and Bunny are the World’s Sweetest Best Friends. Just like humans, baby animals aren’t born with any preconceived notions of other species, innate discrimination, or prejudice. Before parents are able to step in and warn them of predators and who to stick around, babies are filled with nothing but curiosity about the world and those around them. In the safe havens of sanctuaries and wildlife care centers, animals from all different species are able to interact together and sometimes even become friends. We’ve seen farm animals like pigs and cows play with domesticated creatures like dogs and cats. We’ve seen friendships develop between giant dogs and tiny animals like ducklings. And we’ve seen families who have a ton of different species all living in harmony under one roof.

While many of these interspecies friendships begin in sanctuaries and wildlife care centers, that doesn’t mean that they are forced. Many times, the creatures have both had difficult pasts, were abandoned or abused, or are orphans. So, it’s not really much of a surprise that these sweet, innocent animals find comfort in each other.

At the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit in Ireland, for instance, a darling rabbit and pigeon have become the best of friends. The rabbit, named Bunny, and the pidgeon, named Pidge, arrived at the center on different days in August, but were brought together by fate when both required the use of the sole incubator in the center. Both babies were placed in the incubator and separated by a wall. When the caretaker returned to check up on them, the divide had been taken down and the animals were snuggling up lovingly.

From that moment forward, the snuggles have continued and a beautiful friendship between Pidge and Bunny blossomed.

Both have required their own unique treatment and care, but in the downtime, they play together. No matter how many times Bunny hops on Pidge, the little bird is not fazed! That’s love.

They both have grown quite a bit, but their friendship remains stronger than ever. They will both eventually be released to the wild, but for now, they get to enjoy the sweet, sweet companionship they have found in each other.
Pidgeon and Bunny 1
In addition to being absolutely adorable, interspecies friendships like Pidge and Bunny’s, reminds us of the kind nature that all animals are capable of. Despite their different exteriors, these animals are able to deduce that they all have similar desires to eat, play, and simply live. And because of these common desires, they are able to not only coexist with each other but also form a loving bond. Let these animals serve as a beautiful reminder that friendship knows no bounds, not even species. All image source: Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit/Facebook

Cholita: A year in the jungle.
HAPPY 1ST YEAR IN THE FOREST CHOLITA! NOW HELP BRING DOMINGA HOME TOO! Share and enjoy this wonderful video showing how ADI supporters transformed the life of spectacled bear Cholita. Mutilated by the circus, who cut off her fingers and broke her teeth, Cholita lost all of her fur due to stress, and for years there was nowhere for her. In one of our most emotional ever rescues, ADI took Cholita home to the forest, and her rescue opened the door to save two more bears, Lucho and Sabina. NOW CELEBRATE CHOLITA’S 1ST YEAR HOME AND HELP US GIVE THAT LIFE TO ANOTHER NEARLY BALD SPECTACLED BEAR CALLED DOMINGA, CURRENTLY IN AN ANDEAN ZOO. Thank you to everyone who helped get Cholita home, now together, we can give her a new neighbour!

Donate US $
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Donate via PayPal/Euros

See Cholita on the big screen, as Lion Ark tours US movie theatres in November, accompanied by a short about the various rescues in Operation Spirit of Freedom – check if there is a screening near you:

Pashuk finally enjoys the nature at our Bear Sanctuary Pristhina

When her carers saw her sit in her water bowl — they got the message

These orphaned bears had the worst start to life – but look at them now

Dog Who Was Trapped Between Walls For 3 Years Gets Finally Rescued. Three years ago, in the cold city of Khabarovsk, the largest city in Russia, a puppy was cruelly thrown into the crevice between an apartment block and a shop. Why anyone would ever want to entrap a dog in this manner is beyond us, but because of this one brutish action, a puppy has spent the last three years of his life staring at two walls in a dark and cramped enclosure, barking in desperation, and wailing during the cold winter. Residents of the apartment block fed the puppy on a daily basis and have tried numerous times over the years to lure the poor creature out of the hole, but unfortunately the puppy was too frightened to be coaxed. Determined to help the pup, the residents called The Emergencies’ Ministry and made the housing company and shop owners aware of the situation. They all refused to help.

Change truly came when a new apartment block resident arrived and was shocked at the dog’s story. He reached out to the media and once word started spreading, animal activists made their way to the apartment complex.

