Friday, September 2, 2016

What a Week at Rescue TV

Animal rescue stories: Kitten’s head freed from a jar 

Sick Dog Thinks He’s On His Way To Be Euthanized, Gets Forever Home Instead. Tiny Tim spent years living on the streets with a broken pelvis and severe mange. He was taken in to be put to sleep, but Sidewalk Specials had something else to say about that.

Two Freed Elephants Celebrate By Splashing Around In The Water For The First Time. A couple of elephants, Kannika and Madee, were recently freed from chains and able to splash around in the water for the first time unfettered. It warms my heart to see them in the protected natural habitat of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.
Dog found abandoned in garbage bag outside Woodhaven shelter.
Woodhaven police are searching for the woman who dumped a dog outside of an animal shelter around 7:20 a.m. Sunday.

Man On Pier To Spread Grandmother’s Ashes Ends Up Saving A Dog’s Life. A small dog is blown off of a pier on a very windy day. It was fate that this young man was there.
Goose Pecks At The Door Of A Police Car To Get The Cop’s Attention. On Monday, Cincinnati police were left stunned by a goose’s actions. She approached the police car and started pecking at the door, and the cop tried to feed her. But it was clear that’s not what she wanted. The goose walked away but looked back at the cop, and that’s when he decided to follow.

Another cop responded to the call and arrived on scene. She walked over to the goose and saw it: a baby goose tangled in string from a balloon. It was one of the most incredible moments they’ve ever experienced and something they wouldn’t soon forget. Watch the incredible footage below:
Determined dog: Canine swims 6 miles and walks 12 to reunite with family

Puppy Found On The Verge Of Death Makes An Extraordinary Recovery. A puppy on the verge of death was brought in to Vet Ranch with little hope. But Jack’s a fighter, and his recovery is one you won’t believe!
Remember, all Vet Ranch expenses are paid for by views and donations. So the more people who see it, the better!

Nine lives: Lucky cat rescued in Italy days after being stuck in earthquake rubble

Drowning Leopard Rescued From A 60 foot Well By Wildlife SOS.
Catch Wildlife SOS team led by senior veterinarian, Dr.Ajay assisting the Forest Dept. to rescue a 3 year old Leopard who had fallen inside a 60 ft deep well in Pimpalgaon Sinddhanath village in Junnar, Maharashtra.

Rescue Dog Saves A Hummingbird And Decides To Keep It. A rescue dog named Rex is paying it forward with the rescue of a hummingbird. The once-feral dog found Hummer on the brink of death but refused to let her die. You won’t believe this!
Here is more of Rex and Hummer interacting:
And Rex doesn’t mind letting Hummer splash around in his water bowl a little bit… 😉
Mama Dog Back With Puppies Who Were Thrown Off Of A Bridge. Four puppies were rescued after being thrown off of a bridge. The owners were caught and agreed to turn over the puppies’ mother so they could be reunited.
Owners Request That Their Dog Be Put Down Because Of Bad Breath. Oso was surrendered by his owners who requested the dog be euthanized because of his bad breath. The dog had been so neglected, his teeth were rotting out of his mouth. But there’s a happy ending for Oso…
Rescued from Gaza:
The pelican, which is finally able to spread his wings

The deer who lost her fawn.

FOUR PAWS rescues the last animals from Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza

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