Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gun Safety Weekly

"We have 33,000 people a year who die from guns. I think we need comprehensive background checks, need to close the online loophole, close the gun show loophole." -- Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump is basking in the glory of the gun lobby. Here’s what he said at this week's final debate:
Even though Donald Trump’s campaign is collapsing, the gun lobby is still spending a WHOPPING $36 million to buy this election for him and block common sense solutions to gun violence.
Within minutes, guns became a major issue at the debate -- and a major dividing line between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton proved herself once again as a gun sense champion capable of addressing the staggering toll of gun violence in America. Meanwhile, Trump bragged about his NRA endorsement -- and said nothing about how he will reduce gun violence. [5]

Trump also didn't mention how the NRA has shattered their own record in election spending by pouring millions of dollars into supporting his campaign. [6] We can't afford to let them win, Don, and that's why we're planning a massive response to take on the NRA and their presidential puppet, Donald Trump. We're mobilizing volunteers and calling voters in the states that matter most -- but only if supporters like you step up now.

Right now, any contribution you make will be matched -- doubling our efforts to make sure Trump's NRA extremism never reaches the Oval Office. Chip in to fuel our on-the-ground response in critical battleground states.

Guns were a central issue in this presidential debate because people like you spoke up, Don. Our movement came out in full force and made guns the most-asked-about issue on Open Debates Coalition. Americans deserve to know how our presidential candidates plan to address the 33,000 Americans who die every year from guns with tens of thousands of more injured.

Well, last night, we got our answers. From Hillary Clinton, we heard real policy solutions like expanding background checks and closing dangerous online loopholes. From Donald Trump, we heard a lot about his buddies over at the NRA -- but not one policy proposal.

The choice has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher. We've got less than three weeks to mobilize gun sense supporters nation-wide and elect a gun sense champion to the White House. We need to contact as many voters as we possibly can -- from phone-banking to texting to knocking on doors -- if we want to win this election. And we can only do that if we have the resources.

Chip in $25 and double your impact in our on-the-ground efforts to fight back against the NRA and Trump's lies and extremism.

This has already been a historic election year for gun safety issues. Thanks to supporters like you speaking up, political candidates up and down the ballot are wearing NRA "F" ratings as badges of honor and running on gun violence prevention platforms with pride.

But none of this progress will matter if we don't show up in force at the polls.

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Register to vote today before time runs out.The most powerful tool you have at this moment is your vote. Your vote can elect candidates who support common sense gun laws -- from local representatives all the way to Hillary Clinton. Your vote can prove that while the NRA and their allies may be able to bully politicians, they can't bully the American people. Your vote can save lives.

It’s hard to believe that three weeks from tonight we’ll know the result of the presidential election and who controls Congress.

For supporters of the campaign to make our communities safer from gun violence, one of the most important elections is the Senate race in New Hampshire, where the most recent poll has the race a tie.

New Hampshire Senate, WBUR (10/12/16)
Maggie Hassan (D): 47%
Kelly Ayotte (R): 47%

This is an important race. Not only can we elect a gun violence prevention majority in the Senate, but if Kelly Ayotte is successful in her attempts to mislead voters about her record of giving into the Washington gun lobby, others will follow her playbook. That would put our effort to change our gun laws in serious jeopardy. And that’s why I have to ask:

Make a $3 contribution to Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC and we can hold Kelly Ayotte accountable for her consistent and continued support of the Washington gun lobby.

Not only have we run extraordinarily effective ads in this race, but Gabby and I are visiting the state to campaign hard on the issue of gun violence prevention. And our candidate, Maggie Hassan, is proving that campaigning on closing loopholes in our gun laws is part of a path to victory in swing states.:

If we win here, we can win anywhere. And when that happens, our victory will send a powerful message to candidates and elected officials across the country. That’s why your contribution is so important.

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The NRA is used to getting their way. For years they've blocked the most basic protections against gun violence in Congress. They wouldn't give an inch on the most commonsense reforms, even after the horrors of Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, and Newtown.

But with 18 days until voters make their choice on Prop 63, we're about to hand the NRA a crushing defeat.

That will mean a big win for Californians and all Americans -- because if the most populous state in the U.S. can enact these basic gun-safety measures and prove that they are effective, the entire country will be more likely to follow and stem the tide of gun violence that claims 80 lives every single day.

Prop 63 will crack down on lost and stolen guns and ammunition, require background checks on employees at gun shops, and get guns out of the hands of criminals. The initiative builds on proven safety measures that have reduced gun deaths in our state 60 percent over two decades.(1) And the latest polls show 60 percent of voters plan to vote yes.(2)

But the NRA is trotting out the usual lies about how these protections will take away everyone's guns.(3) They're so desperate, they even claimed that, after Orlando, LGBTQ people should support the NRA.(4)

With just three weeks to go, we've got to continue countering the NRA's desperate attempt to mislead the public by educating voters with targeted ads and our comprehensive voter guide.

On top of that, we have to make sure that all these voters get to the polls on November 8.

We're poised for a monumental win for gun safety, and a big defeat of the NRA's scare tactics and lies. But with 32,000 gun deaths every year in this country, we can't take our foot off the accelerator.

Yours in the fight to end gun violence,

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6. "The NRA Has Broken Its Record for Election Spending," Dan Friedman. The Trace, October 12, 2016.