When activists saw the size of the opening in the wall, they were very perplexed. Now that the puppy had grown, she wouldn’t be able to slip out successfully. Smashing the wall in was considered, but seeing that they could possibly hurt the animal they began to brainstorm other options.
Trapped Dog 1
Eventually, the activists decided that one of them would have to slip into the crevice, snag the pup with a rope of some sort, and slowly pull her out.
Trapped Dog 2
Activist Darya Stepantsova bravely volunteered to climb into the hole. After a bit of digging, and a fearful moment where Darya thought she wouldn’t be able to crawl out, she and the dog emerged safely!
Trapped Dog 3
Used to being in the dark and tight space of the wall, the pup was very skittish. The activists placed a muzzle on her and kept her tightly on the rope to avoid any injury.
Trapped Dog 5
The dog was immediately brought to a veterinarian office. She was found to be in pretty good health which is pretty amazing considering she’s been trapped with barely any room to move for three years!
Trapped Dog 6
The resilient puppy is now in a temporary shelter and is still fearful of people, wide open spaces, and light. She hides and tries to find an enclosed space to burrow in, but vets are hopeful that she will eventually be able to settle down into a forever home.
Trapped Dog7
Watch the amazing rescue in action here:
After the release, the puppy was renamed Volya, which translates to “freedom.” As absolutely heartbreaking as it is for us animal lovers to know that this poor puppy probably suffered tremendously in the three years she was trapped, we couldn’t be happier that this sweet pup is now free! She definitely has some trauma to overcome, but with some love and care, we have no doubts that this puppy has some happy days ahead of her! Good luck, Volya! All image source: darya_stepantsova/Instagram and Andrey Chernov

Young Girl Was Beaten And Held Captive Until 3 Lions Showed Up. Young Ethiopian girls are often abducted and forced into marriage. But this NBC News story of one particular 12-year-old girl had a happy ending thanks to three lions. A group of seven men had taken the girl with the intention of making her marry one of them.

Little did the abductors know, a group of three lions had been watching over the girl the whole day.
Little did the abductors know, a group of three lions had been watching over the girl the whole day.
The lions saw the girl being beaten and charged at the men, chasing them away.
The lions saw the girl being beaten and charged at the men, chasing them away.
The magnificent beasts proceeded to stand guard and protect the girl until the police arrived to find her.
The magnificent beasts proceeded to stand guard and protect the girl until the police arrived to find her.
“They stood guard until we found her, and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest,” a police investigator told NBC News.

According to a wildlife expert, the girl may have been saved because she was crying.

“A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn’t eat her,” said Stuart Williams.

The girl had to be treated for cuts from her beatings but was lucky to have three guardian angels watching over her that day.

Mother nature and the animal kingdom never cease to amaze.

Baby squirrel and dog playing

This is our dog, Millie, and our baby squirrel, whom has been dubbed "Squirrel", we rescued from our back yard after a tree fell down and we found this little baby squirrel. We left the squirrel outside for about a day and when we went back he was still there. His mother never found him, or his mother was dead. We then took it upon our selves to take care of this little squirrel until he is ready to be released. So far he has lasted just over a week under our care. He has evolved from not having his eyes open to a bounding squirrel full of energy.

He is very fun to watch and enjoys playing with my dog and of course, eating. Hopefully I will have updates every once and a while as he is just too cute not to take pictures and video of. Neither my dog, nor the squirrel has been hurt during their play. He is not meant to be kept as a pet, and will be released as soon as possible. Please enjoy this little video of the squirrel and my dog.

If you have any question or comments post below on this video, email me or on my form spring:

Dog About To Give Birth Gets Rescued From Fighting Ring.
This pregnant dog had no idea help was on the way. Video by: Keren Aronoff Masser

Abused Dog Was Afraid Of Everything But This Baby, So Mom Grabbed The Camera. If you love dogs and babies, then you’re gonna love these photos!

Nora came from an abusive background and was afraid of everything and everyone–except Archie. Elizabeth Spence noticed the immediate bond between the rescue and baby Archie and decided to take some unique and adorable pictures of the two best friends.

