Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunset Music Supervision Placements Last Week!

After going through all of the 2411 tracks submitted this time to Side-Line since this Summer for the new FACE THE BEAT: SESSION 4 compilation, I'm happy to announce that THREE (3) of OUR submissions have been selected!

Band: Weed
Song: Visionary Sessions
Band: DJ Zevzek
Song: Like To Make Music
Band: M.R.S.L.K.
Song: Elevations High
The compilation will  be available as a FREE download via Bandcamp BUT also as a super budget compilation via iTunes, Spotify etc.. with all proceeds going to our different charities.
This time we will be funding latrines + baby washing facilities for a Tuxpan (Mexico) based hospital where the poor people are being treated (and where I have been treated when I was rushed to it earlier this year. I'm still very grateful for all the service they gave me there despite being a public and largely underfunded hospital).