Thursday, September 1, 2016

Progressive Breakfast: Donald Trump's Sound And Fury On Immigration


High on decibels, low on policy details and devoid of anything new, Donald Trump’s latest immigration speech was still a lurid reminder of why he must not become president. It was a chilling speech, in the sense that watching someone fling chum at a school of sharks is chilling. It was designed to whip his hardest of hard-core supporters into enough of a frenzy that they would forget how he spent the past week flirting with softening his hard-line immigration stance...


Trump recommits to deporting undocumented immigrants. CNN: “The Republican presidential nominee on Wednesday re-upped the harsh immigration rhetoric .. vowing ‘no amnesty’ … promising to build a ‘beautiful’ and ‘impenetrable’ border wall that Mexico would pay for — hours after that country’s president vowed that it wouldn’t … Trump did not give a definitive answer about what he would do with most of the 11 million undocumented people who are not criminals [but] vowed to create a ‘deportation task force’ [and said] immigrants living in the US illegally would never have a path to legal status.”
Last straw for some Latino Republicans. Politico: “Jacob Monty, a member of Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, has resigned, and Alfonso Aguilar, the president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, said in an interview that he is ‘inclined’ to pull his support … [Said Monty,] ‘What I heard today was not realistic and not compassionate.'”
Trump’s speech fact-challenged. W. Post: “Trump falsely says Clinton’s plan will provide Social Security to illegal immigrants … no serious research supports Trumps claim [the number of undocumented immigrants] could be as high as 30 million … the vast majority of unauthorized immigrants do not fit Trump’s description of aggravated felons…”
“Mexican president disputes Trump over border wall payment discussion” reports CNN: “‘Who pays for the wall? We didn’t discuss,’ Trump had said when asked by a reporter during a news conference following their meeting in Mexico City … But Peña Nieto later claimed the two had discussed the wall and who would pay for it — and he had ‘made it clear’ to Trump it wouldn’t be Mexico.”
Clinton campaign airs ads in AZ. Politico: “While Democrats have in recent years argued that Arizona, like Georgia, would be a prime target for them before long thanks to its demographic shifts, an actual television investment there from a presidential candidate is a rare move.”


Obama hopes to convince Asian allies he can win TPP approval at G20 Summit. NYT:Mr. Obama will most likely find himself educating Asian leaders in the fine points of the lame-duck session … Many Asian leaders believe that Mrs. Clinton would happily carry out the T.P.P. if it were approved before her inauguration, as do some members of the Obama administration. Others believe she will reverse her position if a few elements of the pact are tweaked. But as she has dug in her heels, such a reversal is harder to contemplate.”
Buzzfeed investigation into ISDS finds America threatened: “‘We have a 100% success rate defending cases against the United States,’ the [US] trade representative said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. That is true. But the untold story of the US government’s frenetic response to [a] Mississippi dispute belies this public bravado and shows that this unblemished record is largely a function of luck.”


California legislative approves deal to expand cap-and-trade program. LAT: “[The bill will] free up hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s cap-and-trade program to fund green projects … nearly two-thirds of $1.4 billion that has been raised but was tied up … It comes not long after they inked an ambitious plan to combat climate change by extending and expanding California’s targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions … The spending proposal is tilted toward urban areas and low-income communities, marking a win for lawmakers who argued their poorer constituents were being left out of the largesse…”
California also reaffirms commitment to high-speed rail. LAT: “In the last few hours before the end of session, lawmakers passed a measure to advance the California bullet train project. Voters approved nearly $10 billion in bonds for the high-speed rail project in 2008, but it has since stalled. The bill passed Wednesday would clarify wording in the 2008 measure and allow some of the money for the project to upgrade existing rail lines.”
Obama touts climate record at Lake Tahoe Summit. The Hill: “Obama said that major investments in clean energy like those in the Recovery Act, along with carbon rules for cars, trucks and power plants, have reduced the costs of clean energy, created jobs and reduced energy bills … Obama used the speech to roll out a series of climate and conservation measures for the American West, focused on reducing wildfires, getting the private sector to help with conservation and restoring California’s troubled Salton Sea.”


New HHS report shows how states that refuse Medicaid expansion increase their own premiums.’s LeeAnn Hall: “…marketplace premiums are substantially higher in states that failed to expand Medicaid – about 7 percent higher … [And] there’s been a clear negative impact on hospitals in non-expanding states.”

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