Nora is one of three rescue dogs to go along with three cats in this big family. But it’s baby Archie that she’s closest to.
Nora is one of three rescue dogs to go along with three cats in this big family. But it's baby Archie that she's closest to.
Elizabeth Spence/CATERS NEWS
They do a lot of napping together, cuddled up as cute as can be. And the adorableness didn’t go unnoticed by mom…
They do a lot of napping together, cuddled up as cute as can be. And the adorableness didn't go unnoticed by mom...
Elizabeth Spence/CATERS NEWS
So Elizabeth Spence decided to use the opportunities to take the sweetest pictures of her dog and baby.
So Elizabeth Spence decided to use the opportunities to take the sweetest pictures of her dog and baby.
Elizabeth Spence/CATERS NEWS
She’d add props such as toys and teddy bears…
She'd add props such as toys and teddy bears...
Elizabeth Spence/CATERS NEWS
…And even other animals!
...And even other animals!
Elizabeth Spence/CATERS NEWS
This Rescued Cat Never Has to Sleep in a Cold Shelter Again – and She Literally Can’t Stop Smiling. Humans have the wonderful opportunity to change lives every single day. Sometimes it can be as simple as smiling at a stranger or helping someone carry their luggage up the subway stairs. Sometimes it’s dropping a dollar in the cup of a homeless person or volunteering at a food drive. And every time that someone chooses to adopt and not shop, they are changing lives, for one animal directly, and for hundreds of others indirectly. In the U.S., millions of animals spend their days at shelters. Some will get adopted mere weeks after arriving. Others will wait listlessly for years until someone decides to give them a second chance at life, or until the shelter decides that too much time has passed and they need to be put down.

When people choose to adopt, they are making a conscious decision to change the life of an animal, one that would otherwise be lonely and sad in a shelter. They are also making a point to not support pet shops and the cruel breeding mills that keep them running. By adopting and not “buying” a pet, they are not only demonstrating that the lives of shelter animals are important, but that other animals should not be exploited just for the sake of welcoming a companion animal into our homes.

While having all of this in the back of the mind is gratifying when choosing to adopt, nothing beats seeing the happiness of a rescued animal in their new forever home.

Meet Rey, a rescue cat that was recently given a second chance by an Imgur user who randomly decided to stop by an animal shelter one day.
This Rescued Cat Literally Can't Stop Smiling (PHOTOS)
The Imgur user shares that she had not necessarily been looking to adopt, but after seeing Rey, became smitten. This kitty’s adorable smile makes it easy to see how that would happen!
This Rescued Cat Literally Can't Stop Smiling (PHOTOS)
“I brought her home and it’s been perfect ever since,” the user shares. Looks like the feeling is definitely mutual!
This Rescued Cat Literally Can't Stop Smiling (PHOTOS)
Adopting a cat may not change the world, but this kitty never has to spend another night in a lonely kettle ever again. That alone is surely changing the world for this sweet kitten.
This Rescued Cat Literally Can't Stop Smiling (PHOTOS)
Rey’s story illustrates the beauty of adoption perfectly. After all, if you decide to go to a pet shop to “buy a pet,” you are simply another customer. Meanwhile, if you go to the shelter, you truly are a hero for an animal. To learn more about why you should always adopt and not shop, click here. All image source: strikelightmatchfire/Imgur

Henry, a rescue story.
Henry the piglet was rescued from a factory farm at just a few days old. He was weak and would’ve died, but now has an unlikely new mom. Amazing!

Nursing Home Adopts Stray Cat After They See What He’s Able To Do
Oscar the cat came to The Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island when he was just a kitten. The staff decided to adopt him, and he immediately took on a very vital role for the nursing home. Oscar has the uncanny ability to sense when patients are on the downfall and will stay with them in their time of need. This allows the family members to prepare for the worst and notifies the nurses that help is needed. This is just amazing.
This Sweet Greyhound Served as a Surrogate Mother to Over 50 Rescued Animals. Jasmine the Greyhound was found abandoned in a garden shed cold, alone, and severely malnourished. It took several weeks of careful attention from rescuers at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in the UK, but she miraculously pulled through and then took on a role doing something pretty amazing.

Jasmine spent five years as a beloved resident and surrogate mother to over fifty rescued animals, ranging from puppies to badger cubs, and even guinea pigs. She passed away in 2011, but she is still remembered fondly by the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary for the big difference she made for a lot of little lives.

Jasmine’s closest friend was a little fawn named Bramble. They were inseparable up until Bramble’s release back into the wild.
A Tribute to Jasmine, the Rescued Greyhound Who Was a Surrogate Mother to Over 50 Rescues
According to the sanctuary, Jasmine was always the first to greet new arrivals. Her loving nature made her a friend to all, regardless of species.
A Tribute to Jasmine, the Rescued Greyhound Who Was a Surrogate Mother to Over 50 Rescues
Even though Greyhounds used for racing are conditioned to chase rabbits, Jasmine was a true friend to all.
A Tribute to Jasmine, the Rescued Greyhound Who Was a Surrogate Mother to Over 50 Rescues
Isn’t it beautiful to see the friendships that can form between different animal species? We could all stand to learn a bit of compassion from Jasmine.
A Tribute to Jasmine, the Rescued Greyhound Who Was a Surrogate Mother to Over 50 Rescues
Although Jasmine crossed over the rainbow bridge nearly five years ago, there’s no denying that the impact she made is unforgettable. She, like many other mama animals, took care of those in need and helped them feel safe after their rescues, regardless of species.

You can learn more about Jasmine and her story  here. All image source: Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary

Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets in Their New Sanctuary Home Will Make Your Heart Smile. It is a great tragedy that pigs – like many other animals raised to satisfy human tastes and desires – are treated as little more than insentient commodities by the meat industry. Whenever pigs have been allowed to live in peace, they are renowned for their empathy, cleanliness, outstanding intellectual prowess, and ability to form close friendships with other animals and humans.

Sadly, pigs are rarely given the chance to express just what wonderful, complex beings they truly are. Opponents of the cruel factory farming system sometimes recommend “humanely” farmed meat, produced on small farms, as a kinder alternative. However, the tragic story of a family of pigs rescued from a small backyard slaughterhouse in NY last month demonstrates that these small farms are, all too often, not nearly as “humane” as they purport to be.

The rescue effort was carried out by a team of volunteers from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, the Hudson Valley SPCA, and Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue. The team was horrified by the gruesome sight that met their eyes in the nightmarish yard, where rotting corpses littered the ground and “the living were made to live among the dead.” Two hundred animals were saved. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary took in nine goats, five sheep, and one mother pig nursing her five baby piglets.

Luckily, the mama pig and her five babies are now doing very well in their new home! Woodstock recently posted a series of pictures to their Facebook page, showing just how well the babies have been doing since their arrival.

This photo, taken just one week after the family was rescued, shows just what a difference a bit of TLC made in their lives.
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
The orange and black baby is named Michael, the pink and black one is called Mr. Drinky, and the three pink piglets are Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger. Their mother has simply been named “Momma” – Woodstock have admitted that they “weren’t super creative with that one!”
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
Visitors are enthralled by them.
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
Have you ever seen a cuter line-up?
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
The piglets love fooling around…
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
… rooting for tasty tidbits…
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
… and spending some quality time with Momma!
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
Their carers find it hard to believe that these sweet animals were once “living in filth and fear and doomed to be killed by a backyard butcher.”
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
However, they now get to live out the rest of their days in peace.
Beautiful Pictures of Rescued Piglets Show Us That They Just Want to Be Loved
Seeing how these piggies are living now, it is hard to believe that any other life would have been possible for them. These creatures are incredibly intelligent and emotional beings that deserve the chance to enjoy their days without the threat of abuse or fear of pain. Let’s hope that these sweet piggies have many years of joy ahead of them! All image source: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

This Precious Little Hyrax Frequently Returns to Thank the People Who Rescued Her as a Tiny Orphan. Animals may not be able to communicate on the same level as humans, but from what we have seen, they tend to understand a lot more about their situations than we give them credit for. Frightened, homeless dogs or dogs who have been through the hellish torture of the dog fighting industry have quickly grown to trust humans and show their appreciation. There have been wild horses that have likely never interacted face-to-face with humans who paused a moment to thank the man who saved them. Sometimes, we find an amazing amount understanding from creatures we would never expect, like in the case of this story.

The happy-looking one in the photo below, named Rax, is a tree hyrax, a species native to East Africa. Rax was found orphaned as a baby and was taken under the wing of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). There are no details as to how Rax ended up all alone as a baby, but we can take a guess. According to the African Wildlife Fund, habitat loss due to growing human population and agriculture is the biggest problem facing creatures like Rax today. Luckily, Rax was found by humans and she ended up in the very capable hands of the staff at DSWT who hand-raised her until she was old enough to be released back into the wild.

Rax may have settled into her new life, but she hasn’t strayed very far from the humans who saved her. She likes stopping by for visits, even if it’s just for a quick cuddle.
Rescued Hyrax Returns to Sanctuary to Thank the People Who Saved Her
Rax is absolutely adorable, but make no mistake, she is nothing like an adoptable bunny or rat (in fact, the closest genetic relative to the hyrax are elephants and manatees), she’s a wild animal. That’s why we’re so glad that the humans at DSTW released her back into the wild where she belongs. She’s now a mother of five, but it warms our hearts to know that she likes to stop by every now and again to show her appreciation.

To learn more about The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, visit their official website.

Image source: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The majority of the farm animals who live in the U.S. are raised on factory farms. In fact, over 99 percent are brought up in horrible conditions in the name of producing cheap “food” for the masses.

Several organizations such as HSUS, the ASPCA, Compassion in World Farming and Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) are bringing to light the awful plight of these sentient creatures, who live in extreme confinement and are subject to a variety of routine mutilations. Thankfully, people are becoming more and more aware of the conditions that animals raised for food are kept in, and many are reducing or eliminating their consumption of animal products as a result.

While the stories of most farm animals do not end with a happy ending, some individuals are able to break free of the cruel animal agriculture industry, whether by being seized and rescued, or literally running for their lives.

Many farm animal sanctuaries have been established nationwide to care for these formerly abused animals. These safe havens for farm animals provide them with daily care, allowing them to live out their lives in the most natural environment possible – without being exploited. Staff at these sanctuaries work tirelessly in all weather and are extremely grateful for the help of volunteers, who can aid them in a variety of tasks ranging from cleaning, painting and maintenance to animal socialization and guided tours.

And what a rewarding way to spend some free time!

1. Farm Sanctuary, Locations in Orland, CA, Acton, CA and Watkins Glen, NY
Each Farm Sanctuary shelter hosts monthly volunteer work parties, complete with a vegan potluck lunch. Chores are based on each shelter’s needs,  and the work parties are a huge help for completing large projects. The Acton, California shelter has various volunteer opportunities within the Education Department, and remote opportunities are available via the Compassionate Communities Campaign.
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
2. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, New York
Asking for a minimum of three hours of work, Woodstock’s chores include mucking barns and coops, raking and pasture cleaning. Be sure to bring a vegan lunch and, as with all farm work, dress for the weather – and the dirt!
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
3. Sunny Meadow, Massachusetts
Fill in a short form to become a volunteer at Sunny Meadow, where you can help out with general farm maintenance and cleaning, as well as grant research, fundraising and socializing with the animals.
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
4. Poplar Spring, Maryland
Poplar Springs relies on volunteers for their help with tasks like moving, trimming, fencing and administration. Just fill in a short form on the website to get started!
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
5. Animal Place, California
Attend a scheduled orientation at Animal Place to get started with helping out – you’ll be mucking barns, helping with animal health checks and tours, table sitting and much more. Fill out an application today!
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
6. Sasha Farm, Michigan
Sasha Farm is looking for dedicated volunteers who have a few hours spare each week. The work mostly involves barn cleaning or helping with the cats, but Sasha is open to other relevant skills you may have.
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
7. Catskill Animal Sanctuary, New York
All skills are needed at Catskill Animal Sanctuary! Click here to see a whole list of areas where help is needed, including graphic design, assistance with cooking classes, tabling at festivals, and more! Schedule your orientation today.
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
8. Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, Texas
Calling all Texans! A list of positions are available at the ranch, which is run in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States. Gardeners, photographers and tour guides are among the many voluntary roles available. As well as farm animals, the ranch rescues animals from roadside zoos and research laboratories.
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
9. Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Utah
Ching Sanctuary is looking for volunteers who can work from 9AM to 12PM at least once a week. Though they cannot accommodate “one time” volunteers, they do have group volunteer days on a regular basis throughout the warmer months. Click here for more information!
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
10. Pigs Peace Sanctuary, Washington
Book a sanctuary tour to get the ball rolling at Pigs Peace, where you can help with mucking barns, moving bedding, weeding and painting. In addition, roles are available for clerical and technical work, and your personal skills may also be utilized!
10 Farm Sanctuaries in the U.S. That Are Great For Volunteering
Get Out There and Volunteer!
I can personally tell you that volunteering at a farm animal sanctuary is an incredibly worthwhile and beneficial experience for you, the sanctuary staff and the animals. Sure, the work can be physically challenging. But I can tell you this – you’ll sleep better than you ever have, you’ll build muscle you never knew you had, and most importantly; you’ll go home recognizing that you’ve worked to help animals who have endured more than we can know.

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